Thursday, May 13, 2010

Art Right back at Ya!

I've been having celebrity dreams again. I think it means I'm stressed out. The strange thing about this dream I had was that it referenced another dream. I've never done that before, or if I did I don't realize or remember it. I wonder what referencing a dream in a dream means?

Before class I saw this piece of Kirby "artwork". Obviously somebody in a class before mine likes Kirby. Before I had seen smaller pictures of Kirby drawn on the desk that were no larger than my hand. Take that for what it is. I have small carny hands. Like Austin Powers would say. I'd say the previous Kirby drawings were between 2-4 inches. POYO! Sorry about the glare the desk it was drawn on has a really shiny surface. The thing next to Kirby is a flower.

I was upset that I didn't get to take a lot of "notes" in class today. I hate sitting next to annoying people. Just let me sit there, and do my thing. I'll help you a little or something. I'm not there to get cornered into a boring conversation. Which leads me to something else. I have a great idea for a song parody, but I have gotten a lot of projects to work on so maybe I'll do that when school is over.

I tried a new kind of tea called maté. It's very good. It has a grassy flavor to me. It reminded me of another type of tea I've had before. Possibly chamomile or lemon grass. Well I'm not really a tea connoisseur. According to the wikipedia the tea should be drank in hot, but not boiling water.

Somebody was leaving class for the end of the semester. I said my goodbyes to them. I wasn't going to be rude. Then somebody else was asking if I was coming back next semester. It was hard for me to say that I wasn't coming back. Well really not by choice.

I said I was going to be like Conan? I sort of stole an idea from him today. I was thinking about his final episode of the Tonight Show. The part with the Cheap Trick "Surrender" montage. I could do the same thing me running from the school after my last final as the song plays, or maybe I'd choose a different song. "To be Continued..."

Now I have to clean up the stories I turned in. I hope I can correct them quickly.

I really wanted to sell to my sales class. JR's beef jerky, but it is too expensive, and I probably wouldn't be able to bring it into class on time.

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