Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween was made for Saturdays

During my 25 years on this planet. There have only been 4 Halloweens that have fallen on a Saturday. Let’s see…I’m writing this from memory. I’m going to say: 1987, 1992, 1998 and 2009. I think that is correct. Saturday is the best day for Halloween to fall on because you can prepare all day, and you can spend Sunday recuperating. Friday and Sunday are ok too, but not as good. When it falls on a Friday you can’t spend all day preparing if you have to go to work or school. When it falls on a Sunday you can spend all day preparing, but you don’t really have the next day to recuperate. The thing that sucks is that the next Halloween that falls on a Saturday will be in 2015.

This makes me think of this funny story that happened to me at the fair back in September of 1999. There was this booth that was selling all these cool masks. You know the kind that sell for like $50+ dollars. Anyway I was looking at the masks. The guy working the booth was trying to sell me one. So he tries to start the conversation by saying that Halloween falls on a Saturday that year. Of course I know it can’t since it fell on a Saturday last year. I’m like “No, it always is on October 31st.” The guy at the booth says that he though Halloween always fell on a Saturday. LOL! XD

So you want to know what I dressed up as? I dressed as Shirley Manson. :P

Here are some of my rejected Halloween costume ideas I came up with; a strawberry, John Cena fangirl, Shirley Manson dressed as a strawberry, a nun, my facebook page, a youtube video, and John Cena fangirl dressed as a strawberry.

I wanted my hair to look really cute. It didn’t matter if I was dying it for my costume or not. I was going to dye it anyway. Well it looks a little streaky. Maybe a little creative hairstyling can fix that. First I was going to wear it in little braids that were coming out of a ponytail. AKA Shirley braids. I ended up wearing my hair in a high ponytail instead. I even wore dark blue nail polish. The one thing I should have added to my costume, but I didn't have time was eye makeup.

Maybe I'll dress as Shirley again some other year with a more thought out/planned costume.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Already Planned Something!

I'm getting into Halloween I'm listening to "Ghost Town" by the Specials. This is one of my "Halloween" songs. I know a lot of people like to listen to metal and goth music for Halloween.

I'm feeling a little better. I can eat little more. I hope I can eat a little more tomorrow. I want to eat candy! The one thing I liked about being sick was that I was too sick to give tech support to my dad. :P

My mom confuses me so much. First she told me to wear a costume on Monday. Then today she tells me not to wear one, but to wear ears? I told her it was too bad I had already started working on and planning a costume.

Anyway I should have been more prepared this Halloween. I should have bought face paint or something...You know every year I buy more accessories to help go with something, and they never seem to help put together any costume. It's like there is a missing piece or something. You know there is one costume accessory I don't have. I should treat myself to one that's for sale on like eBay or amazon. You know buy myself an early Christmas or birthday present.

Since my costume was put together at the last minute, and I only worked on it for about 2 days not including the work I'm doing tomorrow. My costume is not very accurate and poorly/haphazardly put together. I won't be winning any prizes for this one. What I'm dressing as is still a secret. I decided I'd tweet hints about what I'll be dressed as.

Oh yeah and you can read my old archives there are 2 old blogs I wrote about Halloween in 2006.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sick Idea

Ok since I was still pretty sick yesterday. I'm feeling a little better now. I can eat a little more than just chicken soup.

I must have been really sick. I was talking in my sleep loudly. I usually don't do that unless I'm stressed or sick.

This afternoon I came up with another annoying Halloween costume idea. John Cena fangirl. Well the idea came back to me I had the idea back in 2007, but I thought it was pretty dumb.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick :(

I got really sick early this morning. It was like early in the day. I was watching the end of Conan. I was sick all morning. It was horrible. The worst part was I didn't really get any privacy. As I was being sick in the bathroom my dad kept bothering me telling me he had to pee. I hate having one bathroom. I mean I had to clean up my mess. Fuck that! He gets mad at me when I have to use the bathroom when he's showering or whatever he does in there.

Everything was bothering me I mean the 5 A Day PSA was making me nauseous. I haven't been this sick in a while. I think it was back in 2004 when my math teacher was having a test that day. He was a pompous jerk who played macho head games. A lot of people on those rate your professor websites say he's a good teacher, but I'm convinced he's writing those reviews. Anyway I was so sick that day I could barley get out of bed. I thought I was going to fail that class. I should have gone to class super sick just to spite him.

