Friday, July 31, 2009

You Don’t Want to see the World the Way I Do

After watching the 30 Rock episode “Apollo Apollo!” It made me think about the way I see things. Kenneth my favorite character saw the world as puppets. Kenneth has that child like simpleton quality about him. I think if he was a real person we’d be friends. I’m not an optimist or anything. But I have been ridiculed for liking childish things. As I was watching Lambchop I was thinking about this. (I do enjoy watching puppets. You can laugh at me for this.)

I complied a list of some of my favorite simple pleasures as a kid:
Puppets, soda, kids’ toiletries, prize toys (like the kind you‘d get in cereal boxes and Happy Meals), birthday cards with cartoon characters on them, magic shows, balloons, getting my face painted, contorting into small spaces, stuffed animals, playing in the mud, coloring/stamping on my hands, cheap toys and stationary, stickers, and bandages.

I wish I could still look at the world like I use to. You know like when you are a kid and you see something as something else. Like when a stick can be a sword or a wooden post in your yard can be a microphone stand.

I feel that as I’ve aged this ability has weakened. Some people say I still have it, but it’s not as strong as it was.

I’m not all sunshine and rainbows though. I never was. I hate when people assume that about me. I wonder what the world look like through my eyes? I think it would be partially cutesy and partially terrifying at the same time.

The funny thing about this episode is when Jack watches a film of himself as a boy. He opens a present and he’s so excited about it he vomits.

I remember being really excited when I received some gifts. There is this picture of me at Christmas when I’m like 3 or 4 looking so happy brushing the hair on my Lady Lovelylocks doll. Too bad she didn’t last long and her head fell off in about 92 or 93. Head and neck problems are common in those dolls, and also for Peppermint Rose and 10 inch Skipper dolls.

But I can honestly say at any age I’ve never been so excited about something it made me vomit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Superior Motor Skills

I never realized my dad is a hunt and peck typist. He says he’s been working with computers for all these years. What exactly was he doing? I know he said he worked with old programs, but typing is typing.

After watching him type one day I was thinking about how much I love the Angelfish song “Mummy Can’t Drive”. So I decided to write a parody song about my dad’s lack of typing skills. I also included an unfinished parody of “Please Don‘t Stop the Music”, that I wrote about farting. Farts/farting is a good topic for song parodies. It took me 5 days to write the Angelfish parody.

Daddy Can’t Type (a parody of "Mummy Can't Drive" by Angelfish)

Daddy can’t type
There’s too much pride
I know what I’m doing
He said, I know what I’m doing

Daddy can’t type
Daddy can’t type
Hunt and peck ain’t right

He can’t see the keys
See the site
See the screen
See the font
See anything
Mom’s laughing
Kid’s laughing

Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Hunt and peck ain’t right
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no,
He can't type

Don’t press the keys too hard
Don’t press the keys too hard
“Hey not too hard” the keys cry out
Mom’s laughing (I know what I’m doing )
Kid’s laughing (I know what I’m doing )
Mom’s laughing (I know what I’m doing )
Kid’s laughing (I know what I’m doing )

Because daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
Daddy can’t type (he don‘t know, he don‘t know)
You’ve got to take out your flash drive (take out your flash drive )
You’ve got to take out your flash drive (take out your flash drive )

You know daddy can’t type (daddy can‘t type)
Daddy can’t type (daddy can‘t type)
He’s got a mouse on the side (he‘s got a mouse on the side)
You know daddy can’t type (daddy can‘t type)

Daddy can’t type
Daddy can’t type
Daddy can’t type
Daddy can’t type

Here is the unfinished parody of the Rihanna song ""Please Don't Stop the Music"

Please just stop farting
Please just stop farting
Please just stop farting
Please just stop farting


Do you know who just farted?
I just came here to party
My hands over my face
Please just go away

I just got blown away
Let's escape from the fart , let’s get away
I just can't stand it
Please just stop , please just stop farting
I just got blown away
Let's escape from the fart , let’s get away
I just can't refuse it
Please just stop farting, please just stop
Please just stop farting

Baby are you ready cause it's gettin close
I know my butt is ready to explode?
What I just slipped out no-one has to know
I just let one go, ohh

Do you know who just farted?
I just came here to party
My hands over my face
Please just go away


Please just stop farting


Please just stop farting
Please just stop farting
Please just stop farting

My dad also has a hard time using a mouse. I don’t know why he always boasts about his great motor skills and hand eye coordination he has/had because he was athlete. You should see him try to use it. He makes big jerky movements. He also slams it down too. He has a hard time with the scroll wheel.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh! Price Guide

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

For the magazine chapter of the book my teacher decides to give the class an assignment to bring in a magazine for niche audience into class. Her assignment requirements were to either bring in an English language niche magazine or a foreign magazine like the Italian version of Vogue.

