Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where's Jeff When you Need Him?

Ok I know this title is funny. It's a reference to the show Community.

Do you know what today is? Um I don't do that, but a lot of people like to celebrate it.

Ok so here's why I'm writing about Community again. So one of the popular members of the class was missing the class was devastated. They were saying it was a "classroom crisis". That sounds like the title of an anime or something. The class was acting like they couldn't go on without him. The class was really worried. I guess his absense threw off the class' group dynamic? This is like a scene right out of the show Community. Now how can I get with the cool people? I'd hate to think what the class would say if I didn't show up? "I don't like her; she writes about the Power Rangers too much!". Or maybe I could spy on the class Costanza style, and leave behind some type of bag with a recorder in it. Like in the episode The Soul Mate. They'd find the bag and say "She got this idea from Seinfeld." When he entered the room the class applauded. (This really happened!) I was laughing so hard at this out loud. I couldn't control it. I think people saw my laughing as being happy to see him or something. It's ok if they misinterpret it as that. I'll let them assume or something.

The funny thing about this guy is that is is an uh...older gentleman . Anyway since he is older he has a lot to write about. The funny thing is that I think he thinks that the younger people in the class writing doesn't come easy for them. For me writing isn't that hard most of the time. I find it a cathartic experience. There is so much inside me writing helps me de-stress. I do like that he participates in like every class discussion.

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