Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shiny Ears

I was wearing too much hairspray today. It made me think about in junior high and high school when the kids would wear too much hairspray and have really shiny earlobes (cartilage) from using too much. Back in the day, and maybe even now kids usually use too much hair products.

The Kirby "artwork" is still there. @.@

Those boring people weren't in class today, so I was spared. Well they gave notice last week. Too bad they are coming back next class. :(

I found a fellow Frasier fan in class. I wonder who their favorite character is?

The teacher gave us a prompt that will work better as a blog than a memoir story. I was upset that I couldn't pull up a blog to reference it. :(

Of course I didn't read what I wrote to the class since it was a blog in the making. The funny thing was that popular guy said he didn't want to read first because he thought he was being a hog. Since he is my elder I'll still graciously surrender. He PWNS the class 2nd only to the teacher.

Here is some advice. Don't really associate yourself with anything. It will do you a lot of favors.

Anyway there is something really funny somebody else read Just Kids in class for the report. It's a good thing I didn't do a report on it too. Previously I mentioned that I wanted to read the book for class, but it was too expensive. As this guy is giving the report I'm thinking about Shirley. I was thinking about all the things she wrote about the book on facebook. At least I wasn't laughing to myself this time. It's a good thing though. I would have said "Shirley Manson recommends!" After class I told the guy that I was going to read the same, book but I ended up reading something else. I hope the class enjoys Mister Ed. Of course. :P

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