I really wanted to work on my Halloween costume today. I felt I was too sick to work on it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #23

Let's see if I can crank out this blog. I'm only saying this in case the power goes out. It is really windy out there. I'm still thinking about coming up with a Halloween costume. I have some more ideas. One idea came to me while I was watching tv yesterday. That costume is a secret. Then I was thinking if I dress as Shirley that costume will be annoying to my cousins. If they see it. Maybe I'll make a strawberry costume with that red poster board I have and some gold glitter paint. I found my colored hairspray I have a pink can that was from my pink haired Gwen phase. Anyway I was testing out one of the cans to see if it still worked and I ended up spraying my hand. It was stained pink for like the whole day. It was really funny. :P

Here is something non costume related. You know who is singing the national anthem at game 3 of the World Series? The cast of Glee. Great promotion Fox! ;P I wonder how this will go over? I just love Glee though. It reminds me of high school. My school didn't have a glee club. We had choir. They took anybody and I mean anybody. Somebody even wanted me to join. I just have to say that I'm not exactly choir material. If anybody has heard me sing they know that. Since the town they live in starts with the letter "L" like the city I went to high school did. They say about being "Lima Losers". I wonder if they say that about people from the city I went to high school in?

Have you seen that Snuggie for Kids commercial? It's so stupid. Especially the line "It's Snuggie time!" WTH?! @.@ The kids in the commercial look like idiots, and I don't mean because they are wearing the Snuggie. Look at that one boy doing some kind of Macarena Cabbage Patch dance.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coming up with Something...

So my mom told me I might have to come up with a costume for Halloween. This would be good except I have no ideas. I also have no money. I spent it on frozen sandwiches. Let's just say I didn't spend all my money on frozen sandwiches. I bought some hair dye that could be used for a costume.

Let's see...what type of costume should I try to construct? Should I dress as Pam Beesly-Halpert? No, I don't have any button up shirts. Kelly? I could just say everything is "awesome" and just talk a lot. Scratch dressing as a character from The Office.

Maybe I should dress as Gwen and construct some kind of ambiguous costume like I did when I was 15. I still have my fairy wings. Well now I have 2 pairs. I haven't worn the pink ones yet, and I spent all that time embellishing them and everything.

I really don't want to be some type of pun costume like "cereal killer" or "leaf blower". I think they are kind of lame.

I was thinking about being a cat, but the only cat ears I have a leopard ears. I don't want to be a rabbit/bunny either even though I have ears. That last sentence sounded a little funny.

I can always break down a wear my Lettuce hair. I can be an extremely low budget version of Lettuce.

Maybe I should looking around to see what I have/can find and I can use to make a costume. I know! Cathrine Weaver! No, I don't have a white coat. :(
I know maybe I should dress as V2 era Shirley. I have the perfect pants. Me dressing as Shirley now that is a scary costume.

Maybe I can dress as a raver, a Harajuku or a Loli girl. I can always go as "badly applied eyeliner lady"or a goth girl again this year. *sigh*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loss! :(

So the Angels lost to the Yankees today. I'm sad. Now the World Series is going to be comprised of eastern teams Philly and New York. Or course the Yankees get home field advantage since the All Star Game counts now. The American League has been so dominating in that game. You know what is funny I think I know more Yankee haters than fans. There will not be a freeway World Series maybe next season...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny Thougths on myspace

Ok so first I was going to post a rant blog about my MP3 player breaking, but somehow it miraculously started working again. I was gettting upset and really freaked out since I only bought it in April! Even if it is a cheapie. I feel it should last until April of 2010.

Enough about that. Remember that massive blog I was writing about myspace that I was toiling over, and just completely frustrated with? It got erased. I never bothered to save it somewhere else. Actually I'm happy it got erased. It was just frustrating me too much even if I did spend a lot of time working on it. Maybe I'll compose an abridged version of that blog written from memory. I'm not sure. No guarantees.

I just want to say something really funny that I noticed about myspace. Almost all the people that are listed under my high school graduation year (same as mine) are male. I think it's really funny/odd. When you go on facebook for my high school graduation year there is about I'd say a 60/40 ratio 60% female to 40% male. I guess almost everybody emigrated to facebook.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Silly Thoughts

I tried posting this earlier, but I was having problems with blogger.

