Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Descriptive Enough?

I'm feeling better today after I realized that my MP3 player just had an "accidental trauma" and is working again! ^o^ ^-^

I'm feeling better today. I'm at anywhere between 70-81% but not 100.

I eventually managed to finish my short story I was writing. I still have another one I'm not done with yet. It's almost finished though. The funny thing is that I had my mom read over some of my stories and she says they are way too descriptive and fatty. I thought about it when I took a creative writing class back in 2006 my teacher use to tell me my writing was not descriptive enough. So I pad my writing. You know that if you read this blog. I was never a "meat and potatoes" writer. Could you just imagine what my articles would sound like if I was a sports writer? "His jersey was darkened with sweat. A bead of sweat dripped off his brow as he proceeded to make a free throw". Nobody would read that. It sounds like a bad basketball novel or something.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mentally Absent

I don't know today I was just mentally absent it class. I mean I was physically there, but mentally I was somewhere else. Way off course. I wasn't feeling motivated.Not even to write and I love writing. I mean I didn't even finish my blog or a short story I had started writing for class. Then there was a discussion about psychology. I sort of felt like I was in a Frasier episode or something.

Here's a question I'm throwing out to my readers here. Would you ever send a correction to like a newspaper/magazine if there was a mistake in it? I think sometimes you should if the information is really inaccurate. But sometimes poorly worded articles are humorous. If they weren't there would be no "Headlines" segment on the Tonight Show.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still Counting the Days

Still feel the same about my days being numbered. Maybe I should write down how many I have left. Have a count down on the blog or something. I guess I can just sit it out, and live. Stupid requirements now some of the classes I take don't count anymore and I took that one at CUSF! Blimey! To quote Liz Lemon. Why do I have to take a speech class anyway? Well after all those years I still haven't taken Poly Sci.

I feel like I have a permanent brain fart. I just can't come up with new ideas and stuff. Especially ones that will earn me money in a honest way.

I feel like drawing something. I don't know what. Maybe I should try to sell my drawings?

You know the roller rink has gone the way of the drive in theater. Speaking of things featured in Glee. I forgot that the power of Madonna was at my high school too. She was in a 20th century mural in the hall of my high school in the 80s section. For some reason people liked to graffiti her crotch and boobs. She was painted well. A lot of the things were inaccurate, or didn't look like who they were suppose to be Nixon was portrayed without his jowls. How can there be a 1970s Nixon without jowls?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue in the Class

My nails a lovely blue color today.

After I thought about my days as a student being numbered I know the two things I need, but don't have are time and money. Maybe I can buy some time, I'll get in line for it.

Maybe I'm ready to do the George Costanza thing. I am unemployed and live with my parents.

I'm starting to have my doubts about that popular guy in class. I feel like Jeff in that episode of Community where he takes that pottery class. His popularity just seems to be growing.

It was funny because a bunch of people in the class were wearing blue. Well I was too sort of, and I had blue jeans on too. I think almost all my jeans are some shade of blue. I haven't worn colored denim in years.

I like "Bulletproof" it's a good song so is "In For the Kill".

My MP3 player died today :'( Good thing I still have my Zen player. Which is filled to capacity. Well at least it lasted a year. I won't be able to find one like the one I had. Well not in my price range anyway. Good thing I didn't lose much. Just a few files I had saved in there that weren't really important.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jiffy Park

I'm pretty sure my days as a student are likely numbered. It's funny I feel like I did when I knew I was going to get kicked out of CSUF.

Anyway in class we were talking about Mary Kay, and the only reason I heard about it was because it was mentioned in that Seinfeld episode where Kramer gets a Mary Kay car after his is stuck in Jiffy Park. A few years after that show aired I knew a girl whose mom sold Mary Kay. Where's my dream coat and Squire's walking stick? Why do I keep referencing things that happened in Seinfeld episodes? @.@

Oh yeah ended up riding riding the bus with about literally 60-70 people. People had to get on the bus through the rear door.

I think Career Advisor finally gave up luckily they didn't call me today at all. But I'm not holding my breath yet.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Donuts and Cheese

You know I was going to post a blog yesterday, but I don't know what happened. I got all caught up in writing one of my stories. You know one is due soon, and I have 3-4 unfinished ones.

