Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farwell Conan

I was going to post this last week .

I don’t remember the exact day I started watching Conan. I’m pretty sure it was in the summer in 1995. 1995 was the year I got into watching late nite tv. I think I watched it the first time because an overhead helicopter woke me up and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to watch tv. I loved Conan’s old animated opening.

I like his Farwell week. He showed a lot of great classic clips. Including a lot of ones with characters I forgot about like Pimpbot and that guy with the corn head. What was his name? I loved that they showed the Men Without Hats channel that was one of my favorites. I really liked hot dog catching. Too bad they didn’t show that one. I also wish they would have shown more Oldie Olson clips. I liked him. I wished they would showed some clips of when Conan and Andy went to LA like back in 1996. I think? I love that they showed Triumph with the Star Wars fans. That was one of my favorite Triumph segments. I really liked the ComicCon one too. I wonder if he will come to the Tonight show?

I liked when Martha Stewart came to wish him goodbye, and then they showed clips from when he was a guest on her old Living show. I miss that show. I like it better than her talk show. I remember when he was on in 2002. The only reason I remember this is because I watched this as a senior in high school. My friend and I thought he was hilarious on the show. I remember Conan wore a welder’s mask.

The bad thing about watching his last show was that my dad was watching it with me because he couldn’t sleep. He kept bothering me, and I couldn’t watch it in peace. He made me turn down the volume because it was too “loud”. I could barely hear it.

I liked that he showed that old timey baseball clip. He said that was one of his favorites. I love the part in the beginning when he finds the umpire’s granola bar.

My dad kept asking me really dumb questions about the show. Why did he watch this? Really? He’s not a Conan fan. Really? I liked that Andy came back for his last show. When The White Stripes were on my dad kept asking me a bunch of questions about them. I don’t know much about them. I’m not a fan of them. I think it would have been cool if he could’ve gotten Radiohead to play his last show.

When it was over Conan gave a speech. He mentioned how Letterman was his predecessor, and how he helped him. He didn’t mention this about Letterman, but when Conan first started out Letterman would send his standby audience to go see Conan’s show. Conan did his own thing. When he was named Leno’s successor Letterman publicly wished Conan the best on The Late Show. I heard Letterman still doesn’t talk to Leno. (I know the story I saw that made for cable movie The Late Shift. Why did the guy who was Letterman have red hair in that movie?) I think my dad was getting bored with his farewell speech, but I thought it was touching.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Didn’t Know Sudowoodo was in Finding Nemo

I took this picture on November, 11, 2008. I never had time to post it. I was at the dollar store with my mom looking for moving supplies.

I don’t know how the bootleggers came up with combination. When I was in the store I didn’t notice it at first. I just thought “Oh look another Finding Nemo bootleg”. Upon closer inspection I noticed that was Sudowoodo. Yeah my inner Pokemon nerd was awoken in me. I started laughing so hard. I didn’t want to make a scene in the store. I thought “This is so funny! It‘d be great for my blog. I‘d better take a picture of it.”. It took me a while to get a good picture. First I didn’t want other people in the store to see what I was doing. Secondly it took me a few tries to get the right picture. The plastic on the packaging was giving it too much glare.

Apparently I wasn’t the first person to blog about this…oh well.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Computer Ineptness

I don’t know how he does it, but my dad keeps erasing his files. I don’t know if he doesn’t know how to save stuff or what.

His other problem is that he’ll open stuff and he doesn’t even know what it is. Sometimes he opens things and yells at me because I don’t even know what the hell he opened. Like a few days he opened OneNote, and got mad at me because I didn’t know what it is and how to use it. I mean before that I had never heard of it. Not even in school. That is his problem he goes into things and doesn’t know how to get out of them. He just keeps doing stuff and messing up more and more.

It was funny a few days ago when he was online and he was searching for something and he said “What‘s Wikipedia?” LOL! :D

You know he calls CD ROM “CD RAM”. :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

old and new blog

This chicken nugget blog is an old one I wrote back in like October. I never had time to post it with all the craziness of moving.

Chicken nuggets and scrambled eggs

I have no idea how I came up with this really. I guess I was thinking about how much I like that southern chicken style biscuit sandwich from McDonalds. There were some left over chicken nuggets from dinner and I thought I could cut them up and eat them with a scrambled egg. I thought I just try it to see if it tasted good. Surprisingly it actually did.

