Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you a Fan?

Why do fans snub other fans? I’m talking about fans of the same thing within a fan community? It seems really silly although there are jerky fans in any community. I’m not going to single out particular groups, but I have dealt with some pretty jerky fans. These are all groups I associate myself with. I’m not going to make fun of groups I don’t belong to like say Jonas Brothers fans.

The Winx club fans can be jerky sometimes. I remember this one time I got chewed out on a Winx Club message board because I misspelled “enchantix” as “enchantrix”. I make a note now on message boards stating that I am a native speaker of English, but a bad speller. I also hate it when the fans insist you use the original Italian names. I know some of them like Layla is Aisha. So if they use that one I won’t get confused. I totally forget the names of the schools though.

OMG! I talked to one of the silliest Sailor Moon fans online. She got mad because the Skye Sweetnam (what happened to her?) song “Hypocrite” mentions Sailor Moon. In my personal opinion I think the song is taking about not calling Skye a hypocrite. I’m not really sure I have not listened to the song.

Sunday, November 19, 2006
LOLZ! Like Don’t totally say that!
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I read this little complaint on a message board
Title:"I'm Am Soo Mad! Sailor Moon Fans Please Come Here
I know it may be petty but i found out someone tried to bash sailor moon in a song!!!!!It's old though. here is the part:[it's by Skye sweetnam]
Bubble gum brainiac
Baby girl, ultra brat
Angst Schmangst
No thanks
Hope my record doesnt tank
Sailor moon, Rainbow brite
Anime,Avril lite
Pro tools all the way
Dont try to label me hypocrite
Cause I will do what I want to
Some will say that I'm counterfeit
But I will be what I want to

I'm am beyond mad!!!!She shouldn't call sailor moon a hypocrite like that.she must not know the true meaning of sailor moon.Love and friendship.unlike her being a wanna be. Sailor moon isn't a hypocrite.she saves people with all her might.she would die to make someone else life ok.she had NOOO buieness saying that."
First off I don't know who is calling who petty here? Does it even matter? Of course not!
Omg I hope she doesn't ever hear One Week by the Barenaked Ladies. She'll Shit her pants.

This is the part of the song I’m referring to.

“Like Kurasawa I make mad films
'Kay I don't make films
But if I did they'd have a samurai
Gonna get a set of better clubs
Gotta find the kind with tiny nubs
just so my irons aren't always flying
off the back-swing
Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon
Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes
that make me think the wrong thing.”

Back when I took Japanese I wanted to hide the fact that I liked anime because I didn’t want other people in the class thinking I was in there just because of anime. I don’t want to say it was one of the many reasons I wanted to learn Japanese. Like I’ve stated before those are the kind of people that get made fun of in your class by the other students especially if you don’t stop talking about anime. This type of student is mentioned in this article. Within the second week Sailor Moon was mentioned. It was just a matter of time before the series was. I use to hide my Sailor Moon fandom in my Japanese class. Which was so hard to do. It killed me.

There was also this annoying otaku girl. She was always boasting about her knowledge of anime, Japan, and the Japanese language. I felt she was very immature. I just want to tell her I’m sorry for snubbing you. That was wrong on my part. I took some bad advice.

*Hiragana is a form of Japanese writing. It is one of the three writing systems used in the Japanese language.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
”We were learning some English loan words. Those are pretty easy. I'm still having trouble reading and writing Hiragana. Those 2 otakus got into a discussion about anime again when we learned the word "inu" which means dog and this girl brought the subject of Inuyasha. Which lead into a full blown anime discussion. Then some other people were naming other animes and the otaku girl was snobbing the most of the animes named. She said Digimon is crap. Now I wouldn't say it's crap, but it isn't that good. But I don't snub animes. Hey if you like Digimon, great. Cause I know there haters out there for every anime ever made. Dragonball haters, Pokemon haters, Inuyasha haters, Voltron haters, Sailor Moon haters, One Piece haters, Naruto haters, and so on. So this one girl says that Sailor Moon is the girls' version of Dragonball. So the otaku girl who was sitting behind me was saying that Sailor Moon is more "dark and twisted" than Dragonball. I really don't know I'm not a Dragonball fan. I've seen a few Z episodes, but that's about it. Those 2 girls were really getting into that discussion and talking over the teacher. They were really getting into the Sailor Moon discussion talking about the "cousins" and what they really are, the difference between Chibi Chibi and Rini/Chibiusa and other elements from the series. She was saying about how the manga is better than the anime, and I agree. She says she likes the Stars season/saga. I'm familiar with Stars. I mean I know the plot, but I've never seen it or read the manga. When it was break time so they left the room to carry on the discussion. Since I wasn't in on the discussion I didn't leave the room, plus I was still working on my Hiragana and I needed help from the teacher. When they came back the girl said she is not an otaku because they are way more into anime and manga than her, and if she not then I must be otaku extra lite. Then they said not to say anything bad in front of a Sailor Moon fan girl which they totally were, but didn't know, and I didn't want them to. Plus they were acting like all the fan girls would get pissed if they talked ill of Sailor Moon. Just for the record we are all not like that.”

