Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To the Lighthouse Episode Review

You know I said I was going to take some time off from this blog well I'll still be posting my Terminator episode reviews. The season is almost over and including this post I only have 3 more to post.

I missed a little of the first few minutes of the beginning of the episode. :( It was a flashback scene with John and Sarah. Then it went to Savannah and John Henry. She wants to play with him. She has little toy ducks. He tells he there are no little ducks on his island. She tells him he can change the rules. They are getting all ready to play when he starts to malfunction. Shirley’s hair looked really good. They had to unplug him.

The part when they talked about the daemons the song “Temptation Waits” immediately popped into my head. John Henry was hijacked.

Cameron tells Derek about Jesse’s miscarriage and that it was his.

Sarah takes John to a safe house a light house. There is a dog there and John is petting it. Then we see that the person at the safe house is no other than Charley Dixon. John and Charley talk about boats and the water. Whenever she sees John and Charley hanging out she stares longingly at them.

Sarah goes to the doctor after telling Charley that she found a lump in her breast. At the doctor she finds out that it is not cancer, but a piece of metal in her breast. Sarah realizes it’s a tracking device. They’ve been using it to track her all this time. She shuts off the device by using a defibrillator on herself.

They restart John Henry and he posted a Bible quote. When he is turned off it makes him “die”. It made me think when the turk was still posting that math book joke.

John realizes that Sarah didn’t tell Derek and Cameron about the safe house.

The people who are tracking Sarah eventually go to the hospital, but lose her because she shut down the device. Cameron and Derek are also being tracked. Derek gets captured. Cameron takes a picture of the license plate of the van that captured Derek. Cameron gets “shorted out” when some water is drenched on her. They are going to remove Cameron’s chip when she “wakes up”.

When Sarah comes back to the safe house she sees there was a fight there. I was sad when I saw the dog was killed. She finds Charley is dead on the water. John got away.

Charley is dead now, so that makes 2 dead characters so far. I heard that 3 characters are going to die. I noticed that the 2 characters that have died names end in “y”; Riley and Charley. My prediction for the next character to die is John Henry. I’m going with him because his name ends in “y”.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I know I said I was going to take some time off, but these are some blogs I wrote a few weeks ago. they are just taking up space in my hard drive anyway.

It happened again! My red hair faded to purple. At first I thought it did that because I wasn’t using the right shampoo. When I had dyed my hair right before I moved I ended up losing my shampoo for colored hair, and I used what I could find which was dandruff shampoo. I know dandruff shampoo makes your hair darker if it’s dyed or not. That’s just what it does. It has tar in it.

I even decided this time I would not dye my hair until I found the shampoo. I did some research online and according to what I read my hair keeps turning purple because it is too dark. I don’t think my hair is too dark. It said that usually happens to people with naturally black hair. My hair isn’t black. I’d say more medium brown. I didn’t even use a bright red color more of a dark blood red. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t be copying Shirley’s hair. I can always strip the color from my hair and make it an orangey red color. Then I’ll have to thin out my eyebrows. I can always copy Gwen’s hair and go blond. I don’t care what people have told me in the past. I could pull off being a blond.

According to this website I’m not suppose to be a redhead. My skin has pinky undertones. That is one thing I know about it. I started thinking what if you were born a redhead with pink undertones? Does that mean that your hair color is not right for your skin? I think that my mom and I have hair color is not right for our skin tones even if we were born that way.

This warm and cool stuff has been confusing me for years. I even asked my mom about it, and she is confused too. I’ve been doing research on this and I think I’m a cool. The reason I get confused is because brown hair can be warm or cool so can hazel eyes. Maybe this is the reason I look so horrible in orange? The test I got from one site is to look at your veins in natural light. If they look blue you are a cool if they look green you are a warm. If they look blue green you are mix of both. I’m not sure how accurate this test is. I noticed I have blue veins.

I still haven’t decided what to do about my hair. If I should dye it another color either by stripping it or making it darker. Or if I should just leave it as it is. I’m really considering blue hair. I think it will look really cute in the summer or spring. I think I will dye in blue in late June early July.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just need to take some time off to regroup and gather my thoughts. I'll probably still post some old stuff I wrote a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Fashions

Since it is spring now people are wearing spring colors. You know like pastels and stuff. Fall calls for darker colors like black, maroon, chocolate brown, and emerald green. Of course there is no set rule on what colors you can and can’t wear during a particular season.