The problem with this assignment was that she gave it to us on a Friday, and expected us to have a magazine in class by Monday. I didn’t want to use a magazine I had at home since I felt they were general interest magazines.

It was Sunday and I still hadn’t gotten a magazine. My dad told me to buy a Lowrider magazine, but I wanted to spend money on something I wouldn't read later. I’m not into lowriders.

My mom took me to the Sav-on to get a magazine. I really wanted to get a wrestling magazine, but they didn’t have any. Instead I bought a Yu-Gi-Oh! price guide. That magazine set me back $6!

My dad told me I should have gotten something else because everybody would make fun of me because I brought a Yu-Gi-Oh! price guide to class.

I remember that in the beginning of class people were complaining that they couldn’t find a magazine, and that she should have given us more time. One person said they just bought some magazine they found for sale at the bookstore. I think it was a magazine about dogs.

You had to go up to the front of the class and explain who the target audience was. I had a hard time doing that. I mean wouldn’t it be anime fans, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, people who play the card game, and collectors/buyers/sellers?

When a Japanese student brought in a Japanese fashion magazine the teacher got so excited about it. A lot of people brought very general magazines like Playboy, Maxium, and YM. Two people brought in magazines similar to mine. One person brought in a comic collector one, and somebody presented a gaming one.

When I saw The Simpsons “Margical History Tour” episode. It made me think about the Yu-Gi-Oh! price guide I bought for class.

Maybe I should write a blog about the balding Yu-Gi-Oh! enthusiast, or about the silly bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh! comic I have.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Be Nice! :)

I feel like writing something inane. Not like anything I really write is incredibly profound or anything.

I feel like writing something inane about Gwen and Shirley. I haven’t done that in a while.

Although one should not talk ill of either of them. Bad me, for having such a though. “If it sounds bad I‘d better not say it or it seems like I‘m not a fan.” It’s important to have self control when talking about celebrities especially if you think what you said sounds bad or mean. To be honest here I’ve lost sleep over things I’ve said that were construed as something “mean” towards a celebrity.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Killing Bad Fish

Ok so where I live it's pretty quiet. Way quieter than where I use to live. Where I use to live there were a bunch of punk ass kids who would skate all night and have loud conversations about how "Fuckin' funny" the show Chowder is.

There is this garage band where I live now and they are really bad. When we first moved here they use to play Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine songs really badly. Now they have moved onto Sublime... They were playing "Bad Fish" horribly. I mean at first I didn't even recognize the song. The singing is even worse.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Red in the Face

So, No Doubt is doing some local shows this weekend concerts and I’m not going. :(

I’m not worried. I’m not even blue in the face.

Of course I am a little upset. Who wouldn’t be? I mean if you are a No Doubt fan who isn’t going. I don’t feel desperation and despair like I felt back when I was a foolish 7th grader.

I did try this week to win No Doubt tickets from KROQ, but I didn’t. My dad wanted me to win the grand prize to Hawaii, but I didn’t really care about that prize. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to win it. I would have been happy just winning the lower tier prize which was tickets to see them at a local show.

This blog isn’t all about No Doubt although I should dedicate a blog to them soon. A few days ago I had a beauty/grooming mishap and I got a red mark on my face. It’s not a pimple though. I’m so embarrassed! >.< I came up with a new parody song today. It’s not quite finished I’m not going to say which song I parodied or what it’s about. If I complete it then I’ll post it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Good Child

I’m back with another Little Twin Stars knockoff.

Here is my sectioned dinner plate I’ve had since I was a kid. I’ve haven’t been using it recently. My mom makes fun because it says “Happy Good Child” on it. It scanned funny because it’s so shiny. I like the picture of the girl in the largest section she looks like a Little Twin Stars knockoff. She looks like this girl I found on an old Sanrio bag. I circled the character in black. Look she even has a similar pose.

It also reminds me of this sicker book cover.

All items displayed are not for sale or trade. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lovely Baby

What does that even mean?

I found this while I was looking for something else. Isn’t it cute? I’ve had this for such a long time. The thing I like about this container is that it is made of metal. You don’t find stuff like this anymore. I got it as a present back in the 80s.

I think this picture of Lala looks almost like the one on the bank. Kiki is the name of the boy.

I like the Little Twin Stars. I prefer them with the pink and blue hair than with the yellow and brown hair.

I think I also got it with this pencil cup which is also made of metal and looks like a Sanrio knockoff. I think they were a set or at least made by the same company because the item numbers of both items are just one number off.