Ok so I was thinking about my other DVD volumes that I have and they are all cartoon series. I have Heathcliff, My Little Pony season 1 (80s series), and Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers volumes 1&2. What if there were Terminator ponies. Like those Apocalypse Ponies from Robot Chicken. There could be liquid metal pony and a T-888 pony. Try and coaxing the kids into kissing those ponies like they did in the commercials. You know what I put in "terminator custom my little pony" and look what I found.

I can't believe the Angles pulled it out. For a while in that game they were looking bad. What about that fountain guy? I can't believed they showed him on tv. It reminded me of something somebody would do at a tennis match or something. Or maybe even a soccer game. They are still behind with 2 games under their belt. Well who ever wins the American League Championship series can guarantee there won't be a Floridian boy band singing the national anthem this time. Who's your Philly game prediction? I'm going with Boyz II Men. "Thank You". It would be cool if the Angels win and get Gwen Stefani to sing the national anthem. She's an Anaheim native.

You know why I think a lot of people can't really get into that show Community. I think it's because they have never been to a community college. They just can't relate. I think a lot of the jokes and stuff in the show ring true.

I'm still working another blog. I just need to write the captions for the pictures.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visual Grammar

So I went to the mall today. I was very upset that there was no Halloween store in the mall. I wanted to buy some horror flesh.

I saw this really cute Harajuku Lovers purse. I have to say it has my name written all over it. The Sweet Toof design is so cute! I was also looking at the Harajuku Lovers fragrances, and the rep was there and gave me some sample cards. ^-^ I have to say that the testers that they have at the store I was using and the perfumes are really potent. They all mixed on my hand and made a pleasant scent. When I was smelling and testing the perfumes I was thinking about this article. They are really strong too because I after I washed my hands after using the bathroom in the mall my hands still smelled like the perfume.

When I went to the video? store. Do they still call them that? Well I was looking for the season 2 set of the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. I know I haven't got the DVDs yet. Actually I got in an argument with the clerk because I was looking for DVDs of the tv show, and not the one of T4 Terminator Salvation the movie. Which is coming out in December. I was like "The season 2 DVDs already come out!". I guess people confuse the movies and the tv show since they are all under the Terminator franchise umbrella.

There were also some cute Sonic plushies in the store and a cute Tails hat. There were also some Naruto energy drinks. @.@ X-X

I was also looking for an MP3 pillow. You know those pillows with speakers in them that you plug your MP3 player into and lay on the pillow and listen to music. One store I went to only had Jonas Brothers ones. I don't like them. That's something my little cousin listens to. When I told the worker that she said my Stewie shirt gave it away. There are probably girls who are fans of both Stewie and The Jonas Brothers. I'm not one of them though. I guess if I can't find one I'll make my own. I think there are tutorials online on how to make one or even make a stuffed animal version.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out Of Material!?

You know what? I have no material! Can you believe that!? Ok well actually I do have material, but it's for The Rant Blog it just hasn't been all typed out yet. There are a few interesting antidotes. I do have some ideas I just need to scan some stuff.

Ok well I'll just comment on Shirley's latest facebook entry. You know my RSS feed to her facebook notes isn't updating again. Ugh! She wrote about the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Some people were saying that movie is for hipsters, and I guess kids too. Saying Shirley is a hipster is insulting to her. I liked the book as a child. I'm still curious how different the book is from the movie. Think about how different Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was.

My bottled up emotions led to an emotional breakdown yesterday. I've gotta stop bottling up things.

So the Angels and Dodgers have the same post season record in their respective League championship series. With one win. Can they come from behind?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let’s Make a Deal

The newest incarnation of Let’s Make a Deal isn’t bad. To be honest I don’t remember the version that ran from 1984-1986. It debut the year I was born, and I really didn’t get into watching game shows until I was 2. Ok maybe 3. I was really into the Price it Right, Card Sharks, and Double Dare back then. I think I didn’t watch the 1990 version either. I have no recollection of it. I did watch the 2003 version, all 3 episodes. It came out around the time the war started.

