Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Fryday!

I'm looking for some dry shampoo. I want to find an inexpensive one. That is one of my new hunts.

The new Jack in the box fries are more McDonalds like and that is not a compliment. They are crispier and usually crispier fries means smaller fries in width. Luckily they aren't as small as McDonalds ones. The supreme croissant there is ok, but it's too salty. It has ham and bacon.

Speaking of fast food. I think I'm going to make my own Double Down type sandwich. I'm going to use only lettuce and mayonnaise. Well besides the 2 chicken patties.

It's funny since yesterday I was thinking about Shirley blogging. Well it was because we discuseed blogs in class and what people like to read. Although I didn't mention I like to read celebrity blogs. Jim Ross and Shirley Manson. Well I wouldn't say I read Shirley's facebook notes in class. Somebody might try and friend me by that or something, and I'm not taking that risk.

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