Friday, January 30, 2009

Life Can be so Cruel, Don’t it Astound You?

I was going to go with a different title, but I think this one is good.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been feeling so emotional lately. I got in trouble because I was going to buy a used doll. So had had to cancel my order for it. It’s ok I was just going to customize it anyway. I still haven’t customized the dolls my cousin gave me like last year. I was suppose to make clothes for them. I bought the material and everything. I’m suppose to make a custom Darcy doll. She’s a character from the Winx Club. They never made a doll of her that was sold in the US. They did make one that was sold in Italy. (The country Winx Club is from)

My mom got in a car accident, but it was the other person’s fault. She got hit and run. She’s ok and all. She got hit from behind. Which made a chain reaction. It involved 4 cars. Everybody else drove off. My mom is a good driver she’s never gotten a ticket, and has been in a few accidents including this one. My dad is a really bad driver he has a lot of tickets and stuff. I’m a horrible driver, and actually make my dad look good. I use to ride the curb. It’s things like this that make me terrified of learning how to drive, but I really need to and want to. Plus if I’m a bad driver and a lot of other people are it will just cover up my bad driving.

On a positive note my CDs arrived today. I’m listening to Angelfish right now. I will write a review of each CD. You know Angelfish isn’t bad. Shirley’s voice is so distinctive. I can’t stop listening to “Suffocate Me”.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don’t Eat Low Grade Meat

This blog has sort of lost it’s direction. I’ve just been bitching about my dad. It’s hard. We’ve been in close quarters and I’m going crazy.

I finally received my beef jerky from JR’s site that I ordered. I almost didn’t get the package. They came to the house like at 8AM. I didn’t even know they came that early. I heard the doorbell, but by the time I got to the door the truck was leaving. I ran outside in my pajamas. I didn’t care. I wanted my package. I couldn’t see it. The car was blocking the doorway. My dad said it was between the door and the screen. You know he lied to me yesterday. He told me that UPS got the address wrong. It wasn’t UPS it was FedEx. I saw the package with the wrong label on it. Somebody wrote some pretty poorly written numbers in a grease pencil.

When I opened the package I knew it wasn’t the CDS I ordered because it was too lumpy. CDS aren’t lumpy. After I open the package. It was just shipped in an envelope. I mean how much packing does jerky need anyway? My dad swipes the bag of jerky from me and tells me that the meat is of low quality. Excuse Me! Nobody told him anything. Why should that matter anyway? He didn’t buy it. I did. I told him if he is not satisfied with it’s appearance he doesn’t have to eat it. I bought it for myself.

Later he tells me he wants to eat some. But he’s not getting any. Plus I’m saving it for the Superbowl.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You Listening?

I hate when my dad usurps my phone calls. He did this morning. It was from UPS telling me that I put the wrong address. This didn't sound right. I mean I know I moved, but I made sure I put the right address. When my dad intercepts my calls it makes me think of that noisy deranged reporter teacher I use to have. I remember one time in class she told a story about doing that to her son and his roommates. I felt sorry for all of them.

Later I checked the order form I filled out and I did put the right address. I waited all day for my package and it never came. in the evening my dad tells me they are sending it tomorrow. >.<

Yesterday my dad gets a call for an "interview" for World Finical Group. He told me it sounded like the girl who called was reading from a script. You know that should have been a red flag for my dad, but he's pretty dumb. So I decided to be smart and look up what this thing really was. When I googled them the 2nd result was one of those scam complaint websites. I found out it was just another MLM (multi level management) scam like Vector.

I just want to say something to any of those people that work for those companies and help promote them. If you leave any positive comments about your company they will be deleted. I am not fucking around about this.

So anyway my dad decides to go and not listen to me. It's not like he does about most things I tell him anyway.

When he comes back he said he thought it was fake and told them off and was told to leave. If you know my dad this is so like him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

musically speaking

Maybe I've been listening to Garbage a little too much. I ended up being one of the top listeners on lastfm. This wasn't intentional. I didn't even notice until I saw my user name on there. It's because I left the Scrobbling on without even knowing it.

You know I was thinking are the No Doubt fans going to have animosity towards the Paramore fans now? They already do towards the Garbage ones. You know I'm not dissing the No Doubt fans since I am one of them, but I don't know they seem really immature. I'll admit I was an immature fan too. But I've never had animosity towards a fan of some other group.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

It's the year of the ox. You know why isn't saying your blood type in the west more popular? I'm type O. They should add that to celebrity profiles.

I'm still waiting for my packages. Anyway I was thinking I haven't made any fanart in a while. I was going to right after I moved, but I didn't feel inspired.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Seeing Red Again

I've been offline for the past 2 days. My computer was getting repaired. More on that later.

