Monday, May 31, 2010

Bad Hair Week?

I dyed my hair red today. It's a little darker than Emma's (from Glee) hair. Here's a picture of her.I thought it was going to be more vibrant than it turned out to be. Dye #45 is more vibrant than dye # 42. I know it's gonna turn brassy because of the golden undertones in my hair. I have to dye my hair a color that occurs in nature because I'm looking for work. After this red shade I'm going back to brown. I purchased a dye that is close to my natural hair color.

I'm still worried about bad hair though. I have a really strong feeling that pictures will be taken all week in my memoir class. I need to focus on my hair. Maybe I'm writing about my hair too much again? :/

I still can't stand to look at my work. I wanted to write the Halloween 2009 story for memoir class, but I didn't have time to. When my parents got food poisoning, and I thought they got the flu. And the haphazardly put together Shirley Manson costume I wore.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Can't Stand to look at Purple!

After doing a little research overly flowery writing is referred to in the writing world as "purple prose". According to the Wikipedia it is used currently in romance novels. There are many online articles about this type of writing. One of the articles says writing like this will get a person an A+ paper. I'm not sure how many people who are not English teachers would want to read that kind of writing.

I'm sick of combing over my work. I'm not looking at it for a whole day. Knowing my luck my dad will waste all the black ink when I need to print the stories out.

I came up with a new recipe today. It's a knockoff Orange Bang type drink. I mixed orangeade with non dairy whipped topping with a splash of vanilla. Good, but not so frothy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Editing and Interviews

I was perplexed by Shirley's latest appearance on Ferguson. To be honest, and I'm not making fun of her or anything she just seemed off. She looked great though. Loved her hair. Unfortunately that is a hairstyle I cannot steal from her. She did say she got married. At the courthouse of all places. When she said she was there among the teenage brides just put a funny visual in my head. :P Does that mean she got married to Billy? I'm not going to try and pry into her private life. The part about the puppet was really funny. When she said that her acting coach told her to not be like the robot she played on tv was funny. The thing I liked about her playing Cathrine Weaver is that it was such a contrast from her personality. I still think of her as a musician first, and an actress second. I've mentioned this many times before.

I have another celebrity death to report Dennis Hopper has died. That ends another cycle of three. Hopper, Coleman, and Linkletter.

I forgot to mention this in my last blog, but a lot of people are getting really fancy with their final writing portfolio by binding it and stuff like that. I was just going to hit up the dollar store, and buy a folder to put my work in. I'm getting frustrated with the amount of pages I put into it. The stories I submitted for the class book were stories I wanted to tell, but they were clunkers in the grammar department.

I'm having a hard time editing my work. I don't know; I really don't want to cut out the flowery stuff. I thought people like that kind of stuff. As long as it's descriptive, but not fatty. I'm working hard to meet the 30 page requirement. My teacher told me to include the stories I submitted to the class book, but they were clunkers.

Cut my hair again. It needed a little trim. Not sure what I will do with it. It does need a dye.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Prawns and Ribs

Gary Coleman died today. Here is a funny celeb spotting story about him circa 1994. I saw him at a Kay Bee store in Burbank. Where is my galaxy of prawns? "Three prawns are hardly a galaxy!".

I’m going to celebrate the end of the semester by buying myself fries and cream soda. These foods are very symbolic to me. I might try the BK ribs, but I don't know they kind of seem like a rip off to me. I heard they are really small like the size of a McNugget. Why didn't BK try to corner the rib market by making some type of rib sandwich? Their selling point could be that it will be available all year as opposed to the McRib.

I'm revising my "bucket list". I think it's going to have tiers. The top tier would still be the things I had on the last one I wrote. Which are: riding on an airplane and meeting Gwen Stefani. The second tier would be things I really want to accomplish, but if I knew I was going to die soon I wouldn't be so upset I didn't do them. Which are: move away from parents, learn to drive, get a Vespa, get a masters degree, and have my own tv show, meet Conan O'Brien. I don't know what my third tier would be. I haven't worked that out yet. I might never end up leaving the county. That sounds like something Bryan Ryan would say.

I'm going to spend my whole weekend editing my stories for class, and reading grammar handbooks. Who knew commas can only be used properly 6 different ways? I think I only use them correctly 1/3 of the time. I mean look at how I use commas on this blog.

