Monday, May 31, 2010

Bad Hair Week?

I dyed my hair red today. It's a little darker than Emma's (from Glee) hair. Here's a picture of her.I thought it was going to be more vibrant than it turned out to be. Dye #45 is more vibrant than dye # 42. I know it's gonna turn brassy because of the golden undertones in my hair. I have to dye my hair a color that occurs in nature because I'm looking for work. After this red shade I'm going back to brown. I purchased a dye that is close to my natural hair color.

I'm still worried about bad hair though. I have a really strong feeling that pictures will be taken all week in my memoir class. I need to focus on my hair. Maybe I'm writing about my hair too much again? :/

I still can't stand to look at my work. I wanted to write the Halloween 2009 story for memoir class, but I didn't have time to. When my parents got food poisoning, and I thought they got the flu. And the haphazardly put together Shirley Manson costume I wore.

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