Friday, October 30, 2009

I Already Planned Something!

I'm getting into Halloween I'm listening to "Ghost Town" by the Specials. This is one of my "Halloween" songs. I know a lot of people like to listen to metal and goth music for Halloween.

I'm feeling a little better. I can eat little more. I hope I can eat a little more tomorrow. I want to eat candy! The one thing I liked about being sick was that I was too sick to give tech support to my dad. :P

My mom confuses me so much. First she told me to wear a costume on Monday. Then today she tells me not to wear one, but to wear ears? I told her it was too bad I had already started working on and planning a costume.

Anyway I should have been more prepared this Halloween. I should have bought face paint or something...You know every year I buy more accessories to help go with something, and they never seem to help put together any costume. It's like there is a missing piece or something. You know there is one costume accessory I don't have. I should treat myself to one that's for sale on like eBay or amazon. You know buy myself an early Christmas or birthday present.

Since my costume was put together at the last minute, and I only worked on it for about 2 days not including the work I'm doing tomorrow. My costume is not very accurate and poorly/haphazardly put together. I won't be winning any prizes for this one. What I'm dressing as is still a secret. I decided I'd tweet hints about what I'll be dressed as.

Oh yeah and you can read my old archives there are 2 old blogs I wrote about Halloween in 2006.

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