I got my doll shoes today. My parents can't believe I paid over $5 for them, but I don't care those kind of shoes are hard to get. Stella was so kind to model them for me. I'm really looking for some pumps for her. She has odd shaped feet. She can't wear Barbie pumps or flat Skipper shoes or even Ariel's shoes. It's easy to get clothes for her. She can fit in Bratz clothes and the knockoff ones I get at the Dollar Tree. She can also fit in some knockoff shoes I got there too, but most of the knockoff shoes I got there are like a mountain boot. I can even make clothes for her if I wanted. I'm still going to try.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Study Properly

I don’t know what is up with my dad. The way he studies is very strange. He says they way to study is to recopy your notes. I don’t know if this is an old school method or what because I think I have heard some of my older teachers (who were probably around my dad‘s age) recommend this. I find this to be an ineffective time waster.

Like when I was forced to take Cornell notes in my senior year of high school. I don’t know why you have to be forced into taking a particular kind of notes. Shouldn’t you just use the method that is most effective to you? I like to write my notes very frantically and just write everything the teacher is saying. I take notes like that for everything, and not just school. I hate Cornell notes because I think they are a waste of time and paper. Who the hell uses that style of notes for art and math?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wacky Terminator Dreams

I had a really wacky dream Wed. I had a dream about Ellison from Terminator. I have no idea why I dreamt about him. He was the only character in the dream

When I first moved I had some really wacky Terminator dreams. Until I moved I had never had any dreams related to the show. Sure I had some Shirley themed dreams, but they were not about her character.

The first Terminator dream I ever had was about Sarah and Cameron. Cameron got captured by a group of T-888s. Sarah was in a hotel sleeping. All these different female terminators were after her. Since her and John were separated from each other for some reason. He calls her cell phone and tells her that there is a group of female terminators on the loose. She is asleep and wakes up from John’s call. When she looks out of her 2nd story window she sees them, and decides to take them on by herself. She gets a gun from under her pillow. She puts down the phone and John is still talking to her. He tells her not to because there are too many, but she leaves and takes her gun. The dream ended there.

Then about 2 weeks later I had another dream about Cameron she was the only character in it. I didn’t write much about it. I don’t really remember what it was about.

A week after that I had another dream. This was the most complex one I’ve had so far. It had the most characters in it too. Sarah, John, Derek and Cameron were in it. I was in the dream with them. The past 2 I had I was just observing them. I was like I was watching the show or something.

They were looking for a portal because a group of terminators were going to come out of it. (T-888s) Cameron was going to take them out with a missile Lander bazooka type gun/cannon thing. I wanted to help, but Sarah told me that she wanted me to do my homework. She wanted me to write a report about a vodka company. She told me she got a bunch of books for research. While I sat inside all pissed off writing my report I was watching them through a window fight the Terminators. There were so many and they looked all different.

This dream kind of reminded me of the episode “Goodbye to all That”. Where Sarah helps that boy write a book report on The Wizard of Oz. Well except I was writing about Vodka for some reason. I don’t know why.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Desert Cantos episode review

In this episode Sarah, Derek, Cameron and John go to the mass funeral for the 32 workers who will killed by Weaver at the plant. The people say the plant was an air conditioning place or something.

Sarah meets a lady named Diane and John meets a girl named Zoe. He finds out that Zoe’s dad was the one who shot Sarah in the leg. I have to say for Sarah being shot in the leg 3 days ago and getting secret surgery. She healed quickly and is walking pretty well.

They go to this lake and see all these dead cows. Cameron said they were not shot because there were no bullet holes in them. They also ruled out water poisoning. This scene reminded me of an alien abduction special I saw many years ago. Ironically on Fox. Is this some type of reference to it? I use to read those Mysteries of the Unknown Time Life books. My dad ordered them.

Sarah and John figure out that Zoe’s father is not dead. I thought it was funny that Cameron served up a plate of food at the wake.

The red haired boy looked familiar. Didn’t he use to do Pizza Hut and toy commercials back in the 90s?

I thought it was funny when Savannah said her mom’s lap is cold. Of course it is. It’s made of metal. Catherine is learning to emote better, but she still isn’t human. I thought it was funny when she told Ellison’s story to Savannah, and passed it off as her own. The same father that provided her with butcher paper that smelled like Cow’s blood.

I feel that the way Catharine treats Savannah is like the way my dad treats me. I swear if he didn’t fart a lot. I’d think he was a terminator.

The part at the end with the spaceship looking thing was so dumb!

I really hope Fox shows all the episodes left; all 7 of them. The future of this show looks bleak. Maybe the fans should send something to Fox like the Jericho and Roswell fans did.

I’m kind of sad they didn’t use Shirley as a mentor on American Idol. I wish they would have. It would have been great promotion for the show. American Idol is Fox’s ratings juggernaut. Maybe they didn’t use her because she doesn’t have a label. I guess if they really wanted her somebody could have quickly signed her to one. I’m not sure. I don’t know about all the legality with record labels and such.