The one thing I do have to say is that I like when the spring nail colors come out. They are usually pastels or really bright day glo colors.

I’m wearing this lovely blue nail polish I bought last year. I’m still looking for a nice lavender one. I love lavender nail polish. I even wore it to my junior prom. It has to either pastel or really flat. I don’t want one with a silvery undertone in it. It doesn’t have to be iridescent because now I have an iridescent glittery top coat.This is an old picture from an old magazine. Street Wear isn't even made by Revlon anymore.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cena Media Blitz

I was happy that Cena got rebooked on Leno. Too bad he was on the same show as Seacrest. If you want to know only one thing about me it’s that I hate Ryan Seacrest. I don’t hate him for no reason. Back in 1995 when my class went to a taping of a game show that he was hosting my friends and I wanted autographs, and he was very rude to us. After that I’ve hated Seacrest ever since. I think it’s funny that Seacrest has a way of appearing where my favorite celebrities are. I don’t know how many times I had to endure Seacrest for Gwen.

Is Jimmy Fallon a HeMan fan? I have seen a few references on the show like when he wanted castle Greyskull in the background and when he had an iphone app that made the caller’s voice sound like Skeletor. He looks really short too. I think he did back on SNL. I’m not going to say he looked short next to Will Ferrel because he’s like what 6’4”? Wasn’t he like one of the tallest cast members? Jimmy looked pretty short when he was standing next to Cena, and Cena is 6 feet tall.

Fallon didn’t really have much to say to Cena. He did mention Wrestlemania. I thought it was really funny when Cena said Jimmy has a high yelling voice. Jimmy does have a small voice. I thought their interview was funny though. I like the part when Cena was in all these fake movies. I’d watch Uncle Babysitter and the one about the hot dog vendor. The hot dog vendor one sort of sounded like The Marine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today is the Day(part 2)Episode Review

Last week I wrote about part one. It was a 2 parter episode.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode. It was mostly about Jesse and her being on the sub. You knew that somebody was going to open what was in that box. It was so predictable. When it was opened there was a liquid metal terminator inside. It takes on the shape of one of the crew and then get loose in the sub. The whole human crew is paranoid because they think that everybody else is the liquid metal terminator. Jesse takes over the sub and the rest of the crew evacuates. The one thing I have to say is that now we know Jesse is not a terminator because she was pregnant. I think she blames Cameron for losing her baby.

I liked the part when John apologized to Cameron. Sarah is becoming more mistrusting of Cameron.

Shirley wasn’t in the episode much. She was only in 1 scene. John Henry found a bunch of undated documents that are probably for people Weaver is going to kill or has killed. John Henry spent more time with Ellison. Peregrine falcons don’t live in California. That is wrong. It was strange when Weaver said “Humans will disappoint you.”

I wonder how John figured out it was Jesse who killed Riley? In my opinion I think Derek didn’t kill Jesse for plot purposes. There is also a reference to the episode complications with the clock and John and Derek saying that word.

I like the part towards the end where Cameron is holding a pigeon.

Sorry if this review lacking. There really wasn’t much to write about.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Angelfish Album Review

I know I bought that album like 2 months ago. It came in the mail the day my mom was in that accident.

“Dogs in a Cage” when I first heard I don’t really know how to describe it. It just has so much raw energy. I like the use of xylophone in this song

“Suffocate Me” of course this is the song that eventually lead to the formation for Garbage. Seriously listen to this song. The video is awesome too. You should watch it.

“You Can Love Her” I really don’t have much to say about this song. I like it, but I don’t really find anything really special about it.

“King of the World” Shirley sounds a little like Deborah Harry in this song. It sort of reminds me of the Blondie song “Maria” of course the Angelfish song predates it. This one of my favorites.

“Sleep With Me” is a great song.

“Heartbreak to Hate” this one is a fan favorite. I really like it a lot too. It’s my 3 rd favorite song off the album. This is my favorite part “Operator, the lines are dead Ringmaster, the lions are fed Your Honor, you know I was framed Surrounded in this stupid game”.

“The Sun Won’t Shine” I don’t know I really don’t have anything to say about this song.