It was hard to get a good picture of the tin because it’s heart shaped. It was hard to photograph too because the flash on the camera was reflecting off the metal. I liked the rabbit picture so much I even drew a picture of her.

All items displayed are not for sale or trade. Thank you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Find Out Who You Are Before You Regret It

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I use to think I knew who I was, but maybe I don’t. I don’t think of myself as a “fake” person I mean I’m not in your face or anything like that. Usually if I don’t like you I’ll avoid you.

That’s the reason I used this lyric from “Run Baby Run” as my title. If you want to read a blog about me gushing over that song; you can read that here. Should I wear a red sweatshirt?

Maybe I don’t really know who I am. I mean I know what I like and all that stuff. I keep feeling if I commit to something school or career wise I won’t like, and I’ll be tapped there. I also don’t want to train for an obsolete career. Lots of careers are going the way of the dodo. I just want to get paid for something I love to do. People like that are very fortunate.

I love this quote from Butch Vig about being a producer. “Take your classes, ask questions, absorb everything, then you have to


There's no amount of reading or classes that can prepare you as much as going into a room with a group of people and making a recording...even if you don't know what your doing! I didn't when I started...I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned along the way. I never took any classes, I found an old warehouse space, bought a cheap 8 track with my buddy Steve (from Garbage), and we went to local punk clubs and offered bands to come and record for free, just to get them into the studio.

We were broke, with no idea how to run a business, but man oh man I didn't want to do anything else. I poured myself into it, sometimes working over 80 hours a week...and slowly, very slowly, I learned how to record and how to work with bands.

I'm still learning!

Good luck, and have fun!"
I’m not interested in being one though

Maybe I should get into medical billing, or pharmacy school, or even be a librarian? My dad says you need to know a lot about books to be a librarian, but that is not true anymore.

My experience with librarians has been unhelpful. Three separate times with three separate librarians I dealt with were incompetent. I’m not saying all of them are; just these ones. I went to the library looking for some material on Freud. When I asked if they had any stuff on Freud the librarian had no idea who I was talking about. I had to repeat Freud’s name a few times. I don’t know isn’t Freud still pretty famous? I mean I know he’s been dead for a while and all.

Another time I went to the library looking for some Sylvia Plath material. The librarian had no idea who she was. The librarian didn’t even know what kind of books Plath wrote. I had to tell the librarian that Plath was a poet; although she did write the novel The Bell Jar. I wasn’t looking for that I was looking for her poetry. Perhaps Freud and Plath aren’t as famous as I thought they were?

Another time I had to do research on a paper for my US Government Honors class. Seriously I did more research for that class than I ever did for any class since including “real” college. “Dude” we had to do a lot of research. (This is a reference to the teacher it makes no sense if you didn‘t have him.):P Anyway I had to get information about a Constitutional Amendment, and I couldn’t really find much information on it. I was writing on the 26th one which is the one that lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. The best ones to get were the ones on prohibition or slave or women’s voting rights. (Amendments 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, and 21) I chose this one which I thought would have been easy to write about. This was back when I didn’t have the internet, so I couldn’t just go online and get information about it. The librarian was very rude to me, and told me that I needed to get the internet. She was not very helpful at all, and acted like it was a huge bother to help me get the information I needed.

I think about this quote from the show Glee: “Now-a-days being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now. And if there is one thing I've learned it is that no one is just going to hand it to you.” I could not agree more with it. I must be screwed over double because I’m poor and anonymous.

I’m still having a problem promoting myself. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t feel “right” to me.

After talking to some other family members (not my parents) I decided maybe I will go back to school I’m just not exactly sure how to execute it. Especially since I ran into a little more “chaotic randomness” since the school I wanted to go to, and the closest one to where I live since I moved might lose it’s accreditation. I don’t want to deal with that. I heard it might turn into a for profit school.

So my dad told me that I should go back to school. He told me that I should go the closest one to where I live because it is a good school when he took some classes there. Yeah in the 80s! Things are a lot different, and he just doesn’t understand. I just have a feeling I’m trusting my intuition here. Maybe I should just go back to my old school. If I do I won’t have to gather all my transcripts. Oh yeah I just want to say that I want to go back to school. It’s not because my dad is pressuring, forcing, or threatening me to go.

I feel that mentioning the US Constructional Amendments is relevant to the blog and not really of a political nature. I think it’s more of a historical one.

Maybe my problem is fear with a mix of assumptions and indecisiveness.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wow! I Look Young! ^-^

I was very excited this morning when I saw that the Winx Club was back on tv! ^-^ Yeah I nerded out for it. I hope the 4th season gets dubbed and shown in the US. Maybe I should just invest in a region 2 DVD player so I can play European DVDs.