Speaking of Shirley she was a guest on Talk Show yesterday. The interview was pretty good. Although Spike was disrespectful to her. He was making fun of her accent. He said she sounded like Groundskeeper Willie. This made me think she would be a great guest star on The Simpsons. She could be like a mentor to Lisa or something. Maybe Willie could have a crush on her.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Really Really Like It

“Really Really Like You” I have been getting into this Korean drama over the past few days. I saw part of episode 2 and I watched all of episode 3. This is the drama that was parodied on MadTV as Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive. Or so I’ve heard.

There is actually a character in this show named Bong. I’m not sure how common that name is in Korea though. This drama is really funny there is this one character that really freaks out about everything. I don’t know all their names yet.

I started watching this anime called “Going Wild” it has monkeys in it. It sort of reminds me of Samurai Pizza Cats for some reason. Does anybody know anything about this anime? I can’t really find any info on it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jerky Review

I know I ordered my jerky from JR’s site a while ago and I never really got to writing a review of it.

I was pretty satisfied with the ordering process. Aside from the face that they got my address wrong, or maybe it was me. I just moved you know I haven’t really memorized the address yet.

The texture is good. I have to say it’s not low grade quality meat. My dad doesn’t know. He’s not as “knowledgeable” as he claims to be.

It was a little peppery. I wish he still sold more varieties of jerky. Like teriyaki flavor.

I have included some pictures of the jerky itself and a picture of the bag. You can order the jerky here.

my plate of jerky
My plate of jerky

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miscellaneous blog

This blog doesn’t really have a theme or anything.

I have been needing to get some new red and white striped socks. I can’t find any. I want knit socks not the kind that are like pantyhose. I went on the Hot Topic website, and I guess they don’t sell that color combination anymore. They’re all scene-ish socks. UH!

I’m thinking about changing the profile picture I use on facebook. I was thinking of using the photo of Shirley and I, but I don’t really want people to know what I look like. Especially old classmates who are looking for me. I shouldn’t have used my real name to sign up for facebook. Luckliy no classmates have found me…yet *knocks on wood*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Copy Pasta

I know the title is 4chan-ish.

You know watching my dad work a computer is funny and sad. He didn’t know how to highlight until I showed him how to. He acts like he can do everything himself with no help. Then go ahead nobody’s stopping you. He accidentally erased his resume on his flash drive. I was not there to witness the event. He got mad at me and wanted me to fix what he did. I can’t make it magically reappear. By the time he got home it was too late and he already saved it in the erased state. He gets frustrated by his own stupidity. It’s not my fault he doesn’t know the difference between cut and copy. I couldn’t open his backup file so he had to run to the geek squad to get help.

Oh yeah and he calls Firefox “foxfire” and USB cables “UBS cables”. LOL!

This has nothing to do with my dad's inability to use the computer, but I ran into that Cena fan yesterday. We were talking about how Cena lost the title and that both belts are on Smackdown now. To quote Cena “it‘ll work it‘s self out”. I really hopes this leads to Cena being drafted to Smackdown.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Good Wound Episode Review

You know for the return of the show I bought a lot of candy to eat during it. It just feels a little weird watching it on a Friday. I’m not use to it.

This episode was confusing at first. Sarah sees Kyle. It sort of reminded me of this Korean drama where this guy was dying and hallucinating and he could see the dead. You know I thought Riley was dead. Oh well.

I thought it was funny when John Henry tells Weaver that he knows she’s not human and that he can see it in her eyes. That made me laugh. She told him not to tell anybody that. He says that they are both made of metal, but she is made of a different kind of metal. It was funny because she cave him that confused look. She’s really good.

Both Sarah and Riley get out of the hospital. I still don’t really know what is up with Jesse and Riley. You know Riley made a reference to that girl from the 1st season who committed suicide.

One of my favorite parts was when Weaver went to desert warehouse and had a terminator killing spree. Then she eventually blew up the warehouse. Could it have something to do with Zeriacorp? It was reminiscent of the movies when Weaver is walking out of the fire.

This really has nothing to do with the episode, but I was still working on my bag of gummi bears. I bought them for the return of the show. I bought a lot of candy and snacks for the last 9 episodes of season 2 (the back 9).
My dad was bugging me again while I was watching it. He was bothering me for yellow gummi bears. Which I really don’t mind. I don’t like those anyway. I usually pick a bag that has a lot of white, red or green ones in them. The white ones are my favorite in a standard bag. (red, green, white, orange, and yellow). He got made because there weren’t more yellow ones. I did find a really cool twin white bear.