“Mummy Can’t Drive” This has to be my favorite song off the album.

“Tomorrow Forever” a great break up song. “And all your drooling lapdogs can dig For another bone”. I just love this lyric.

“The End” I don’t know this was the only song I didn’t like on the album. It has yodeling in it. I think that is not really suitable to Shirley’s voice. She’s an incredible singer, but there are just some vocal stylings she can’t pull off. Like when she sang “Can‘t Cry These Tears”.

The cover art is good. It has a nice picture of Shirley wearing a button up shirt, tie and jacket. I think her eyes are closed in the picture, but I’m not sure. In the liner notes there is a picture of her, but it’s just her eyes and nose. It hardly looks like her. Of course I was listing to Angelfish as I was writing this to get in the mood.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 Active Fandoms and a Birthday

The Darklings are all a buzz because Shirley posted a demo of one of her “noir” songs on her facebook profile. It didn’t really matter because I was planning on leaving her an inane comment if she posted something or not.

I can’t explain why but the song sort of reminds me of the Gwen song “Early Winter”. I don’t want anybody hating on me for saying that or thinking I’m trying to compare Gwen’s solo stuff to Shirley‘s. The song reminds me a little of “Cup of Coffee” too. Well at least she didn’t make a song like “Buttons”. I don’t think she would write a song like that. It’s not her style. I don’t see how this song is “noir”. There are Garbage songs more noir than that. I think it was just an excuse to drop her from the label.

I thought it was funny when Shirley used the word “noirling” would the correct term be “noirette“? If the word was literally translated into French. I’m not going to really criticize the word “noirling” since she coined it.

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday. Too bad my mom isn’t a darkling. She would’ve eaten that up if she was.

You know my mom shares a birthday (day and month) with Lady Gaga and Chester from Linkin Park. I already knew she shares one with Pat Riley. She use to share one with Fred Rogers well until he died. Here’s a silly idea I had. To throw a celebrity birthday party. Depending on your birthday the theme of your party would be the celebrities that share it with you. For example my mom’s party would have Lady Gaga and Linkin Park songs playing. You could show episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Spike Lee movies, and decorate with Lakers, Heat, Knicks and Rockets things. That’d be a pretty funky party. :/

You know what sucks 3 of my fandoms are currently active and I’m having a hard time keeping up. They are; Shirley Manson, John Cena, and No Doubt. @o@

I haven’t decided if I’m going to see his movie. The Marine was a real disappointment. I didn’t expect much from him. He’s not really an actor. He was very funny on his appearance on Kimmel. I thought it was funny when Kimmel told Cena to call his fans “Cena-citizens” LOL! :P

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #3

I noticed there were a lot of mistakes in my previous blog and it needs a lot of editing.

It was so hot yesterday I was wearing a hairstyle I stole from Shirley. I haven’t worn that hairstyle since August. I think on her birthday. She was born on August 26th you know. She’s a Virgo. It couldn’t wear it with the length my hair was back then the little braids made my neck really itchy. My hair is longer now so the braids just rest on my shoulders. Plus I don’t wear my ponytail as high on my head as she is in the picture. I like to keep mine at ear level.

Later I got the idea why not steal and wear 2 of her hairstyles at the same time? Since my bangs are too short to be pulled back and they kind of fall over my left eye. I thought I can steal her bangs style from that video. I’ll wear my hair in the back in the 2 braids and have my long bangs in the front. I can have Version 2.0 era hair and Beautifulgarbage at the same time. I’m not cutting as short as she has it in the “Androgyny” video. People would mistake me for a man and I could go in the men’s room as long as a urinal doesn't kill me.. “I’ll free your mind”, alright “and the rest will follow“. People already mistake me for a guy when I wear my hair back. I don’t like to wear my hair down because it looks too “messy”. I can’t win! I think Shirley’s hair in the “Androgyny” video looks like Tecna’s hair from the Winx Club. There are a lot of similarities; especially with the bangs.

I decided that the blog that is frustrating me should just be broken up into parts; at least 2 of them. I’m not even talking about or including the companion blogs that go with it.

Since March Madness started today I have a funny little blog posted in my archives about what happened to me last year when I tried to watch the CSUF game. It was posted on the 29th, but it really happened on the 20th.