I got an email for the memoir class. The fun thing to do when I get group emails from people I know is to try to figure out who the addresses belong to. Perhaps some people have figured out mine. My problem is that I don't like to use my real name in an address. I think it's more fun to get creative, but it's not very businesslike. What if they put it together and mange to find this blog? :/

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Collage

Purple is an artsy color.

I stayed up late watching Mister Ed. It was one of my favorite episodes "Saddles and Gowns". I was really tired all day.

What is the correct way to pronounce NASA and Reagan? The a sound is short right? Isn't it like this? Reagan : Ray gan and NASA.

About a week ago I volunteered to help the teacher compile the cover for the class book. I wanted to help because it was my idea to suggest the collage. I got the idea from some old writing notebooks I made in my senior English class. I thought I was just going to paste some pictures on a cardboard over the weekend or something then hand that into the teacher to get it printed. Like when people buy yearbook pages and do that. Then she wanted to know if I could alter the pictures on a computer somehow. I wasn't really going to lie and say I do. I don't really have photo editing software anyway. I would have ended up editing things in paint. -_- I feel like Pam Beesley from The Office. My job ended up going to somebody else. I feel disappointed and relived all at the same time. Good thing that I didn't volunteer to draw something for the cover. @o@

Like Dejiko says "Art is a Difficult Undertaking". Here is a picture of Dejiko just for fun.

I hope this book doesn't end up being a yearbook lite. All it needs it like some pages that say things like "Madame Butterfly crew c/o(fill in graduation year here)", "best friends forever Allison and Sabrina", "Spartan High Royalty (fill in graduation year here) I'm popular and you're not", and "The Divas of (fill in graduation year here)". Honestly there were things written like that in my senior high school yearbook. I just changed the names a little and stuff.

The teacher said since some people left early she was going to put a picture of them at her discretion. Good thing I didn't leave early, or there would have been a picture of me in the book with really bad hair. I don't have time to do my hair. That class is early.

She is really upset that the class is ending. I don't know. I feel like Conan I know it's ending. I'm comfortable with it, and I'm going to have fun.

The teacher was passing around the email list. I noticed that somebody got the address wrong. I don't know if I wrote it sloppily or what. I didn't do it on purpose though. My handwriting can be pretty messy.

Saw that 100 Questions show. It was like a modernized version of "Friends". It wasn't funny.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lame Vampire Story

I have another celebrity death to report Art Linkletter has died. Here is a screencap from the live action intro to the cartoon The Snow Queen. I hope this upcoming summer doesn't take a huge blow to the celebrity community.

I woke up with a really stiff neck. All I wanted to do was look down. I felt like Elaine in "The Seven" except all she wanted to do was look up. Luckily I didn't have to see if somebody was wearing the same dress all the time or not. My neck pain had been on and off all day.

Nothing particularly interesting happened at school. I ran into somebody from my other class after using the bathroom. I'm so silly when people call out my name I look around to see if there is somebody else they are talking to since my name is so common. I couldn't see the person very well because they were blocked by a pole.

Here are some post Glee thoughts. I teared up watching this last episode. During the scene with Rachel and Shelby singing "Poker Face". The part about the vampires was funny. When I was in junior high and high school vampires were sort of popular. I'm pretty sure the Twilight books weren't out back then. I don't know I don't follow that Twilight stuff. Anyway there was this one girl who was obsessed with vampires and read books about them and stuff. One time as a joke in English class I decided to write a vampire story. It was really lame too. It was about this girl who was really annoying, but didn't know her neighbors were vampires. I think it was inspired by an episode of Goosebumps I saw or something. Everybody else in the class got mad at me for writing such a lame story. Except for the girl who was into vampires. I thought Tina dressed more punk than goth. Doesn't she wear plaid? Enough about comparing my school stories to something that happened in the fictional world of Glee. Too bad Sue wasn't in it. I think she would have made the episode better/interesting.

I forgot to mention Shirley Manson will be a guest on the Late Late show on either the 28th or 29th of May. I'm not sure of the date, and sadly cannot go to the taping. :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never is a Promise

So the 3rd person has died Paul Gray from Slipknot. I don't really know much about that band besides that they wear jumpsuits, have numbers and wear masks. The only song I know by them is "Wait and Bleed".

The spirit of impudence has overcome me again.

