Friday, March 5, 2010

I Think I Could Make That

In the spirit of the release of Alice in Wonderland here is a blog that is semi-themed.

This is an old blog I was going to write a while ago. This happened back when I was having computer problems and such.

Actually the story starts is that the first computer was not compatible with the old printer we had. Of course this situation enrages my dad, and feels he is being scammed. The problem was than Cannon never updated the drivers for the particular model we had. Anyway we had to get a new printer. They were going to help us install it. There were a lot of problems with installing it since it wouldn’t install and it should have because they were both for Windows 7. They kept trying to do it, and it was taking a long time. My dad kept making excuses for not leaving the store or even going home because he believed he was being scammed. Aside from him saying his blanket “computer crap” statement. We had to go to the mall to wait. Of course we ended up at the Hot Topic store. Well that’s the gist of it. That story could be it’s own blog entry.

Hot Topic was selling a bunch of Alice in Wonderland stuff like shirts, costumes, accessories, bags, hats, and other stuff. They were also selling those little top hats. I was examining them to see how they were made. I know there are quite a few places online that give you tutorials on how to make your own. Those little hats were pretty expensive too.

They were also selling Hello Kitty stuff. They had these ears for sale for $8.
I know I can make my own for so much cheaper.

I did buy something (not Alice or Hello Kitty related) there, but I’ll write about that in a separate blog.

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