Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Week off Leftovers Blog

A few people in my writing class seem so self absorbed. They remind me a little of Jo from Little Women. (I‘ve been watching the anime adaptation.) You know early Jo before she cuts her hair.
PS: bring something to write with. It is a writing class after all.

Here is also something that funny that I forgot about:

It was funny when my sales teacher asked who knows about Kirby? This immediately popped into my mind. Maximum pink! She was talking about the vacuum company. Too bad we weren’t talking about the video game character.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want to be dependable, I want to be courageous and good

I get the day off tomorrow which is a good thing. I can catch up on my writing and my reading. I can also watch my morning drama at 11:30 AM.

It was really gloomy which is good weather for Garbage songs; the real moody ones. What am I talking about? I like to listen to Garbage in any weather.

I'm going to work on being a good person. You know more open and stuff. Not such a snob or curmudgeon.

My writing class reminds me of that class Jeff took in Community in the episode "Introduction to Film". Don't worry I won't be wearing a funny outfit to class. Although sometimes I do like to wear my Blair Waldorf like hairbands.

The teacher said she is talking 2 personal days next week. I don't have to go to class. Oh goody! But we do have to submit some stuff online, but that doesn't really bother me. I can write to Garbage music.

Monday, March 29, 2010

This Blog's so Dull, Come on Rip it to Shreds

I feel a bit off today. Maybe I didn't sleep well or something. I was falling asleep writing my Wrestlemaina blog. One of my neopets got sick. My ixi seems to get sick a lot more than my other pets.

While I was waiting for the bus I saw a cute little Jack Russel looking dog. It kind of looked like Veela. (That's Shirley's dog)

The funny thing was that I was rocking out to Blondie and walking to class. I didn't even notice that my teacher was right behind me. I think I'm losing it. Maybe that's why was "a little off" I usually listen to No Doubt or Garbage.

Not having a spring break doesn't bother me. I like starting late it means I don't have to go to school on Valentines Day. When it falls on a weekday. I use to get denied one when I went to year round school in grades 3 and 4. A lot of people who don't get one just make their own.

For some reason I can't seem to finish 3 of my stories. It sucks because they are due soon. *gasp*. I didn't realize I had an assignment due for class. Maybe I'll use that Golden Apple Shirley meeting story for class. I don't know. I haven't decided yet.

Remember one important thing don't burn bridges and always network.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thoughts on Wrestlemania 26

I'm going to blog about Wrestlemania. You know I had a leftovers blog, but maybe I'll post that later or never. We'll see. I should really be working on a story for class or doing my sales homework. Sorry this is late I was falling asleep writing this yesterday.

The overall show was good. I didn't like the Vince vs Brett match and the divas match. But usually the divas match is a yawner for me.

The tag match was ok. I really don't have much to say about it.

The Triple threat match with Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase was ok.

I thought the Triple H vs Shamus was ok too. I thought Triple H was going to have Shamus win.

Money in the Bank was a little hectic. There were too many people in it. I root for Sheldon every year, but he never wins. I didn't think Swagger was going to win it. I thought it'd be somebody with more experience like Kane or Christian. How long do you think Swagger's push will last?

I really wanted Punk to beat Rey. Rey's avatar inspired mask was um...interesting. My cousin brought up what if he dresses like a character from Alice in Wonderland next year. I really liked CM Punk's G.I. Joe style shorts. Well he does have a Cobra tattoo.

Cena's match was ok. He won it. I don't know it was pretty weak for me. Neither Batista or Cena is known for their "superior wrestling ability". They usually wrestle short matches. What's Cena's Wrestlemania win loss record? 7-1? I think that is right? You can correct me if that is wrong. I think his only loss was at Wrestlemaina 24. I thought Cena was going to use a more gimmicky entrance than the one he used. I thought the was going to do something football related, but after I thought about it I remembered he did that a few years ago.

The Jericho vs Edge match was good. I was expecting to be let down by it, but it delivered.

A lot of people were comparing Undertaker's and HBK's match to the one they had last year, and which one was better. I liked them both. They were both great matches.

Did I talk about all the televised matches?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wrestling Blog

Since Wrestlemania is coming up soon I thought I'd write a wrestling blog.

I usually like the faces, but I really like the Straight Edge Society. I really like the way Serena dressed. It’s rockerish, but not slutty. I don’t like them just because of the way Serena dresses. They are a good heel stable.

I think it's funny that the WWE is reusing the Audioslave song "Be Yourself" as one of the theme songs for Wrestlemania 26. That use to be Ashely's theme song, but a lot of people would like to forget about her. I think it was also used for the Diva search contest she won.

Speaking of Divas. I don't know I just can't get into it as much as I do for the men. Maybe it's because I don't aspire to be a wrestler. I would like to work for the WWE, but not as a wrestler. No discredit to the Divas though.

Friday, March 26, 2010

All the wannabees, Hoping to be Published

Hello everybody! Yeah...uh sorry for the lack of blog yesterday. I was just feeling really depleted. Like my title? It's inspired by a song lyric. :P

For some reason I was really thinking about my hair. I was having a hard time trying to style it. First I made styled it in a high half up ponytail, but it couldn't stay up well. It was so lopsided. I was embarrassed to leave the house with my hair looking like that. As I was wearing my hair down I noticed it looked very 90s. (late 90s). Then I got the idea to wear my hair in a late 90s style by wearing some clips in my hair in the front. My hair was behaving, looked great, and very 90s. I was also dressed very 90s. I miss the 90s, but don't tell that to Rodney. Alright?