I know a lot of fans of other wrestlers HATE John Cena fans. But I’m only going to talk about the Cena fans interacting with the other Cena fans. I’ll admit some Cena fans can be annoying. They write very inane things about Cena on the internet and usually only like him for his “hotness”. They usually claim he is the best wrestler ever. I want to say that I like Cena as much as the next person (who likes him), but I don’t like him based on his “hotness” or his “superior wrestling ability”. I like him because he is funny, passionate about his job, has good mic skills, and is good to his fans. They usually have silly Cena-centric user names like “future Mrs. Cena”, “Cena‘s wifey” or “Alice Cena”. They just make Cena their last name. This kind of user name is common I see it with many other celebrities last names.

I wasn’t planning on writing about these fans, but since Drew Carey addressed them in his blog and what they were writing about and to him I thought they deserved a little nod. I want to say that I have been to quote Bob here “A loyal friend and true” to the show since 1986. I’m not here to out fan any other Price fan. There are many fans of all ages who have been watching for different intervals of time. I just want to say that I belong to that site that Drew mentions. I don’t go on there or post there much, and when I do I mostly express my love for Holly (former Barker‘s Beauty who was fired in 1995 for gaining too much weight) and the retired game Superball. I feel my knowledge of Price is not very extensive. I do recommend going to that site if you want to see screenshots of old shows and to see/remember what old props, sets, and games looked like. I don’t know what happened between Drew and that site I remember they organized a fan chat together.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #13 Lucky!

13 is unlucky or so it is thought so in the west. 4 is unlucky too you know.

I was planning a miscellaneous blog today anyway. Let's see...
That color changing nail polish I bought is horrible it's white in the bottle, but when I put it on it turned pink and stayed pink. It never changed colors in the sun. Plus it chips like crazy. It chipped off within 6 hours of putting it on. I put it on at like 9:30 PM. I didn't do anything that would chip it like chores or anything. What do I expect I only paid a $1 for it.

I made more octopus wieners again this time I used lil' smokey dogs and they look so much cuter. I got the idea from Noe in True Tears when I was watching it. I had to take a picture of it because it was so cute. My mom thought I was copying Shirley again! >.< Billy Mays well what can say about him. I'll admit that I like watching infomercials. One of my favorites has to be the GT xpress one. His death was a shocker. I just saw him on Conan a few days ago. So I guess Shamwow!/Slap chop Vince did win?! WTF?! :P My first memory of Billy had be to back when he would do those little Oxyclean commercials like back in 1998. I think I was in high school when I saw them. They use to show them a lot during the local music video shows I use to watch. Mainly Notes from the Underground. I think on channel 68?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Winged Gwen

I finally found my white wings! I was looking for them for so many years now. Who’d would think that you could find something when you move? You usually lose things. They had been lost for many years. Since about ‘04 I think? My dad was “cleaning” and moved them somewhere. The problem is that when my dad “cleans” he moves stuff around, and doesn’t tell you he did or where he moved it to. You end up finding things you were looking for years ago years later. That’s how my art folder ended up in a wardrobe in the garage at my old house. I ended up finding it by accident while I was looking for a printer startup disk I accidentally put in the garage. I was so mad that I couldn’t find those wings I had to buy replacement wings in ‘07.

Friday, October 26, 2007
The 1st are the pink and gold fairy wings. Those are sort of a replacement for some white and silver ones I might or might not have. They are somewhere in the great abyss of the garage. I haven't seen them for years. I only paid 99 cents for those and those are the good ones that have wire. Usually for around 99 cents you can get those cheap wings that are made of organza and tulle. These came with a cheap little wand. I guess to signify they are fairy wings. I don't really care about the wand, but it's a nice little extra. When I took them out of the package they were a little dirty, but I don't mind I can just cover the dirty spots with some glitter. I could use glitter glue or loose glitter.

The funny thing is that when I tried them on at home “Excuse Me Mr.” was playing on the radio.

Here is a picture of my pink replacement wings decorated with pink and gold glitter.

The origins of these wings are a strange one. Back in March of 1999 I saw this video on tv and it gave me an idea for a Halloween costume. What was Gwen dressed as? An angel? A bee? A fairy? I wanted some wings like Gwen wore in the video. I had to wait until Halloween time to get some.

I got the collage picture from greenerpastures.