In class I didn't want to get the shit bored out of me. I didn't want to have to take reduced notes. I get so much material in there. That boring couple ended up sitting next to me well the guy. They are equally boring. I don't discriminate. I didn't want to get trapped into another boring conversation. I was just rocking out to some music before class. I haven't done that in awhile. I use to do it in Rock n Roll history, but that doesn't count since it was a music class. The last time I really rocked out in class was probably around 2003 or 2004. I was still a college noob back then.

After I thought about it I can't wait to read what other people wrote and contribute to the class book.

The boring couple is leaving. They were collecting email addresses. I gave me junk one. >;) >;P (as of posting I have not gotten a message from them) I just want to say for the record that I use a different address on facebook so they can't look me up with that address.

A lot of people are sad that they are leaving. Especially the older students. I wasn't I feel relived. No more boring conversations. Even in the bathroom. The lady would trap me into a boring conversation in the bathroom. I had to stop using the bathroom in that building to avoid them. Now I can pee freely. J/K LOL ;P

Teacher wants everybody to come back. I can't do that unless I immediately fall ass backwards into money or something. She wants us to promise that we will, but I can't afford to lie.

You know what I'm thinking about writing a blog entry about Glee.

Edit: I forgot to mention how my book report went, so nobody was into singing the theme song. I thought they would have been all over that. I ended up singing it by myself... -_-
Last week I was contemplating about buying a little plastic horse at the dollar store cause it looked like Mister Ed, and to use it for a visual aide. I think and hope it went well. It was a more causal setting than my sales presentation. I thought the most important part was that I liked the book.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Presentation was Over I survived

Let's talk about celebrity deaths Jose Lima died recently. I thought I'd post about him since I know who he was. He was a baseball player, and played for the Dodgers for a while. Also Brittany Murphy's husband died. I'm just gonna mention him cause he was famous.

Ok now let's move onto something else. My sales presentation was today. I was nervous all morning.

This blog is going to reference older blogs. I had written about the bad WWE report I gave. Here is the old blog in the archives about it.

I was dressed like a banker. :P I had to dress nice. I really wanted to wear a Tootsie Roll shirt. That was the candy I was selling. I was wearing the same outfit I wore to the Ferguson taping. I thought I looked sort of professional. It bothered me that I had no pockets, so I had to use my purse. I hate using a backpack and a purse. There is too much bulkiness. After all these years of not using a backpack and purse together using them just feels strange to me. I just kept flicking it.

In class the teacher said my work improved. I was sort of relived and nervous that I was going second to last. I was in class preparing all my stuff. When it was my turn I had to talk about Tootsie Rolls, and eat one in front of the class. It was hard for me to talk of course and everybody was laughing. I gave samples. So did somebody else who presented bottled water. Too bad there weren't any free iphone or macbook samples. :( LOL! @-@ I told the class I give Tootsie Rolls for Halloween and they laughed. I think I did well. Not like an A presentation; maybe a B. But I was more confident than when I gave my WWE presentation.

Also I posted the blog about the bad poem I wrote about John Cena in the archives. I made a reference to it previously in this blog.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Have a Great Summer!" ^-^

I've been doing some research about how many more classes I need to get a degree in something. It seems like nobody wants to hire a college drop out. Pink hair not included. I'm not going to thumb my nose at associate degrees anymore.

I'm still thinking about what messages to write the different people in the memoir class. We're having like a book signing thing. Here are some things I won't write. "Look me up on facebook", "Lakers Rule!" or anything else that "rules". Maybe the phrase "Memoir writing rules!" might not be something bad to write. I think I have certain things I'll write to certain people. I think I'll give people my junk email address. I do check that account though. Maybe I should take some colored pens with me to class.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makin' Copies

I started writing this blog and realized that I didn't finish the one I started writing yesterday.

I ended up looking all around campus for a copy machine. They didn't have one at the computer labs. Shouldn't they? That meant I had to walk all the way around the building to get to the library. That is one thing I hate about the school I go to the library is connected to another building but you can't enter one from another. That was truly poorly designed. Walking to the other side of the building is a big feat. By the time I get to the library I'm out of breath and really sweaty.

While I'm making copies. I think I spent over $2 making them. I was pretty upset about that. The good thing was that I was in class on time, and I didn't get trapped in a boring conversation. Although the two of them didn't come even one of them is boring enough. @_@

Kirby is gone. It looks like somebody erased him.

This is crazy. Somebody in the class told me I have a gift for writing. ME!!?? *o* *anime fall* this person told me that people who tell me my writing is bad are just jealous, and that I need to be comfortable with myself. And to think I was getting all worked up about what somebody else told me earlier this month. It usually seems like I remember the bad things and blow off the good ones.