So I dyed my hair red again. the color is sort of hard to see in artificial light. It didn't show up in my hair very well. I think if i want a more vibrant shade of red I'll have to strip the color from my hair. You can sort of see it in the sunlight. I feel that it ended up almost the exact same shade a the last time I dyed my hair. I used a different brand and product this time. I didn't do a good job of dying my hair myself. It came out really streaky especially around the roots. Well some red is better than no red. It doesn't look that bad. My hair is like a brownish red color.

I also bought some CDs. I'm waiting for them to come in the mail. I bought the Angelfish CD and the Sarah Connor Chronicles soundtrack. I hope they come soon. I'm still waiting for my jerky.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Direction

Ok so maybe I need some direction. Not just in this blog, but in life in general. After reading a few old fashion magazines which were all about empowering the girls back then. I'm not sure if they are still about that. That was more of a 90s movement to me. some of the tips that it said to get motivated was to: be specific, get real, work hard, ask for help, and believe in yourself. Which made me think "Should I go back to school?". If I do go back I will realize one of 2 things: 1: I still don't like going and I'm miserable or 2: I suck it up and finally finish. I'm still considering being a talent agent. This is serious. "You're smart. You should be my agent." really stuck with me. Perhaps I'm just flattering myself. It's just that my PR class sucked so much. Maybe if I take a similar class with another teacher it won't suck so much. Which made me think of this quote. "Life is short and I shall not come this way again so any sweetness thrown my way is much appreciated.
Hope you are all safe and happy and being courageous and brave and having fun and taking chances and keeping things exciting and figuring out what you want or need out of this life.

Meanwhile I am trying to do the same.
But trying to figure out what I want is harder than I thought..................
That's from Shirley's facebook. You can read the blog here

I know that this blog needs! It needs some visuals. I need to get my scanner back up.

I ordered some beef jerky from Jim Ross' (JR 's) site. I hope it arrives quickly. I didn't rush deliver it or anything. I only ordered it today. I hope it arrives before the Super Bowl, but if it doesn't I don't mind. I'll write a review of it once it arrives.

On a side note I can't believe No Doubt is going to be touring with Paramore in the summer. I mean I got the email and I'm really excited about their summer tour. I'm confused about this pairing. Isn't Paramore geared towards the younger kids? Aren't most of No Doubt's fans "old"? I'm not making fun of them. I mean I really don't listen to Paramore. I think I only know 3 songs by them "Decode", "Crushcrushcrush", and "Misery Business". Or is this the cool female fronted band thing again like in 2002? For some reason I don't know why and I can't place it, but Paramore reminds me of Garbage for some reason. Yes, I said Garbage the band not "garbage" with a lower case "g". It's not because both bands have a female lead singer with red hair whose name end in "y". Shirley is 22 years older than Hayley. I didn't realize she is younger than me. So all the fans of these respective bands don't lash out at me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have been mulling over this blog trying to figure out how to get more readers and to get it "noticed". Maybe I should give it some time. I'm not sure. Maybe I need to reevaluate my writing style. Just let me mull.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Return of the 99 Cent Cena Fan

Ok I'm taking a new approach to this blog. Plus this blog references something that happened to me last year. Since I'm assuming that the people that are reading this blog are not familiar with my previous blog I will post it on here for your enjoyment.

Originally posted on myspace on Sunday, June 1st, 2008. The story happened to me on May 30th.

I was at the 99 Cents store yesterday and I was wearing my Cena shirt. At the check out line I wanted to know how much some candy was. The guy at the checkout told me they were 4 for 99 cents so I ran back to candy aisle to get another candy. When I get back into the line he asks me if I like John Cena. I thought he was going to say he hates Cena or something like that. But he said he's a Cena fan too. Then he started listing Cena's moves. He said he likes the 5 Knuckle Shuffle which is my favorite Cena move too. He started to brush off his shoulder like Cena does. He asked me if I've seen Cena live, but then my mom (who was with me) said that I waited 8 hours to meet him. He said he waited 10 hours to meet Cena and have him sign a shirt at a house show. He told me he likes Cena because he's respectful to the fans. When we left I was thinking about telling the guy some silly or trite Cena phrase like "Word Life", but I didn't. The funny thing is that he's a male fan who's over the age of 10. So they do exist! I met this fan in person and not over the internet.

This reminded me of when I bought some shoes last year and I was wearing a Cena shirt and the guy who worked at the store asked me if I also liked The Rock. I said no because I didn't really follow wrestling when he was around.