The funny thing is that when I went into my paper writings back then I didn’t mention getting the wings.

My costume was strange and I’ll admit that. It was sort of a mix between Gwen from the “New” video and Gwen in that video I saw her in wearing those wings. The real problem was nobody really knew who or what I was. I don’t know why I have that problem a lot during Halloween. Maybe I should start dressing as something more recognizable from now on. Sometimes I can be like a kid on Halloween and “make” costumes at home with clothes I find in my closet that are confusing or ambiguous looking. Here’s what I was wearing: a black jumper (dress), a lavender shirt (Not really Gwen-like I just liked wearing that shirt.), black arm warmers, black fishnets, black oxfords, and the white wings. Here are some of the things people thought I was dressed as: an angel, butterfree (from Pokemon), the angel of death, and a beetle. Whenever I told anybody Gwen was the inspiration for my Halloween costume people laughed at me.

A lot of people thought I was going to dress as a pikachu because that was the year that pikachu costumes first hit the market in the US. I couldn’t be pikachu with a store bought costume even if I wanted to (and I did a little). I haven’t fit in a kids’ Halloween costume since I was 9. This was back when there were only 2 kinds of Halloween costumes to buy adult and kids’. Well I guess baby size too, but I wouldn’t fit in a baby sized costume at 9 years old or at 15 either.

Now that I have found them and they are really dusty does anyone have any tips on how to clean them?

I just want to add something to this blog that has nothing to do with my Halloween costume, but as I was reading through my old diaries one of my former friends called the No Doubt song “Sunday Morning” ‘“Ordinary Morning”’. LOL! WTF?!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What if it all Ended Tomorrow for your Favorite Celebrity?

I've still been thinking about celebrity deaths in general. It's made me think what would I do if one of my favorite celebrities died? Hmmm.... I guess it depends on the celebrity. I'd probably light a bunch of candles at home maybe I'd get one of those big prayer candles that come in the big glass you can get for like a dollar. I'd construct a strange tribute outfit. I'd also watch footage of said celebrity.

Let's use an example. What if it all ended tomorrow for Cena? I'm not wishing death on him or saying that he's dead at the time of this post. Let's say he ran into that guy with the purse and the gun inside it again like in his song.

I'd construct a strange Cena tribute outfit. Consisting of a Cena shirt, a baseball cap, jeans (I don't have jean shorts), and some high tops. I'd watch Cena footage that I have on hand like those homemade DVDs I made and his My Life DVD. I'd listen to his songs; espeically "If it All Ended Tomorrow". I'd probally do some other things I haven't even thought of yet.

I would not go to Florida or West Newbury MA, and Cena doesn't have a star so I couldn't visit that. That would be kind of far for me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrity Death Watch '09

I was planning on writing a blog about something else. I even teased it on my twitter page, and it's pretty much done. All it needs is a few more paragraphs to be typed. It would've been done by tonight.

This was before a whole bunch of things happened. First the death of Farrah Fawcett. The funny things was i was thinking about her earlier this morning. I was thinking about how her winged hairstyle was really popular, and how Gwen brought it back in 2000 in pink. I'll admit I had that hairstyle in 2000, sometimes it was pink. One of my guy friends from high school (I won't mention names here) thought it was hot. I didn't like to wear that hairstyle much even though it was very Gwen. I didn't like it because it took a lot of hairspray, and i thought my hair was going to catch on fire.

Anyway back to Farrah's death. It was announced a little before The Price is Right (which airs at 10AM PT for me. Shout out to Drew Carey!) The funny thing about celebrity deaths is that they make my dad act a little weird even though he "claims" he doesn't like celebrities, but he'll end up watching a tribute to them on tv or something.

His celebrity death prediction has been Cronkite. He's been saying that for the past few days now. Not to sound mean or anything, but recently I signed up for this celebrity death pool online. Farrah and Ed McMahon were on my list. Maybe I didn't lose my touch at predicting celebrity deaths. I lost it for a while last year. I'm usually good at this type of thing. I hate to sound like Daphne from Frasier, but I believe I have psychic abilities. I think they are not very strong. sometimes things can be pretty patchy.

Funny thing about McMahon's death when I read about it online (skimming twitter) I mistakenly thought it was Vince at first. I guess I had wrestling on my mind. LOL! :P

One of my parents said celebrities die in 3's.

So my dad thought I didn't know who Walter Cronkite is. How stupid does he think I am?
I'm going to play "Really?" like they do on Weekend Update on SNL.
You don't think I know who Cronkite is?
So all these media classes I took in college I never learned about him?
You think I only know about Dan Rather and Katie Couric?
This has been "Really?"

