Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chew on a Master

I was going to write this blog strictly as a review of Hello Panda cookies, but then I wanted to talk about Master Chef, and a funny story about employment.

I submitted another email to that sandwich place since they said they were looking for more applicants because in their new ad that the didn't find what they were looking for on Saturday.

I resubmitted an application which showed the following:
I'm desperate
I'm relentless
I'm testing the water to see if I'm really blacklisted

I'm also starting a boycott on this place and it's franchises.

I got all into Master Chef this summer. My mom was into it first, and then I started watching it. That one guy was too cocky, and all the judges make themselves look like jerks. Christian was too cocky. The whole program reminded me of my advanced art class.

I'd never apply for Master Chef. Because I can't cook and my own family won't eat my cooking.

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