I was going to mention this in my Earth Day blog, but I think those Kleenex disposable hand towels are very wasteful.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm having strange dreams again. Either I'm stressed or eating strange food combinations again. Speaking of strange food combinations here's one they use to give us at school for breakfast donuts and cheese. This combination goes well with plain or lightly glazed donuts. I don't recommend eating cheese with the following donut flavors: powered, cinnamon, filled, maple, Krispy Kreme types, sprinkles, coconut, or chocolate. My mom has no idea why I like this.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Name a Birthday

Let's see... I'd like to wish John Cena a happy 33rd birthday!

You know what stupid thing my dad told me this week? He thought the city buses have a bathroom in them. X-X WTH?

I think I might be shrinking, but it doesn't bother me. I want to be short.

I know I mentioned this in the last entry, but is this like a name dropping blog? Just wondering... I've been kicking that thought around in my head for most of the week now.

I'm in the mood for crafting. I'm thinking of making something girly. Like with a lot of pinks and stuff.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Read this for Daisy

I was racking my brain trying to think of cool/cute/clever title. This is not a name dropping entry although it might seem or look like one. Ok in case somebody from class happens to stumble on this uh...welcome.

I want to recommend the book The Los Angeles Diaries. It's a good book. I enjoyed it. I think if you like dark things you'll like this book. It's a good book to read while listening to Garbage music. Or even the song "In The Snow". Which made me think I wonder if Shirley has read this book?

It was an interesting experience. Never really had a Q&A session with an author. I had a few questions about the book. A lot of people in the class really wanted their questions answered. As for me it's not that I was unprepared; I was just shy. A lot of people were asking the questions I wanted to ask anyway. I just wanted to take everything in, and take some notes. This sort of reminded me of when I went to this career in the arts convention back when I was a senior in high school. Actually that is a really funny story, but I'm not going to tell that today. I was writing about; what he was saying, how I was reacting to what he was saying, and other random thoughts I had. I ended up taking like a half a page of notes. Not many people in the class were taking notes though it wasn't an assignment or anything. Plus I thought taking notes on this would be good blog material.

Ok here is some insider stuff I got from him. The company publishing his book and that was going to publish his 2nd memoir book is closing down. Does this mean his older books are rare? Just wondering...

At the end of class a few people wanted to get their books signed. It was a short line of about 5 people, and I was the last one. It didn't take that long.

I had to admit to him that initially I thought his book was a book about football. I thought the book was written by this guy. The author told me he gets that a lot, and also people who think his book is about singing. But I knew his book wasn't about James Brown the singer because is dead. Maybe he gets confused with them. Well they don't look the same. Plus James Brown is a very common name.

A few people were going to his engagement that was for the whole school a little bit later after class. It was too late for me, and plus I didn't give any notice. I was already a little late from getting the book signed. Not too late only like 15-20 minutes.

I think he wrote "My best to you!". I'm not sure I really can't make it out. He writes kind of illegible/scribbly. I was trying to decipher the message in the bus.

I was thinking about writing an Earth Day blog about the environmental fair my high school threw in 1999. That's a funny story too. If you really want to read an Earth Day related blog you can read the one I wrote last year about Reel Big Fish. Oh yeah and I heard some Dramarama today. "Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to whoever's being born."

Guess what!? Career Advisor is calling my cell phone now! Well it's not as bad as calling my home phone number. My cell has caller ID. I just see the number and ignore it.

Speaking of Shirley did you read the poem she posted on facebook? Is that about her?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Points I forgot

Aside from my classmates absence. I got back the stories I turned in for class. Which is great they needed some corrections. The only problem is that I can't understand the correction marks she used. They are not the traditional ones. All through high school and in the grammar and punctuation telecourses I watch on tv they always say about people misusing commas. I'm so afraid of misusing them I don't really use them at all. unless I'm using a conjunction, exclamation or listing something. I'm so afraid of making comma splices.