I forgot to mention that my dead friend is physically dead. It's not like we had a falling out and she is "dead to me". I miss her a lot. When I was a freshman in college we would send correspondence to each other. It was funny because she use to think I was so on top of the then current youth culture. I never really was, but it looked that way to her. I think she thought I was hip and trendy. She wanted to know why No Doubt was so popular with people my age. I could never really explain that to her. I'm such a sentimental person I saved all the correspondence she sent me. It's hidden in a secret place. I have all the correspondence my friends have given me over they years. (snail mail and hand written paper notes)

It's hard when you meet people and you don't know their name. I hate when that happens. It feels so informal. So I decided to ask for names and when I did I met somebody with the same first name as me. LOL! My name is so common. We just laughed. Well I'll remember her name. I bet I have a 1 in 3 chance of meeting somebody with the same first name as me. It's that common.

I got the strangest compliment today I met this girl and she is in high school and she asked me what high school I go to. I haven't been in high school since 2002. Do I really look that young? I don't care it's clean and I'm taking it. ^-^ Maybe it was the Hello Kitty shirt I was wearing? Strange things happen to me in that Hello Kitty shirt. One time I wore it and I won a trivia game in my film history class, and for the prize I chose the Hello Kitty toothbrush. I'll elaborate more on that story if you want; in another blog.My hair was not in a "childish" hair style like pigtails. It was in a frizzy bun. Which made me think 10 years ago I was going into 10th grade. I thought about this since it is the 10 year anniversary of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I remember when the show first came out was when I first got my stuffed pikachu.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #16

I wasn't planning on writing another one of these so soon, but here it is.

It's been really hot and I'm still feeling lethargic. When it's really hot I don't blog much. I've been thinking about some different hair styles. My hair is getting long again and it needs a trim. Since it's really summer now. I still haven't redyed my hair it's still a faded dark red on the bottom. I'm wearing my hair in Shirley braids again. That's what I think I'm going to call that hairstyle with the 2 braids coming out of the ponytail. Unless it has a proper name that I'm not aware of.

My nails look so cute with lavender polish and glitter top coat. It reminds me of something I would wear in junior high. :P

I'm compiling pictures for some new blogs I'm working on. I just need to gather my material.

I'm getting bored with background of my twitter page. I'm going to change it next month.

My dad invited me to the beach with him on Sunday. I don't know why he gets mad me when I laugh at him when he says that. I don't like going to the beach with him. It's really boring. I have to watch his stuff while he jogs on the beach. *yawn!* No matter what happens it always ends up being the same situation. We get into a big argument, and then the song "Wonderwall" by Oasis plays on the radio.

Walter Cronkite died today. So my dad was right eventually. Still he is not psychic. Plus I read he was really sick before he died. When did he tell me that like 2 weeks ago?

Speaking of death read Shirley's newest note on facebook it's very poignant. Sometimes Shirley reminds me of my dead friend. I don't really talk about her much. Maybe one day I will address her death in this blog. I will say one thing about both of them they are both strong women. I wonder what my friend would think about me obsessing over Shirley Manson? She would probably think it was funny like she did with my obsession with Gwen Stefani.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Biased Assignment

This is another blog about my reporter teacher. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

So for one assignment for her class during the Internet/computers chapter of the book we had to meet up at the school’s computer lab to do the assignment.

It was a trap!

Everybody in the class was “required” AKA forced to write a review of the school newspaper’s website. When she announced that to the class a girl sitting 3 seats away from me made a sour face. I was tempted to write in my review that I shouldn’t be forced to review it, and that it is shameless self promotion.

I was funny when I overheard her tell some other student that the ABC (network) website was just one big ad.

Anyway she got mad at me because I used the word “boring” too much. I just wanted to hurry up and finish the work. She had a habit of assigning more work than you could complete. This is what she wrote on my paper regarding me overusing the word “boring”: “Never use the word ‘boring’-it is a reflection on the viewer and says nothing specific about the topic.” LOL! If “boring” wasn‘t to be used it would not be a word right? It is in the dictionary the last time I checked. I forgot to add that she underlined the words "viewer" and "says nothing" in her comment. I don't know how to use the underline feature. Does Blogger even have one?

I guess she was also pissed that I gave the school newspaper’s website a “3” (you had to rate the websites on a scale from 1-10) I was pissed about being forced to review it. I mean it was the first website you had to review. I mean you would want people to not be forced to review something because it could skew their opinion of it.

The funny thing is that the paper she handed out with the directions for the assignment said to use the words “flashy”, “practical”, “annoying”, and “user friendly”. What’s the difference between those words and the word “boring”?