My dad is such a computer N00B. He didn’t know what a browser is. He clicks on the X on those banner ads because he thinks that will close them. It just makes more.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Miscellaneous Blog

This is just a catch all blog. I’m going to cover a lot of different topics. My hair is acting weird again. I think I’m going to cut it really short since spring is coming up and I usually cut it really short for the spring. Maybe I’ll dye it blue and wear it in odangos. Then I’ll have a hair style like Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew. It’d be like a little tribute to her. She is an obsessive fan girl too. The problem is that blue fades quickly, and into an ugly color. Well at least it doesn’t look as bad a green does when it fades. I haven’t decided yet.

My dad doesn’t know about history. Computer browsing history. He keeps telling me that his history is mine. Plus for some reason he doesn’t know how to close it. He keeps trying to trick me and tell me that what I look for is what he finds. This can’t be possible for 2 reasons. I have a different computer user account than he does and I password protected mine, and he browses with IE. I don’t use that. It’s only Firefox for me.

March Madness is starting up too. Too bad the CSUF Titians didn’t make it this year. Did you read my archives blog? Can you spot the mistake in it? I said CSUF is a division II school it’s a division I school. There are a lot of students there. It’s one of the most crowded schools in the state. I’m pulling for the UCLA Bruins. That is the school I wanted to go to if I was smarter. I know I keep saying that. Why do they have 65 teams? That number is not divisible by 4.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and of course I had corned beef. That is my favorite thing about the holiday. I’m not much on getting drunk. I made some fusion cuisine today; corned beef ramen. This is a fun recipe to make just make sure that you don’t add too much flavor salt packet corned beef is very salty on it’s own. I used a cut of meat and not the one from the can. Surprisingly I have not had the from the can, but I did buy a can to try. If anybody wants the recipe I’ll post it. I added some green onions to the ramen too.

You know John Cena got bumped from the Tonight Show as guest by Obama. Well the president would have precedence over somebody like Cena. I was looking at the guests for Jimmy Fallon’s show and he is slated to be the guest on the 25th. I wonder how he will interact with Fallon? He was hilarious when he was on Conan. Two tall guys from Massachusetts. It’s ok since Cena and Fallon are some of my celebrity crushes.

It’s weird having a St. Patrick’s day without watching Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I miss Conan’s St. Patrick’s day antics. Jimmy Fallon is Irish too. Or at least I think he is? I watched Jimmy’s show and he celebrated the holiday, but it just wasn’t the same.

I’ve been thinking about the Xanga account I use to blog in. I mostly used that account to write about music and lyrics until I got bored with keeping it updated. I essentially abandoned it. I think there is an album review of “The Sweet Escape” in there.

I have been working on this one blog for a few weeks now and it’s so intensive. I’ve been putting a lot of work into it and doing a lot of personal research. It has 2 companion blogs. I’m getting frustrated with it a little because it’s taking so long for me to write it. I can’t seem to format it correctly. A lot of the paragraphs seem awkward or out of place. No matter how I edit it I’m still not satisfied with it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today is the Day Episode Review

I was going to write about something else, but I decided to post my episode review today. The reason it is so late is because I needed to re-watch the episode. Plus I took a few days off.

Sarah decided to move. When she was packing up her neighbor told her about some dead blond girl they found in the river with a star tattoo and some attempted suicide scars. Star tattoos are tight. LOL!

It was funny when Cameron saw a pigeon and told it there was a 51% of her not killing it. Sarah found the parts Cameron was saving and burned them.

I don’t understand why Sarah thinks Cameron killed Riley with a gun. Cameron could just twist a person’s head and kill them. Remember when she hurt that girl in Alison from Palmdale? Cameron’s too smart for that. I understand why Derek does. He’s being brainwashed by Jesse. John eventually believes Cameron. Cameron and John decide to lie to Riley’s foster dad by impersonating Riley’s voice on the phone. John doesn’t tell her that she’s dead. Later John goes to the morgue to see Riley’s body and say goodbye.

I thought it was funny when Catharine Weaver explained to Savannah about patience in a very complex way. Then she is lured into the basement by John Henry to play hide and seek. If Catherine really wanted to look for Savannah she would have just tracked her. Cameron can do that and she is a lesser 800 series model. Instead she goes to John Henry and decides to play a game with him instead immanently looking for Savannah. Why isn’t Ellison suspicious of this more than being enraged? Eventually they find Savannah in the helicopter.