I had this funny thought before class. You can't keep a group of artists together in a room. :P

I'm not really working on writing blogs. I find myself writing reminder notes? Not sure why. Maybe it comes with old age.

Here is something funny. I keep writing about songs in class. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just too into music or something.

That hostile lady who acts like it is her class. I don't know what her deal is is she trying to look smart/impress the class by saying she is well read? To me she is just coming off as a controlling pompous bitch. She talked about her friend who was almost published. Almost published doesn't mean published. Is she trying to impress us or something? I'm not sure what she is trying to say by that. :/

We had this assignment in class where we collected some of our favorite opening lines. I nabbed some from Shirley's blogs. The assignment was not really structured, so I could reference them. Aside from the personality clashes in class the other problem is the lack of structure in the class. I mean with the assignments. There are really no set rules. I like structure most of the time. I'm weird like that; ok?

Speaking of blogs does anybody know where I can find this old blog John Cena wrote back when he had a myspace like 4 years ago. I have hard copies of some of them, but I'm missing his Easter blog where he talks about his dad and his Forman grill. That his dad would cook a shoe on it if he could.

Is there something wrong with me because I don't like to read? I don't know I think I could be doing something else with my time like watching tv. I'm an idiot aren't I? I just have a hard time with books that keep my interest that aren't manga. I really like pictures. For the record I usually don't mind magazines and sometimes newspapers (depends on section). Funny I mentioned I don't like to read a few blogs ago.

I received my Mister Ed book. I haven't read much; about 12 pages, but I'm enjoying the book. There are a lot of pictures of Mister Ed/Bamboo Harvester. Some of them are really funny/cute.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tomatoes and Strawberries

I've been slacking off lately. I should really be writing more. It seems like I can't seem to complete a story. I'm not sure why.

Cena's appearance on Fallon was funny I think Cena doesn't interact with Fallon as well as he did with Conan.

Before class for some reason I was thinking about "In the Snow". I was thinking that it's been over a year since the song was released.

People must really hate tomatoes I always see discarded tomato slices all over campus. Tomatoes in hamburgers and sandwiches are gross.

The obvious thing about a sales class is people are trying to sell you stuff in there. Some guy I think he works for a credit card company or a bank was trying to sell us on this bank. Which is funny since me and some other guy disproved him by all the conditions. I should know I was looking for a bank a few months ago. People like the blur the line between MLM (multi level management ) and sales. Me, personally I think MLM is not sales. That is not a "grey area".

My Strawberry Shortcake DVD arrived today. It's not bad for paying about $2 for it, not including shipping.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's Red Pen in my Notebook

My Veruca Salt CD came in the mail today. It made me realize how much I love the songs "Volcano Girls" and "With David Bowie". "With David Bowie" is probably my favorite song off that album. I've had this album since I was in junior high, but it was on cassette format. Now I can add Veruca Salt songs to my MP3 player. Another female fronted band. LOL! :P That makes it 6 now. @.@

Speaking of things that came in the mail I got my free uniball pen. You know that one that was offered through that facebook offer. I have to say that the pen is a good pen. It writes really well. I got a red one. Maybe I can use it for correcting papers.

I was going to write about nail polish, but maybe I'll save that for a later blog. Speaking of nail polish I was listening to "When I Grow Up"before class and I was thinking about the video and peeling off my nail polish.

I don't know why I've been thinking about 10th grade a lot lately. There wasn't really a lot to blog about today.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Paper Parasol

Something historical happened yesterday, but I'm not going to talk about that. Instead let's get to some inane fluff, and some rants about my dad.

So I have to read this book for class, and since it's a newer book I could cheat by finding come notes or something. You know like cliff notes. There was nothing not even some cheat notes for a book club. NOTHING! My mom said since I was looking for these notes I was acting like George Costanza. Too bad there is not a movie based off the book. Well there is one; it's just not out yet. the middle of the book moves so slowly!

I had a funny thought about wanting to be a published writer. I mean if you want it so badly. You know like going to seminars and such like the delusional wannabe millionaire would. Well except the wannabe millionaire would want to go to seminars about getting rich quick and stuff like that. Anyway back to getting your writing published. I still think of that as a loosely used term. So would it count if your letter to the editor got published in some sort of periodical? What if you ended up like Lucy in that I Love Lucy episode where she writes a novel called: "Lucy Writes a Novel". Anyway in that episode her novel does get published in a book about now how not to write a novel. I wonder if that would happen to me?

I really hope that Mister Ed book I bought isn't as bad. I hope I like it because I like the Mister Ed series. It's interesting the way actors have to interact with real animals. Not puppets, robots, or people in animal costumes. You know what would be neat if somebody from the main cast of "Friends" the 6 of them wrote a memoir about working on the show especially when they had to work with Marcel. I heard the monkey use to eat worms.