Well today I was back at that same 99 cents store wearing that same Cena shirt. (I have 2 different Cena shirts) The only reason I was wearing it was because it was clean. Ever since I moved I just wear whatever I find that is clean. When I walked in the store I thought I saw that guy, but it was so long ago I wasn't sure. I just shook it off. Later I noticed when I was at the regester he was the cashier. I remember it was the same guy because he has an uncommon name. He sees my Cena shirt and asks if I'm a fan. It's the same situation over again. I don't mind or anything. I don't want to be snobby. I tell him didn't we meet before? I was like I ran out of line to buy some candy. He remembered that. Two things I love John Cena and candy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks For Your Uhh, Support Review

The documentary is great and really funny. I like the part when Shirley gets a present from Butch and it’s a bag of groceries. She shows what’s in the bag to the camera. There are a few bags of chips, cookies (biscuits as Shirley would call them), water, Ferrero Rocher, and cinnamon Trident. When she takes out the bag of BBQ chips it made me think about my dad and cousin who love that flavor. I like the way she pronounces the name of the candy in her Scottish accent. It’s cute. I have to say she has good taste in candy. I’m not just saying that because it’s Shirley. I was eating that candy back in 4th grade. I didn’t even know who she was back then. I think I remember her mentioning that candy in her old blog. I know she likes chocolates. Although I prefer Mon Cheri. Too bad she didn’t get any aerosol cheese, Oreo Cookies, Mars Bars or Baby Ruths.

I like the part when they are filming her singing in the studio in like ‘94. She is getting so mad and singing an early version of “Supervixen”.

I think the part about Shirley’s feet is funny.

There is this one part where she talks about her love of basketball. She says she likes it because they don’t have anything like that in Scotland. She talks about how much she loves Duncan. I wonder if now that she is in LA if she goes to the Laker games to see them when they play the Spurs. That is the Hollywood thing to do you know if you support a team other than the Lakers or Clippers. You go to the Laker game to see “your” team. Didn’t she use to have a thing for Cassell? I wonder if she went to see him play when he was a Clipper?

I like the part where Shirley talks about her clothes. She says her striped mini dress is her lucky dress and that she keeps wearing it.

There is this part towards the end where Shirley is saying she doesn’t know what she is going to do after the “Bleed Like Me” tour. As I’m watching this I whisper to the tv “You‘re going to be an actress!”. I’m not crazy I always talk to the tv when I’m watching it mostly when I’m watching game shows. If people talking to the tv annoy you never watch The Price is Right with me. I yell out prices and numbers.

The thing that bothered me was that when I was trying to watch it my dad kept talking over it. Can he like sense when Shirley is on the tv and immediately start talking over her?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Absolute Garbage DVD Review (video portion)

I’m going to write a review of the Absolute Garbage DVD. I’m breaking it up into 2 parts; a review of the videos and a review of the documentary.

I think there could have been better liner notes in it. Well the CD doesn’t have very good liner notes in it either. It has different screen caps from the different videos including one for the “Tell Me Where it Hurts” video which is not included on the region 1 pressing of the DVD (which I have). But it is included on the region 0 pressings. I don’t mind though I’m not really crazy about that video. I don’t hate it. It’s just ok. I do really like the big picture of Shirley from the “Special” video. The DVD is white so it won’t be confused with the CD that has the same name. The CD is red.

I like “Vow”. It’s a pretty simple video. Shirley looks so young. I think she looks good with long hair. I like the necklace she is wearing in the video.

I really like the video for “Queer”. It’s very 90s, but still good. Shirley looks really sexy in that video. I like when she dresses the guy. I bet if Shirley dressed me in a stupid outfit I’d wear it because she put me in it. Even if she gave me a bad hair cut like that one she use to have.

“Only Happy When It Rains” is good too. I have a feeling I’ve seen it before, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t. It reminds me of another video I’ve seen before; a non-Garbage one. I like the pink dress Shirley is wearing.

The videos for “Stupid Girl” and “Milk” are ok.

What is the “Push It” video about? I’ve seen it a few times and I still don’t understand it. Shirley is married to the light bulb head man and she’s also the assassin? I’m not the only one because a lot of the fans are confused by that video. It kind of reminds me when the video for “Ex-girlfriend” by No Doubt came out and none of my friends could figure out what that video was about. The only person who said they “got” it was this crazy girl. I won‘t mention her by name, and no it wasn’t me.

It was funny when I was watching the video for “I Think I‘m Paranoid”, and my dad thought the DVD was broken because the video is in black and white. I had the explain to him that it was purposely shot that way.

I like the “live” version of the “When I Grow Up” video better than the “Big Daddy” version. Although the BD one has Shirley dancing to choreographed dance moves.

Too bad the videos for “Androgyny” and “Run Baby Run” weren’t included on the DVD because I really like those videos. Especially “Run Baby Run”. It’s one of my favorite Garbage videos.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

first blog on here!

Ok I'm trying a new approach. Since I have had many blogs over the years and I have been a regular blogger since about 2006. So I'm going to make this a request blog. I will post any of my old blogs on here that I have posted up on Diaryland or on myspace. I'll post anything I have posted before on here. Blogs about school, food, celeberties, music, tv, or anything else.