I know my dad was going to be online for awhile because the Dodgers had a day game against the Chicago White Sox. My psychic abilities might be patchy, but I can usually read my dad like a book. Especially since he thinks he's all slick, but he's not. He was online for 4 hours straight, and he bitches at me for being on the computer all night. He tries to cover it up, and make it look like he was doing other things when he is really not. He's about as sneaky on the computer as Savannah Weaver. Maybe he's IMing his robot friend in the basement. Scratch that IMing is too complicated for him. He acts like he's all innocent about it.

When I woke up from my mid afternoon nap my mom told me Micheal Jackson died. So that was the 3rd person. For some silly reason I thought about The Jeffersons episode of South Park. I couldn't remember if he was in my pool or not. I would have checked it and read about his death online if my dad wasn't hogging the computer.

I wonder if the price of Farrah and Micheal Jackson stuff will increase by like 50% or more. It probably will at The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop.

You know I never owned a Farrah poster or even a Micheal Jackson album. o.0

Here's a little know fact about me. I wasn't a big Jackson fan, but my favorite song by him is "You Are Not Alone". What a fitting song. So watch your Charlie's Angels (TV show) and play some Micheal Jackson songs.

Why is it so "cool" online to hate on Micheal's death?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Your Blogs in Order!

I have a strange habit of writing numerous blogs concurrently. I don’t really know why I do it. I still haven’t even started that one I teased on twitter about trying boba. That is already written on paper I just need to type that one up. The one I started about my favorite soft drinks of the 90s started off well, but then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to include Kool-aid. Not all the flavors just the ones that were introduced/discontinued in the 90s. I’m also writing one about careers and being famous; and one about hatred for fans within a fan community. I don’t know why I have a bunch of blogs that are just not finished for some reason.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to go to Anime Expo AX this year. Because I ended up spending most of my money on candy and frozen sandwiches. I don’t know why I have an obsession with those frozen sandwiches. Maybe I should curb and reevaluate my spending habits. Maybe I can go next year if I can curb my spending. No Minto hair for me either.

For some reason my mom is more obsessed than I am with having another yard sale. I’m really not thinking about it right now since the next one cannot be held until September. I think it’s funny that she is thinking about it more than I am. It seems reversed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

After thinking about what to write I got inspired by somebody. :P

I got inspired to write about a demented reporter teacher I had back in '04. Back then I wasn't blogging anywhere. Well on diaryland, but I didn't write much there. Plus I started blogging on diaryland after I completed the class. I did have my paper diary though.

If I do start writing about this teacher I will need to do extensive research and delve into my archives. Of course if I do start blogging about her I'll give a little background and such like how I ended up in the class and such. Seriously I am not a loss for material from my "adventures" in her class.

The funny thing is that I would make a bunch of references to her in my old myspace blogs, but I never mentioned taking her class and all that was involved with it.

So watch this blog! Oh yeah if anybody has feedback on this subject like you had said teacher, or just want to read some anecdote about the class post them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Simple Kind of Lipstick

I was thinking about when I wrote about buying nail polish that reminded me of Shirley. This is not the first time I have done something like this. Back when I was 16 and the “Simple Kind of Life” video came out I really liked the pink lipstick Gwen wore in the video.

It was funny because like the day after I saw the video I went out and bought some lipstick that looked like the shade she wore in the video. I liked it because it was pink and not red. I look horrible with red lipstick. It draws attention to my teeth which already draw enough attention to themselves as it is.

The problem is I can not really find much about doing this in my old paper writings. The only thing I wrote about is that when I was wearing it everybody was saying I was copying Gwen. I use to put some stuff in my hair that made it pink. It wasn’t dye; I use to use a lot of things like hair mascara. It was hard to get it to show up since my hair is brown. I think I was allowed to dye my hair, but I didn’t have the money to. I was 16 and foolish what a poor little thing. Come to think about it I haven’t really matured in the past 9 years.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #12

Ok so I watched the Laker parade on tv today. It was ok. It was funny because my dad said that he missed the last parade. I don't know what he was complaining to me about it for I missed the last one too.

I was disappointed that there wasn't any goofy dancing by the team or staff members. I was hoping there would be like when Madsen did it. Too bad nobody had a squirt gun either. The mood this time was not really a goofy one like it was with the last 3 parades. I did like the team philosophy of "ring". I don't know why, but it made me think of the No Doubt song "Full Circle" and the Japanese movie The Ring. But you know maybe I should use it too.

I made a profile on this blog directory site. I read on some website that if you list your blog in a blog directory site you'll get more readers. I need to change my user pic though. Here's my profile:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #11

With all this talk about the Laker parade not happening and then it got private donors. Which made me think how much chaos would the city of LA be if the Dodgers won the World Series? It's been a while since they won it.