What can I say about my dad? You know if he is so interested in sports (I did refer to him as a "delusional super jock dad") I think he picked the wrong career a long time ago. I think he would have made a great sports journalist or something like that. I mean his idea of "studying" for his pharmacy classes is reading about sports. Well at least he didn't take the career my grandma suggested to him back when he graduated college; a P.E. teacher! X0X *anime fall* He'd be a horrible teacher. He does not have the temperament for that type of job.

I'm still working on my career du jour plan. First I need to get a 4 year degree. It doesn't need to be any specific field. It can be for anything. All that matters is that I have a bachelors. Pretty much anybody gets hired with a bachelors.

Here is my plan:
1. Get a bachelors
2. Get the career du jour
3. ??????
4. Profit
Ok, I got my business plan from the Underpants Gnomes.

In my sales class we were talking about incentives, and it made me think about the newest episode of The Office I've seen ("New Leads").

I saw something funny as I was leaving school and walking to the bus stop. I see this black paper parasol in a patch of grass. As I'm walking past I see this goth looking girl (I know it's bad to label) sitting/kneeling in the grass holding the black paper parasol in one hand, and picking flowers in the other. It was just a strange sight.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can't I read Manga Instead?

Before I went looking for memoir books I looked at the manga section. I mean why not? I was very tempered to pick up a volume of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. You never know when you might need the S.O.S Brigade or a bunny costume.

I was looking for that Mister Ed book, but they didn't have it. I saw they had Just Kids, but the book cost $27. That was a little too expensive for me; even if Shirley did recommend the book. So I thought I browse the store to see if I could find anything else. You know one thing that makes me a bad writer? I don't like to read. Well it's hard for me to find something I like to read. Eventually I ended up ordering the book at the store. It ended up costing about the same as if I bought the book online.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shakes and Formats

Let's see I'm writing another "Leftovers" blog. I'm feeling creative and a little perky. It's cause I'm watching Sailor Moon. Wacthing Sailor Moon makes me feel perky and nostalgic all at the same time.

I forgot to mention that I didn’t really study for the test. I spent 3 hours playing neopets. It would have been 4 if there was not a time change.

I’m happy that I finally finished a few more stories even if they are only about a page long.

When I hear people say “Jeggin” (which is a combination of a jean and leggin) it makes me think of Daisuke Jigen who is my favorite character from Lupin the 3rd by the way. If there was a live action Lupin the 3rd movie I’d want John Cena to play Zenigata. They both have square heads. But you don’t really notice Zenigata’s square head since he is usually wearing a hat. Here is a picture of Zenigata for reference.

That girl I saw with the her bag was very “kawaii” I know I don’t use that word much, but I wasn’t really sure how to describe it. It made me think of my mom who likes pigs.

In my writing class we were talking about fake memoirs somebody mentioned A Million Little pieces. The lady I was sitting next was telling me she remembered when A Million Little Pieces as called a fraud. I thought about Towelie It also made me think of JT Leory and Sarah, but I couldn’t remember the name of the book. I really wanted to chime in and say “The book the song ‘Cherry Lips’ was based off of.” Nobody in class would “get” that.

I saw this guy rolling around in the grass at first I thought he fell. You know like a rolling fall. (I do those all the time.) As I walked by him I noticed that he was still rolling around on the ground like he was exercising or something. I see some people off to my right pointing and laughing at the guy. I passed by this guy before class. After I leave class that guy is still there! He's still rolling around on the ground or whatever he was doing. My class is over 90 minutes long!

You know what is funny my teacher said to sell inexpensive things at a high volume than a few expensive items. Martha Stewart says the opposite. Just remember just don’t make fun of the Dutch, ok?

I came up with more fusion cuisine. Corned Beef stir fry. Ok ok it was sort of my mom’s idea. But it was still good none the less.

You know who I forgot to mention in my St. Patrick’s Day blog; Uncle O’Grimacey. He was used in Shamrock Shake promotions in the 80s? I found this commercial with him in it.

I also forgot about the character Glomer from the Punky Brewster cartoons. Wasn't he suppose to be like part leprechaun or something. Punky did find him at the end of a rainbow?

OMG!! there is this one lady in class who acts like she's the teacher even though she is not. Ok we get it you are a former teacher, but THIS IS NOT YOUR CLASS!!!!1111oneeleven!!!! I mean she wanted to argue about how the papers were formatted. Who are you to say how it needs to be formatted? Isn’t that at the teacher’s discretion? She said she brought copies in 2 different formats. Really? @.@ :/ There are too many people who want to take over in there. It's getting a little cut throat/hostile. It's bringing back memories of my Art II class my junior year. All we need are some punk posers and somebody quoting a bunch of song lyrics and watching skateboarding footage. It would be like old times again.

My dad was mad because he's not able to enter a CBS contest for 60 days. You know after he won that chance to eat wings and meet Worthy. I wonder if that means the whole household? You know like if I want to enter a KROQ contest or something like that?

Entered the Conan O'Brien contest. I hope I'm eligible, and if I am that I win. ^-^

I realized that some of my stories were way too fatty, so I cut them down one story was so fatty I was able to cut it into 2 stories.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cut The Glut!

My readers and who ever else has stumbled across this blog knows I can be overly verbose at times and write long drawn out blogs. Like something Fraiser Crane would write.

