Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Terminology?

I forgot to post a blog yesterday

I keep confusing Dan Haren with Dan Harmon. Haren is a baseball player. Harmon is the guy who created the tv show "Community". Let's think about men in ugly shorts, and then cry. J/K ;P

I incorrectly though the giveaway at the baseball game was a concert and not a banner. My dad wanted to keep score. I gawked at the official Angels monkey Pillow Pets for $42! I thought the stuffed Capuchin monkeys were cute. They reminded me of Marcel from Friends.

My dad doesn't get my association with Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and baseball.

My dad was trying to keep score during the game but doing a poor job at it. He couldn't read the names on the screen behind us. I had to and spell out the names for him. I did get to put my knowledge of Japanese vowel sounds to good use.

My dad bought something from Ruby's and it was tiny. He got mad because I was dipping onion rings in au jus sauce. It's good and salty.

When the Angels scored my dad and I missed it because we were buying ice cream. Well I sort of saw it. I was busy watching the tv, and I wasn't ready to order. While we were gone he told m y mom to keep score. (she doesn't know how and neither do I)

For some reason I kept calling baseball helmets "hats".

I got a Minnie Mouse pin as a souvenir. My dad wanted me to get a stuffed money, but I wanted the pin because it took up less space.

My dad wanted me to go to the beach with him. Is he crazy? I'm waiting for a call from that place I applied to. Stupid! Most likely I'd be watching his stuff as he jogged on the beach. :/

Today: I was waiting around for that place I applied at to give me a call. They never did. :(

It's a good thing I didn't cut my nails for the job since I didn't get it. They would have been needlessly sacrificed.

I drowned my sorrows in some Angelfish music.

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