Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Printer Happy

After I printed a few things I got an error message and the printer was making a strange grinding noise. I tried to look it up online to see what was the problem, but none of the posted solutions helped. It said there was a paper jam, but there was no paper I could see in there. I fiddled with the thing for at least a half hour.

My dad is not very nice to the printer. He is printer happy. We go through so much ink! He prints out his passwords, e-cards, sports brackets, sports schedules and other meaningless things. I feared this would happen with the first printer we had. This is already our 3rd printer. I remember because before we had a printer, and I was in school they were really strict about what could be printed. Absolutely no photos. All website articles had to cut and pasted into word with the photos removed. We had a computer in art class and the kids would get print happy. Especially since the printer was slow, and it was hard to know if the thing you put in the print queue was going to print. Later on in the class period like 5 pages of the same thing would all print out. I knew my dad was going to get print happy that's just how he is. It's his "toy".

I called the HP customer service which is in India I had a hard time understanding the guy at least he didn't try to use an American name like "Scott" or something. He was unhelpful and was really just trying to sell me another printer. I didn't get Madhuri or Gupta.

I left the broken printer for my dad to "discover". One of his solutions was to get his shop vac and blow air into the printer to get the stuck paper. I used my opposite instinct this time. The old me would have went on and on about how it was a bad idea. I just said I thought it was a bad idea, but that if he thinks its good to go ahead and do it. I was not stopping him. It's a "photosmart"model, but he kept calling it "photoshop". I had no idea what he was talking about or even trying to say.

Then he wanted to go and get if fixed, but he wanted me to come with him. I refused to go. He acts like he is so smart with tech stuff, so he had to do it alone! He called up the place and asked for the worker with the very special last name. He said that if it was really broken I'd have to go to the store with him and get another printer! X-X
I didn't want it to be the same thing all over again! @0@

When he got back he said that they told him to clean the printer. He was mad because they told him to buy a new one. He was also mad because the tech people didn't understand what he was trying to say.

All we needed to do was unplug it a few times with the power turned off. UGH! >:(

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frog and Mouse (both owned by Warner)

People so fondly remember Pinky and the Brain. It made me their think of the cartoon. Most people around my age so fondly remember them. It's like their cartoon "Puppet Rulers". In that cartoon Pinky and the Brain appear on this kid's show that is a parody of Beanie and Cecil called "Meanie and Treacle". Their characters are Big Ears and Noodle Noggin. They freeze them selves and then hope to be fondly remembered by children in the future and rule the world! It backfires and when they come back the adults are upset that they abandoned them. I think it's funny when I'm wearing the shirt and people who remember it get mad at me like I took it away or know what happened to it. 'I'm just a fan."

While I was waiting around for the call (to my cell). It made me think of the Street Frogs. Here is a quick summary of what the Street Frogs is. It's a cartoon from 1987 about some hip-hop frogs. The cartoon also had a musical montage. There are 5 of them Big Max, Honey Love Loretta, Dr. Slick, Spider, and Moose. (from left to right ) They usually take odd jobs to make "seed" which is slang for money.

I was thinking of the episode "The Phone Call". Here is a quick summary of the episode Max, Spider, Moose and Dr. Slick are helping somebody move. Slick is waiting for a phone call although he denies it. He keeps missing calls, and it ultimately distracted.
Here are the lyrics to the original song featured.

The one thing I really hate to do

Is sit around the house and wait for you to call me on the phone
I really hate that sitting alone
It's such an awful thing

Male and Female:
(chorus) waiting for the phone to ring

waiting for the phone to riiiiiing

I hate pretending like I'm reading a book

I hate pretending like I'm learning to cook
Don't like to watch tv, afraid to take a walk
Afraid she'll miss me afraid you'll wanna talk

Male and Female:
What the heck's a guy to do?

