Monday, May 17, 2010

It Can't be as bad as my WWE report.

Sorry if this blog is a bit off today, so am I.

I spent most of the class session working on my project. This weekend neither my dad or I did our homework. Plus I spent most of Saturday cleaning the garage. I wasn't really sure where to start on the project anyway.

The teacher told me that I thought was (strange funny). That I'm soft spoken. This is funny since I haven't really thought of myself in that way for a while. It made me think about that really bad presentation about the WWE I gave a few years ago. I have a fear of public speaking. That's why I'd be a horrible standup comedian. When I was younger (under 8) I was really loud, and was good at things like that. As I got older I became more intervened and downright quiet. Maybe I'll post that blog about the bad report I gave in the archives. She told me I needed to practice it before I give it on Monday.

She said you can make a note card for the presentation. I don't know maybe I'll write on my hand Palin style. For the record I've been writing things on my hands for years. Mostly reminders. I usually don't write test answers because usually the tests I do badly on are really complicated ones where I need to memorize a lot of different things.

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