Monday, May 24, 2010

The Presentation was Over I survived

Let's talk about celebrity deaths Jose Lima died recently. I thought I'd post about him since I know who he was. He was a baseball player, and played for the Dodgers for a while. Also Brittany Murphy's husband died. I'm just gonna mention him cause he was famous.

Ok now let's move onto something else. My sales presentation was today. I was nervous all morning.

This blog is going to reference older blogs. I had written about the bad WWE report I gave. Here is the old blog in the archives about it.

I was dressed like a banker. :P I had to dress nice. I really wanted to wear a Tootsie Roll shirt. That was the candy I was selling. I was wearing the same outfit I wore to the Ferguson taping. I thought I looked sort of professional. It bothered me that I had no pockets, so I had to use my purse. I hate using a backpack and a purse. There is too much bulkiness. After all these years of not using a backpack and purse together using them just feels strange to me. I just kept flicking it.

In class the teacher said my work improved. I was sort of relived and nervous that I was going second to last. I was in class preparing all my stuff. When it was my turn I had to talk about Tootsie Rolls, and eat one in front of the class. It was hard for me to talk of course and everybody was laughing. I gave samples. So did somebody else who presented bottled water. Too bad there weren't any free iphone or macbook samples. :( LOL! @-@ I told the class I give Tootsie Rolls for Halloween and they laughed. I think I did well. Not like an A presentation; maybe a B. But I was more confident than when I gave my WWE presentation.

Also I posted the blog about the bad poem I wrote about John Cena in the archives. I made a reference to it previously in this blog.

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