How funny was Glee?! I loved the part when Sue said to send a bunch of students she didn't like to New York with $35 in their pocket. No, I like Shirley let's send some people off to Madison. (Please don't be offend Garbage fans or people from Madison). I also liked the part when Sue told this story about damaging her hair by trying to dye it blond with a concoction of chemicals. It reminded me of a story somebody told me about some punk poser kids in high school. I forget where I heard the story from. If it was from them or somebody else. They wanted "punk" hair, so they dyed their hair with laundry bleach!? They were known for doing crazy things. One of them even had the word "crazy" in their nickname. Or maybe that nickname was used behind their back? Sue 29?! LOL! XD I still think the show could have used "Beautiful Stranger" it would have been appropriate for that episode.

I hurt one of my fingers during class and I can't type very well again. I hope it heals soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where's Jeff When you Need Him?

Ok I know this title is funny. It's a reference to the show Community.

Do you know what today is? Um I don't do that, but a lot of people like to celebrate it.

Ok so here's why I'm writing about Community again. So one of the popular members of the class was missing the class was devastated. They were saying it was a "classroom crisis". That sounds like the title of an anime or something. The class was acting like they couldn't go on without him. The class was really worried. I guess his absense threw off the class' group dynamic? This is like a scene right out of the show Community. Now how can I get with the cool people? I'd hate to think what the class would say if I didn't show up? "I don't like her; she writes about the Power Rangers too much!". Or maybe I could spy on the class Costanza style, and leave behind some type of bag with a recorder in it. Like in the episode The Soul Mate. They'd find the bag and say "She got this idea from Seinfeld." When he entered the room the class applauded. (This really happened!) I was laughing so hard at this out loud. I couldn't control it. I think people saw my laughing as being happy to see him or something. It's ok if they misinterpret it as that. I'll let them assume or something.

The funny thing about this guy is that is is an uh...older gentleman . Anyway since he is older he has a lot to write about. The funny thing is that I think he thinks that the younger people in the class writing doesn't come easy for them. For me writing isn't that hard most of the time. I find it a cathartic experience. There is so much inside me writing helps me de-stress. I do like that he participates in like every class discussion.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Career Advisor go to HELL!!!!!!

Those stupid telemarketers called again! They are really pissing off my dad more than me, but still pissing me off nonetheless. Relentless fuckers they are! So according to them it takes 24-48 hours to get off their list. Yeah right! They called on Saturday then they call back on a Monday that is more that 48 hours. I'm not going to be nice to them their telemarketing is amateurish and just plain wrong. I mean you can hear papers shuffling in the background and other voices. They also have bad phone scripts. I just yell at them to take me off their list which probably won't happen. Knowing them they'll probably call tomorrow or Wednesday. If they do they are going to get it. Career Advisor go to HELL!!!!!!

Aside form that nothing else really interesting happened today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do you Know About Madden?

This blog is not about John, Steve or even Joel and Benji.

Ok now I might not be the best sales person, or sold anything professionally. But this company Career Advisor is annoying as hell! First they called when I was gone I can't really control that; anyway so I call back. First of all my dad is angry, and yelling at me because he wants to know how they got my number. After he stops yelling, and I can focus on calling them I ask what this is and how did they did get my number. According to them they found it off a website. Most likely *shifty eyes* Too bad. I need to get a job and earn some money.

They are extremely amateurish I mean after I refuse them the first time they call back again 3 hours later! 3 fucking hours! I admire their diligence. But 3 hours!?

I am/was just a lead and nothing else. Learn about the MADDEN test people!

Later I find out the phone number they called was not registered to the Do Not Call List. I could have sworn that I registered for that right after I moved and had a working Internet connection.

Who knew looking for a job could be so hard? Not the rejection or the footwork.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Fryday!

I'm looking for some dry shampoo. I want to find an inexpensive one. That is one of my new hunts.

The new Jack in the box fries are more McDonalds like and that is not a compliment. They are crispier and usually crispier fries means smaller fries in width. Luckily they aren't as small as McDonalds ones. The supreme croissant there is ok, but it's too salty. It has ham and bacon.

Speaking of fast food. I think I'm going to make my own Double Down type sandwich. I'm going to use only lettuce and mayonnaise. Well besides the 2 chicken patties.