Wow! Twin and triplet bears in the same bag! Score! The good thing was that he didn’t bother me this time and keep asking if Shirley has appeared or not.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Earthlings Welcome Here Episode Review

Sarah went to the UFO convention to see what the 3 dots means. The Abraham blogs. She calls John and he says this funny line about bloggers. “We all know how reliable bloggers are.”. There is a lot of tension between Cameron and Riley. It was funny when Cameron says Peachy Keen is her favorite flavor of smoothie. Cameron can’t drink. We learn of Riley’s back story about how Jesse found her. Riley was all stressed out and dirty. They are both from the future.

Shirley looked great with her long side bangs. Her shirt was white and had puffy sleeves. It reminded me of the “pirate shirt” from Seinfeld.

We learn of Riley and Jesse’s reason of why Riley has to meet up with John. To learn about him or something. It was funny when Cameron tells Riley “Your tattoo is tight.” I don’t know just the way she said it made me laugh. It was also funny when she said she would get a tattoo of tiger or a wolf. Like she could.

Sarah meets up with Abraham and sees it was the lady she met up with earlier in disguise. It was really Alan. Alan tells Sarah that he had a piece of “alien” metal. They go to the storage facility when Alan stashed some away. When they got there the metal was gone and some mystery person on a motorcycle shot at them. It might have even been a terminator. Sarah tells Alan to go a therapist Sarah listens in on the session, but as she is listening Alan and the therapist are killed by the mysterious motorcycle person. Sarah follows the description from the session to go where Alan use to work. When she gets there she gets shot in the leg. She manages to get out of the warehouse she was shot at and she sees her former self and the 3 dots. Was she abducted? Did Riley commit suicide? Is she dead now? Are the Riley haters happy?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today is Valentines Day I decided not to write Shirley 4 little inane comments on her wall and just write her one big one. I think leaving her 4 little comments is spammy and disrespectful even of you are praising her. I decided to go and post some of my Valentines Day follies archive in the archive blog.

I’m single and I don’t care this year. Love is one of the last things on my mind right now. I’m not upset or angry or anything. I just feel nonchalant about it this year. But I want to do my favorite tradition; eating a lot of candy! Maybe I’ll listen to some love songs or something. I got some candy today it came in a box with a picture of a Care Bear on it. Tenderheart bear.

I drank some red soda today because it looked festive. I watched I Love Lisa today. That is the Simpsons episode when she gives that valentine to Ralph. I don’t get at the end why “Monster Mash” plays on the radio. Can anyone explain that to me?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shirley Needs to get Some Faux Legs

Ok I’m not going to post my review of Earthlings Welcome Here; yet. I’m going to write about Shirley’s appearances on Ferguson and Good Day LA. To tell the truth I never really watch his show I’m more of a Conan fan. I was switching one red head for another. As I watched this I did a lot of damage to a bag of gummi bears. I was eating them so feverishly. Before her appearance on the show I found 3 gummi bears that were connected. I thought it was so cool looking I took a picture of it. I know that’s not really Shirley related, but I just thought it was a cool thing to mention.

She looked pretty and she was wearing her signature style of footwear; boots. She was just so silly and cheerful. I thought the funniest part was when she said she wants to be a magician’s assistant and get cut in half. She wants to know the secret of that trick. Apparently she didn’t see those shows there they reveal how magic tricks are done. She’ll need to contort herself and get fake legs. But I could imagine her all dressed up in fishnets, hotpants, mega heels, a cute little top and maybe even a top hat. I remember in the last interview she said that when she went to the magic castle she went “mad with laughter”. It was also funny when she talked about how much she likes Tom Selleck and that she was blushing when she saw him. She also talked about tattoos. She mentioned that in an interview few months ago. You know she doesn’t have any, and I thought she did. I don’t know I just see her as this bad ass rocker.