I think I noticed this about some of the people in my memoir class; not all of them. A lot of them want to be published writers. It seems that is all they are focused on. I don't know I guess it's just my age or something. I feel now with the internet anybody can pretty much publish anything anywhere. I mean if you are looking for a specific story genre or subject you are likely to find it. To be honest if I never got paid for my writing I wouldn't be upset. I like to write to uh..."get the stress out", or something like that. Especially with my dad always around.

I almost got put in a group with a the girl who has the same first name as me. Did I mention that before? The worst thing is that we have last names that start with the same letter too. It can be quite confusing. It made me think about the 2 Kellys in The Office. Well later one of them became known as Erin. That is not awesome. Maybe I'll incessantly talk about celebrities and use the word "awesome" a lot in a true Kelly fashion. Maybe I should just go by my middle name like Kelly "Erin" Hannon did.

Here is a little antidote from class. If anybody from class happens to read this :0 I didn't have a problem with any of you. Anyway we had to some peer editing. I thought my story was "bad" since it was not very long, and I felt was not very descriptive. But it wasn't as "bad" as I thought it was. We ended up reading another story that didn't belong to anybody in the group the funny thing was that the journalists said to get to the point and don't really use overly descriptive language. I'd better trim the fat from some of my stories.

I found a mistake in 30 Rock today. In the episode "Don Geiss, America and Hope" they said Legoland is in LA. It's really in San Diego. They should have mentioned In N Out instead if they had the rights to and such.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


♣My hair wasn't as bad as I thought. I thought I wasn't going to be able to style it well. Usually when I try to style my hair on my own it comes out horribly ugly. I wore 2 high little pigtails on the top of my head. My hair was half up. The pigtails would have looked better if they were curled, but I didn't have time to do that.The back of my hair looked matted. I tried so hard to fix it though. The green hair decorations looked good in my red hair. Ok it's more auburn.

I saw a lot of people wearing green on the bus and at school. I'm disappointed that there is no PR (public relations) classes taught at school.

Later in class I was thinking about different green characters. I started making a list. I think I mentioned some of these characters before. Let's see Good Luck,
Patty O'Green and Lucky the sprite were obvious.

Then I thought about Minty from My Little Pony (both incarnations)

Then I thought about Hornswoggle

Here are some other green characters.

Sailor Jupiter
Some of them I added just because they have green hair.
Lime Chiffon
and Lettuce.

I also thought about Piggly. He's Irish.

Don't forget today is Billy Corgan's birthday.♣

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Ground is Shakin' Under me! Shake Shake

Funny, I used a No Doubt lyric to title this blog.

I was in the zone and ended up writing a story for like 2 hours. The problem is that I get so wrapped up in my writing I sometimes forget what time it is.

I had to go to bed after I caught up on my reading for class. It wasn't that much to read anyway only a few pages. I was really tired and needed to go to sleep. I still hadn't adjusted to the time change. I was having this strange dream about somebody pulling a prank with meat by hiding it somewhere. Then I felt it. The funny thing was that I felt it at my feet first I want to say in a northerly direction, but I have no sense of direction. ;) :P it brought back memories of Northridge '94. Especially since it occurred at about 4AM. It wasn't as violent or long, but you know me once I feel shaking I immediately run outside or try to. I usually stop if the earthquake subsides mid flee. I figured since I'm the scared paranoid one nobody else in the house felt it. The funny thing was none of the tv channels were covering the quake, so I calmed my nerves by watching CLYDE instead. I don't really like that show, but watching tv usually calms me. Then it was covered by the local news about 15-20 minutes later. They said it was centered in Pico Rivera which would have been south to where I was sleeping. Well that's what my dad said. I'm not sure. I wondered if it was a blind thrust fault like the Whittier Narrows one was. Sorry if there are too many geological terms in this part.

You know I could really relate Gossip Girl yesterday. Especially the part when Serena realizes that her dad doesn't want her, so she stops looking for him.

Speaking of dads something ironic happened to mine at the Laker event. The 2 sports stars he wanted to meet he didn't get to. Why didn't he think of going early? Even I know that and I'm pretty stupid. But we'll just leave delusional super jock dad to his own devices.

Since the earthquake stole some sleep from me. I woke up late again. Well I figured I wouldn't be adjusted anyway earthquake or no earthquake. Which meant I had no time for a fun hairstyle. I was palnning on wearing either Shirley braids or odangos.

Later at school I gave somebody in class some extra Sanrio stuff I had. It was all duplicates. I'm trying to purge my collection. Sometimes it just feels so good to purge (belongings). I'm not talking about food here. I don't do that kind of stuff. If you saw me you wouldn't think I have an eating disorder. Ok possibly overeating, but I've never purged food. Anyway I gave them to that cat lady I mentioned before. I like her. During the previous class session we where talking about Hello Kitty and the Sanrio stores in general. Anyway today I give her some of my duplicate things. Then she kept telling a bunch of people in the class that I gave her stuff. It wasn't much just some pencils and a notebook. She talks a lot especially during class. The funny thing is that she wanted to know why I was reading this book. She said she didn't like it. Actually the only reason I'm reading it is because it's assigned reading. It gives me something to read on the bus. I can put a dent in the book on the bus.