Looking at the costumes people construct for this version and the 2003 one remind me of my old high school’s Spirit Week. Those weeks would always have theme days like “Nerd Day”, “Animal Day” or “Food Character Day”. Or when the student government was strapped for ideas for theme day they would have Spirit Week during a week with a holiday in it like Halloween or Veteran’s Day. They only needed to come up with 8 themes during a “full” week; four for the people running for the court and four for everybody else. I mean the last day was always class color/school mascot day. Which made me think what if my high school’s mascot was not a person or an animal, but a thing like a tornado? How could you make a tornado costume? Would you just spin around, and get really dizzy? I mean all they need is like a cheer like “freshman suck!” and I’d be back at a lame high school pep rally. I just that could be somebody’s costume on the show. Dress as a disgruntled pep rally attendee.

Some people have a problem with Wayne. I really don’t. I remember when he was on Qwik Witz. That predates Whose Line even though the shows were very similar. He was a good host on Don’t Forget the Lyrics. I didn’t like that show because I found the contestants to be fake and annoying.

There are a few things I noticed about the show: 1 the set is really small, 2 because of the internet it’s way easier to get costumes which I think takes away the originality of the homemade costume aspect, 3 they tape it in Vegas.

Maybe I should go visit my aunt who lives in the area, and then stop by for a taping of the show. I’ll need to bring supplies to construct a lame costume. Since most of the costumes I do construct are lame.

As I watched the show it made me think about that Animaniacs cartoon “I Got Yer Can” starring Slappy Squirrel. This cartoon is about Slappy and her neighbor Candie Chipmunk. Slappy throws a can in Candie’s trash and Candie tells her that she needs to throw it in her own trash. Slappy annoys Candie by finding different ways to give her back the can. There is this one scene where it’s a parody of Let’s Make a Deal. Candie is a contestant on the show and her Zonk prize is the can. Slappy is the model, and Candie has a corn cob costume. Well it’s more like a head piece. It’s like a corn cob on her head. I really like this cartoon because Candie reminds me of an annoying neighbor I use to have at the time this cartoon came out.

A lot of people were upset since Guiding Light was taken off. Personally I really don’t watch daytime soaps. I mean I did a little bit with my mom when I was really little before I went to school. They use to show a lot of preschool toy commercials like for Marshmallow Babies and Water Pets. I did watch The City for a few months during the summer. There was some plotline about somebody who ate some poison fish or something. I’ll admit I did occasionally watch Passions for the hilarity of it. If I recall correctly most of my family watched the soaps on ABC.

According to what I heard game shows are cheap to produce, and probably a lot cheaper to produce than a soap opera. In times like these that’s what the networks want shows that are cheap to produce.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #22

I haven't written one of these in a month?

Ok first off I want to say that the latest episode of 30 Rock reminded me of a fan fiction story I wrote 2 years ago during the strike. I use to get a lot of writing done in my boring US History class. I use to write blogs and fan fiction in there. I also use to make some great doodles. I guess it would be inevitable to have Tracy strike against something.

While I was looking for something I found some more Hello Kitty themed costumes. I will not call these Hello Kitty costumes because I feel they aren't really dressed up as Hello Kitty.
This one is called Rockabilly. It's cute. I like the Rockabilly style. Not sure if I could ever pull off wearing that style. You need to look a little more polished for that style. Hello Kitty and Rockabilly are 2 things I never though of putting together.
This one is called Charleston. Flapper? Who knew Hello Kitty traveled back in time to the 1920s? Prohibition? Oh wait Hello Kitty can't drink anyway. She's like 8.
I'm not sure of the name of this one. It's some type of sock hop outfit. It's cute. I wish the shirt was a little longer. I might wear that. I could see Hello Kitty doing a 1950 sock hop theme/motif. With lots of rainbows, milkshakes, and a jukebox.
The Harajuku costume makes sense. Hello Kitty was created in Japan. Well except I think this costume is horrid looking.

I already wrote about the sexy knockoff version and the official version.

You know the trend this fall in hair color is...brown. Ugh! :P (that is a disgusted tongue emoticon)

During the time that my computer was broken I kept tweeting on twitter. Since I was just sending the messages by text I wasn't sure how many characters were in my message, so I made this. It's a twitter character counter. It's helpful and really low tech. :/

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Golden 5

So KTLA has gone back to their "retro 5" logo. I'm happy that it's back. I think a lot of people are. I do miss it being golden like it use to be "back in the day". Now it's sort of a bluish silver color.