Is Jesse really a Terminator? There is something strange about her. There was a flashback of when she was on the Jimmy Carter.

Why do a lot of people say Shirley looks like Mackenzie Smith? (the girl who plays Savannah) Is it because they are both red heads? Who does Shirley look like?…That’s really hard to say. She has a unique look about her. With that red hair and those wide eyes. To be honest I’d have to say her mother. Have you seen that picture she posted of her in the blue dress on facebook? Or maybe a neighbor I use to have. This girl has to be about 27 now. She also had wide eyes and red hair.

When I was watching the show I found a nice surprise in my bag of gummi bears Quadruplets! This is better than twins or triples. Now if only I could find a chain of 8 bears.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Halloween is only 7 Months Away

I think it’s a good idea to get started on a Halloween costume. If I had the money and resources I would make a really elaborate one. One thing I’ve wanted to dress up as for Halloween since I was little was Whazzat Kangaroo from Zoobilee Zoo. She was one of 2 female characters on the show. The other was Talkatoo Cockatoo. She was a parrot. I also wanted to dress as her when I was a kid. I remember when I was really little I asked my mom to buy me a yellow parrot beak. It was just one of those cheap vinyl/plastic animal noses on an elastic string.

I use to play Zoobilee Zoo with my stuffed animals. I only had a bear and a lion. My bear was Lookout and my lion was Van Go. I would dress up as Talkatoo and wear brightly colored sweater, a necklace with brightly rainbow colored beads and my parrot nose. This was my Talkatoo “costume”. I was like 4 at the time.

If I was to make a Whazzat costume now for myself as an adult. I think I’d use a sweat suit. It would have to be one that had a pull over hooded sweatshirt with a pocket in the front. I’d add ears to the hood and then make a blue vest out of something. Maybe felt? I’d need some pink flats and some ribbon to make them look like ballet slippers.

Here are some pictures from the show.

There are a lot of things I haven’t been for Halloween that I want to. Here’s a list

A Nurse
A skeleton
The Grim reaper
A troll
A demon
A jester
Harley Quinn
A Sailor Moon character (either Moon or Jupiter)
Pikachu (full body costume)
A Care Bear (full body costume)
Some type of rodent
An alien
A fly
A ghost

It think it would be fun to wear prosthetics. I tried to wear some one year and they were the cheap foam kind that you have to paint your self. They came with water based paint. They didn’t come out very well and they didn’t stick to my face well either. A little rabbit nose would be cute, or maybe a jester face, or maybe one of these. What about a sock mask? Those look really cool.

Maybe I should make a costume from my old graduation robe. It’s not like I’m going to use it for anything. It’s black and has a lot of possibilities. I think I’ll either turn it into a Maleficent costume and use the purple fabric I bought to make doll clothes for trim. Or maybe I’ll make a hood to attach to it and make it a hooded robe. If I do make a Maleficent costume I’m still trying to figure out how to make the horns. This one website I went to said to make it out of a hat. Maybe I can use an elastic headband or something. I won’t paint my hands either. I’ll just wear some gloves or leave them plain which will look so tacky.

I also found a white sheet. You know how rare these are now? I don’t want to use it for the typical white sheet costume like a ghost (cut 2 eye holes and put the sheet over your head) or a toga. I think I should make a ghost poncho costume and then wear a mask or something. I don’t want a pointy ghost head. People might think certain things about me. I don’t want to make an over the head ghost costume anyway in case I cut too many holes in it and I get a bunch of rocks.

I could get out my book of Halloween costume design sketches. Most of my ideas never get past this stage. I have a few secret designs. For one of them I’ll need a ski vest. I have almost everything else I need for that costume. I’ll need an ear cuff. Definitely an ear cuff, and maybe a choker too. I can wear my hair in little braids.

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is not my Idea

What an appropriate title it’s a line from my favorite Garbage song.

Yesterday Shirley posted an interesting note on facebook. I could have read it a little after she posted it, but the bookmark feed I had on her blog wasn’t updating.

