Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane then a Kick in the Shin

If you cut in front of me in a line for a job interview I'll kick you in the shin! That happened to me before. Some guy let his girlfriend cut in line. This was back in like '04 or '05 when there were more jobs available. I kicked him in the shin. Jobs are scarce now I'd probably end up on the news that there was a brawl during some hiring fair or job interviews.

Why are there boys named Andrew that were born after 1992? Don't parents know what bad connotations that name has?

After a name has been retired as a hurricane I think the name as a whole should too.

If there was a hurricane with my first name I'd change it right away! I don't like my first name anyway. With my luck the name I change it to would be a "hurricane name".

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