The funny thing is that I heard "Everything to Everyone" by Everclear again today. Speaking of music I heard about Dave Grohl and the caffeine intake.

You know that earthquake was unlucky there were a lot of 4's in it. The magnitude was 4.4 and it occurred at 4:04 AM.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Know all the Right People, You Play all the Right Games

Today is the day my dad is going to the tv station to be on tv during the Laker game. So if you happen to be watching it be on the look out for him if you know what he looks like. Look for the tall, moody blondish gray guy with a mustache. I saw him on tv looking moody and pissed off standing by himself in the background. LOL! Oh yeah this is a local LA based tv show.

I was sort of considering going, but I figured that since sports is really not my thing it wouldn’t be that fun. Plus I’m still not adjusted from the time change. It takes me a long time to do that. He tried to convince that since I’m young. What!? I’m close to 30 that I could adjust to the time change better. According to him I’m not close to 30 I’m in my mid 20s. 26 is not mid 20s it’s late 20s. Mid 20s would be between 23-25. Plus I have an early class tomorrow.

The even is being sponsored by Wing Stop, and I hard the wings there are not that good. Too bad their old sponsor the Flame Broiler is still not sponsoring the show. I would have eaten a beef bowl or something.

To be honest I think I was like his 2nd or 3rd choice. I’m not the first person that comes to mind when my dad thinks or “sports”. It would have been funny if I had gotten advice from a Laker. You know like from a scene in a tv show or something. After what he did to me in August I should be mad at him, and feel like nothing. Also he kept trying to get me out of the house early. I questioned if perhaps I was the victim of an elaborate prank.

Did anybody see The Simpsons yesterday. Simpsonized pikachu was on the show again. Ash was on there too. He was wearing his Kanto outfit. Has Simpsonized Ash been on The Simpsons before?

My dad told me since I was having a test he could help me study for it before school. I don’t need his help. He’s a horrible tutor. I’d have better luck if I slept with the book under my pillow the night before the test.

In the morning before school I heard the Everclear song “Everything to Everyone” on KROQ. They hardly ever play that song anymore. What a fitting song to hear.

My dad wanted me to use this bus card he got at a job fair to save money on the one I currently have. I stupidly left my other bus card at home. When I get to the bus I have a bad feeling that “what if it doesn’t work?”. Well even if it didn’t there was nothing I could do. I was at the bus stop, and I had to go to class. What do you know!? It doesn’t work. So I have to pay the fare with money, my own money. If I didn’t have a test today I would not have gone to class. I just would have gotten off the bus and went home. I should be more careful when I have to take a test. I shouldn’t be doing iffy things like that. You know I should just keep thinking like a pessimist it will keep me out of trouble. I knew one thing that would happen my dad would be mad at me because the card didn’t work. So I knew he would owe me $2 for having me use that bad card. Later I tell him that it was bad, and he owed me $2. Of course he got mad why wouldn’t he? He acted like I was trying to mooch off him. If I was really trying to mooch off him wouldn’t I have aimed for a dollar amount more than $2? But you know I’m stupid and I fucked up and I’ll take that.

Speaking of riding the bus I saw somebody air drumming on the bus. You hardly ever see air drumming! Unless you are watching Fallon or something. Mouthing the words or singing aloud is the most common. Air guitar is uncommon, but not as rare as air drumming. Well that is junior college for you.

The test wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At least she doesn’t give essay questions. I hate those and so does she. I was one of the first people to finish. You know what they say about the first person to finish the test either they failed it or aced it. Or at least that’s what they use to tell us in high school. Not sure if it’s true though.

Since it’s hot that means I can wear really fun hairstyles. Maybe I’ll wear Shirley braids to school or maybe some odangos. I should refrain from wearing pigtails since I’m close to 30 and that is a really inappropriate hairstyle.

I saw this girl with a really cute pig bag.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Going to Sleep my Life Away

"I'm gonna sleep all trough the day, I'm gonna sleep my life away". I wish I could really do that. I hate when my dad spends a whole afternoon studying and needs "quiet time". Which usually leads to long naps and eating meals over the sink. He hogs up the whole dining room table for his "studies". Why did he even bother spending all weekend studying and doing his homework if he was going to ditch class anyway? That really makes no sense!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that after my dad won the contest he was exhibiting strange clingy behavior. He kept trying to call me at school one day and was wasting my prepaid minutes. It wasn’t even for anything important!

Aside from my dad's study skills I'm still thinking of a hair style for St. Patrick's Day. I think I will reuse some of my old Christmas hair decorations. They are green and can be useful. I really liked that hair decoration Meredith was wearing in her hair in the most recent episode of The Office. I want something like that for my hair. Isn’t the Meredith character Irish? Too bad I don't have a Conan shirt to wear.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Onion Rings

The title makes no sense. I'm just thinking about the onion rings I ate for dinner. :P

My dad got the time change wrong. He thinks we get an extra hour. LOL! XD Actually the only reason I remember that is because the extra hour was gained in the fall of '09. I even blogged about it. It made me think of the Seinfeld episode "The Susie" where Kramer decides to switch to daylight savings time in February. That little mnemonic device rhyme to remember never works for me at all. I need to be explicitly told which way to set my clock by like a tv news program or something.