I also caught her appearance on Good Day LA. I know a lot of people love that show it’s highly rated. To be honest I really don’t watch it. I find Jillian annoying. I only watch it if they have good guests like Shirley or a story I’m really interested in. She was wearing her LAMB cardigan like the one she’s wearing in this photo on facebook. Her hair looked really pretty down. I was eating a microwaveable sandwich. It just made me feel nostalgic. When Shirley was on the screen my mom said “there is your friend.” How delusional does she think I am? Friend? Really? I met Shirley in a store and talked to her for about 5 minutes or less until I got threatened by security to stop talking to her or I’d get kicked out. I don’t know her. The good thing was that I only had to watch about half the show to see Shirley. I hate when you have to watch the whole show to see the celebrity you want to see.I don’t watch the show regularly to know that they play “Only Happy When it Rains” when it rains here. I have to say that is a good song to listen to when it rains. It’ll probably be in heavy rotation this weekend for me. Jillian might be annoying, but she has good taste in music. When Shirley came out all 3 reporters hugged her, but hugging Shirley just feels good. ^-^ Her segment lasted about 5 minutes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alpine Fields Episode Review

This episode did not have Shirley in it. Her name is not listed in the credits. In this episode is mostly about the Alpine family and Derek. It’s a Derek-centric episode. This episode doesn’t even have John Connor in it. Not even just a little.

The one part I did like was when Derek is thinking about when he met Jesse. Actually it was mentioned in The Tower is Tall But The Fall is Short when Derek talks about suicide, and he said somebody told him his fly was open.

One of my favorite quotes from the show came from that episode though. When Lauren tells Sarah “Don‘t confuse close with happy.” I love that quote! It totally describes my family life. It especially did after we moved.

It was funny when Jesse said about the Jimmy Carter.

I didn’t like this episode very much and not because of the lack of Shirley in it. I enjoyed Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today and Self Made Man, and she was not in those episodes. I found this episode boring and I didn’t take many notes on it.

Speaking Terminator Shirley is a guest on Ferguson tomorrow (it‘s on early in the morning) It will technically be on the 13th. But she shot it today. I will do a lot damage to a bag of gummi bears as I watch it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Self Made Man Episode Review

This episode did not have Shirley in it. Her name is not listed in the credits. In this episode Cameron hangs out with some guy in a wheelchair who works at a library, and brings him donuts. While she was looking at pictures she ended up recognizing a terminator in a photo from the 1920s.

Riley tricked John into going to a party.

Cameron pissed off Eric (the wheelchair guy) by talking about death and suicide. She also let him fire her gun.

Riley and John hang with some cholos, and they play video games.

Cameron and the guy are trying to solve the mystery about what happened on that New Years day. They look all through the library for articles and clues. I liked when they watched the news footage from the 80s. They did a good job of making it look like it was from the 80s.

She learns that you can tell the date by the position of the stars. She figures out that the terminator was sent to the wrong date. Cameron needs to learn about the Pico Tower. Eric tells her it’s closed and under construction. When she eventually gets there she remembers something is going to happen there in 2010. She finds the terminator hidden in the wall and destroys it.

Cameron needs better people skills hers are worse than mine. But she is a terminator, so she is excused. This was another Cameron-centric episode, but I liked it. It was like a little mystery.

When she goes back to the library the next day she sees Eric isn’t there anymore; it’s some girl. She doesn’t know who Eric is. Cameron offers her the donuts which I though was funny.

I think I would be friends with Cameron if she was real; especially if she brought me donuts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Strange Things Happen at the one-two Point

I have my first Terminator episode review since I moved. I needed to post these a while ago. I have written them out an everything; they just need to be typed out. The show is returning in like 3 days.

This was the first episode I watched after the move. It was so great watching it alone and not being bothered by my parents. I had my little bag of gummi bears. My dad usually bothers me while I’m watching the show and says things like “Has Shirley been on yet?” or “Is that her?”. He usually talks over her dialogue during the show.

How do the shippers of the show feel about John and Cameron?

Shirley looked great in that dress she was wearing. She looks good in gray. She looked great with her hair down it was very brassy. It’s nice when they keep her hair on her face.

Sarah Gale? If that doesn’t scream Wizard of Oz reference I don’t know what does. When Sarah was talking about music she didn’t mention Garbage. One has to question does that band exist in Terminator mythology? It was funny when they said the 80s was far back. Like the first movie?

Nice reference to Azusa. Represent! LOL!

The reason Sherman was killed was because he meddled in the AI. It was cool when Ellison was talking to it. Ellison knows that somebody or something killed Sherman. Weaver is getting suspicious of him. He’s playing into her trap. I hope he doesn’t get killed in the bathroom.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Second Worst Thanksgiving Ever!

This blog needs a little bit of a back story.

Since we were in the process of moving our Thanksgiving was up in the air. We decided to order food from Marie Calendar’s. Since there was still a lot of stuff at the old house I was still living there.

When I was going to sleep I was listening to “Bleed Like Me” (the song). I usually do. It comforts me and helps me sleep. As I was listening to the song with the lights off I saw a strange shadow, and I got really scared. Well at least it wasn’t a bird.

I was really missing my bed. I was tried of sleeping on the floor. It was really taking a toll on my back. I put up with it just to get away from all the craziness of moving.