When I read this I was watching a basketball game of all things. Lakers vs. Spurs. (the Spurs are Shirley‘s team. ^-^ She ♥s Duncan.) I kept it as background noise. I like to have sports on as background noise.

I like that she clarifies all the different rumors about her. It’s good to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. She said there was a rumor going around that she was dead. I seriously had no idea where that came from. At least I didn’t hear it. The one part that got was about her talking about her operation. She didn’t specify what it was for. Then she said about dying. Then I was getting sad thinking about that. Why’d she have to put that idea in my head? As she put it. “So like I said........just for ass coverage..…”

You can read her blog here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Closet Usurper

The reason I took the room I’m currently in is because it has a big closet. It’s much bigger than my old closet at my old house. My dad ended up taking it over. Out of everybody in the house my dad has the most clothes. He has more clothes than my mom and I combined. He gets mad at me because I have a lot of clothes. I’m in the process of getting rid of some of them. I got rid of a lot of clothes last year when my mom made me clean out my closet. That was when I was trying to clear out the unneeded things in my life including people. One of the good things about moving was I could finally come to terms with letting go of some relationships.

He gives me that fuckin’ stupid line “I wear all my clothes”. To try and justify this on the weekends he wears tiny ill fitting shirts that make is belly stick out.

It’s not like it’s the 1st time he usurped something of mine. Like when he took my ankle strength sock (gross!). When he took my bedroom lamp and put it in his bedroom and left me without a lamp. He did not replace it in any way. Why should I be surprised? It’s always about him.

This isn’t the first time I changed bedrooms. At the old house I lived at my dad made me change bedrooms. Or should I say he tricked me? When we moved into the house he put this giant dresser in the room he wanted me to be in. I didn’t want the room I was eventually in for many reasons. I hated the light fixture in there, the doors (closet and bedroom collided with each other), it was too close to the bathroom, and I like small bedrooms. You know I think bribed it the proper word. He told me he would give me $5 if I moved rooms. Me being 10, stupid, and desperate for money foolishly accepted. I was stuck in that room for 14 years hating it!

This didn’t happen at the 2 houses I lived at in Glendale and Rosemead because there were only 2 bedrooms and there would have been no other room for me to move to. Although when I lived in Rosemead he took up half that closet for his clothes back then. I was really little back then and I didn’t have a lot of clothes back then anyway. My clothes were very small too. I moved from there when I was 8.

The room I’m in has a lot of problems aside from my dad usurping the closet. The closet is connected to the bathroom and it smells like pee in there all the time. Plus I was sick of fighting with my dad about the closet. He “won” it. There is a problem with farel cats who get under the house. They usually hang around the bathtub. They scratch, thump around, and yowl. You can totally hear it in my room.

Now he doesn’t want me to move to the other bedroom because it’s too small to fit all the stuff we crammed in there. I’d really like to move to the other room because it faces true east like my old room did. I think the room I’m now faces north. I forget it faces the mountains. It’ll be better for me to have that room because he “claims” that most of the junk in the house is mine. So if most of the junk in the room is mine won’t I just be in the room with my stuff? See? I can use his flawed logic back at him. He thinks that just because he yells at me not to I won’t change my mind.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Room Decorating

I’ve been trying to decorate my room for 4 months now. When I first moved I thought doing this would cheer me up. You know I was personalizing the room for myself. I actually started decorating the first night I spent over there. I put up 2 pictures of Shirley, a No Doubt poster, a picture of John Cena and my moon babies. I gotta have my moon babies.


I started to decorate it at first to cheer myself up. It didn’t work very well.

I usually have something that is Dodgers in my room. You know I never looked at it this way, but in some ways the Dodgers are considered the Yankees of the West. You either love them or hate them. I grew up hating on the Yankees even though I was raised on watching the Dodgers and on NL teams. Too bad they don’t have as many championships as the Yankees do. Fact: The NL team with the most World Series wins is the Cardinals.


I made little theme areas like there is a consecration on Pokemon pictures and of Sailor Moon ones. I decorate this way because I heard about doing that on an old episode of Oprah. The stickers on the wall are not really stuck there. I never peeled off the backing I just put tape on the backing and put them up. I don’t want anybody thinking I was defacing my grandma’s house.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Room Nostalgia

This is one of 3 blogs that are all related to each other.