I'm horrible under pressure and I crack. Especially when my dad is constantly badgering me. I'd be a horrible spy/agent. Sometimes he can badger me to the brink of insanity.

Don't you hate when people try to take over the conversations? I guess nobody really likes that. Here is something funny that happened in class yesterday that I totally forgot about. It didn't come to me until this afternoon. Anyway there was this discussion in class and this lady was talking, and somebody (not me) was going to chime in to agree or disagree with her I forget which it doesn't even matter anyway. She says sternly "Don't interrupt me I'm speaking!" What!? I don't know I just though that was funny. Maybe it was one of those things where you have to be there, or it was just me.

I'm getting so frustrated with the stories I'm writing for my memoir class. First I was frustrated that I wasn't cranking them out fast enough.We have to turn something in soon, and almost all of the stories I started are not finished! The ones I have finished are a half page to a page long. That's way too short! Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. Maybe I should be more organized or something?

Speaking of memoirs have you read Shirley's newest facebook note? Maybe I should read the book she recommends. I have to read a memoir book for class anyway and do a book report on it. I'll be all "Shirley Manson recommends". No joke I'd probably say something like that in class. I really wish Shirley would write a memoir.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Come in with the Breeze

Somebody's phone went off in class and was ringing "Sunday Morning" which I thought was funny because my phone rings "Spiderwebs". The even stranger thing was that I was thinking about (but not listening to) the song "Sunday Morning" before class.

Aside from that coincidental and freaky event in class nothing particularly interesting happened. I feel like I've been the Sanrio ambassador in class. That is not a bad thing though.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Celebrity Appeal

It was funny in my sales class because we had to do a skit to sell something. It reminded me of my old French class. In French class we had to do a skit, and sell something. Luckily for my sales class the teacher brought products. In French class we had to use what we had/was on us. I used a bracelet I happened to be wearing. I remember saying in French "the jewelry like Gwen Stefani wears", or something like that. The bracelet did look like something Gwen would wear. I performed the skit and laughed the whole time like I always would, and people want to know why I'm a Jimmy Fallon fan.

Back to my sales class we had to work in groups, and one of the guys in the group said he didn't want to do the skit because he would be laughing the whole time. Which would have made 2 of us. Then I started thinking about Jimmy Fallon. The skit we did in class wasn't too bad. I didn't laugh through the whole thing, and neither did the other guy.

Speaking of winning contests from a tv station. I won something from a contest too. I won something from UTB digital 18.2. It was kind of funny how I entered it. The commercials ran for it last month back when my old computer broke, and I was in between computers. I think I sent the email on the computer tower we had for like 2 days. I remember the theme for it was "awards shows". Each of the contests have a theme like Mother's Day or Halloween. Usually the prizes don't really interest me. The Halloween contest did, but I forgot to enter. :(

When I came home from school I found a mysterious package. My dad thought I ordered more books for some reason, but I didn't. The rest of my books came yesterday. I thought it might have been a package that my grandma had shipped. The strange thing was it had my name on it. My dad is incredibly nosy and had to know what I received. As I felt the package it felt "boxy". He insisted that I open it in front of him. He was trying to open it until I nabbed it away from him.

I saw the box said "Charlie Lapson", and then I remembered what is was. I opened the box to find a clutch wallet thing. I really wanted the A-frame bag, but the clutch wallet thing is nice too. Really glamorous. It was free, so I can't be picky. Besides the A-frame bag and the wallet clutch thing some of the other prizes were a watch and a luggage tag. There might have been another one, but I'm writing this from memory. I sort of regret not entering the Halloween giveaway last year, but I'm not going to get cynical. :P I shouldn't enter anymore contests held by that tv station just to give other people a chance.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was a funny/strange day. Some of this is bordering on "rant blog" material.

My dad got a legit email that he won a prize in a Lakers contest. The problem is that it conflicts with his schooling. Let's say he's struggling. What do you think he chose? I guess it runs in the family. No worries I can just use it against him.

Perhaps something bad could go down who knows. Let's just say I can sense or feel something "bad".

I came up with a new idea for a toothbrush today while I was brushing my teeth and listening to "Driving Lesson". I wish there was a toothbrush like Toothtunes, but it was customizable. I would buy that.

I really didn't want to style my hair since it was so windy. I mean it was just going to get messed up anyway. I wore it down since hair worn down can look "messy" even when it's not suppose to be. When it's windy you can wear your hair down and "messy" and not feel guilty about it. Sometimes windblown hair is good like if you are in like a photo shoot or something. Actually my hair blowing in the wind made me think about anime. You know how a lot of characters are shown standing with their hair blowing in the wind.

When I walked into the bathroom to apply some gloss (I really gotta lay off this stuff) and I saw this sign. Not sure what it means. Does this mean there is a bad omen in the bathroom? Maybe Damien is in there. I could have gone in a whole different direction with this.