My mom woke me up at like 8:30 AM. She brought me a chicken biscuit sandwich from McDonald’s for breakfast with hash browns and juice. That was a lot of food for me, and I was a little stuffed. My dad told her to bring me dip and a soda, so I could have that while I watched the parade and the dog show. I already had funyuns at the house with me. I wasn’t feeling it. I felt like Chandler from Friends. Maybe I’ll be like him in future Thanksgivings, but I’m not sure.

I really wanted to see Gwen’s float. I watched the opening credits of the parade to see if Gwen was going to be there. I thought it would be really cool if she was there on her float. She didn’t even have to sing; just be there. Her name wasn’t mentioned. I was disappointed.

A little while later it was Gwen’s float. It wasn’t what I expected. The Harajuku Lovers float left me disappointed. I thought it could have been better. It looked like her perfume bottles came to life. It was sort of creepy looking. Then I thought about all the animosity between the Gwen and Shirley fans which is sort of funny, and I really don’t get it. They are both so inspirational. I know Shirley’s fan’s would rag on Gwen’s float. The perfume bottle looking girls were like blow ups or something, but the arms were waving. There were also some human girls on the float. I’m not sure if they were the real Harajuku Girls or just some actors they hired or something. The commentators didn’t specify. On Gwen’s float I think they were plying “Hollaback Girl”. Shouldn’t they have played “Harajuku Girls”? It would have been more appropriate. Or even “What You Waiting For?”. It was funny because the Dora the Explorer balloon was before Gwen’s float. I forget what was after it though. I wish it would have been the pikachu balloon. I love pikachu. It could have been a Japan theme. Pikachu is from Japan. I love the pikachu balloon. Well I love pikachu in any form.

It was funny when Shontelle almost fell twice on the Ecko float. It was funny when Lauer said there was a school from “La Puenta” California. I had to see what the graphic said. It said “La Puente”, and I was trying to think about what school it was because they were wearing green. I knew it wasn’t Bassett because they are black and gold and I knew it wasn’t La Puente because they are orange and black. If I was still in high school they would have made a big deal about this, but I really didn’t care I was in the process of moving anyway. I just thought it was funny that he got the name wrong. I was really tired, so I decided that I’d go to sleep and wake up to eat. I was a little sad that I was going to miss the pikachu balloon. I go crazy for that.

When I woke up I almost missed the beginning of the dog show. I caught the end of the parade with Santa. I was happy that the toy group was the first group. I love toy dogs. My favorite breed (the pug) is in the toy category. I like all dogs even mutts, but I don’t know why I like toys so much. I guess cause they are so little. I got really hungry and ate a lot during the dog show. When my dad came to pick me up the show was already over.

When we got to the restaurant it was pretty crowded. There was a big line outside. There were a few different lines for different things like for meals, going into the restaurant and pies only. When we got in there. They didn’t have our reservation at all. Things couldn’t get any worse. They had to get the manager. She said they had no reservation under my dad’s name. They asked who I talked to over the phone, but I never got the name of anybody. I was thinking maybe the person who took our reservation over the phone is fired now. (that they got fired before Thanksgiving). They said they would have our meals in 10 minutes. It took a while since it was so crowded. They got our “on demand” order wrong too. They gave us 3 ranch salads, but we fixed that. They almost got the pies wrong too.

When we finally got back it was late and my mom noticed they didn’t give us any cornbread (which they were suppose to). I didn’t care. I just wanted to get out of there. My dad just wanted us to have dinner together since I was eating alone at the other house. Personally I liked it that way. It was a fun little vacation from my family. I found it incredibly peaceful and a little scary.

The food wasn’t that good. I was happy I got turkey instead of ham. The ham was horrible. The glaze was nasty. I loved the potatoes. I ate all of those. The bad thing was that the little trays they put the food in weren’t sectioned, so all the food mixed. I hate mixed food. The stuffing was horrible. I wasn’t even going to touch the vegetables. They looked gross. I was upset because my turkey piece didn’t have much skin on it, and the skin is my favorite part.

After we ate I was really bored. I was mad because I didn’t bring my CD player. I had all the fun stuff back at home. My dad wanted me to say for a while, but why would I? I could sleep over either. I didn’t even have a bed set up. My mom told me this was the worst Thanksgiving she ever had. I told her it was my 2nd worse.

The worst Thanksgiving I ever had was back in like 92 or 93 when I was stuck going to my grandma’s house. I missed watching the Rocky and Bullwinkle marathon because they were watching football at her house. It was so boring over there. I was so bored I mowed down her ice plant down with a push mower. When I was younger when I got bored sometimes I would get destructive.

