Friday, April 27, 2012


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This new interface SUCKS SO MUCH!


I hate it so much I'm moving to a different blogging platform/website.

Sorry blogger you F-ed UP!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riff Raff Chorus

This weeks episode of Glee brought back bad memories. Well mostly because they sang "Stayin' Alive" at the end. It all stems from a bad school production I was in. It was mandatory.

I was in the "chorus". Which was a code for "dumping ground for all the other students". If you weren't an actor or a dancer that's where you belonged in the dreaded chorus. It was mostly filled with misbehaving students. It took 3 teachers to wrangle us. We were that bad.

Do you know how hard that song is to sing? I will never attempt to sing that song in that style again! Ever! The teachers would get mad at us because we didn't or couldn't sing falsetto. Plus I think who ever transcribed the lyrics transcribed them wrong. We sang "The New York Times, a paper man". The real lyric is "The New York Times' effect on man. "

There were other problems like lack of people to cast and lack of props. But this story is so good it belongs in my comic. It's that absurd!

That whole school production was a giant inaccurate mess. I think the teachers wrote it on whim or something.

You know Brittany's idea about being on Hoarders or Fear Factor sounds like something I would think up. I don't know why Mr. Shue is so focused on everybody having a post high school plan? Things can change when they leave. I know that happened to me. I had big plans and aspirations. I was a lot like Rachel, but without wanting to be performer. But I chased too many Waterfalls and ended up where I am now. Rivers and lakes are best. There might possibly be cream here. No rabbits or Clapton. Or there could not. My dead friend use to believe in me and my writing skills. I know she isn't here anymore. But I wouldn't want her to see me like this. Even though I know she is; just not in an earthly form.

I thought last weeks episode would have had a theme. Since Blane's brother appeared. It would have been "musical siblings". Actually that should be a future episode theme. With the Jacksons, the Stefanis , and a bunch of other musical siblings.

I'm still hoping for a New Jack Swing themed episode. Here are some songs I think could be featured. "I Want Her", "What About Your Friends", and "Poison".

Friday, April 13, 2012

Exposure Don't Pay The Bills.

Cheap asses piss me off. Now I know I'm a cheap ass too when it comes to things like supplies and food. But I mean people who want people to do things for free. I don't mean volunteering. That is something different. I mean people who want you to work for free for exposure. Hey exposure don't pay my bills. GET A CLUE PEOPLE!

They write ads like these looking for free work.
"Beautiful Models Needed
Lovely beautiful models needed to pose for pictures. I'm really classy. There is no pay but you can build your portfolio."

"Looking for a cartoonist
I need a cartoonist to help promote my pizza food truck. I cannot pay you, but you will get all the pizza you can eat and a lot of exposure."

Thanks. Pizza can really pay my phone bill.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyday they are Shufflin' (until tax season is over)

I saw a lmfao box head person in a partial statue of liberty costume. (they were one of those sign wavers) I would have fashioned a crude looking crown to the box to make it more in tune with the dress code. It's in violation of the dress code not to wear the crown. Maybe they (the boss) thought the box head would garner more attention? They were also doing some kind of strange dance move. I'm not sure what it was because I'm not hip anymore, and up on the latest dance moves. The last dance I learned was the train dance that went along with that Quad City DJs song "C'mon 'N Ride it (the train)"

I was going to take their picture, but when I looked down the street they were gone.

Here is a crude paint rendition of what I saw.

Everyday they are shufflin'. I can't believe I made a reference to LMFAO in my blog! :O

Their job will be over in a few days. Tax season is ending soon.