I remembered when the work wasn’t the way she wanted I panicked. She was so picky about the way her work had to be formatted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boba is Overrated

This happened to me back in December when I didn’t have an Internet connection. I think story is kind of funny. I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about it.

My dad was saying about how much he was craving Chinese food; especially egg rolls. He wanted one from Jack in the Box. He kept telling me about how much he wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant that somebody from work brought some egg rolls from.

On the way to the restaurant he was raving about how good these egg rolls are. He was mad because it took a long time to get there. I don’t know what he expected. First of all he didn’t even tell me which city the restaurant was in. We don’t live where we use to. He was mad because the freeway was all crowded. It was like 6PM on a Saturday in mid December. It was all the way in Roland Heights. When we got up to the strip mall where it was he tells me it’s a sandwich shop. I thought maybe the place sold Chinese food and sandwiches. My dad doesn’t understand my affinity for Asian things. Even though I grew up in Chinese neighborhoods as a kid until I was 8.

When we went in there I was looking at the snacks they sell there. They sell Japanese gummi candy and those dried squid strips. Those dried squid strips are pretty good. The thing dad wanted they didn’t have. The thing he ate was a spring roll, and not an egg roll. They did have pork egg rolls, so he was upset and got those. Most of what they sell is sandwiches. Some of them were Asian style sandwiches. They also sell beef jerky there. I like the Asian style beef jerky it’s stickier than the American kind. Sometimes it’s fishier tasting too which I don’t mind.

I was looking at the different drinks, and there is this drink called “Italian Soda” which I’ve never heard of before. The manager was explaining what it was to me. It’s sort of like a snow cone in soda form. It’s made by mixing flavored syrup with soda water.

I wanted to try something; boba. I asked if they had some. They said they would put into a smoothie drink for you. All you had to do was choose the flavor. There were some flavors I never heard of and some were some that I would expect for a smoothie like avocado. I got a kiwi flavored one.

I was willing to try it for a few reasons. I wanted to try something new since a lot of people were raving about boba. I like tapioca in pudding, so I thought I’d like it in a drink.

When I tried it I liked it at first it sort of tasted like black current. I was drinking the dark pearls. They looked black or dark purple. At first I thought the texture was interesting. It was slimy and chewy. After a while of sipping it in the car the novelty wore off. I was just drinking the top of it the kiwi part. To me the flavors of tapioca pearls and kiwi flavored smoothie don’t mix.

I didn’t finish it so I put it in the fridge for the night. I guess it doesn’t store well because in the morning when I looked at it. It had separated. It looked really gross.

Here's a picture I found of a green smoothie with dark boba pearls on the bottom. My drink looked like that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #15

I have a blog ready to go, but it was sort of small, so I decided to make it another miscellaneous blog.

I wrote about going on a Twitter diet. Which I still sort of am even though I made like 4 tweets within the past 2 days. I don't know it's just really spammy. Maybe the novelty has worn off?

I decided that I’m using twitter too much, so for the past few days I put myself on a diet. I’m still debating if I should exploit twitter for more blog traffic. I’m going limit checking it down to about 2 times a day. I won’t tweet as much either. I will not be closing my Shirley Manson group. I’ve already racked up about 180 tweets. I mean know there are people that join it, and rack up 1000+ tweets in like 3 days.

I don’t even really look at the trending topics anymore. Cause all they are is this “Make $100000000000000000000 a day using the Internet #trendingtopic“ or “Marbreka is such a a bitch #trendingtopic

I'm still working on my blog about boba. Which should be finished really soon.

I was watching the MLB All Star game today. Remember, it counts now. There is this really cute commercial with little kids as baseball fans. Actually I sort of forgot it was on today. Usually the game happens around my half birthday. But that was on Friday. I still want to eventually throw a baseball themed half birthday party. Who would throw a baseball themed party in the winter? Unless you really like baseball.

Of course to celebrate the All Star game I ate a lot. The decadence of processed beef jerky and shrimp dip. I like to dip jerky pieces in my dip. It's great when you get a little shrimp piece scooped up on your jerky. Nothing like double meat.

As I'm typing this the AL won again! WOW! They are dominant. Which is a little funny since an NL team won the World Series last year.

I forgot to add this. This idea came to me as I was watching the game and I was eating some Crunch n Munch. My dad chose a good box. It had lots of "clusters" in it. You know where there is a big chunk of peanuts and popcorn in a huge blob of caramel. As I was licking it like a lollipop. Which make me think what if there was like a candy like a lollipop on a stick of caramel and popcorn and peanuts. You know like those See's caramel pops, but bigger. I think it would be a great seller at like a carnival or a fair.

I just have to admit I love covered popcorn like Poppycock, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Cracker Jack and that flavored popcorn you could get in the mall like back in the 80s. I loved rainbow popcorn!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Slurpee and Sandwich!

