Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank you Honigon and Andy!

I've been having some anxiety with my writing class. I know it's all like "be free! and get your stories out". The problem is not that I'm having trouble what to write about I have a few ideas and stuff. It's just that I feel that I can't get them out quickly enough.

In my business class my teacher was surprised I knew what to do when you receive a business card in Japan. I learned that from Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese and Sense of Japan. I didn't learn it Japanese class though. I also know about seating order too.

It's so strange sometimes the bus is really crowded, and sometimes it's not. I made me think about this Weird Al song. "Another one Rides the Bus". It's a great song. I heard it on the Dr. Demento show years ago. I really hope it thins out at the school in general soon.

Update: My teacher gave us some pretty vague instructions online. I have no idea what she wants us do. To quote Grumpy Smurf here "I hate not knowing what to do."

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