It's funny since yesterday I was thinking about Shirley blogging. Well it was because we discuseed blogs in class and what people like to read. Although I didn't mention I like to read celebrity blogs. Jim Ross and Shirley Manson. Well I wouldn't say I read Shirley's facebook notes in class. Somebody might try and friend me by that or something, and I'm not taking that risk.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who is Reading This?

Welcome and hello!

Ok so I might be taking on new readers because in class I mentioned I wrote a blog about sexy Halloween costumes. First off if you think or know I wrote something bad about you I'd like to apologize right now.

Speaking of costumes my rainbow socks are on their last legs. I did get them when I first started college. LOL! How long has that been? It doesn't matter I can't go looking for socks now; not thick novelty socks anyway. It's spring and all the stores are selling things like sandals, sunhats, and bikinis. I'll have to wait until August or at least September. Anyway I thought the socks aren't completely unusable. I can cut off the fraying part and use them for a Tickled Pink costume. They look more like Tickled Pink's colors than Rainbow Brite's colors ,and I'm talking about the vintage characters. No slut costume either. I'm not going to worry about putting together a Tickled Pink costume right now anyway. I still haven't finished the nun costume I was working on.
Here is a cute non slutty Tickled Pink costume I like the shoe covers and the use of a pinafore.
Here is a slutty plus size Starburst Girl costume. Why does the plus size version not come with the gloves/arm warmers? Is it to prevent "sausage arms"? :/

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


While I was waiting for the bus that was late and there for a while. I saw a man wearing pink ladies slippers, and they were slippers and not shoes. There was some money that was there at the stop; a little over 35¢. I didn't notice it and I could kick myself for that!

Anyway I was amazed I got to class on time, or almost on time. The bus was about 40 minutes behind schedule.

We were talking about giving handshakes, and people who give really strong ones. This is not the name dropping portion of the blog or anything, but John Cena has a really strong handshake. Other people have noted this. Maybe it's because he's strong?

I did well on my test I thought I was going to get -11, but I only missed 5.

I manged to cut down that 7 page single spaced story down to 5 pages. I cut some stuff, merged paragraphs, and played around with the font. It's still single spaced though.

Oh yeah and I've had "Vogue" stuck in my head all day. IDK the parody Glee video was funny, but it wasn't hilarious. Maybe they'll sing "Beautiful Stranger" or "Material Girl" for the next episode. I like the Chipettes version of "Material Girl" from the 80s cartoon series.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary I’m Climbing Scaffolding!

Ok so I was going to write this anniversary, but there were a lot of problems. First of all my internet connection is acting really strange. So don't be alarmed if I go missing. Oh yeah I decided not to blog about what happened in class today even if there is a funny antidote that goes with it. I'll post it tomorrow or possibly in the leftovers blog.

I never finished the blog. A lot of stuff came up. This is how much of it I wrote. It's a really long story.

"Today is the 10 year anniversary of me going to my first No Doubt concert!

This is one of my 'retired stories'. I tell it too much.

It was a strange trip. It all started the week before when I was listening to the KROQ Music News. Do they still play those segments anymore? Anyway they said that if you bought a copy of 'Return of Saturn' at the Costa Mesa Virgin Megastore you could see a free No Doubt show. I reveled at the thought of this. I had been so desperate to see No Doubt for all those years.

At first I was trying to plot alone, but the excitement overcame me and I blabbed about it to my mom."

Well anyway here's the gist of it. So I convince my parents to let me go to the midnight CD release with my dad. I could go on one condition I had to keep up with school and not be grouchy due to lack of sleep. We waited like all night. We got home at like 3AM. I was suppose to be doing "important" things at school like being worried about standardized testing, and assignments and other boring stuff like that. I was being a "bad" student not caring about school. I usually care about too much anyway. It was nice to be bad and have a break. Anyway I studied really hard. I mean the "Return of Saturn" CD. I had like 2 days to learn it. One thing did happen. I found my new favorite No Doubt song; "Staring Problem".