The strange thing about working in groups is that 3 out of the 4 times I ended up working with the same 2 people. Is it like she wanted us to work together or something? She assigned the groups. The funny thing is that while we were doing this the teacher was taking pictures of the class. I don't know why, but it reminded me of my 3rd and 4th grade yearbooks. My hair looked so ugly.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Times Like These

So I stayed up late to do my work.

When I turn it into class the teacher says it's partially wrong. I wasn't sure how detailed how to be on the assignment.

I have no idea which kind of shoes to wear. Maybe I'll wear my Docs. They look fancy. Plus I'll be wearing pants that will cover most of the shoe. Too bad I don't have a yellow short sleeve button up shirt to wear. (Dwight style) She said my tie was too wacky.

The funny thing is that the teacher didn't really talk about MLMs (multi-level marketing) I think that should really be talked about in a sales class. I'm not the teacher and it's not my class. The good thing is that she said that MLM is hard because one the pool of clients dries up it can be unethical. It's really sad a lot of people in the class get mixed up with that kind of stuff, and think it's sales. I was going to use the trite phrase (In These Economic Times ...) about people getting involved in MLM. But I'll say this instead it's times like these that can persuade people into getting into MLM. And you give and give again. I just had to say that. ;)

The teacher told us that in the business world things should not be turned in late. I told her I would email her the assignment as soon as possible.

When I get home I have to email the edited assignment to the teacher. My mom wanted to know why I was so quiet. I wanted to work on it because there is only one computer in the house, and I have to fight with my dad to use it now that he goes to school too. You know fighting for the computer is one thing I won't miss when I stop going to school.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shiny Ears

I was wearing too much hairspray today. It made me think about in junior high and high school when the kids would wear too much hairspray and have really shiny earlobes (cartilage) from using too much. Back in the day, and maybe even now kids usually use too much hair products.

The Kirby "artwork" is still there. @.@

Those boring people weren't in class today, so I was spared. Well they gave notice last week. Too bad they are coming back next class. :(

I found a fellow Frasier fan in class. I wonder who their favorite character is?

The teacher gave us a prompt that will work better as a blog than a memoir story. I was upset that I couldn't pull up a blog to reference it. :(

Of course I didn't read what I wrote to the class since it was a blog in the making. The funny thing was that popular guy said he didn't want to read first because he thought he was being a hog. Since he is my elder I'll still graciously surrender. He PWNS the class 2nd only to the teacher.

Here is some advice. Don't really associate yourself with anything. It will do you a lot of favors.

Anyway there is something really funny somebody else read Just Kids in class for the report. It's a good thing I didn't do a report on it too. Previously I mentioned that I wanted to read the book for class, but it was too expensive. As this guy is giving the report I'm thinking about Shirley. I was thinking about all the things she wrote about the book on facebook. At least I wasn't laughing to myself this time. It's a good thing though. I would have said "Shirley Manson recommends!" After class I told the guy that I was going to read the same, book but I ended up reading something else. I hope the class enjoys Mister Ed. Of course. :P

Monday, May 17, 2010

It Can't be as bad as my WWE report.

Sorry if this blog is a bit off today, so am I.

I spent most of the class session working on my project. This weekend neither my dad or I did our homework. Plus I spent most of Saturday cleaning the garage. I wasn't really sure where to start on the project anyway.

The teacher told me that I thought was (strange funny). That I'm soft spoken. This is funny since I haven't really thought of myself in that way for a while. It made me think about that really bad presentation about the WWE I gave a few years ago. I have a fear of public speaking. That's why I'd be a horrible standup comedian. When I was younger (under 8) I was really loud, and was good at things like that. As I got older I became more intervened and downright quiet. Maybe I'll post that blog about the bad report I gave in the archives. She told me I needed to practice it before I give it on Monday.

She said you can make a note card for the presentation. I don't know maybe I'll write on my hand Palin style. For the record I've been writing things on my hands for years. Mostly reminders. I usually don't write test answers because usually the tests I do badly on are really complicated ones where I need to memorize a lot of different things.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survivor Blog

Have I mentioned Survivor in my blog before? Anyway I went back to watching it sporadically. I'd usually catch the latter half because I don't like Parks and Recreation. I've been soured on the show since Marquesas, but I did watch and enjoy All-Stars.