While he's waitin' for a call from you
While he's waitin' for the phone to ring
Pretending it don't mean a thing

whether you call or not

You're on (can't make this lyric out)

The on thing I really hate to do

Is sit around the house and wait for you to call me on the phone
I really hate that sitting alone
It's such an awful thing

Male and Female:
(chorus) waiting for the phone to ring

waiting for the phone to riiiiiing

I hate pretending that the clock is wrong

To keep on listin' to the same old song
Each time I hear that note I almost lose my cool
With that ding-a-ling I'm just a silly fool

Male and Female:
What the heck's a girl to do?

While she's waitin' for a call from you
While she's waitin' for the phone to ring
Pretending it don't mean a thing

whether you call or not

You're on (?)

The frogs mess up a lot of the stuff they tried to move, and have to pay for it. Later an announcement is made on the radio from Tiffany to Dr. Slick. Since she couldn't reach him on the phone she's going to babysit.Who can do hip hop better than a frog can? Street Frogs!

All lyrics and images are copyright to their original owners.

When I re-watched this cartoon about 3 years ago. I realized how outdated it was.

I had submitted a few summaries of the cartoons to, but for some reason they are having issues with the site again.

I didn't get the job :(

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hope I get it!

I had my hair in a tight little proper bun. Only because I'm growing my hair out and it's hot. I decided to dress very nice since this was for a sales job.

Some people there were dressed real casual with short or flip flops and jeans.

The presentation was being held in the lobby. There was not just a room or anything. She gave handouts that have sales scrips on them. Maybe I should study them. There is base pay,and commissions. If it was pure commissions I would have left.

I noticed that there was a huge misprint in my resume. My phone number was wrong! I can't believe it! Maybe that's why nobody was calling me! DAMN!
I told her I have no job experience, but she was cool with it and said people have to start somewhere. She said she liked my attitude! Or could she smell desperation? The ad did say no experience necessary. That was what caught me. She also said she liked my name. :P My common name.

I'll be cool with sales if I get the job, and I don't have to go to other parts of the fair and try to get business. Like bothering people in the games section or the race track. Now I wait for the call back or not.

My dad and I made it back in time for football. And nobody was kicked in the shin.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garbage songs to Strip To/ Weedin' out the Posers

Shirley was a guest on Ferguson.

She said she didn't know the song "Afternoon Delight" I guess she hasn't been up on Glee that song was sung by Emma in "Sexy", and it was sung Arrested development by Maeby and Michael at the Christmas party. In the episode entitled "Afternoon Delight".

"Vow" was the first song that came to mind for some reason. I think I was thinking about it before I watched the show. Now I'm trying to come up with a list of Garbage songs to strip to.

Here's what I came up with:
Hammering in My Head
Push It
Stupid Girl
Why do you Love Me

Later at the Jack in the Box there was this boy wearing a Doors shirt. He asked the boy if he knew who they are. I stupidly left my phone charging at home. My dad is weedin' out the posers with Doors shirts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Shirley's birthday today! She's eating a dog! A dog shaped cake! It's so cute! ^-^

I decided to put on lotion and it was stupid of me to do that because it was too hot and I woke up in some nice and slimy plumeria scented sweat.

That's why I don't like lotion. It smears everything like books and stuff. I hate reading books or magazines with smudged pages. Or smudged printouts.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Casual Stella

I bought more doll clothes So I knocked off another item of my Stella outfit wish list. Maybe I should focus on selling more than buying. I need to work on my Stella doll wish list. Now all I need from here season 1 (old version) casual outfit is the shoes. The skirt has like little panties sewn in.

I'm going to add this outfit. All I want is the top, skirt and shoes. I don't really care about the other accessories (the phone and purse)

I'm sad because one of the straps on my Bratz dress broke off.

My dad is so nosy. He has to know who I'm getting letters from. It's so hard for me to buy things by mail unless I notify him in advance. Especially if I buy something big like a DVD or something.