Ok so on the night of the show I'm scared because I didn't know how I would react to seeing No Doubt in person. I thought I was either going to cry or throw up. Luckily neither of those happened. I was just really excited. I didn't really know what to wear so I wore one of my No Doubt shirts. I also wore my platform Skechers hoping I could get a better view of the band. The one thing that disappointed me was that Gwen looked shorter in person. Other than that it was a great show! They even played my favorite No Doubt song! "Staring Problem". Well I thought I requested it, but maybe they had a set list... Towards the end of the show Gwen climbed the scaffolding and was singing while holding onto it. Whenever I see Gwen climb scaffolding it makes me think about that show and makes me nostalgic. And of course I used that story as material for that story writing project I did in 10th grade.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Test Me

I'm such a loser and frustrated with neopets again! So I'm taking a break. I'll possibly come back in October or December. Definitely December though I gotta get my advent prizes. Ok yeah throw those volleyball skills in my face! I never manged to break 235. Too bad. The other game I had to play I'm actually good at. Whoever said the volleyball game is like the lab game is wrong. I'm good at that game too. That is cynical talk. Oh well. It wasn't like all my pets could wear the clothes anyway. My baby pet can't.

PS: to anybody reading this my account isn't "up for grabs".

I hope I don't end up making a negg pattern on the scantron for the test I'm taking later on today. That would be funny and sad.

The weather is throwing me off it feels like winter.

I have sort of a good problem. Well this time I wrote 2-3 stories, and I can't decide which one to submit.

I had to make sure I ate a good breakfast. Nothing too fatty, but I need my protein. I need light protein and nothing fatty like bacon. Like; eggs, chicken or fish. This site says to make cheese omelets. I don't like to make those a lot. They are a bitch to clean up. The cheese in mine seem to ooze out before it's cooked. There ends up being more cheese in the pan than in the omelet.

A bunch of funny test related things happened today. Ok so first off my dad wanted to help me study in the morning for the test; like I'd study with him. ROFL!!!! XD

Anyway at school before we were going to take there was all this loud laughing and whooping. But really what does the teacher expect? It's a community college. As for the test itself it wasn't too hard. I guess... It seemed a little harder than the last one.

The funny thing is when I get home is that my dad asks me if I was sure of all my test answers. Whenever I take a test I'm never sure of all my answers. There is always room for error.

What about Conan he got a deal good for him! Too bad I can't watch it! >.< BEING POOR SUCKS !!!!!111111ONEELEVEN!!!

That is all. Oops I've been reading too many old studio diaries again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Entry is fill of Artificial Sweetener

Today is a very historic day in the No Doubt world today is the 10th anniversary of the release of No Doubt's 4th album “Return of Saturn”.

This album and I have a lot of history together. I was going to write a cute little story about it, but I didn't have time. (I'm still caught up on that volleyball game from neopets.) Maybe I'll post that story in a few days. Uh...let me just say that to date this is the only No Doubt album I purchased at midnight. But that goes along with the story. ^-^ Like I've said before I kept writing about them for 10th grade English class and drove my teacher crazy. True story!

Or the time I tired to purchase No Doubt tickets and ran into some Smashing Pumpkins fans and a misguided Lakers fan.

Speaking of neopets and "Return of Saturn" I use to run a "Return of Saturn" themed gallery on there for a few years until I realized nobody really got the theme of it, so I changed it.

Too bad I don't have pink hair now. Maybe I'll use some of that colored hairspray I have lying around. LOL! :P Maybe not.
Just to specify in my last blog "my ass" was referring to the really hard score neopets set the game at. This is not an "ass blog". Wait...that came out wrong. Or maybe it can be in Ass Möde like Ferguson says.

Friday, April 9, 2010

250 Score My Ass!

I’m wearing my hair in Shirley braids again. No real reason just cause I wanted to.

I had a really strange dream about Lupin. Maybe I’m watching that anime too much. @.@

I should be doing something more productive, but instead I'm playing a volleyball game on neopets that I suck at. I should really be studying for a test or something. Really study not like that half assed shit my dad does. Not really sure how he can study and watch baseball at the same time.

