Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tomatoes and Strawberries

I've been slacking off lately. I should really be writing more. It seems like I can't seem to complete a story. I'm not sure why.

Cena's appearance on Fallon was funny I think Cena doesn't interact with Fallon as well as he did with Conan.

Before class for some reason I was thinking about "In the Snow". I was thinking that it's been over a year since the song was released.

People must really hate tomatoes I always see discarded tomato slices all over campus. Tomatoes in hamburgers and sandwiches are gross.

The obvious thing about a sales class is people are trying to sell you stuff in there. Some guy I think he works for a credit card company or a bank was trying to sell us on this bank. Which is funny since me and some other guy disproved him by all the conditions. I should know I was looking for a bank a few months ago. People like the blur the line between MLM (multi level management ) and sales. Me, personally I think MLM is not sales. That is not a "grey area".

My Strawberry Shortcake DVD arrived today. It's not bad for paying about $2 for it, not including shipping.

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