Somebody was wearing a “Blossom” hat which was the style at the time. (I sound like grandpa Simpson there) One of my cousins was vegetarian and was telling everybody else at the kids’ table about the evils of meat. I didn’t feel like eating anyway because my grandma is a horrible cook. I was also upset because I wanted to eat with my parents. When we finally got home from that horrible experience the marathon was over.

I was so happy to finally get back “home”. I don’t know if I’ll hate Thanksgiving like Chandler from Friends does where he doesn’t even eat Thanksgiving foods, but I’m starting not to like it.

I was happy that Letterman had his mom making pies that year not like the year before when it was the strike and there were no new episodes in the month of November. Tv was so bleak back then.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winx Club Magazine Review Issue #1

I bought this magazine like 2 months ago at the “ghetto” Dollar Tree. They play ghetto music in there. I mean that store is always dirty. There is always merchandise thrown on the floor. I was surprised they actually had this. I hurt myself trying to get it down from a high pegboard. Too bad they only had this issue and not any others, but one issue is better than none. The best thing is that is come with a free gift! A little purse.

A few days later I went to a “better” Dollar Tree to see if that one had any different copies, but all they had was issue #1. Too bad I could comb the area within a 10 mile radius looking for other issues.

So I finally go the chance to read it yesterday. It has some nice pictures in it. It says it’s a magazine, but I think it’s a comic book. It has some wonderful pictures in it. I feel like making some Winx Club fanart. I found a mistake in it because it says Stella is from Domino. Which she is not she is from Solaria; Bloom is from Domino (or Sparx in the 4kids dub). It was a nice little read though. I could hear the characters’ voices in my head. The story is a little different from the cartoon. It even came with a free trading card. I got a Bloom one… I’m not sure if they all came with the same card or they were randomly inserted into the magazine.
I think it was worth a dollar to me.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I like it Because of my Heritage

Sorry about the lack of blogs. I've been working on some really good ones, but they are pretty long and not done yet. Ok maybe I need to get my shit together.

Anyway I think this blog deserves a little back story. Back when I was a freshman in high school I use to know this girl who was Chinese. She was telling me something about her jade pig necklace. I don't know, but somehow the conversation went into Pokemon. It was like 1998 or 1999 back then. Pokemon was so popular. She was telling me that she only likes Pokemon because it's part of her heritage, and that she had to like it because she's Chinese. I asked if she was Japanese, but she said "no".

So then after she told me that I started thinking about all the different ethnicities I have mixed in me and what I should like. Since I know I'm of Welsh heritage I decided to adopt all of the UK. This explains my affinity for English music especially 2-tone ska. Where I come from English music means English language music and not necessarily music from England. This is very confusing to a lot of people when I talk to them and I say I like English music. I'll say I like No Doubt and people get confused since they were formed in Anaheim. This also explains my love for really strong tea.

I recienlty found out my last name is of Scottish origin. For all these years I thought it was German. Or at least that's what my dad told me. When I use to take French in high school the French teacher told me my last name is French. I do have a little French in me. I found this out my accident. I was googling myself again. When I put in my last name it said it was Scottish which made me think of this quote from the Simpsons by Groundskeeper Willie: "Brothers and sisters are natural enemies! Like Englishmen and Scots! Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!"

My last name is not Manson and it doesn't have a Mc or Mac in it either. It doesn't even start with an "M".

Maybe this explains why I like Shirley so much? I don't know. Speaking of Shirley and Scotsmen. She is going to be a guest on Furgeson again. Too bad I can't go the taping. :(

I guess I should embrace my Mexican side more and eat a lot more spicy food. I do like churros and carne asada.

To anybody reading this blog it was meant to be a joke blog please don't be offended.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Moving Story

Where should I start? I guess the beginning would be the most logical place.

I moved on the 22nd of November. I didn’t sleep well that night. I was anxious, but it was the bad kind; the sick to your stomach kind. I just wanted the day to be over before it began.

Instability scares me. Who isn’t scared by it? I’m the kind of person who thrives on repetitiveness. I like to listen to the same songs over and over. I also like to eat the same kinds of foods. Change freaks me out tremendously it doesn’t even need to be a big one. It can be like a product being discontinued or something like that.

I needed to pack my suitcase because my intuition was going like crazy telling me that the house would not be ready that night. Usually I’m really stupid and I don’t really listen to it. I told myself to trust myself and listen to it. I packed all my “important” stuff I didn’t want to lose.

