Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hope I get it!

I had my hair in a tight little proper bun. Only because I'm growing my hair out and it's hot. I decided to dress very nice since this was for a sales job.

Some people there were dressed real casual with short or flip flops and jeans.

The presentation was being held in the lobby. There was not just a room or anything. She gave handouts that have sales scrips on them. Maybe I should study them. There is base pay,and commissions. If it was pure commissions I would have left.

I noticed that there was a huge misprint in my resume. My phone number was wrong! I can't believe it! Maybe that's why nobody was calling me! DAMN!
I told her I have no job experience, but she was cool with it and said people have to start somewhere. She said she liked my attitude! Or could she smell desperation? The ad did say no experience necessary. That was what caught me. She also said she liked my name. :P My common name.

I'll be cool with sales if I get the job, and I don't have to go to other parts of the fair and try to get business. Like bothering people in the games section or the race track. Now I wait for the call back or not.

My dad and I made it back in time for football. And nobody was kicked in the shin.

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