I’m going to go a little nostalgia trip. I was thinking about the little house I use to live in from 86-92. It had 5 rooms. A living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

Back then I was pretty small and my bedroom was small too. It didn’t have a lot of furniture in it. My room had 2 toy boxes, a twin bed, 2 small dressers, a plastic kid desk and my parents bureau drawers. They decorated my bedroom, so it had pictures of Rocky and Bullwinkle characters, Dodger stuff including my koala growth chart, and my moon babies. I love my moon babies. I’ve had them up in every bedroom I’ve ever lived in. They might look a little childish, but I love them. Wait why am I worried about something looking childish? When I got a little older I added a little more personality to my room by adding a Disney Afternoon poster I got at Disneyland.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ourselves Alone Episode Review

This episode starts off with Cameron and the pigeon. It has been shown living in the Connor house in previous episodes. It was just so funny when Cameron was talking to it said things like “that‘s a window bird.”. It was kind of sad when she was trying to set it free and crushed it to death.

Riley got all freaked out when she saw Cameron slice her own arm open to try and repair herself. That would be freaky to see especially for somebody like Riley.

I don’t know why but, I thought it was funny when Sarah was scrubbing the blood off the bathroom floor the Riley left. I guess I think it’s funny to see Sarah doing something so domestic.

I thought it was kind of funny when Riley’s counselor was Jesse in disguise. Of course Sarah doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t even know the connection with her and Derek.

I missed the ending the first time I watched it because I was watching wrestling. But I watched the ending later.

Ok so Riley is really dead now that Jesse shot her. Is she the “dead” character everybody was talking about? Or is it somebody else? Remember Cromartie? Are the Riley haters happy now?

Shirley wasn’t in this episode. Her name wasn’t in the credits. This episode was much better than last weeks. It didn’t drag on.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Still ♥ Gwen

You know I think a lot of people think I’m cold on Gwen or something since I’ve been obsessing over Shirley lately.

When I heard Gwen on the radio yesterday it made me think about how much I like her. Remember I don’t hate Gwen my fandom for her was just dormant.

I mean I saw a commercial for their concert this week. It made me think about how much I’ve grown. The old me would have just salivated at the commercial and just freaking about trying to go. You know what I’ve already seen them 3 times. I didn’t even go see them on their last tour in 2004.

That was when they had that show at Glen Helen Pavilion or what ever that place is called. I didn’t want to go there anyway. I heard that venue sucks. It was a bad time for them to have a concert there anyway because there was massive freeway construction near there. A lot of people who wanted to see the show couldn’t because there was so much congestion. The next day of a few days later Tony was on the radio and apologized for what happened and they held another show at Universal (Gibson).

I didn’t even see any Gwen concerts. I didn’t have any money. I was sort of sad about that. I’m not cold on No Doubt or anything, I just don’t have the money. I’d love to see them, but it’s just not in the budget. I mean I got in trouble for buying $5 doll shoes how much trouble would I be in if I bought concert tickets at any price?

But when KROQ announced that they were giving away tickets. It made me think back to when I really wanted to see No Doubt during their Tragic Kingdom tour. When I was a desperate little 7th grader. I wanted to see them so badly back then because I hadn’t seen them in concert…yet. I would eventually during their Return of Saturn tour. You know I wish I would have been journailing back then. I could documented all of this. I would’ve like to look aback and see all my different feelings about this including all the teenage angst. I use to have a lot of that back then. I remember I saved up my money to see them for their next tour. I’ve been trying all day to win tickets. I’ve been getting through, but I haven’t won. I was funny when I said I had something important to do today my dad thought I was running off to meet a celebrity.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Inane Messages from me to Me

You know like to write inane messages to celebrities on the internet. I also noticed that I wrote inane messages to myself in my diaries. I totally forgot I did that!

These were written in 2002 when I was a senior in high school. I think I use to write those messages to either cheer myself up or psych myself out. I really don’t remember. I really don’t do that anymore. I guess that’s what the internet and my blogs are for now.

”Tragic Kingdom” is THE breakup album
You’re a star!
I ♥ skater rock!
Girls rule! Posers suck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello Jimmy!

So I’ve been watching Jimmy Fallon’s first week of shows. Like I’ve said before I have a crush on him. I really don’t know why. It stared back when I was in high school. This blog explains why I like him so much. That’s why I posted it in the archives blog.

