Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Printer Happy

After I printed a few things I got an error message and the printer was making a strange grinding noise. I tried to look it up online to see what was the problem, but none of the posted solutions helped. It said there was a paper jam, but there was no paper I could see in there. I fiddled with the thing for at least a half hour.

My dad is not very nice to the printer. He is printer happy. We go through so much ink! He prints out his passwords, e-cards, sports brackets, sports schedules and other meaningless things. I feared this would happen with the first printer we had. This is already our 3rd printer. I remember because before we had a printer, and I was in school they were really strict about what could be printed. Absolutely no photos. All website articles had to cut and pasted into word with the photos removed. We had a computer in art class and the kids would get print happy. Especially since the printer was slow, and it was hard to know if the thing you put in the print queue was going to print. Later on in the class period like 5 pages of the same thing would all print out. I knew my dad was going to get print happy that's just how he is. It's his "toy".

I called the HP customer service which is in India I had a hard time understanding the guy at least he didn't try to use an American name like "Scott" or something. He was unhelpful and was really just trying to sell me another printer. I didn't get Madhuri or Gupta.

I left the broken printer for my dad to "discover". One of his solutions was to get his shop vac and blow air into the printer to get the stuck paper. I used my opposite instinct this time. The old me would have went on and on about how it was a bad idea. I just said I thought it was a bad idea, but that if he thinks its good to go ahead and do it. I was not stopping him. It's a "photosmart"model, but he kept calling it "photoshop". I had no idea what he was talking about or even trying to say.

Then he wanted to go and get if fixed, but he wanted me to come with him. I refused to go. He acts like he is so smart with tech stuff, so he had to do it alone! He called up the place and asked for the worker with the very special last name. He said that if it was really broken I'd have to go to the store with him and get another printer! X-X
I didn't want it to be the same thing all over again! @0@

When he got back he said that they told him to clean the printer. He was mad because they told him to buy a new one. He was also mad because the tech people didn't understand what he was trying to say.

All we needed to do was unplug it a few times with the power turned off. UGH! >:(

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