Whenever I see the show I think about my former high school French teacher. I found out about her liking the show by accident. At first I didn't like her and our personalities clashed. One day she had the class get divided into 2 groups and play some kind of game or something. After the group I was in won. She said we won a prize, so I said as a joke "An immunity idol?...". She gave me a strange look. I think after class or the next class session she asked if I liked the show Survivor. She used to refer to the show as the word for "Survivor" in French. Two of her favorite contestants were Colby Donaldson and Ethan Zohn. Back then she was also really into The Weakest Link.

Actually the story about my French teacher was going to be a story for my memoir class, but I couldn't seem to get it organized.

I just have one more thing to say. Whoever writes those summaries/reviews on must really be a Russell fan or something. :/

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rock me Falco!

You know what is a horrible chore? Cleaning out the garage! I can never find what I was looking for in there in the first place. Especially since my dad secretly stashed all the "valuable" stuff his dead uncle left behind. You know he thought his uncle's cable boxes were converter boxes! XD LMAFO!!!!!!!! They have the name of a cable company on them. STUPID! But that gave me an idea. Since I know my dad will probably outlive me. I want to leave all my "valuable" electronics to him. Now I know posting something in a blog is not a legally binding will, but I think that will be a good idea. What should I care? I'd be dead anyway!

Aside from my dad's secret storage. We found some old 45s. They belonged to somebody else. There were some 80s mixed in there and my mom knew who Falco is! Ok actually I told her about him a few years ago. This was back when Ralph on the Kevin and Bean show was doing that Falco bit.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I've got the Power!

I'm still feeling stressed out. I'm still having wacky dreams.

There was a blackout this afternoon. The funny thing is that after it happened my parents were freaking out. It was about an hour. What's their problem? I just sat back and played with my Nintendo DS for a while and then went over some of the stories I need to edit.

At least it wasn't like the last time there was a blackout/power outage in the afternoon. My dad started freaking out and arranging things. He kept bothering me to call the power company. (my mom wasn't home that time)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Art Right back at Ya!

I've been having celebrity dreams again. I think it means I'm stressed out. The strange thing about this dream I had was that it referenced another dream. I've never done that before, or if I did I don't realize or remember it. I wonder what referencing a dream in a dream means?

Before class I saw this piece of Kirby "artwork". Obviously somebody in a class before mine likes Kirby. Before I had seen smaller pictures of Kirby drawn on the desk that were no larger than my hand. Take that for what it is. I have small carny hands. Like Austin Powers would say. I'd say the previous Kirby drawings were between 2-4 inches. POYO! Sorry about the glare the desk it was drawn on has a really shiny surface. The thing next to Kirby is a flower.

I was upset that I didn't get to take a lot of "notes" in class today. I hate sitting next to annoying people. Just let me sit there, and do my thing. I'll help you a little or something. I'm not there to get cornered into a boring conversation. Which leads me to something else. I have a great idea for a song parody, but I have gotten a lot of projects to work on so maybe I'll do that when school is over.

I tried a new kind of tea called maté. It's very good. It has a grassy flavor to me. It reminded me of another type of tea I've had before. Possibly chamomile or lemon grass. Well I'm not really a tea connoisseur. According to the wikipedia the tea should be drank in hot, but not boiling water.

Somebody was leaving class for the end of the semester. I said my goodbyes to them. I wasn't going to be rude. Then somebody else was asking if I was coming back next semester. It was hard for me to say that I wasn't coming back. Well really not by choice.

I said I was going to be like Conan? I sort of stole an idea from him today. I was thinking about his final episode of the Tonight Show. The part with the Cheap Trick "Surrender" montage. I could do the same thing me running from the school after my last final as the song plays, or maybe I'd choose a different song. "To be Continued..."

Now I have to clean up the stories I turned in. I hope I can correct them quickly.

I really wanted to sell to my sales class. JR's beef jerky, but it is too expensive, and I probably wouldn't be able to bring it into class on time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Candy is Dandy

I've been mentioning all week about trying to stir up promotion for something. Well it was that book it read; The Los Angeles Diaries. Anyway since the publishing house closed down Mr. Brown has enlisted the class in helping to promote his book.

The consensus among my class was to somehow get the book into Oprah’s hands. Personally I think it’s a bad idea to do that. Can you imagine how many things are sent to Oprah to get her to approve them? What if we just wear sweater capes and listen to calypso music instead? Using a talk show as a vehicle is not a bad idea. Have him be a guest on a show. Doesn’t matter which show day time, late night, local or national whatever. Just to get his name out there.

