Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #23

Let's see if I can crank out this blog. I'm only saying this in case the power goes out. It is really windy out there. I'm still thinking about coming up with a Halloween costume. I have some more ideas. One idea came to me while I was watching tv yesterday. That costume is a secret. Then I was thinking if I dress as Shirley that costume will be annoying to my cousins. If they see it. Maybe I'll make a strawberry costume with that red poster board I have and some gold glitter paint. I found my colored hairspray I have a pink can that was from my pink haired Gwen phase. Anyway I was testing out one of the cans to see if it still worked and I ended up spraying my hand. It was stained pink for like the whole day. It was really funny. :P

Here is something non costume related. You know who is singing the national anthem at game 3 of the World Series? The cast of Glee. Great promotion Fox! ;P I wonder how this will go over? I just love Glee though. It reminds me of high school. My school didn't have a glee club. We had choir. They took anybody and I mean anybody. Somebody even wanted me to join. I just have to say that I'm not exactly choir material. If anybody has heard me sing they know that. Since the town they live in starts with the letter "L" like the city I went to high school did. They say about being "Lima Losers". I wonder if they say that about people from the city I went to high school in?

Have you seen that Snuggie for Kids commercial? It's so stupid. Especially the line "It's Snuggie time!" WTH?! @.@ The kids in the commercial look like idiots, and I don't mean because they are wearing the Snuggie. Look at that one boy doing some kind of Macarena Cabbage Patch dance.

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