Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thoughts on Wrestlemania 26

I'm going to blog about Wrestlemania. You know I had a leftovers blog, but maybe I'll post that later or never. We'll see. I should really be working on a story for class or doing my sales homework. Sorry this is late I was falling asleep writing this yesterday.

The overall show was good. I didn't like the Vince vs Brett match and the divas match. But usually the divas match is a yawner for me.

The tag match was ok. I really don't have much to say about it.

The Triple threat match with Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase was ok.

I thought the Triple H vs Shamus was ok too. I thought Triple H was going to have Shamus win.

Money in the Bank was a little hectic. There were too many people in it. I root for Sheldon every year, but he never wins. I didn't think Swagger was going to win it. I thought it'd be somebody with more experience like Kane or Christian. How long do you think Swagger's push will last?

I really wanted Punk to beat Rey. Rey's avatar inspired mask was um...interesting. My cousin brought up what if he dresses like a character from Alice in Wonderland next year. I really liked CM Punk's G.I. Joe style shorts. Well he does have a Cobra tattoo.

Cena's match was ok. He won it. I don't know it was pretty weak for me. Neither Batista or Cena is known for their "superior wrestling ability". They usually wrestle short matches. What's Cena's Wrestlemania win loss record? 7-1? I think that is right? You can correct me if that is wrong. I think his only loss was at Wrestlemaina 24. I thought Cena was going to use a more gimmicky entrance than the one he used. I thought the was going to do something football related, but after I thought about it I remembered he did that a few years ago.

The Jericho vs Edge match was good. I was expecting to be let down by it, but it delivered.

A lot of people were comparing Undertaker's and HBK's match to the one they had last year, and which one was better. I liked them both. They were both great matches.

Did I talk about all the televised matches?

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