While I'm lost in thought trying to write one of my stories in my head. I just need inspiration or something. I was listening to music, and thinking about how to format my story. Then an alarm goes off it was really loud, but I was still trying to concentrate on the music I was listening to for story ideas. The funny thing is that since it's college. I'm using that term loosely here; nobody really knows what to do. You know like in earlier grades said classes would be evacuated out of the buildings and such if it was only a drill. Of course if there was an emergency people would be running away in an disorderly fashion. The funny thing was that the alarm went off at a time between classes. Everybody is asking everybody else what to do. It was sort of funny. It seemed like something that could happen in a show like Community or some show like that. All we needed was Britta, Pierce, Jeff, Annie and the others. I was confused too, but I didn't show it. I just looked sort of spacey since I was still trying to think of something for my story. I was also people watching from the 3rd floor that I was on. I didn't know if class was canceled or what. It was kinda windy,and I kinda wanted to go home. The funny thing was that right when my teacher arrived the alarm stopped.

The only other time there has been an alarm going off while I was in college was back when I attended CSUF. I was trying to nap in the student union. I think it was on or near finals week. I was falling asleep watching a show about some kids who were doing a senior prank to their school on MTV. Luckily I was there because the evacuation was semi-organized. I was upset I didn't get a nap in before class. Later I read in the school newspaper that it was just a drill and there was no danger.

I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with those annoying people in class. I moved away from somebody because I knew they were annoying. I guess I have to change up my seating a bit. Or let them take a seat before I do. I'd like some advice on how to deal with them. Please don't say "keep ignoring them" that won't work and it will make me look even snobbier than I look now.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Buy This Blog!

Let's see if I can manage to come up with a good title for this blog, but if I can't I'll end up giving it a lame name like "miscellaneous blog". No wait I got the perfect title. "Buy This Blog!" It's a nice jab at the title of the blog I wrote last week "Steal This Blog!"

I'm still having a hard time cranking out the stories, and when I do finish them they just feel so bland. *exasperated sigh*

I learned something in my sales class. I learned about the 4 types of consumers. I already knew I was an emotional shopper. I'm trying to think about what I can do with something, or get something to copy somebody. I mean how many times have I written about feeling emotional, and then going shopping. Or when I make impulse buys or buy something on a whim. I thought I blogged about the time I wanted to buy a pink studded collar on a whim, but there weren't any the store.

After we did that we watched a video about how people shop and how stores are arranged and stuff. Which made me think about that old PBS show The Merchants of Cool. I thought I wrote about that before; maybe I wrote about it in my old myspace blog. Or I was thinking about writing a blog about that show, but I never did. I really can't remember.

I'm trying to come up with a good/cute hairstyle for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe I'll wear tiny pigtails or something. I don't know...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm taking the day off from blogging today. I feel depleted or something. Still frustrated with a different story I'm working on. Maybe I should get some sleep. ZZZZZZ. ^o^ <-- that's a yawning emoticon.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

This is another leftovers blog, but I want to give this a good title. I'm calling it "Random Thoughts", and if I've already used that title then think of this a "Random Thoughts #2".

Yesterday I started drawing another piece of Shirley fanart. I'm not satisfied with it though. I'm having a hard time drawing her eyes and her hair. Why do I have so much trouble with that? If I'm eventually satisfied with my work I'll post it. I came up with the idea for it earlier in the week while I was waiting for the bus.

I finally posted on my class message board. I hope I didn't post anything accidentally offensive. Not sure though a lot of things I write can get misconstrued. It took me like 2 days to write something. You know I planned out what I was going to write before I wrote it. I wanted to appear eloquent on the board.

I got one of the books I ordered yesterday. It kind of smells funny. For some reason my dad wanted to inspect the book? Huh? I didn't let him anyway because I need to read it because I'm behind on my reading.

I had a silly thought what if Lady Gaga could have collaborated with Liberace?

I'm gonna throw some leftovers from the week in here too. Wait I already mentioned that.

I'm so outta shape. I'm getting winded walking to class. Well the school is on an incline. Perhaps by the end of the year I'll be fit enough to not be winded by walking to class.

In my sales class people talk about different sales jobs and somebody was talking about being a sports agent. I thought that was pretty interesting even though I don't really like sports. Talent agent is something I've been kicking around in my mind for about 2 years now. :P ^-^

The funny thing is that I posted that message on the class message, and I haven't gotten any replies. Strange. Oh well. perhaps I posted it in the wrong section or something? I'm not going to fret over that.

One of the books I have to read for class was featured through Oprah's book club, so a lot of the people in class have read it. Why can't we watch KillDozer? Or look at the 2010 Calender of Extraordinary Chickens?

I forgot to add that my dad misinterpreted one of my assignments again. I let him see the book I had revived in the mail. He looks at it and wants to know how I'm going to read that whole book in one weekend. What? I have to read a chapter like every week. Well at least it wasn't as bad as the media charting one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Think I Could Make That

In the spirit of the release of Alice in Wonderland here is a blog that is semi-themed.

This is an old blog I was going to write a while ago. This happened back when I was having computer problems and such.

Actually the story starts is that the first computer was not compatible with the old printer we had. Of course this situation enrages my dad, and feels he is being scammed. The problem was than Cannon never updated the drivers for the particular model we had. Anyway we had to get a new printer. They were going to help us install it. There were a lot of problems with installing it since it wouldn’t install and it should have because they were both for Windows 7. They kept trying to do it, and it was taking a long time. My dad kept making excuses for not leaving the store or even going home because he believed he was being scammed. Aside from him saying his blanket “computer crap” statement. We had to go to the mall to wait. Of course we ended up at the Hot Topic store. Well that’s the gist of it. That story could be it’s own blog entry.