I was going to write a blog yesterday, but I was feeling lethargic. I didn't even take a picture of the thing I was going to post about. Well that doesn't really matter.

The one thing I had on my mind yesterday was getting a free Slurpee. I had learned about this last year when I read about it on some website. I got my free Slurpee last year too. I was suppose to take a picture of the cup last year, but I never did. I think I didn't even blog about it. I'll have to check. Well last year I got a free watermelon flavored Slurpee.

I ended up waking up late. I didn't want to be bothered while I was watching Eureka Seven. I have to pay attention to it. The show has subtitles. My dad wanted me to go with him, but I'd rather do something myself than deal with him. When he got home with his free Slurpee he was acting like he believed me.

Well I lost my credibility a long time ago after the Hark Rock Cafe incident, but I think that story deserves it's own blog. Actually it relates to something that happened to me a few years later in college. Plus I have pictures from the cafe to accompany my blog, but I need to get them out and scan them.

To him most anything on the internet is "wrong" or "lies". I have no idea why he use to believe this story before we had the internet. Pretty much the only thing he really believes on there is sports related stuff like scores and sports related stories like team trades and stuff.

When I went to get one I hoped they had a good flavor like watermelon or orange. My mom dropped me off on her way to the mall. There wasn't anything that sounded good. So I got a cola flavored one. This time I actually bought something. I was really craving Doritos for a while, but nobody at home was buying any. There were some store brand ones for sale for 79 cents. I figured how bad could they be? And if they were awful I only paid 79 cents for them, not even a dollar.

After I got my Slurpee I walked home. I didn't want to spill it, so I was lapping it up. I looked around to see if there was anybody watching me. I assumed nobody wasn't while I was doing that. I'm not as self conscious as I use to be. Since I moved I think most people there don't really know me. I would have not done this in my old neighborhood.

The chips were good, but not Frito-Lay quality. Worth 79 cents. Too cheesey for my taste. Had a lot of powder. Don't eat these while reading a book.

When my mom came back from the mall she brought me back a sandwich.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Insolence or Stupidity?

I got in trouble again! >.<

My dad still doesn’t remember/know that the floppy drive has been broken for years. I’ll say at least since 2005. I have a old computer. I’ve had it since 2002. It’s still working *knocks on particle board desk* First off I don’t know how many times I’ve told my dad since 2005 that the drive is dead.

At first when this happened he thought I was just acting stupid. I don’t really like him using the computer since he thinks he knows how to use it and just gets frustrated trying to use it. I’m afraid he’ll break it.

When I went to get my computer fixed in January my dad thought I was going to fix the floppy drive. I was not going to fix it since my computer is old and floppy drives are obsolete. The 3.5 inch disks went the way of the 5.25 inch ones. Remember those? I’m not sure if I remember the 8 inch or not. I mean even the tech support people told him it was not worth fixing since he never listens to me about computers because he thinks I know nothing about them. When I went to get it repaired he brought his floppies with him because he thought he could transfer some important information he had on them to his flash drive. He thought was too dumb to do it and was just making excuses. I could have done it for him if the drive worked.

This story about getting my computer fixed was hinted in this blog. Although I never finished writing it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deranged Reporter Teacher

Enough about celebrity deaths for now. unless somebody "shocking" dies. Someone who I consider shocking. These are celebrities whose death came to me in a dream. At the time of posting they are not dead. I only had 3; Regis Philbin, Paul Rubens AKA Pee Wee Herman, and Hardcore Bob Howard (he's a wrestler).

I'm going to talk about the death of something else; my aspiration to be a reporter.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed about this teacher are solely my own.

Remember I mentioned her in a previous blog? Well I thought I’d give some background to being in her class and such since the last blog I wrote about her and her and her class was pretty vague.

Let’s see how can I describe her in a “nice” way? I’m not really sure how. I’m not even being vengeful or catty about this. At first when I took her class I thought it was just me who didn’t like her. I mean you can always have personality clashes with teachers. You know your friend and you can have the same teacher and you love them and think they are great and your friend thinks they are the most evil teacher in the world. I remember one time before class when she wasn’t there I was having a conversation with other student in the class, and they hated her too. I was happy it wasn’t just me.

Here’s how I ended up taking her class. At my first semester at that school, I was going to name it, but that was too easy. But if you know me and where I went to school you can figure it out. You might even figure out who I’m writing about, by not even mentioning her name. Since I had just come there and had no seniority I ended up taking one of the classes that was still available; a film history class. It was either that or a Toyota mechanic class. I’m not sure if I was up to fixing a Toyota. Anyway I took the film history class and loved it and my teacher too. She told us she also taught a Mass Media and Society class. The other students to who took both her classes said they were great. I heard all you did in there was watch Tarantino movies and write papers on them. That sounded cool, so I decided I would take her class next semester. Since I was still a new student to the school I got a bad registration date, by the time I could sign up for her class it was full. I thought “How bad would it be if I took the same class taught by another teacher?”


