Thursday, May 6, 2010

Resume? What Resume?

I accidentally arrived at school too early. I got on the wrong bus. I had about a half hour to burn. I thought I'd wander around campus. I didn't want to run into some annoying people from class and end up being stuck in the same conversation with them. It's like that Animanics episode when they have that long boring conversation with that guy who met Bob Barker. I end up at the job fair. I don't know how many times I've wandered into something cool or beneficial completely by accident.

I'm wandering around just getting a feel for it. A lot of the tables weren't set up yet. It was just starting. My goal is to find a job requiring minimal experience. Because I was unprepared for this I'm wearing a wrestling shirt and have no resumes. It's not like I would have one on me anyway. I'm there to waste anywhere between 10-20 minutes. The first booth I go to is for some travel something. I don't remember, and it didn't interest me. Then I go to a yogurt shop one, but they immediately deny me after they find out I have no restaurant experience. :( I also went to a few of the animal related jobs, but since I have no experience in that I got sent off with some crackers on my way. I know what they are looking for; graduates. I have a hard time committing to anything. I should get a tattoo that says "Fear of Commitment". It would be such an ironic thing to have.

Everybody is still worried about what classes they will take next semester. I don't because I know it's over I feel indifferent.

I figured after class I'd go and check out what was there. There still wasn't much for me, but I'm hopeful.

Enough lamenting about my days being numbered, but I decided that I'm going to be like Conan about this. I'm just going to have fun with my last days.

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