Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quests and Hairstyles

I think I got carpel tunnel from playing neo so much looking for that stupid negg. I was falling asleep looking for it.

I had a strange dream about Obama. I usually don’t dream about US presidents Living or dead current or former. I was at the White House for some reason. He wasn't really a major part of the dream I think he just waved or something.

I’m wearing my hair in Shirley braids today. Fun hairstyle! ^-^ It took a long time to style them, and one came out longer than the other. Well they were styled haphazardly and quickly. So I quickly repaired the bad hairstyle by putting the braids in a bun. It’s not as noticeable.

Why is it every time I have to do something important my dad had to bother me with his inability to us a computer!? When I’m leaving the house, eating, or in the bathroom. Why can’t he figure it out on his own!?

I’m happy that I got my reading done for my sales class on the bus. It’s just so hard to read though; it’s not difficult just boring. I really wanted to read the assigned reading book for my memoir class. I have about 13-14 days to read it. I think I can manage. The book is enjoyable, and not a chore to read.

The teacher was late (for her) the funny thing was that I forgot the rule. I haven’t been in school for a while. I’m losing my touch! Isn’t it 10 or 15 minutes? It was a good thing she did show up or I’d get reprimanded for wasting bus fare.

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