I was going to write a blog tomorrow, but my dad hogged the computer all day yesterday...
I'm going to write a "nice" blog about him for fathers day. I should post the one I wrote last year comparing my dad to 3 tv dads in my archives blog.

I started a twibe- a twitter group. It's about Shirley Manson since I felt there was not really a group presence of the fans to gather on twitter.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

NBA Champs 2009!

The Lakers are NBA champions once again, and Los Angeles is in celebratory chaos once again. It made me think how things are so different yet so the same as they were 7 years ago. They are having a parade.

So I'm throwing out the idea of having a class meetup. I'm not organizing it though somebody from my high school and class year can do that. It's funny because my dad said he wants to go to the parade. I didn't go to the last once since I was so tired from being at Grad Nite.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Digital Conversion

So today in the US was the digital conversion day. It was sort of neat when some of the different stations showed news stories about the station's history and their analog transmitters. I don't know if they did this in every city or just in the big ones. Some stations even showed their old station ID logos. Logo freaks must have been having an orgasm or something. You know how crazy people can get about old logos. Not just from tv stations, but of anything. Who knows when you might need to know/remember what a tv station's logo looked like in 1973 or in 1988?

I like some of the digital channels. I like to watch KSCI's 18.2. they show Japanese programming. They show some neat shows like Sense of Japan, Nihongo Quick Lesson, and Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese. Those shows are very informative. There are also many other shows on Japan and Japanese culture. They also show anime every night at 10PM. It's subbed anime too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Blog #10

So the Lakers lost yesterday in a close game. I really should groom those eyebrows for good luck. :P
It’s only 2-1 for now. Lakers lead with 2.

Facebook is letting users pick personalized URLs at first I thought this was a good idea. Then after I thought about it I thought it wasn’t for me. It think it would be helpful to celebrity pages like Shirley’s and Tazz’s page. I won’t be choosing pikapal that’s too easy. I don’t want to be bothered on it by former high school classmates like I was with my myspace page. Maybe I’ll choose my first and last name. Maybe I won’t take one at all to keep the page secret.

You know what I read in a magazine? That brown is the most popular color of hair dye. It outsells red and blond. (black and non natural colors like blue were not mentioned in the article) I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe it! I thought everybody wanted to be a blond all the time. This is not just due to conditioning by my grandma. I know lots of girls who say everybody wants to be a blond, and they don’t even know my grandma. Perhaps this is a California thing? This is probably one of the few times I don’t believe something I read in a magazine; a credible magazine. Not a tabloid that says a lady birthed an alien in Florida.

It’s been cold and gloomy for the past few days. (June gloom) I actually prefer this weather. I’d rather be cold than sweating my ass off in 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Classmates or Fans?

On Thursday my family was talking about the last time the Lakers won a championship was the year I graduated high school. Which was 7 years ago and for some reason doesn’t seem like that long ago to me. My mom proposed (as a joke) that I should organize some type of class of 2002 reunion from my high school of Laker fans to meet up at the parade and have a banner that says something like “(my old high school) class of 2002 Laker fans” or something silly like that. I thought it would be a good idea to organize that on facebook. I facebook has other uses besides using it to write inane messages to celebrities. I got the idea to have the people wear yellow/gold since my school colors and the Lakers share that color.

Which reminds me I should groom my eyebrows. Usually when I groom my eyebrows the Lakers win a championship. Superstitious? I know. :P

In unrelated news I’m happy that Pierre came with Conan to LA. I love his recliner of rage I hope he brings that back. I’ll rant with him. :P

A few days ago my mom bought me a very strange toothbrush. It’s a Corbin Bleu one. It’s one of those Tooth Tunes kind. I think she thought it was a spin brush. I’m surprised I even know who he is and a little embarrassed that I admitted that on my blog. Wasn’t he in High School Musical? My toothbrush features a song from “Jump In”. What it that? Was that a movie?

I’m happy that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is back on. The first time it aired I missed 2 episodes; “Remote Island Syndrome (Part 1)” and “Live Alive“. I missed “Remote Island Syndrome” to watch Raw and I missed “Live Alive” due to a black out in my neighborhood which was really beyond my control.

This anime is better to watch a second time since I can notice all the little things I didn’t the first time I watched it.

I remembered my friend recommended this anime to me last year, but he couldn’t remember the name of it. After I started watching it I realized this was the anime he was describing.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unsuccessful Yard Sale

Yesterday I decided to hold a yard sale.

Where I live there are really strict rules about when you can have yard sales. Where I use to live people would have yard sales like every week. There was even a house on the same block as mine that would have yard sales like every morning. It wasn’t really regulated.

I got up early and I decided to have one with the very little items I had for sale. There were not a lot of items that I had for sale because I couldn’t find all of them. I was collecting them before I moved and now they are somewhere…

One of the problems I had was that I started too late.