This was before myspace had that rate your professor/teacher feature. I didn’t even have a myspace back then. I didn’t know about the stand alone site either. I wasn’t smart enough back then to do my research. The funny thing is that on the myspace version and on the stand alone site. She gets bad ratings. Those rating sites can be very helpful. I learned about the quirky way my science teacher did her tests. I don’t sign up for classes without reading them anymore.

Let’s see… About her… She uses a lot of outdated material I mean really outdated like from the mid 80s to early 90s. The funny thing is that she makes a note of saying on the special note taking papers she make up especially for her class not to judge the video based on the date. She tired to cover her ass in all areas.

That lady wasted a lot of paper. She had so many printouts of articles she wanted us to read and stuff. She would fill up a whole big table with stacks of different papers and articles she wanted us to read.

Here is a funny “quirk” I heard about her. One of my other teachers told the class that she did not let her kids watch tv until they were 12. She wanted them to be readers.

She also would talk about how much she liked NPR. She would always talk about how much she hated commercial radio. I listened to NPR a few times. Most of the time I’ve listened to it the programs that were on were “boring”. Oops! :0 :# I shouldn’t be using that word. :P ;)

I guess being in her class was not all bad. Because I was in her class she essentially turned me into a Cena fan. Um…take that for what it is. I use to spend most of my time in class writing in my diary, doodling, and writing Cena-esque freestyles. I also produced a lot of neopets fan art in that class. I was so into neopets in 2004.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remembering Michael

I was thinking whose death would be great or greater than Jackson's on impact. Ok first off I'm talking about celebrities here. I'm throwing out royalty, political figures, and religious figures.

My mom said Paul McCartney, but I don't know. A lot of younger people don't remember him. I guess...he was a Beatle. He's a knight too. Should I address him as "Sir"? Well it's not some made up stage name. As long as I don't think about
Angela Lansbury. Why did Craig Ferguson put that in my head!? My mom thinks Madonna too. I don't know. Ringo? To be honest I don't think anybody else. Brittney Spears? That would be a circus! Bob Dylan? Aretha?

I watched most of the funeral. At first I thought I wasn't going to, but then I thought it was pretty historic, so I'd better.

I heard a rumor that "You Are Not Alone" was going to be sung, but it wasn't.

When "Human Nature" was played It made me think about "Right Here" and SWV. What happened to them?

Watching his funeral made me think what would I say at my father's funeral? Granted he's no Michael Jackson. I'd say nothing or something "bad". I won't deliver a eulogy. I'd leave that one for one of my cousins. To be honest I think my dad'll outlive me.

After it was over and the reporters were interviewing fans some of them said they took notes. That is a very smart thing to do. I take my best notes that deal with my favorite celebrities. I used all the note taking skills I learned in school for this. Who wants to use those skills for "boring " notes like math? I hate math. So to all the Michael Jackson fans even though I wasn't a fan of him. I just want to say that I understand.

Perhaps I was just too young to not realize the greatness that Jackson had. I never realized what an impact he had on the world. Maybe I was too blind to see.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm just like Lisa!
I'm Lisa, who are you? by

I got Lisa. LOL! That is so like me. Although I think I’m a little like Bart too. When I was really little I was more Bart than Lisa.
When I was watching Stark Raving Dad yesterday I was thinking about the old Simpsons. I totally forgot about this until my mom reminded me about it that when I was like 7 or 8 I know I couldn’t read very well. My mom said when I would buy Simpsons stuff as a kid other parents would tell her she was a bad parent because she let me watch the show, and buy stuff. It was a very controversial show when it came out. I wanted to find a picture of the old stamp set I had, but I couldn’t find one. Here’s an old blog I wrote about vintage Simpsons merchandise.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks and You

I took the day off yesterday. It was a holiday. :P

The title sounds like a cheesy instructional film from the 50s. I didn't know what to expect where I live now. Most of the time it's pretty quiet here. I mean where I use to live people were lighting up fireworks pretty much every weekend if it didn't rain. I mean they don't really do that here. I heard a few fireworks on New Years. I think they stopped by about 1AM or even earlier. The fireworks started here on about the 1st or the 2nd. But they were going off infrequently.

On the 4th it did sound really loud like a war zone. It didn't seem as bad as my old neighborhood though. The locals were putting on their "shows". Including the blaring ranchero or electronic dance music. It didn't seem as loud or smokey, but it was still pretty smelly.