I've been feeling a little aloof this week since I didn't go to school for 2 days.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wolverine has Adamantium Claws

Silly title huh?

Malcom McLaren died today. I heard about it during the lunch programs I listen to on the radio. At first I didn't know who he was until I read on the BBC News site that he made the song "Double Dutch". Which is funny since I've been thinking about that song since some of my younger cousins are into jump roping now.

Nothing much interesting happened. Well except that when I was trying to do my writing exercise my mom misread the word “logon” as Logan, and I started writing about Wolverine from the X-Men.

I wrote this :“I’m thinking about Wolverine from the X-Men. With his adamantium claws and super smell, and that he’s from Canada. Yellow and Blue. He had such interesting hair, and sideburns. His name is Logan. My mom misread the word “logon” as Logan. That’s how I got that thought. :P”

The Wolverine paragraph was too inane to share with my class, so I posted it here. Think of it as a bonus. ;)

I want to talk about my dad’s poor study skills. Seriously where did he learn them from? Ok I know I’m not very smart, and have spent a lot of time in school, so maybe I’m more familiar with study skills and things like that. Who does math in pen?! That is one of the biggest mistakes somebody can do when they are learning math. I’ve had many math teachers over the years insist, no demand the students do math in pencil. The other thing that mystifies me is that my dad is supposedly good with numbers, but he has trouble with the math he is learning?

I hardly ever do my work in pen. I only write like social science notes and prompts in pen. I know a lot of people like to take notes in different color pens to emphasize what they are suppose to learn and stuff like that. I don’t do that. Usually I write in different colored pen because I’m in the mood to, or that color pen is the first one I pull out of my bag of pens and it writes. Sometimes I am picky about the color pen I’m using like when I have a writing notebook with prompts in it. I like to use different colored pens to distinguish from the different prompts.

He said he's going to try and use flash cards too. Those things never worked for me except for when I was learning a foreign language.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quests and Hairstyles

I think I got carpel tunnel from playing neo so much looking for that stupid negg. I was falling asleep looking for it.

I had a strange dream about Obama. I usually don’t dream about US presidents Living or dead current or former. I was at the White House for some reason. He wasn't really a major part of the dream I think he just waved or something.

I’m wearing my hair in Shirley braids today. Fun hairstyle! ^-^ It took a long time to style them, and one came out longer than the other. Well they were styled haphazardly and quickly. So I quickly repaired the bad hairstyle by putting the braids in a bun. It’s not as noticeable.

Why is it every time I have to do something important my dad had to bother me with his inability to us a computer!? When I’m leaving the house, eating, or in the bathroom. Why can’t he figure it out on his own!?

I’m happy that I got my reading done for my sales class on the bus. It’s just so hard to read though; it’s not difficult just boring. I really wanted to read the assigned reading book for my memoir class. I have about 13-14 days to read it. I think I can manage. The book is enjoyable, and not a chore to read.

The teacher was late (for her) the funny thing was that I forgot the rule. I haven’t been in school for a while. I’m losing my touch! Isn’t it 10 or 15 minutes? It was a good thing she did show up or I’d get reprimanded for wasting bus fare.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

miscellaneous blog #31

I was so happy to get the day off. the problem is that I tend to get distracted. I was suppose to be reading my sales book and I ended up writing an outline for a story I'm writing. I can't get into sales. I find it more pleasurable to write instead.

I should be studying I have a test coming up. :0
The 2nd book we have to read for assigned reading for my class. I thought the book was about (American) football. The author of the book has the same name as a football player. I was disappointed the book is not about football, but it is very enjoyable.

Doing class activities online wasn't so bad. I said I was going to write to Garbage music, but I wrote to No Doubt music instead.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Profit from Pain

It’s strange when it rains in April even if it is an El Nino year. It just throws me off. I feel like it’s December or January or something. The weather reminded me a little of when I went to the Ferguson taping. Then it made me think about writing that story for class. But I really want to write a No Doubt story since I haven’t written one yet. I don’t want it to be like 10th grade again where we had this class project to write a book about your life. The project was inspired by the book The House on Mango Street. I wrote a bunch of No Doubt stories, and my teacher got sick of reading them. It’s not like I was going to write about my siblings. You know I’ll be in my memoir class with all these Shirley stories and everybody’ll groan when I read another one. I'll try to limit it to just one Shirley story. The funny thing is that it is recommended that a person writes about their obsessions. I should really focus on 4th, 5th and 7th grade since those are periods I told myself I was going to write about. I mentioned 4th grade before. I guess I can keep writing memoirs after the class is over. Nobody says I have to stop. Plus my blogs the old myspace one and this one are chock full of memoir stories like the one I wrote about the roller rink.