I think it was last Tuesday or maybe Wednesday when I started to think about the song "Cherry Lips". It made me think about how the song is based off a book. Later that day I started researching songs that are based off/inspired by books. There are quite a few of them, and I only found the well known ones.

It was just something I was kicking around in my head that week. It made me think about that lame public relations class I took like 6 years ago? I remembered how the teacher or other people would bring in people (clients) for the class to work with. The majority of the time we worked with personal trainers.

The reason I didn’t tell the memoir class my idea was because I thought it was too silly. At least I didn’t say something like “Where fitness is an obsession” or something like that. Wait I’m working on promoting an author. That won’t work for him. Maybe he’s a personal trainer too. No, wait don’t answer that.

I ended up contacting Mr. Brown and telling him about my song idea. He liked it, but there was really nothing we could do about it now. I never told my class this because the song idea never really got used. I'd write a song about the book if I was musically inclined.

Here was my other idea I was going to try and sell the book to my sales class for my project. The assignment is for each person to sell something to the class. It has to be a real product though. It's a good thing I don't have to sell fake cola or some pants I altered. That's really hard. Anyway the teacher said it's really hard to sell something like a book. Not that I'm lazy (ok maybe a little), but I'm a novice sales person, so it would be easier to sell something else. Other things I wanted to sell that would be too hard were movies, bands, and celebrities. The teacher said they were too hard, and wacky. Yesterday I went to the dollar store to look at some things I could sell. I thought candy was good and cheap. I made this huge list of different types of candy. The teacher said that I was really into candy. Candy is like my drug. We had to get the item approved by the teacher anyway. It had to be school appropriate. She said people in her former classes tried to sell things like alcohol and weapons. Which are not allowed on campus.

I made a list for myself not look like a good student or anything. It just helped me get my ideas out. I wanted to see which things were a good idea to sell and a bad idea. When I'm not prepared and don't make a list I end up signing myself up for a bad thing to present. Trust me I know from experience. I've done that twice already.

We have to dress like a salesperson. I don't dress uh...well. Maybe I'll ask the teacher for guidelines about that. I wouldn't want to wear anything too outrageous or distracting.

I did not score a -11 on my test. I ended up missing 3, but the extra credit made it a perfect score. I just guessed on some of the answers. The questions are true/false. I have 50/50 chance of getting it right. When the teacher said I got a high score I thought the test belonged to the other girl in the class with the same first name. I think I gave the teacher a confused look.

I'm still going to try and promote the book. I'll just have to think of other ways.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They Swing like Pendulums

I had this really strange dream about Shirley and pandas. :/

So I have a project for my sales class, and my mom was wondering why I didn't mention it until today. It's only because I didn't want my dad grossly misinterpreting the assignment. I'm hoping he'll be more preoccupied with his own school work, but I never know.

When I get to school and I'm crossing the street with other bus riders I don't know if they weren't paying attention or what. They almost crossed in front of a fire truck with the sirens blaring. Whoa! We need some type of safety patrol here or something! Where are Slim Goodbody or McGruff when you need them? It reminds me of something that happened at my old school when they were doing construction. People would go through the site. They would ignore the barriers and tape. Stupid!

When I get to my building I see some kids with a tall dinosaur pinata. It had to be at least 3 feet tall, and Rock Band instruments. I wonder what they were going to do with those? I had to break my "no tweeting" rule since I thought it was such a strange and funny sight. I just didn't want to waste my battery.

Today I don't know what was with me, but I was feelin' really prolific. :P

I find out that the due date for my story has been moved up, and it's due next Tuesday. I'm upset because I thought I had time to work on another story. I'm trying not to, but still over thinking about how "childish" my writing seems. Then I thought if I overwork the story it will be bad. I just said "Fuck that!" I'm satisfied with what I turning in, and if other people aren't that's their problem. I put all my heart into that story; worked hard on it. This is no half assed thing. [mark] I was thinking about this tweet I read from John Cena yesterday.
"Well, live by the sword, die by the sword. I just don't want anyone took look back at any moment and say I didn't give my all." [/mark]

Speaking of Cena in my current writing class we have to do some assignment with a picture we choose ourselves. I think it might be similar to an assignment I had to do in my old writing class. I chose that sneaky picture I took of Cena back in 2005. I had to write a poem about the picture. It was really crappy poem. My former creative writing teacher was too focused on poetry.

