Monday, November 7, 2011

Harajuku Hamburger

I had to help the lackey at the supermarket deli measure a 1/6th of a pound. This is what I'm talking about some lackey who can't convert measurements has a job in a supermarket deli, and I don't? I stopped caring anymore and will do most anything for money. I've dropped my standards, morals, and dignity. It's really desperate and sad now. Nobody realizes how desperate I am not my parents, not potential employers, not people providing services in a community setting. NOBODY! Plus seasonal hiring is over, and I missed it! And I'm moving which adds more insult to try and finding a job.

Which leads me to another story I decided to try Jarlsberg cheese. I wanted to because Shirley likes it. I didn't like it. Well i ate it plain. It might taste different in a sandwich. I'm not big on Muse either.

I saw the commercial for Gwen's HL line at target. At first I thought it was a commercial for hamburgers. But then I heard the song "Harajuku Girls" play, and I thought "What a strange song to use to promote hamburgers"

Note to Gwen: If you ever do make a hamburger for a restaurant I'd buy one (I have a great name for it "A Little Something Refreshing")

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