Maybe I should write that story about writing about No Doubt too much for my memoir class. That'd be a fun read. Maybe I should nab something from this blog.

I had to listen to my rainy music. "Only Happy When it Rains". I wore my leather boot too. What do you know? I was hoping to see a rainbow, but I didn't. :(

I'm really getting this memoir I'm reading for class. It's the other assigned reading book. It's pretty dark. This is not the Mister Ed book I'm talking about. I'm reading 2 books at the same time. I really like that darker memoir better than that last one we had to read.

Which gave me the idea I should profit off the relationship with my dad. You know like writing a book, or making a movie, or a comedy album.

I accidentally hit some girl with my backpack today. I was weird she was just walking behind me at the bus stop. I swung it because I thought nobody was behind me. There was a lot of room for her to walk. The bus stop wasn't crowded at the time.

Cut another finger today by accident. The middle finger this time. So sorry if my typing is even worse. Both times I cut my finger while chopping meat. Maybe I should lay off the meat.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Earthquake!

I forgot it was Easter today. Bad me! I don't know I guess it's sort of lost it's whimsical child-like magic. I'm still holding out for that $120 Hello Kitty basket from the Sanrio store. Maybe one year I'll buy one for myself.

I love these Easter themed tweets that Weird Al Yankovic and Conan O'Brien tweeted.

"FYI... a Peeps burrito is not as good as it sounds."-

"I just celebrated the end of Lent by eating 22 sleeves of Peeps. My religion rocks!"- Conan O'Brien

The funny thing is that I haven't eaten Peeps all day. The small box of pink ones are tempting me, but I like my Peeps "aged". I don't have them fight either.

What about that earthquake!? The funny thing is that my mom felt it before I did. I was leaning over on my bed reaching for something. It was long, fluid/wavy, and weak. Well in my area at least. The My Little Ponies I have up that fell during the last quake didn't even topple. The funny thing is I didn't immediately flee like I usually do.

I cut my finger chopping shrimp, so please excuse my bad typing.

I just want to say a quick thing about writing. I don't know why,but I seem to find inspiration for my stories everywhere. It's strange, but in a good way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finished Stories, Fonts and Formats

I don't know where this blog will take me possibly a rant blog?...

Nah, I posted my rant in the rant blog.

I'm just so excited! ^-^ I finally finished my story I've been working on for so long. It ended up being 7 pages single spaced in 11 point Verdana font. Well it hasn't been peer edited yet. Good thing I finished. I only had like 10 more days left. At least there was some ink left for me to print it. It's going to be longer when I have to reformat it to MLA. I can play around with the fonts and stuff. Even if it is too verbose/fatty that's a good thing. I think parts of it are just too vague. Well all I need is a fresh set of eyes to look at the story. I'm too close to it. That story is just too dear to me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Put Them in a Jar

Here are a few things I forgot to mention in my sales class my teacher was talking about the power of mental something, and she gave the example of a hysteric pregnancy. Not many people in the class had heard of that. Too bad they covered that issue on Glee. Maybe there are no other Gleeks in there well besides me.

I forgot to mention in my Wrestlemania blog about the Hall Of Fame. Especially about Bob Uecker you know I remember him most for playing the dad in the tv show Mr. Belvedere. Maybe I’ll get all into the show like Stewie did.

I really wonder are all writers self absorbed? I’ll admit I am a little. I don’t know it seems like it. It’s bad to make assumptions. :/

Having 2 days off really helped rejuvenate me. Oh yeah and i had this really strange dream about Conan O'Brien in my dream he was really rude and really short like 5 feet tall. :/