People in class were changing seats, so I sat in my usual area, and decided that since I was sitting next to different people I was going to be on my best behavior. I hoped they didn't notice I was taking notes on them. I had to do it on the sly. I get a wealth of material from my blog in that class.

I was also thinking about if I worked for Conan, and I drew this silly doodle.
The popular guy usually sets the tone for the class session. It was strange not having him share a story. He is usually the first one to jump at the chance, and I'll graciously surrender.

Somebody mentioned the Smothers Brothers in class and I feel old cause I know who they are. It made me think about yoyos.

Somebody was talking about this book that was written by that other guest who was at the Ferguson taping. The guest who replaced Wayne Newton. That is the only reason I'm familiar with the book's topic. But I was too busy thinking about Shirley. All I can think about is Shirley talking about pendulous breasts. So I'm sitting in class giggling and smiling to myself like an idiot!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I've been working on stirring up publicity for something, and it's a daunting task. Actually I wrote some long winded blog about it. All I'm going to say is that this idea came to me last week while I was listening to Garbage songs on the bus. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday. That blog I started writing about that was not fit for consumption anyway. It went off in some other rambling direction. Actually I think my sales teacher might be able to help me, but I'm not sure. We'll see what happens this week.

Had a test today. I wasn't feeling confident I think I got -11 on it. I'm hoping for less than that though. I think -11 would be a B.

I got a lot of stuff to say that I didn't put in a miscellaneous/leftovers blog last week. I was too busy writing about moms and stickers. :P

Happy to see John Cena on twitter. Let the hate tweets begin! Hope this doesn't get messy like his old myspace page.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Mother

I'm losing my mind everything's fine!

That's a lyric from a song by Tracy Bonham. I also recommend the song "Navy Bean".

I made my mom a card this year. Originally I was going to make one with a picture of John and Sarah Connor. But I decided to use this picture of Porky instead. It's not offensive my mom likes pigs.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stick it to Me

So I was out at the local dollar store and they had these old style stickers. I had to buy a sheet. Although back in the 80s the sheets of stickers were larger. But they are exactly the same designs/pictures. Back in the 80s I use to get my stickers at a Sanrio store named Casper. It was in San Gabriel, but I'm pretty sure it's not there anymore. I got my first backpack there too. I miss when the different Sanrio stores had unique names like the one in Montebello was named Pinocchio. There was another store named Rainbow Gate, but as a kid I would call it Rainbow Bridge. I would go to the mall and ask where the Rainbow Bridge store was, and get some strange looks. Rainbow Bridge is the name of a Jimi Hendrix film.
I know I have some other ones I bought back in the 90s that I put in an album. If I find those I'll scan them too.
There were also these Sailor Moon stickers for sale. I had to buy them because they were Sailor Moon and even if one sticker was missing. It had to be of Moon.
Here are some other throwback stickers I got at the Target a few months ago. Mello Smello. I had some root beer ones, cherry ice cream ones, fudge sundae ones and lifesavers ones. I also have a knockoff one I got in 3rd grade that has a picture of Garfield standing next to a pizza slice that was pizza scented. It smelled really spicy. If I find the Garfield one I'll scan it too.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Resume? What Resume?

I accidentally arrived at school too early. I got on the wrong bus. I had about a half hour to burn. I thought I'd wander around campus. I didn't want to run into some annoying people from class and end up being stuck in the same conversation with them. It's like that Animanics episode when they have that long boring conversation with that guy who met Bob Barker. I end up at the job fair. I don't know how many times I've wandered into something cool or beneficial completely by accident.

I'm wandering around just getting a feel for it. A lot of the tables weren't set up yet. It was just starting. My goal is to find a job requiring minimal experience. Because I was unprepared for this I'm wearing a wrestling shirt and have no resumes. It's not like I would have one on me anyway. I'm there to waste anywhere between 10-20 minutes. The first booth I go to is for some travel something. I don't remember, and it didn't interest me. Then I go to a yogurt shop one, but they immediately deny me after they find out I have no restaurant experience. :( I also went to a few of the animal related jobs, but since I have no experience in that I got sent off with some crackers on my way. I know what they are looking for; graduates. I have a hard time committing to anything. I should get a tattoo that says "Fear of Commitment". It would be such an ironic thing to have.

Everybody is still worried about what classes they will take next semester. I don't because I know it's over I feel indifferent.