I better work on a routine for next year in case I need a job. I'm not telling what it is. I don't want people copying me. But includes no box heads. That is a give away.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fake Easter Cakes

This was my Easter booty:

3 Japanese erasers that look like cakes. I got a bar cake, a pink round cake and a yule log.
(They make great doll props. And the yule log reminded me of something I saw on 3 Minute Cooking.)
jelly beans
a turtle candy
gummi bears
a My Melody pen
a Hello Kitty pencil
Teacup Families Twins monkey babies (I go crazy for little flocked animals)
Hello Kitty Mega Blocks blind bags (2)

My dad said I made a good basket. I can make the best baskets for myself. I know what I like. This will be the closest thing to a Saniro basket.

I was sort of disappointed that I didn't get another Hello Kitty in a rain coat. I have one, but the face got all scuffed up after my dad accidentally dropped mine under the heater.

I filled up on my bargain ham.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Conan Look-a-like

The contest winners were finally announced and I didn't win. :(

It was a drawing contest. I drew a picture of Kogoro. I thought he was the easiest to draw. Ran's hair was too hard to draw.

The entries were drawn at random. They were good drawings.

Speaking of Conan I found this picture on a food truck that looked like him.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Intentions

The Easter Bunny was at the mall. But surprisingly the line to see him wasn't long. It had a nice little Alice in Wonderland theme. I was there looking for stuff to fill my basket with. There were some kids running around, but not many. Maybe because it was a Friday morning/afternoon. *shrugs*

I've been looking for a quality screen cleaner for my electronics. The "quality" one I got from the capsule machine doesn't count. I couldn't find one. Instead I found some colored duck tape. I can use that for stuff. I think I'll make something for my doll first with it. There are a lot of tutorials out there. I was funny because when I was shopping in that store I heard the Toad the Wet Sprocket song "Good Intentions". I love that song! I feel old now that I'm enjoying department store and supermarket music (in English). They play a lot of 90s music now. I'M SO OLD! :O XD X-X @-@

I didn't find much to buy or many job leads. But I also secretly went to the mall to participate in a photo contest. It was hard to be sneaky and take the photos. My new phone is not as stealth as my old one use to be. I still miss it. :(

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bargain Ham

I thought I bought a bargain ham for $8.20, but the price tag on the ham was wrinkled. It really said $18.20. I has so hard to read even the cashier couldn't read it. Here is a picture of the deceptive ham price. Oh well I learned next time to carefully read the price on a "bargain" ham.

My dad was getting mad because I don't want to go out with him for job hunting. I was thinking "I'm going to go out and look for jobs with you again to even hurt my chances more than my record of lack of experience?"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Insert Wittty Garbage Themed Title Here

I saw the "Blood for Poppies" video by Garbage. Uh... No Comment. I wonder how "Not Your Kind of People" will be accepted as a whole since the whole album isn't out yet. I wonder if "Battle in Me" will also have a music video?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cats, Detectives, and Wrestling

I really liked those April Fools adblock cats! They were really cute and better than looking at ads. I thought it was funny when the adblock hand turned into a paw. Ironically the best adblock cat pictures I saw were on a website with Hello Kitty pictures. It was funny because later in the day my dad found pictures of a cat my grandma use to have before I was born. He got mad because I compared it to Lord Tubbington from Glee.

I had been watching Detective Conan/Case Closed for about 8 months and UTB is starting it up again back from the beginning. They showed 130 episodes and went into part of season 5. The last new one they showed today was The Weather Girl Kidnapping Case. I'm using the English episode number count.

I like Ran.
I like the way she dresses in the early episodes. The ones I saw ran into 1998. She dresses like the way I use to in junior high. I think if I lived with only my dad I would act like her. She has to keep him in line. Kogoro (Ran's dad) sort of reminds me of my dad.

I saw a few episodes of the dub. I hate Kogoro/Richard's dub voice. It's too soft. In the Japanese version his voice is very deep.
He sort of reminds me of Zenigata from Lupin the 3rd. Upholds the law, square head, deep voice.

Wrestlemania was ok. That really short title match was perplexing. Cena's intro was weird. I was very disappointed that Cena lost he's lost 2 years in a row now. I think it record is 6-3?