Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny Thougths on myspace

Ok so first I was going to post a rant blog about my MP3 player breaking, but somehow it miraculously started working again. I was gettting upset and really freaked out since I only bought it in April! Even if it is a cheapie. I feel it should last until April of 2010.

Enough about that. Remember that massive blog I was writing about myspace that I was toiling over, and just completely frustrated with? It got erased. I never bothered to save it somewhere else. Actually I'm happy it got erased. It was just frustrating me too much even if I did spend a lot of time working on it. Maybe I'll compose an abridged version of that blog written from memory. I'm not sure. No guarantees.

I just want to say something really funny that I noticed about myspace. Almost all the people that are listed under my high school graduation year (same as mine) are male. I think it's really funny/odd. When you go on facebook for my high school graduation year there is about I'd say a 60/40 ratio 60% female to 40% male. I guess almost everybody emigrated to facebook.

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