My dad didn’t want me selling stuff. I had this problem where I use to live. Especially since I want to get rid of my extra Pokemon toys. I have a lot. I have a copy paper box full of them. I’ve been wanting to sell them for years.

My dad told me I wasn’t pricing the items right. What does he know? Things I was selling for “cheap” were priced like that because I really don’t want to sell those online since they are heavy and will be a bitch to ship. I don’t care about shipping Pokemon toys since they are pretty light.

I set up my “stand” really close to the door which is bad because where I live now there is a long driveway. I didn’t want my dad meddling. Luckily there was a baseball game on and he wanted to watch it.

When my mom saw what I was doing she thought it was funny because I was so far from the street plus I didn't have any signs or anything. She said I looked like somebody just hanging in front of a house. We made 1 sign, and I was out there for like an hour. Nobody bought anything.

Maybe I should advertise the things I’m selling on my blog. People might be interested in some of the things I have. Some things I will only sell online because I know they won’t sell at a yard sale. Like my Knickerbocker plush puppy and my Snoopy stacking puzzle.

Today even though you are not allowed to my said she saw people having yard sales.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What’s in a Name?

The new trend now is to give a boy’s name to a girl. I know somebody who is doing that to their baby. When I heard this it made me think about the King of the Hill episode “Uncool Customer” where the trendy lady Peggy meets has a girl named Michael. Their last baby’s name was somewhere between a spice and a Pokemon.

I was thinking about how much I hate my first name. My mom won’t admit it, but she gave me a trendy first name. The funny thing is that it’s hard for me to find personalized items; not because my name is unpopular or spelled differently. My name is so popular I can never really find any personalized items they are all sold out.

This was also a problem in school you know when you are like Amanda P. because there is another Amanda in your class; Amanda L. The worst scenario is when you and the kid with the same first name as you also has a last name that starts with letter as your last name. You know when the class has 2 kids that are John M. This happened to me before a girl with the same first name as me in my class also had a similar last name. It was so funny because they would always confuse us. Another problem is when they pass back work at school and the person passing t back neglects to read the whole name and you get back somebody else's work who has the same first name as you.

Has this happened to you? Somebody you don’t know yells “your” name in a crowed area and a whole bunch of people with the same name turn around.

Although my first name is incredibly common I have not had the opportunity to meet a celebrity with the same first name as mine. Most of the celebrities I’ve met have been male. It made me think about this quote from Seinfeld.

Jerry: "Check these out. These are Jerry Lewis' old cufflinks that he
actually wore in the movie Cinderfella. I got 'em at an auction."
George: "I got some cufflinks I could've loaned you."
Jerry: "No, Jerry Lewis is gonna be at this Friar's Club roast I'm goin' to
next week. Now I have an in to strike up a conversation with him."
George: "You already have an in. You have the same first name. Jerry."
Jerry: "Oh, that'll intrigue him."
George: "Well, it worked when I met George Peppard last week."
Jerry: "George Peppard has been dead for years."
George: "Well, whoever he was, he knew a lot about The A-Team."

Another problem I have with my name is that people constantly spell it incorrectly. My name does not have many spelling variations. My name is spelled the most common way. I’m more surprised when people spell it correctly.

Since I decided I’m not going to have kids here were the names I was going to give my potential children. Whoever is reading this blog feel free to use these baby names. For a boy I was going to name my baby Seth Holden. He would be named after Seth from The OC because he is my favorite character in the show plus I already have a few cousins who share first names with characters in the show. Holden was after Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. I love that book. I was thinking of giving the boy Holden as a first name, but I decided against it because it sounded “funny”. I decided to name my girl Burnadebt spelled this way, but pronounced like the name Bernadette. My mom and cousin thought this was a horrible name. I thought it was kind of cool. Until I realized all the ridicule the kid would get from having that name. I’m going to give those names to my dogs. I’d really like a coonhound or a pug.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I’m not Trying to be Like Shirley, Really.

I don’t want to have kids. I have come to this conscious decision when I was about 22. But my dad thinks I’m doing this because I want to be like Shirley because she said she does not want to have kids.

Myspace is one of the reasons I don’t want to have kids. I thought I don’t want to be an “old parent”. My definition of an “old parent” is somebody who has a kid over the age of 25. I mean a baby. I told myself if I didn’t have a kid by the time I was 25 I would not have any. I really don’t want to be tied down by kids. I’m restless and irresponsible. I know that, and I think I’m smart enough to not have kids for that reason.