I'm trying to think of all the big name fast food places and restaurants I can apply to. Places that accept "ugly people". It's hard thinking of places.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane then a Kick in the Shin

If you cut in front of me in a line for a job interview I'll kick you in the shin! That happened to me before. Some guy let his girlfriend cut in line. This was back in like '04 or '05 when there were more jobs available. I kicked him in the shin. Jobs are scarce now I'd probably end up on the news that there was a brawl during some hiring fair or job interviews.

Why are there boys named Andrew that were born after 1992? Don't parents know what bad connotations that name has?

After a name has been retired as a hurricane I think the name as a whole should too.

If there was a hurricane with my first name I'd change it right away! I don't like my first name anyway. With my luck the name I change it to would be a "hurricane name".

Monday, August 22, 2011

An Important date to Remember

My dad asked if I got classes and I said no. I was surprised he wasn't upset about this. Or if he was he didn't show it.

I'll reapply after Shirley's birthday. Only because the people with delinquent accounts (the non-payers) are dropped. This year it happens to fall on her birthday, so I have an easy time to remember the date.

It's so hard for me to prove I'm an independent. I have been since I reached 25? :/ It kept getting flagged for some reason. I don't understand. :/

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I saw that Conan anime aka Case Closed. It's good. I've only seen 2 episodes so I'm still getting a feel for it. It's like Miss Mallard, but a grown up version of it. I like what I've seen so far. I heard it's still running in Japan and has been since 1996. I also heard that a dub was shown on Cartoon Network, but it was promptly canceled due to low ratings.

What if Conan met Conan?

That In the Flow with Affion Crockett is not funny. It's trying to be edgy like In Living Color or Madtv was, but to me it's boring.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I got a job interview the only problem is it's scheduled for the 22nd... of September! That's more than a month away. I hope this is legit. The place got one bad rating on city search.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Engrish Apron

I went shopping at the dollar store yesterday and I found some funny times Engrish!

Let's beging the pictures!
I think is supposed to say "celebrity".

I have no idea why this description is on that. I'm pretty sure the item is an apron.

I think I have to stop taking pictures in the store. I think the store is onto me. :( Maybe I'll take photos in silent mode.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Panda review (double chocolate)

I took an interesting take on this review. Let's start off regular stuff here is a picture of the bag. I'm recycling the box picture from my previous blog about these. These ones come in a gold bag.

These cookies are chocolate filled with a chocolate cookie on the out side. I bought these like 2 months ago.
Here is a picture of the cookies.

I was disappointed I did not get an (American) football panda cookie this time.

I tasted these. I like these better than the ones with the vanilla cookie and the chocolate filling. It is the same filing though. They have a robust chocolate flavor. I let my dad have some. He was not my "guinea pig". He likes double chocolate stuff anyway. For his birthday he always eats a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chew on a Master

I was going to write this blog strictly as a review of Hello Panda cookies, but then I wanted to talk about Master Chef, and a funny story about employment.

I submitted another email to that sandwich place since they said they were looking for more applicants because in their new ad that the didn't find what they were looking for on Saturday.

I resubmitted an application which showed the following:
I'm desperate
I'm relentless
I'm testing the water to see if I'm really blacklisted

I'm also starting a boycott on this place and it's franchises.

I got all into Master Chef this summer. My mom was into it first, and then I started watching it. That one guy was too cocky, and all the judges make themselves look like jerks. Christian was too cocky. The whole program reminded me of my advanced art class.

I'd never apply for Master Chef. Because I can't cook and my own family won't eat my cooking.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Death of Glee?

Box office reports that the Glee moive is a flop.

Now that other people pointed it out I noticed that the lip syncing did not match up. I thought it was just bad syncing on the theater's part. I remember seeing a badly synched Austin Powers movie in the theater.

I remember a few months ago there was a contest on facebook to make video describing how Glee changed your life. I liked the prompt and saved it as a source for a writing prompt. I had no intention of making video. Mostly because I have no video equipment.

Glee reminds of Mighty Morpin Power Rangers in so many ways.