Here is a website where you can see the old KTLA logos and there are some other logos from other channels there. From other networks and stations.

I never really liked that swoopy logo they had. Ok I hated it. I remember they premiered it during their Rose Parade coverage. I think in like 2005? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

But I also noticed they removed most of the CW references from their station IDs. It was really strange to see this during their CW4Kids block (you can chastise me for watching that) What can I say? I have a soft spot for Dinosaur King. @.@ They still have a CW reference on their digital sub-channel ID. This is just my thought/thoery perhaps they are losing their affiliation and becoming an independent again? I'm not going to post "news" about this. I'm just a blogger with no affiliation to the station. There is no "inside scoop" from me. If you want that you will have to find it somewhere else. Remember when KCOP dropped their affiliation for a while during the transition from UPN to My Network TV.

Now if only KTLA could show some Angels baseball and some Punky Brewster episodes and it'd be like the old times.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Annual Bad Luck Day?

Ok so I thought I saved a blog I wrote on my MP3 player before my hard drive died, but I realized the one I had saved isn't the one I was going to try and post.

So I'm writing this from memory. This is the blog I was suppose to post on the 3rd.

Facebook Anniversary

Ok so the 2nd of October was the 1 year anniversary of me having a facebook.

Well it's more like the 3rd since I created the page late in the day on the 2nd, and worked on it into the 3rd. I worked until Last Call with Carson Daly was on.

Last year I rode the emotional roller coaster that day. More like I rode it and I wasn't strapped in properly and fell out of the ride.

Well nobody from high school has found me on facebook yet. *shifty eyes*

I really hope the 3rd of October isn't my "bad luck day". I've had bad luck on this day 2 years in a row. I use to have good luck on this day. Perhaps I need to be cleaned spiritually to get rid of this?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corporate Hate List

Here is my list of places I boycott. I thought about this blog after that "incident"at the Del Taco. Most of the places I boycott due to horrible service. When I boycott a place I boycott them all, and not just the particular place I was wronged at. One that company has lost me they have probably lost me for good.

Fry's Electronics
Del Taco
Wal Mart

The thing about KFC is that I didn't have bad service there. I only stopped eating there because PETA told me to. I haven't eaten at one like since 2003 or 2004. With Kohl's I'm not allowed to shop there because my dad boycotts it. They won't take his returns. But I should shop there secretly. Actually I've never shopped at one. The deal with Blimpie and Subway is that they don't change their gloves and clean their utensils after making sandwiches. I hate eating a sandwich that tastes like something the person before me ordered. If you work for one of these sandwich places don't give me shit about saving time. I think the customer would actually wait and be happier if they had something clean. What about vegetarians and people who are allergic to stuff? They must never eat there, or they are as pissed off as I am.

Don't worry though I'm not all anti-establishment. I'm not against "the man". I'm not going to rant about how you are a bad person if you are not vegan or listen to corporate music.

Affixing Things

I'm feeling a little better and I was suppose to post a blog. I have written, but have not typed yet. I was suppose to post a blog yesterday.

You know I spent all day yesterday working on my paper diary affixing little pictures to the pages. I would say "gluing", but it was more like taping. I feel a diary can be enhanced by visual aids. Actually blogs can too. Well with a few pictures too many and it looks cluttered.

I forgot to add that now people are talking about the possibility of a freeway World Series between the Dodgers and the Angels. I pointed this out last year. I guess people don't take this into consideration until both teams reach their respective league championship series.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm feeling depressed again. I don't feel like writing a blog today. Maybe I'll be in better spirits tomorrow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The JAM Wedding

This blog has nothing to do with that English band. This is a blog about the wedding of the fictional characters Pam Beesly and Jim "Big Tuna" Halpert. Ok nobody really calls Jim "Big Tuna" besides Andy. I was planning on writing a blog about their wedding anyway. Even when I thought the computer was working well.

I'm just gonna talk about the episode and such. If you don't want spoilers because you haven't seen it stop reading now!

Some of my favorite parts were:
When Kevin's shoes were destroyed by the hotel staff because they were so smelly. It was funny because he said he only had one pair of shoes. It being Kevin doesn't surprise me. Actually something similar happened to my aunt at a wedding. Ok well her shoes weren't destroyed, but she didn't have any fancy shoes for the wedding because she forgot to pack them. Why didn't Kevin think of buying a new pair?