My neighbor also played a big factor in this. When I was about 10 I had this really bratty neighbor who was about 4. That girl had such an attitude for a kid. I know a lot of people say I had an attitude problem as a kid, but this girl was horrible. She like wanted to be a teenager or something. She was very sassy; in a bad way. It made me think “I don’t want my kid to be like her”. A lot of people tell me that since I was a bratty kid I would have one brattier than me. I don’t want to chance that.

Maybe I really shouldn’t have kids because my mom had a dream that I abandoned my baby boy because I was getting a soda.

I’m 25 and I feel old. I know people who are reading this over the age of 25 probably think this is funny. Let’s see I’m unemployed and I live with my parents in my grandma’s old house. My life isn’t exactly on the upswing is it?

You know I’m like an old a lady now I don’t have any kids, and I feel like I’m too old now to have any. I don’t want to be one of those “old” parents birthing a kid a like 40. Not that I want any kids. If I never had any kids I would be happy. I don’t need them to make me happy. I’m so happy I’m out of the loop with a lot of my former classmates so nobody is asking me when I want to have kids. Why should I? I feel like Elaine in Seinfeld when her girlfriends tell that she has to move to the country and have a baby.

Too bad I'm not having a kid because then I could dress it in tacky punk rock baby clothes and Raider clothes. Nothing like a tacky dressed baby.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

miscellaneous blog #9

Let's see this will be another miscellaneous catch all blog. I hope my typing is a little better today my finger has healed.

It was raining today. I don't know, but after I moved I mellowed out a lot. No, I'm not on drugs or anything. The lighting and thunder doesn't scare or bother me as much as it use to. Maybe it's because there isn't a large tree by my bedroom window anymore and there is a 2 story house a few houses down. The lighting would likely hit that house first since it is higher. Of course when it rains you need the appropriate music. "Only Happy when it Rains" comes to mind and so does "The Sun and the Rain" by Madness. I also like the song "Like the Weather" by 10000 Maniacs, but I don't have it. I wasn't wearing my blue nail polish or my black boots. I did watch the video for "Only Happy when it Rains" too. It was nice and cloudy too; good weather for a Yaka. I'll explain the Yaka in the anime I'm watching called Sola a Yaka is a being who can't die, but they can't be in the sunlight either; it burns them like fire. They are also called a "Calamity of the night".

Speaking of music I'm not going to write a review of the song "Witness to Your Love". I might review the CD though. I haven't decided. I haven't even listened to all of it. I listened to the Garbage song and the Jack Johnson song.

So the Lakers are in the finals again. You know you can make fun of me for not having faith in them, but it's not over yet. They are only the Western Conference champions. You know they have been in the finals 6 times this decade. In 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008, and 2009. I don't follow basketball as intensely as Shirley or my dad, but I do like watching it.

In other semi-related sports news a lot of people are pissed that Kennedy got released. I don’t really see what was so great about him like everybody says. He wasn’t that good of a wrestler if he was hurting people while he wrestled. I never really got his gimmick either. I understood he was an announcer, but that’s all they did with him they never really expanded on the character. He was very injury prone too. He has potential I guess. Now is everybody going to hate on Randy since the rumor is that he had pull in getting released. Maybe Cena did too. That's just a thought. He was injured by Kennedy. I know a lot of people were happy when he was. The haterz. I know I spelled that with a "z". :P You know what's funny Kennedy's jersey number was #4 Walton's number. The number 4 is bad luck in eastern culture. Anybody who is swearing off the WWE more tickets for me...when I can afford them.

I invented a new sandwich today. It's really fatty. My mom bought these little microwave sausage biscuit sandwiches. They are small; about the size of a slider burger. They consist of nothing more than a biscuit and sausage patty. Recently I had been adding a slice of cheese to them because that's the way I like my sausage biscuit sandwiches. I added a slice of bacon and scrambled egg along with the slice of cheese. It was small yet fattening and decadent.

I don't know why my mom thinks I'm crazy because I want "summer" hair. She says that nobody dyes their hair lighter for the summer and darker for the winter, but she is wrong. I know/knew people who do/did. It's very common. I keep reading that fair skinned people should not be brunettes. This confuses me so much because I'm fair skinned, and I was born like that. Maybe I should keep changing my hair color until I can't afford it.

I was thinking if I wrote a book about my dad and growing up with him would anybody read it?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan’s First Show

A lot of people have/had their doubts about Conan. I think/though he‘s going to do well because he already has an audience from his old show.

The opening segment was very funny with Conan running across America. Total Conan style. That should be a new phrase “Conan style”. He didn’t do much of a monologue he did a lot of bits. The tour one was really funny. I like when Conan went shopping at the 99 cents store. The car segment was funny too. I love to see a follow up bit where Conan gets his car pimped out LA style.

I like that Andy is the announcer. I guess Joel stayed back in New York. Doesn’t he announce the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?