Actors in their 20s playing teenagers
Concert/live tour
Was a really big deal at the height of it's respective popularity
On Fox (in the US)
Had a movie the non-fans would probably not watch unless they were parents or something
Contract disputes/characters leaving

There are probably even more things, but those were all I could think of. *shrugs*

I haven't bought much Glee merchandise. I have zero Glee songs on my MP3 player. I don't have any sound tracks or DVDs. Not even when the enticing sale price of $7 did not make me want to buy the "Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album". The reason I don't have any Glee songs is because a large portion of them are covers.

I went to the store in the back to school section, and there were Glee notebooks with season 1 pictures of the characters on them and they were $2.50! Maybe I'll wait until the back to school items go on sale and pick up one of they are left. I can buy whole bunch of inexpensive plain composition and notebooks and print out my favorite Glee pictures off the internet.

I think as a whole my dad and I spent about $21 on Glee merchandise. I got a calender for my birthday, a $1 Rachel dairy and the $10 movie.

The second season was really lacking it got all "Mary Sue" on me. Even worse than Winx Club and, Bloom is very much a Mary Sue. First I thought it was just me but other fans have been complaining about season 2 as well.

It really irks me that people are comparing The Monkees tv show to Glee. That is like comparing apes to birds. The only similarity I can see is that each show was used as a vehicle to sell albums/singles. S Club was more like The Monkees.

How long did Popular run? Two years?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glee 3D Concert Movie Review

I think I might be blacklisted for applying for jobs at that sandwich place I had to turn down. I feel like Elaine in The Race when she got blacklisted from Hop Sing's. Maybe I won't eat there. The sandwich place will not be named.

The review of the movie I'm going to write sounds like those horrible movie reviews people would write for my high school news paper. Where the review had little to do with the movie, and would go on and on about a bad date or something.

I went to see the Glee 3D movie I don't know how things work sometimes, so I can sound like such a Brittany P. I decided to wear something red since that is the school color of William McKinley High School. (the school in Glee for you non-Gleeks reading this) I was also going to wear a headband, but I couldn't find the one I wanted to wear.

I don't go the movies much, but do 3D movies cost more? I had a $10 gift card, so all I paid for was concessions. The price of the movie was all of the gift card.

When I went to the concession stand was thinking of buying a Icee, but decided against it since it was early in the morning and I needed some caffeine. I ordered a Cherry Coke. I also ordered a pretzel. Why are they so buttery with butter on top? I like my soft pretzels plain.

When I got into the theater nobody is there. I took the best seat. I wasn't expecting the 9:50AM showing of the Glee movie to be filled up. I figured the Gleeks wouldn't rise so early.

Somebody sitting near me was wearing some coconut smelling perfume or cream or something. It smelled more like a beauty product than food.

The butter or butter flavoring made my pretzel too salty. It made me really thirsty. I was thirsty before I went to the movies.

When the movie started there were less than 20 people maybe even less than 10. It was mostly teens and kids with their parents. I'm nice enough not to subject my parents to Glee. They don't like it.

They show way too many commercials!

When the movie finally started it's like a concert and there are fans jumping. I thought they were obnoxious theater goers jumping up and down in front of me. Something like that happened to me when I watched a Pokemon movie. I think it happened at that theater. Then I realized it was people in the audience of the concert in 3D!

I was happy that the other people watching the movie did not sing along. But if they wanted to promote singing they could have made the movie like an old sing-a-long cartoon with the words on the bottom of the screen.

The movie confused me because were they in character or what? Am I watching Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Mercedes? Or am I watching Lea, Cory, Chris, and Amber?

I felt like Wakko in the Animainiacs episode potty emergency. I wasn't even drinking an "Abyss Boy". I was so distracted by having to pee I was not enjoying the movie.

I left during "Forget You" and when I came back Kurt was singing and wearing a white bow tie. What did I miss? (Gleeks help me out here)

My glasses were falling down during "Born this Way". (when I was writing notes at home about the movie I wrote "Perform this Way" LOL!) They were falling because my nose is too small.