I thought it was so funny when Dwight was sitting at the kids' table at the dinner. That seems like something I would have done.

Their presents were interesting. Especially the ones from Micheal and Dwight. Dwight's turtle set was funny. I really liked the turtle bibs. They were cute. I liked when they escaped. I liked Micheal's painting. It looked like something I would paint.

Here are some other Office parings I made up:
Dwichael=Dwight + Michael
Kanard= Kelly Kapoor + Andy Bernard
Rycheal= Ryan + Micheal

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Not Running a Scam Here!

So today I went to the local Del Taco to redeem a coupon I had revived at an Angel's baseball game. When I presented it to the cashier he told me some shit about them not accepting corporate coupons because that particular restaurant is a franchise resturant. My mom ordered something, but I didn't I decided that I was not going to give them the satisfaction of my business. FUCK THEM! I'm never eating at a Del Taco again! when I got home I immediately wrote an angry email to the company.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome Back! To Me!

Ok so I was offline for a whole week and a lot happened during that week all over the place. My computer was nice enough to die on me right after my dad used it. Does my computer hate me or something? Oh yeah and my phone was suppose to send me texts when Shirley updated her facebook page and for some reason it doesn't. I don't know why. Texting on my phone is turned on and the phone number I put in facebook is correct.

To show everybody I wasn't dead or anything. You can read all the inane tweets I wrote by text on my phone. Well except the twittascope ones because I don't write those.

The thing that sucks is that I had to get a new hard drive so all the information I had was lost including that blog I wrote about facebook. I think I might have saved it in my MP3 player, but I'm not sure I haven't checked it yet. I think I saved a few documents in there. Plus I have to reinatall everything.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gwen!

WOW! I can't believe Gwen Stefani is 40 years old today. That is a real milestone. This is my annual birthday wishes to Gwen Stefani over the internet.

And just so my cousin doesn't feel left out I'll wish him a happy birthday too since he shares it with Gwen Stefani.

I think I'll eat some cake to celebrate.

Be back for another blog that I'll post later today. I wrote 2 short blogs about 2 different things, and I thought it was best to post 2 separate blogs.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Please Help me Find These Cartoons

A long time ago when I was 3 (1987) I got these videos and they have fairy tale cartoons on them. I loved these tapes. Back in 1999 my VCR ate one of the tapes. I was very sad, and tried to look for a replacement. A few years ago I noticed some of these cartoons were on DVD. Those cheap dollar store DVDs that come in a cardboard envelope. I have tracked down a tape with the cartoon the Country Mouse and the City Mouse.

I am only looking for 2 cartoons now; The Two Spoiled Bears also called The Two Little Spoiled Bears. I know there is a sign language version, but there is another non sign language version and that is the one I’m looking for. Here are some screen caps I found.
I am also looking for a Three Little Pigs cartoon. Here is a picture of the video box. Although the box is a little inaccurate. The littlest pig is white in color and not blue.
I’m pretty sure these cartoons are public domain. I have seen some of them on White Springs Television. They are all animated in the same style. They are all narrated by a woman. Does anybody know who made these cartoons? What year they are from? Or even what country they are from? Any information you have would be very helpful.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Already!?

I can't believe it's October already. I wonder what this month will bring? I don't know yet... I did change my the background on my twitter page. I'm working on some more blogs. I have a really special one I'm writing coming up soon. Which reminds me I need to hit up the mall to get some costume supplies. which I still haven't done. The one thing I plan on doing this month is gorging on candy. Maybe I should try and buy some caramel apple pops or some other seasonal candy like candy corn, pumpkins, or those peanut butter candy that most people hate. Well I have been gorging on candy more than usual since I moved. It's like my drug. I wonder how long it will be before I see a Christmas commercial? I give it about 23-25 days.

Here are a few edits to my blog I forgot to mention that I'm either thinking about dying my hair either reddish brown or black. How weird would I look with black hair? Well at least I wouldn't have to change my eyebrows. Also I left a red head off my list by accident. I forgot to list
Mikuru Asahina, but if I did I guess that would have been "Classified information" or kinsoku jikĊ.