The set it nice too. It looks like one they used for some MTV awards show.

The opening and closing music is the same or almost the same as his old show.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nobody Loves You When You’re Gone

Sorry if my typing is a little off I hurt my finger, and I can’t type very well with my left hand.

My dad’s uncle died 3 months ago and my dad had to go and clean out his house. He thought he could make a quick buck off him by selling his old electronics and music. Nothing like making a quick buck off the dead. It sort of reminds me of A Christmas Carol. I think that if we weren’t in this situation he would not had wanted to make some money. Knowing him I know he still would have took the music and maybe a few TVs. Even if we weren’t in our current situation. Actually some of the electronics he brought got broken during transport. That’s karma for you. ;)

This made me think when I die what will people think of my music collection? If they do go through it to sell they would probably say “She listened to a lot of crappy music." Or maybe "Why does she have so many No Doubt and Garbage CDs?”.

So he had been trying to sell his old music. He said that when he died he took all the music and all the electronics. I know there is still more electronics he stashed (hid) away in the garage. Usually when my dad does something there is some kind of hidden motive. Him being enthusiastic about cleaning the over crowded garage didn’t come with a raised eyebrow from me.

To be honest he really doesn’t know that electronics depreciate very quickly. He even tried to pawn off the old electronics on me. I didn’t want them because I already have a new radio I got for Christmas. Who knows how old his electronics were? According to him he was going to sell the electronics at a pawn shop. He tried to, but they didn’t accept them. My idea was to sell them at a swap meet. Not like my dad would listen to my ideas anyway.

He managed to sell some records to my uncle. He was going to sell the rest (a mix of 80 cassettes and CDs) to Amoeba. I was also planning on selling some of my CDs too. I’m trying to purge my No Doubt collection. I have a few import singles that I bought and I didn’t even look at or listen to. Before I went I was on eBay pricing what I had. If they didn’t offer me what I thought the average price was I was going to not take it. Actually I’m trying to purge a lot of my stuff. I purged my closet in the beginning of last year, and I need to do it again.

When we get there they tell me that my 3 No Doubt CDs (2 singles and a sealed extra copy of “Return of Saturn“) are worth $5 all together or $1.67 each. I didn’t take the offer. I know I can get way more selling them on eBay or something. Plus I know what I’m selling.

This reminded me of back when I got the extra copy of “Return of Saturn”. I got the extra copy because you had to buy a copy for each wrist band to get into the Virgin Mega Store show. Since I was 16 at the time and not allowed to go by myself I had to buy 2 copies; one for me and one for my dad to get in. After I opened one of the copies to listen to I thought I could sell the other copy at school. I use to have it in my backpack like all the time. That was pretty hard for me back then because in 10th grade I had to cram like 3-4 big heavy books in my backpack. There was hardly room for anything else. I thought I was giving people a “deal” by selling it for like $15. I can’t believe I paid $18.99 for it. That’s pretty steep even back in 2000, but it cost less than a concert ticket. There was this girl who wanted to buy it, and my mom told me to sell it to her for $5. She told the girl I was selling it for $5. $5?! That’s a “crazy” price. I didn’t sell it to her because my mom set an unreasonable price.

Anyway back to my dad his “calculations” were that because he had 80 recordings it would yield $80. I told him not to bring the cassettes because they are a dead format. He said he went through them to see if they were the right ones in the right cases. I noticed there were 2 with the wrong cases. We didn’t take those to the store. When they evaluate what he brought a lot of it got rejected. They said what they are looking for are artist albums and not compilations. His uncle had a lot of compilations. My dad was upset that he would only get 5 cents per cassette. He ended up getting 42 in store credit.

But that is not all that happened. I was there looking for Garbage B-sides. I know I said I was purging my No Doubt ones. There wasn’t anything I wanted. Plus I found most of Garbage’s B-sides through a not so legal way. Torrents! There was still one song I couldn’t find and that was “Witness to Your Love”. It wasn’t right to put it on torrents since it’s on a charity CD. Well that’s what the darklings said. When I looked in the used “G” compilation section with a bit of searching I found it! :D "Give Listen Help" I didn’t have time to go pick up a copy when they were out with all the craziness of moving plus I don’t even know where the nearest Urban Outfitters is. According to the sticker placed on it. That CD is out of print and they charged a pretty penny for it $14.99.

The strange thing was that when I was browsing the No Doubt section it said that "Rocksteady" was out of print. Both covers the white one and the black one. I think it said it was rare too and it wasn't even the limited edition one.

I was hoping I would see somebody famous there. Maybe even Conan shooting a segment for his show, but I didn't see anybody famous. :( Anybody I recognized.

Be back for my next blog reviewing Conan's first Tonight show episode.