Hot Topic was selling a bunch of Alice in Wonderland stuff like shirts, costumes, accessories, bags, hats, and other stuff. They were also selling those little top hats. I was examining them to see how they were made. I know there are quite a few places online that give you tutorials on how to make your own. Those little hats were pretty expensive too.

They were also selling Hello Kitty stuff. They had these ears for sale for $8.
I know I can make my own for so much cheaper.

I did buy something (not Alice or Hello Kitty related) there, but I’ll write about that in a separate blog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Perfect" Post

I was happy I actually manged to kind of wake up on time today.

The teacher passed out candy. It wasn't very good. The chocolate tasted sort of waxy, but you know me. I usually don't pass up free candy. ;P

The teacher noticed that a lot of people still haven't posted on the class message board and introduced themselves. So she made it an assignment. D'oh! *snaps fingers*. Ok now that is something that can coax me into posting. I still have no idea what I'm going to write. I haven't written it yet, but wish me luck that I write something good. ^-^ You know what I better pre-write something before posting.

Oh yeah and the vague instructions were for drawing a map. I thought it was going to be something bad or something... There I go again making assumptions.

Aside from the assignment we got (not the posting on the board one) I was going to do what the assignment called for anyway. I also got another idea for a story to write. This story is a more recent story. Most of the stories I've been working on have been focusing about when I was in the 4th grade.

You know what song I heard on the radio today "Perfect" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I haven't heard that song played on the radio in years. It was a nice little nostalgic trip listening to it. I love the video too.

I ate a donut today and it was really girly looking. It had heart sprinkles on it. (probably Valentines day leftovers) @.@

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank you Honigon and Andy!

I've been having some anxiety with my writing class. I know it's all like "be free! and get your stories out". The problem is not that I'm having trouble what to write about I have a few ideas and stuff. It's just that I feel that I can't get them out quickly enough.

In my business class my teacher was surprised I knew what to do when you receive a business card in Japan. I learned that from Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese and Sense of Japan. I didn't learn it Japanese class though. I also know about seating order too.

It's so strange sometimes the bus is really crowded, and sometimes it's not. I made me think about this Weird Al song. "Another one Rides the Bus". It's a great song. I heard it on the Dr. Demento show years ago. I really hope it thins out at the school in general soon.

Update: My teacher gave us some pretty vague instructions online. I have no idea what she wants us do. To quote Grumpy Smurf here "I hate not knowing what to do."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tell Me Clearly, Write It Down Here

The title is taken from an episode of True Tears.

You know there was something funny that happened in class yesterday. The class got into an argument/debate about if Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are real doctors.

Ok so the artsy thing I had to make for my writing class. It was a name tag/name plate. I really don't know how to describe it you know like those things they would put on your desk like back in 2nd grade. To be honest I think I went a little overboard in making it. Sometimes my crafty side gets the best of me. It's the repressed art student inside me. I stayed up until like 2 in morning working on it. I got like 5 hours of sleep. Also when I tried to fit in my backpack it was too wide. I made it a triangular prism shape like a Toblerone box. It was my inspiration. :P

For some reason I had "Metal Heart" stuck in my head all morning. I'm not sure why though.

I tried a new hairstyle today and it looked pretty funny/ugly. It needs work. I was almost late to school working on it.

When I took out my name tag I looked at it and I'm still not satisfied with it. I think I'll work on it some more. I decorated it on both sides so I have something pleasing to look at during class if I get bored or something or if I need some inspiration. Compared to the ones the other students. I think mine was over the top. Well at least it's readable. No pictures of it though, sorry.

The funny thing is that the teacher said a lot of people are lurking on the class message board, but only 11 people have posted. I still don't feel open enough to post. I'll still need to be coaxed into it; like a little animal that is lured out of a hiding place with food. Maybe if I'm one of the last people who doesn't post then maybe I will. No guarantees though. I have to say one thing about the board though. People post a lot of funny things even if they are not meant to be funny.

I worked on my name tag/ name plate tonight. Now I'm satisfied with it. Although I might have over decorated it. :/

Oh and I forgot to wish Jimmy Fallon a happy 1 year anniversary. (cynical comment removed)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Steal This Blog!

I was up late fretting about my story for my memoir class. I've been working on it on and off since late Friday/early Saturday morning. For some reason I've been stressing out about writing it. I've been having celebrity dis dreams. I always have those when I'm stressed. For some reason the song Garbage song "Soldier Through This" has been playing in my dreams.

I want to address 2 things before I get into the meat of the blog. First I know some people were mad about Gwen Stefani being made fun of on Saturday Night Live in the "We Are the World 3" skit. Actually I though the impersonation was spot on. The singing voice was great. I'm not sure which Gwen era she was suppose to be though. Her outfit looked like a mix of different eras. It confused me a little, but easily recognizable as Gwen.

Second thing; I was going to blog about how I was looking for a new phone, and what a hard time I had. I ended up falling asleep, and forgot to write the blog. By the time I woke up it was already midnight.

Nothing particularly interesting happened to me today at school. The only thing interesting I saw was a guy who got on the bus wearing an Eddie Guerrero shirt. I just thought that was worth posting.