To be honest I don’t like his show’s theme song. He did what I thought he would do and laugh through his monologue. It’s not as bad a weekend update. I’d like to see him host Saturday Night Live and giggle a lot; like he did in that episode in Family Guy. Then he had sex with Meg. “Buy me a rainbow!”.

The problem I’m having with his monologue is that I don’t really find it funny. I mean I’ll chuckle here and there. But I’m not laughing as hard as I do with Letterman or I did with Conan.

I thought the bromance novels and the licking stuff segments were boring. That part about the slow jamz was dumb too. I like making fun of slow jamz, but it just wasn’t working for me. I know he’s green right now and establishing himself as a host.

I heard he wants fans of the show to communicate to him through twitter. I found this page http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon Is this really him, or some impostor? How can I verify this? I’m not going to do what I said about facebook and say I’ll never make a page. But I really don’t feel like opening up another account on another site. So for now let’s just say it’s highly unlikely. I didn’t even know what twitter was until like last month. Ok I know I’m out of the loop. Laugh if you want.

I’d like to wish Jimmy the best of luck.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep Episode Review

Sarah is at a sleep clinic. She is scared and confused and she sees a coyote. At first I thought it was a wolf, and making reference to the Alison from Palmdale episode. That episode has more to do with Cameron than Sarah. My mom and I thought it was funny when Cameron said Sarah’s pancake recipe was the one Cameron found on the box.

So Sarah thinks that the sleep clinic is really some sort of cover for Skynet. She becomes more suspicious as time passes. She finds this secret basement room. The patient she shares a room with is a smoker. She eventually catches on fire. While Sarah was “asleep” she is being tortured by that guy who shot her. It was pretty gruesome.

I thought it was funny when Cameron hit the vending machine for John and a bunch of chips fell out. I also I thought all the Summer/Cameron fans were going crazy when she walked by in a bra.

Sarah loses her teeth if she dreamed this it means that she feel that she has failed at something. Perhaps protecting John? Or stopping Skynet? Teeth dreams are very common. This episode is trying to make you think about what has Sarah dreamed, and what was really happening to her.

I found this episode really dull and not because Shirley wasn’t in it. It was also incredibly confusing. I kept changing it back from that to wrestling. John Cena was making a rare Smackdown appearance.

Speaking of dreams I had a really funny one on Sat. I had a dream I had really bad scene hair. My hair was the same color as it is in real life. I had the ugly choppy fluffy bangs. The rest of my hair looked scene too. In my dream I thought I looked good. I kept taking pictures of myself on my phone, and saying how great my hair looked. What does this dream mean? I don’t want to be scene in real life. I’m too old for that. Perhaps my dream is telling me I’m too old?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So KLSX reformatted recently. They went from a an all talk FM station to a Pop station. Before the switch CBS Radio didn’t have a pop station in this market. I tried listening to it. I hardly recognize anything on there. Well except for the Gwen song they played. I also heard a rumor that KROQ was going to be an all 90s station, but those weren’t true. :( I’d love an all 90s station, but it’s too soon. The 90s aren’t retro…yet.

KLSX and my family have a history together. My dad still mourns the reformatting from classic rock to all talk. He was a guest DJ on the station once. He was really excited about and wanted me to listen to his show. I was like 7 or 8 when he did it and I thought it was dumb. I wasn’t interested in it. Plus he was on pretty late at night; well late for me back then. He got a cassette copy of his show.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So Dated

While I was going through some boxes I found this old Kmart Holiday toy catalogue from 2000. Some of the items in there SCREAM 2000 like the N*Sync puzzles, the Pokemon plush toys, and the robotic dog toys.

I came across this picture of these 2 girls playing table hockey. It made me laugh so hard. Look how dated it looks. That one girl is wearing a rainbow kerchief. The girl with the odangos. I don’t know what is going on with her outfit. It looks like she came from like 1998. She’s wearing a bindi, metallic platform sneakers, a happy face necklace and a backpack purse. One has to question why she is playing table hockey with a backpack purse?

When I saw the picture of those crawling Disney babies. It made me think about how they were the rage in junior high and high school. The girls would bring them to school and get yelled at for bringing that toy and not their math book. Ah…school memories.