I didn't like the fan stories. I wish it just would have been a straight concert movie. I didn't mind the backstage stuff, and the fans at the concerts commentary like saying who their favorite character is. But the Mini Warbler was cute!

I really didn't see the point of it being in 3D. The only thing I really noticed that was in 3D was the streamers, Puck's hair and the audience. Some stuff in 3D just looked strange. I kinda like 2D Glee. I usually watch the show on an old late 90s Mangavox tv. I may or may not get it in HD. I'm not sure.

I wish there would have been a mention of or reference to Lord Tubbington.

I really just wanted to see Lea/Rachel. Who was featured prominently in the movie. If you are a fan of Jenna/Tina or Chord/Sam you will be disappointed.

I think it would have been more marketable to sell it on DVD.

The songs get stuck in your head.

Does anybody know where I can find a song list of all the songs that appeared in the movie in order?

I give it a 7/10 cause I'm feeling generous. There could have been some improvements.

Maybe I'll stick to watching my No Doubt movies.

The worst part was at the end when I was trying to make a phone call, and I thought my phone broke again. I was going to roam the mall looking for an elusive pay phone. Then my mom came and told me my phone wasn't broken. There was a blackout where we live. UGH!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So I guess I'm on bad terms with that sandwich chain. Oh well. :/ *shrugs*

Friday, August 12, 2011

I applied to a place for the same chain where I was not negotiating with them even if I was wearing women's clothing. But it is not in the same location. I'm hoping they reply possibly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shrewd or Rude?

So I called this place that I found an for a job in the newspaper.

There was a company email address, but the website in the address didn't exist. It was like this to apply contact I took the website out of the address, but nothing came up.

There was also a phone number listed in the ad. When I called the place they wouldn't give any info unless I gave a name. Hello! Red Flag.

My mom overheard the conversation I was having over the phone with the company. It totally sounded like a scam.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whopper of a Deal

I had a great idea for a job agency one that specializes in getting jobs for ugly people. It should have a cute name too.

I'm thinking about moving to China because that's where the money is.

I had to go to school to take care of some stuff.

I think the school is banking on a lot of people putting the cart before the horse, and applying for classes before they can pay for them. I took bad advice and did that before, and I'm not doing it again.

I was going to ask the person at the booth a question, but he was obliviously a lackey student. He was just flirting with some girls! Good job!

I went out to get the 88¢ Whoppers. I was near a Burger King anyway.

I ended up giving a rather complicated order. My usual Whopper fixins: a standard Whopper with no katstup or onions. I'd also say no tomatoes or pickles, but I'll just remove them and eat them separately. No need to further complicate the order.

I ordered another in case my dad didn't feel like going out to get some for dinner. I'm not weird like him. He can't eat the same for for 2 meals in one day or have the same food the next day either. Except breakfast foods. The other one I ordered only had lettuce and pickles in it. I didn't want to put any mayo in it in case it spoiled in my backpack on the bus ride home.

Saw a kid with a rat tail there are those back in style?

I'm so cheap I brought my own drink from home to the Burger King. :P

Later when my dad went to get the Whoppers for dinner he was mad because the Burger king he went to was crowded. He hates going to free or cheap food promotions. They always piss him off.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My mom told me to eat all that Japanese snack food I'd been saving and meaning to review. Last week was pretty hectic. I guess I should review them in order of when I bought them.

So here would be the order Chocolate panda cookies, lucky sticks, vanilla panda cookies and melon Hi-chew.

It was fun to see John Cena on the Teen Choice awards wearing a Sue Sylvester tracksuit. It was a departure from his usual outfit consisting of jean shorts and a t-shirt. It was nice to Cory. I can a crush on him since he is older than me by 2 years, and he's playing a high school student. :/ @x@

But it was 2 things I like together in one place.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Conan is not Conan

I'm very excited that UTB is showing anime again. They haven't since Lupin the 3rd series III concluded in late September 2010. They are showing Case Closed/Detective Conan. This should not be confused with that other Conan show with Mr. O'Brien.

