Monday, March 15, 2010

You Know all the Right People, You Play all the Right Games

Today is the day my dad is going to the tv station to be on tv during the Laker game. So if you happen to be watching it be on the look out for him if you know what he looks like. Look for the tall, moody blondish gray guy with a mustache. I saw him on tv looking moody and pissed off standing by himself in the background. LOL! Oh yeah this is a local LA based tv show.

I was sort of considering going, but I figured that since sports is really not my thing it wouldn’t be that fun. Plus I’m still not adjusted from the time change. It takes me a long time to do that. He tried to convince that since I’m young. What!? I’m close to 30 that I could adjust to the time change better. According to him I’m not close to 30 I’m in my mid 20s. 26 is not mid 20s it’s late 20s. Mid 20s would be between 23-25. Plus I have an early class tomorrow.

The even is being sponsored by Wing Stop, and I hard the wings there are not that good. Too bad their old sponsor the Flame Broiler is still not sponsoring the show. I would have eaten a beef bowl or something.

To be honest I think I was like his 2nd or 3rd choice. I’m not the first person that comes to mind when my dad thinks or “sports”. It would have been funny if I had gotten advice from a Laker. You know like from a scene in a tv show or something. After what he did to me in August I should be mad at him, and feel like nothing. Also he kept trying to get me out of the house early. I questioned if perhaps I was the victim of an elaborate prank.

Did anybody see The Simpsons yesterday. Simpsonized pikachu was on the show again. Ash was on there too. He was wearing his Kanto outfit. Has Simpsonized Ash been on The Simpsons before?

My dad told me since I was having a test he could help me study for it before school. I don’t need his help. He’s a horrible tutor. I’d have better luck if I slept with the book under my pillow the night before the test.

In the morning before school I heard the Everclear song “Everything to Everyone” on KROQ. They hardly ever play that song anymore. What a fitting song to hear.

My dad wanted me to use this bus card he got at a job fair to save money on the one I currently have. I stupidly left my other bus card at home. When I get to the bus I have a bad feeling that “what if it doesn’t work?”. Well even if it didn’t there was nothing I could do. I was at the bus stop, and I had to go to class. What do you know!? It doesn’t work. So I have to pay the fare with money, my own money. If I didn’t have a test today I would not have gone to class. I just would have gotten off the bus and went home. I should be more careful when I have to take a test. I shouldn’t be doing iffy things like that. You know I should just keep thinking like a pessimist it will keep me out of trouble. I knew one thing that would happen my dad would be mad at me because the card didn’t work. So I knew he would owe me $2 for having me use that bad card. Later I tell him that it was bad, and he owed me $2. Of course he got mad why wouldn’t he? He acted like I was trying to mooch off him. If I was really trying to mooch off him wouldn’t I have aimed for a dollar amount more than $2? But you know I’m stupid and I fucked up and I’ll take that.

Speaking of riding the bus I saw somebody air drumming on the bus. You hardly ever see air drumming! Unless you are watching Fallon or something. Mouthing the words or singing aloud is the most common. Air guitar is uncommon, but not as rare as air drumming. Well that is junior college for you.

The test wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At least she doesn’t give essay questions. I hate those and so does she. I was one of the first people to finish. You know what they say about the first person to finish the test either they failed it or aced it. Or at least that’s what they use to tell us in high school. Not sure if it’s true though.

Since it’s hot that means I can wear really fun hairstyles. Maybe I’ll wear Shirley braids to school or maybe some odangos. I should refrain from wearing pigtails since I’m close to 30 and that is a really inappropriate hairstyle.

I saw this girl with a really cute pig bag.

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