I figured after class I'd go and check out what was there. There still wasn't much for me, but I'm hopeful.

Enough lamenting about my days being numbered, but I decided that I'm going to be like Conan about this. I'm just going to have fun with my last days.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Half Assed Blog?

I don't know what is wrong with me. I've been feeling really lethargic lately. I could barely stay up to write my blog yesterday. I didn't even finish it. I don't know I was just slacking off or something. I really wanted to watch Jimmy Fallon, and I ended up doing my sales homework during the show. I half assed it at best.

When I get to class I turn in the half assed assignment. The teacher sees it's not like me to turn in half assed work, and she questions me.

The teacher had a contest where we worked in groups and filled out a practice test. The prize was five extra points, and I could use them since I half assed that assignment. Anyway it got really competitive. It was like that Office episode "New Leads". It was because she gave us incentives. I ready wrote about that episode. Too bad I wasn't wearing a short sleeved yellow shirt.

Forgot today is Cinco De Mayo didn't realize it until I saw Martha Stewart making Mexican food on her show. :o

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Was this Written by a Child?

I wore my hair in Shirley braids to school. I always end up having one braid noticeably longer than the other. The shorter braid was unraveling on me. It looked silly because one braid had one rubber band on the bottom and the other one had three on it.

I have to say one thing about that popular guy in class he is very in tune to the current pop culture. He knows what's going on.

It was peer evaluation day in class. The only thing I was concerned about was not getting stuck in a "crappy" group; where everybody is unprepared. I've been in groups with mostly young people.

Here is a strange comment I got on my writing that it was like the style of a child. I've never really gotten a comment like that before. How I write is just how I write. Does that mean it's bad? Maybe I can use my writing style to my advantage in some way? Maybe my writing has that certain "je ne sais quoi"? I should stop over thinking this. But it did make me think about this old blog I wrote.

After I thought about it maybe I'm not suppose to be in college. Maybe some great fortune will present itself to me. I'm convinced my chopstick will turn out to be a beautiful design. (That's from the morning J-drama I watch)

Too bad my ticket was a loser :( I wanted to win a measurable amount of money and get away from my father. Doesn't matter I probably won't be playing in a while.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok is Better than Horrible

My day just started off crappy. First I woke up late, I can't get academic renewal at my old college (more on that later in the blog), I was having a bad hair day, and I forgot the folder for my sales class.

About academic renewal; so I call up the college I use to go to and they tell me before I can do anything there I need my old student ID number. Why would I know that!? And have it on hand!? When I ask the school over the phone they say they can't give it to me because if somebody did get the number and knew my birthday they could register as me online for classes. Its things like this that made me leave the school. I would think they would have a more secure system or something.

My hair faded to a strange brassy orangey color. It needs a re-dye. I haven't dyed it since around Valentine's Day. It could use a cut too. Maybe I should get those frosted platinum highlights that make it look like you've gone gray.

When I get to class I'm the only one there besides the teacher for about 15 minutes. I hope she doesn't think I'm some type of suck up or super student. I just get there early because of the bus. She told me that I should not tell people I'm "Ok" when people ask how I am. So I replied "It's better than saying 'horrible'.". It reminds me of something my old high school principal told me once. She wanted to know why I wasn't smiling in the morning before school. Maybe because I was forced to be there? I'm not really forced to be at school now.

My teacher disproved my "college rule" that if less than 5 people show up to class late in the year that it's canceled. She also said the 10 minute rule doesn't apply. Strange... Eventually more people showed up to class so it wasn't just a one on one teaching session of me and her.

I did something crazy today. I bought a lottery ticket. I usually don't like to gamble. Not for moral reasons or anything like that. The numbers just don't add up. I know I'm not very good at math, but that is something I can crunch the numbers on. I am more likely to lose than win.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd Day 1st Blog.

Took the day off from blogging yesterday which is funny since I usually post a "beginning of the month blog". I just want to say that summer doesn't start at the end of May. It starts at the solstice in June. Don't let the media tell you otherwise.

I managed to post 27 entries last month which an impressive feat for me. My goal is to post about 20-24. Time willing. Of course I should have a working computer or something. If I'm posting 100 or more a month then I have a problem, and a lot of free time on my hands. :P

My MP3 player is acting funny again. I don't expect it to work properly.

I did manage to finish the other short story I was working on. That one is too fatty. I got another one due at the end of the month which is not finished. That one is really fatty too.