I felt bad and didn’t feel like eating. I didn’t want to get sick or anything. My dad bought 2 boxes of donuts. I looked in them to see what was there. There were all kinds; cinnamon rolls, rainbow sprinkles, crullers, jelly, glaze, and sugar. No bear claws. I took the closest thing to one; a cinnamon roll. As I was eating it I felt sick.

When my mom called my grandma’s house she was still there. Then my cousins came to help move. They are 14 and 8, and my older cousin who is in his 30s who is their dad. My dad was trying to steer the truck. I know he can’t do it very well. The last time we moved he hit our old Mustang (car). I asked my cousin if her remembered that and he said he did. This time my dad hit the wall that was between our house and the neighbors house. Well at least he didn’t hit the children at play sign or a car. It was so messy on the street because the neighbor across the street was working on repaving his driveway and he had a big truck too and there wasn’t enough room for the both of them. My dad was getting mad. (as usual)

I told everybody I was sleeping over at the old house by myself. I showed them everything I packed away.

When we were packing up my DVDs and videos somebody found my John Cena My Life DVD set and was holding it up and laughing. I shouldn’t have to be embarrassed by my DVD collection. Well at least they didn’t laugh at my No Doubt DVDs. They did say I have a lot of Sailor Moon tapes, and that wasn’t even all of them. There still were some in my room.

As we were packing I put on my cat ears and said I was a random anime fan ^-^. My little cousin was playing with my lizard on a stick. I forgot about that. I had it for a long time. I think I got it like back in ‘92 or ‘93.

When it was lunch we were talking about music. My older cousin wanted to know why I like Garbage and No Doubt so much. I really don’t know I’ve been listening to them since I was 12. I guess I just really enjoyed that female rocker movement of the late 90s. We were talking about a bunch of things like pets, music and high school.

After we ate my little cousins and I seemed like we were all getting in the way. So I told them they could hang out in my room. I still had my radio and we could listen to the CDS I packed in my backpack. All I had were Garbage and No Doubt CDS. I only had those CDS because I didn’t want to lose them. I had no idea when I was going to get my computer back up to charge my MP3 if I used it. It would be much easier for me to use my old portable CD player. Those are my favorite CDS, plus I didn’t want to lose my signed one. My older cousin asked me what “Cherry Lips” is about.

When the truck was all packed up I had to say at the old house and “guard” the left over stuff. There was a lot of stuff left over. Since we didn’t pack all the tvs. I got out an unpacked antenna and started to watch tv. I ended up falling asleep on the floor.

My parents came back and said the house was a mess and that nothing could be set up. My grandma was still there. I had an extremely strong feeling she wouldn’t leave and that we were going to be at the old house, or at least I was. Intuition doesn’t lie.

When we were eating dinner I stood up and the light hit my hair in a way that made it look really red. My mom told me my hair looked like Shirley’s but I was too sad to take the compliment. Usually I’d eat that kind of stuff up.

After dinner I was still just so sad. I listened to music in my room for hours and wrote. We slept on what we could since most of our sheets and stuff were at the other house. I wanted to watch tv, but my dad just yelled at me.

I didn’t sleep well. I was upset and bored. I think I only slept for 3 hours that night.

Monday, February 2, 2009

You know my last blog was sort of out of character for me. I will not apologize for my actions or anything like that. I'm happy I got the scanner and printer back up and working. ^-^ I finally sent out my order for the doll boots I really wanted. I hope they come soon. Getting shoes for that kind of doll are hard to get.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How was your Superbowl Sunday? If you celebrate this unofficial US holiday. I really had no preference this year. It's not like I really follow football or anything. It's just an excuse for me to pig out on a lot of food. I did eat my JR's Beef Jerky. My dad got mad because I wouldn't offer him any. He lost his chance days ago. I haven't felt this down during a Superbowl since Superbowl XXX (30) back in 1996. I was having a lot of problems back then.

I had such a hellish shopping experience at Wal Mart today. I will not be shopping there again. I had to wait 20 minutes while a worker and customer just chatted it up and then they chatted it up with another worker. Worker #0002521 at store #3522. FUCK YOU!

There is nothing really great that they sell there anyway that I can't get somehwere else. They discontineued that good soda I really liked anyway. I was boycotting the store for a while like back in 2004. This is the reason I don't shop at Fry's anymore even though I got my computer there. There is only one store that I constantly go to and I will put up with bad service and that is Sanrio stores.

Perhaps me waiting around and not saying anything shows how meek I really am. I should be more feisty? I am a red head now. I just didn't want to seem like a rude customer. But wouldn't the guy who was just talking be the rude one? What should I expect? It was Wal Mart.