They are going to show it during their kids' programming. I thought they were going to continue showing the Ultraman series. They showed Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia. I thought they were going to show Cosmos. This is also English subtitled. It's an ongoing series in Japan, so I'm not sure how long it's going to run on UTB.

I emailed the station in June to find out if they were going to show more anime. They told me that they were not going to show anime at 10PM on weekdays, but that were hoping to bring anime in the near future.

At the Angel game there were a lot of as my mom put it riffraff there for the Ludacris concert. I think it might have been sponsored by Power 106. I saw somebody there who looked like somebody from my past. I won't go into detail describing this person. I hope they didn't recognize me if it was them.

I was sitting near this female who was wearing her hair down and it was long-ish. She tousling with it. I hate to sound with my grandma, but it was annoying me! She was tousling with it so much she got relish in her hair from the hotdog she was eating. That's the problem with long hair it gets in everything. I wear my hair down, but I don't tousle it. I remember one time I wore my hair down and ate some messy food and got bbq sauce in it! Gross!

This time my dad did a better job of keeping score this time.

I really wanted to take my Cabbage Patch Doll to the game. He is baseball All-Stars edition and wears a "retro" Angels uniform. It was the current one in 1986. But I decided not to.

We left early and did not see the show. :(

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Headband

I have no idea what I'm going to wear to the Glee movie. Maybe I should wear something red? Or a headband?

The one thing I really hope is that I don't get stuck sitting by people who think they can "sing". Then I have to listen to that person instead of the people in the movie who I paid to hear sing. It's not like I'm at a concert. Even if it is a concert film.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm pretty sure I didn't get the job. Oh well! I guess I 'll just have to apply to somewhere else.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Terminology?

I forgot to post a blog yesterday

I keep confusing Dan Haren with Dan Harmon. Haren is a baseball player. Harmon is the guy who created the tv show "Community". Let's think about men in ugly shorts, and then cry. J/K ;P

I incorrectly though the giveaway at the baseball game was a concert and not a banner. My dad wanted to keep score. I gawked at the official Angels monkey Pillow Pets for $42! I thought the stuffed Capuchin monkeys were cute. They reminded me of Marcel from Friends.

My dad doesn't get my association with Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and baseball.

My dad was trying to keep score during the game but doing a poor job at it. He couldn't read the names on the screen behind us. I had to and spell out the names for him. I did get to put my knowledge of Japanese vowel sounds to good use.

My dad bought something from Ruby's and it was tiny. He got mad because I was dipping onion rings in au jus sauce. It's good and salty.

When the Angels scored my dad and I missed it because we were buying ice cream. Well I sort of saw it. I was busy watching the tv, and I wasn't ready to order. While we were gone he told m y mom to keep score. (she doesn't know how and neither do I)

For some reason I kept calling baseball helmets "hats".

I got a Minnie Mouse pin as a souvenir. My dad wanted me to get a stuffed money, but I wanted the pin because it took up less space.

My dad wanted me to go to the beach with him. Is he crazy? I'm waiting for a call from that place I applied to. Stupid! Most likely I'd be watching his stuff as he jogged on the beach. :/

Today: I was waiting around for that place I applied at to give me a call. They never did. :(

It's a good thing I didn't cut my nails for the job since I didn't get it. They would have been needlessly sacrificed.

I drowned my sorrows in some Angelfish music.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm not Negotiating

Maybe I should have titled this blog "look out here comes tomorrow"? :/

I totally forgot today is the first of August. I should work on writing a birthday message for Shirley. Does anybody know how to make an ascii cake?

Why does everything have to happen on my busiest day?

I get a call for a different place I applied to they want me to come in for an interview tomorrow. I ask if I can reschedule. I'm not trying to negotiate, play head games or be a bitch. Sometimes places will do that. They said interviews were only tomorrow. The guy sounded miffed on the phone. Sorry! :0

Maybe that food card is working after all! XD

I think the place I applied to on Sunday it a franchise I hope they don't sell generic bottled water.