I feel a little more mellow now I'm not all jumpy because of the fireworks. I use to look like Annyong from the Arrested Development episode "Missing Kitty" when he is all jumpy at the magic show. Maybe it has to do with the street acoustics where I use to live since almost all the streets on my block were dead end streets sound reverberated very loudly especially fireworks. Plus the yards were smaller and the houses were closer together.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Twitter Friend- A parody of Bad Boyfriend

I wrote this yesterday night. It took me a couple of hours. I was going to use “Queer”, but it was too hard for me to use to write about twitter. This is the first “nerdy” parody song I wrote. Tell me what you think. I had been working on a parody of Rihannna’s “Umbrella” which was going to be a song about the Winx Club character Stella. Who is my favorite character BTW. Here’s a picture of her. Here’s a sample of the unfinished chorus:
“From the sunlight, she gets her power

Her and Brandon forever

She’ll always help her friends



Her name is Stella

Her name is Stella

(Ella ella eh eh eh)


(Ella ella eh eh eh)


la ella eh eh eh)

(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)”

I also tried to write a parody of “I Think I‘m Paranoid” about being unemployed called “I Think I‘m Unemployed”, but I couldn’t work out the chorus on that one. I was so inspired by Weird Al’s “White & Nerdy” to wr
ite song about the otaku culture. I was going to use Imperial Teen’s “Yoo Hoo”. I never got past the chorus. Here is a sample of the chorus I wrote:
”I otaku , I otaku , I otaku

I otaku , I otaku , I otaku

She said otaku (x4)”

Twitter Friend- A parody of Bad Boyfriend

I wrote a tweet
Come read it and see
“I just had some really great tea”

Why can’t I write something that trends?

Come on and be my twitter friend

I wrote something really inane

“Look I made a paper plane!”

I hope this message sends

Come on and be my twitter friend

So ripe so tweet come read it and see

Watch out people I tweet constantly
These kind of tweets are funny to all my friends

Come on and be my twitter friend

This tweet does not suck

“Ate a pound of sugar”

I tweeted what?
I want to be followed by one thousand and ten

Come on and be my twitter friend

Why don’t you RSS feed me?

Why don’t you follow me?

Why don’t you @me?

My tweets were dumb from the start

“Under the couch I found 3 dimes”

“That’s the most money I could find”

I can write something meaningful at least now and then

Come on and be my twitter friend

If you want me to sound important just pretend

Please help my topic trend
If you want me to sound important just pretend
Come on and be my twitter friend

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #14

I've been having nightmares about Shirley Manson for some reason. She's like a villain in my dreams now for some reason. Maybe I've been eating strange food again? That usually gives me nightmares.

Speaking of food I need to come up with some new recipes. I need to make my own “junk food” like my friend use to. He use to make “pizza” which was a slice of bread with katsup topped with American cheese baked in a toaster oven. That’s his recipe not mine. I’ll post some new ones and some old ones like the bacon taco and the waffle sandwich.

I bought some lavender nail polish 2 days ago. I finally found some. ^-^

I found my craft beads! Yay! Now I can make decoupage phone charms. I need to buy some decoupage glue though. ^-^

Why is it always when I’m trying to read a note Shirley posted on facebook everybody in the house has to bother me?

You could read the notes Shirley wrote about Pablo. I really don’t know what to say. I don’t want to sound callous or awkward. But it is a very sad thing.

I am not there
Pablo- Six Years and Six days Ago
The Year of Magical Thinking

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rant Blog

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep for the past few days. My neighbors watch tv at night really loudly. At first I didn't notice this when we moved here because it was cold and the windows were closed. Around February I could hear somebody watching a news program in the morning, and I wasn't my mom because she watches a different show. Recently since it's been warmer the neighbors keep their front door open which makes their tv sound louder. You can hear it so clearly in my room. I don't know why, but my parents can't hear it in their room. You can also hear it clearly in the room I'm planning on moving to which I still haven't. Too bad all the bedrooms in the house face their house. Where I live now the houses are on big lots and there is a lot of space in between them. I wonder how loud it is in the house. They don't stop watching tv until 4-5AM. I remember my grandma complaining about this when she use to live here.

My dad ate all the plain pancakes. He has a habit of "finishing things off". I hate when he does that then he leaves all the crappy food I don't like. Why should trick myself into thinking he'll be any different? That was stupid on my part. This will either leave me really fat or really skinny.

He was just pissing me off all day. He needed more clothes from the closet the usurped. He's such a diva. He still doesn't have enough space for all the clothes he has. He got mad because I told him he won the closet. I'm just stating the obvious here...