Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survivor Blog

Have I mentioned Survivor in my blog before? Anyway I went back to watching it sporadically. I'd usually catch the latter half because I don't like Parks and Recreation. I've been soured on the show since Marquesas, but I did watch and enjoy All-Stars.

Whenever I see the show I think about my former high school French teacher. I found out about her liking the show by accident. At first I didn't like her and our personalities clashed. One day she had the class get divided into 2 groups and play some kind of game or something. After the group I was in won. She said we won a prize, so I said as a joke "An immunity idol?...". She gave me a strange look. I think after class or the next class session she asked if I liked the show Survivor. She used to refer to the show as the word for "Survivor" in French. Two of her favorite contestants were Colby Donaldson and Ethan Zohn. Back then she was also really into The Weakest Link.

Actually the story about my French teacher was going to be a story for my memoir class, but I couldn't seem to get it organized.

I just have one more thing to say. Whoever writes those summaries/reviews on must really be a Russell fan or something. :/

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