Friday, December 31, 2010

Meat, oil and COCO!/Free Day!

I’m trying to think about and reflect on the year. Note: This list was complied in about 3 days.

Anything that had to do with Jersey Shore
Garbage recording
Shirley Manson's second marriage
The housewives
The whole Conan O’Brien saga
Tiger Woods (overlap from ‘09)
The infamous meat dress
Lohan in jail
The BP oil spill (you had to be living under a rock not to know about that)
California Gurls (whipped cream bras and blue hair have never been so popular) don’t forget Elmo
World Cup
Winter Olympics
Heath care
Saints Superbowl win
John Cena getting “fired” and joining the Nexus
Giants win World Series
Double Rainbow
Disgruntled Flight attendant Steven Slater (“grab 2 beers and jump”)
Betty White
Alice in Wonderland
Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokull
Christine O’Donnell
Chilean Miners
Antoine Dodson
David after dentist video
Angel's Friends coming to the US
TSA Groping
Justin Bieber
The Bell city council scandal
Discovery Channel guy
The elections for US Congress
Arizona immigration
Meg Whitman (California only)

I’m thinking about things a lot of people remember and not things I would remember. Not a lot of people remember the presentation I did on tootsie rolls or the story I wrote about a possum. Or my Halloween memories.

I got a free day today!

I ate my toasted cheese sandwich early in the morning. I also ate onion dip and summer sausage for breakfast. I did because I thought my dad left early, but he really went to the store. After he officially left. I got to work. I had to do chores this time since I'm on thin ice. Listened to "Why do you Love Me" aloud. I never really get to do that anymore. I also sang some other songs aloud too really loudly. (I'm not naming the songs. They weren't Garbage songs.)

After jumping on the bed to "Sex is not the Enemy" and realizing it wasn't as gratifying as I thought it would be. I didn't want to jump too high because the bed I have now is really high off the ground. I don't want to go around telling people I hit my head on the ceiling jumping on my bed to the song "Sex is not the Enemy". After I did that I quickly tweeted about it. "Jumping on the bed to 'Sex is not the Enemy' was not as gratifing as I thoght it would be :("

I was looking over something I wrote in March and my handwriting is so messy I can't even decipher it. I think I wrote something about Cameron from the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it might say "Camry". I'm not sure. Another thing I wrote was about finding my way through the school and the different hallways.

The list of banned words is out. I use a lot of them way too much! Doh! What an "Epic Fail"! @o@ Does this mean I can't say "I failed college algebra" or "If you don't write that term paper on termites for your biology class you're gonna fail"? I didn't even know what "BFF" meant until 7th grade. I thought it was the name of a local gang or something. Don't tell the Trollz about his. Where I went to junior high and high school there was a gang that had the initials S.K.A. so when ever people would have ska items (related to the music) people would think they were in that gang. I'm sad "back story" is a banned word I've been using it since the late 90s/early 2000s. :( I'd better stop saying "Google myself" it just sounds wrong. "I'm just sayin'" has been worn out since Shane Helms was overusing it on WWE programming. If "A-ha moment" is banned then why isn't the phrase "take on me"?

I got some hair clips from my grandma. At least it wasn't some small clothes. I think it better when she gives me something that doesn't have a size like some kind of trinket or knick knack. I liked the way they look. They look very 90s. I wasn't sure what to do with them until I started reading an old fashion magazine; a February issue. I thought I could wear the clips for Valentine's Day. They have hearts on them. I tweeted about my gift "Didn't get small clothes from grandma. I got some hairclips. At least they fit."

My prediction was partially correct my dad got a 17 1/2 neck size shirt. He usually gets a 17 neither size fits him. He also got a jacket, but he said it fit him.

I'll be waiting to see what KCET will be showing tomorrow.

Hello to my new follower.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maneki Neko/Reunion Yet?

I want a lucky charm for my phone. I'm thinking about getting a maneki neko or a beckoning cat. I need all the help/luck I can get. Western stuff hasn't been working for me. (horseshoes, 4 leaf clover, and rabbit's foot) At first I was thinking a pig since pigs are lucky and that is my Chinese zodiac animal. Then I remembered pigs aren't so lucky to me.

Here is another blog I was planning on posting before the end of the year. Plus it ties in nicely into a pig zodiac reference.

Reunion Yet?

After thinking about that elementary school reunion in 2009 and that 2011 is nearing I thought somebody would have organized a reunion already; or at least made a page for it or something. Maybe I’m the one jumping the gun, and I don’t even want to go. Maybe somebody will set something up after the holidays. I have a strong feeling that the person who organized the elementary school reunion will organize this one. They are born under the sign of the pig, and pigs are good organizers.
Check back for my end of the year thoughts blog and possibly a free day blog.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lofty Keyboard

I think and hope my headache over the old phone I had for about 4 days is over. I got into an argument over the phone with one of the customer service people they were telling me I didn't know which model my old phone was. I know that. They also kept accusing me of having a forged serial number. (which I didn't) I had to transfer the service to my old phone. I didn't want to be without a phone even if it was only for a few hours.

I've been obsessing about the $300 a year for 4 days. It was pretty much all I was thinking about. The only thing I like about that broken Loft was the keyboard. Too bad it put spaces between the letters when I would try and type in a web address.

Even though my new phone isn't fancy or has a keyboard. (That was one of the main reasons why I wanted the Loft)But it does have a place to stick charms in it. I'm off to look for some new charms.

KCET is altering their subchannels after their split with PBS. Here is a sample of the lineup.
What does that mean? Which Anne of Green Gables will be shown? The anime, the cartoon (that was shown on KCET about 7 years ago), or the live action series. Most of those shows I don't like. Come on show some TV Ontario and AIT shows.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Year's Mattress

I calculated how much it will cost if I keep that phone. They charge me $25 per month which means 4 months = $100 and 4x3=12 which = $300! I was paying about $80 a year with my old phone. It’s still broken even with the solution they gave me didn’t work. I got a text at about 3AM telling me what to do. I’m so tempted to switch my service back to the old phone even if that one is broken, and has been since February.

It’s pretty much confirmed I’m getting a free day on Friday! Yay! Reenactment scenes here I come! What about reenacting a scene from the Glee episode “Mattress”? After I watched it I got an idea. I will reenact a Glee scene along with scenes from the videos "Sex is not the Enemy" by Garbage and "Underneath it All" by No Doubt.
I’d better plan a menu. I’m thinking strong sweet tea and a toasted cheese sandwich! I better draw inspiration from my last free day. Wagers on what kind of gift I get from my grandma. I'm going with small shoes. For my dad I'll say a tiny jacket or a shirt that is 17 in the neck size.

No Doubt was good on the Kennedy Center honors. What was Gwen wearing as a bottom? It looked like koulots or pantaloons

Does anybody think it’s too early for Valentine’s Day and Easter merchandise to be out already? I’ll accept Super Bowl. That really upsets me. I hate when you want to buy something at a store and they don’t have it, and the item is suppose to be in season. Like when it’s summer and you want a bathing suit, but you can’t get one because the store is already stocking fall clothes. I hate having to buy things before the season.
I don’t like to shop at after Christmas sales because the clothes and shoes are “last year”. I use to make that mistake when I was younger.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tweet Your Heart Out

There is a problem with my phone when I try and type a web address it puts spaces between the letters and can't get to the site. I have to pay more now. The plan I had is not available with this phone. At least I get unlimited web, so I can "tweet my heart out". IDK I thought that was a funny phrase.

The football game getting postponed messed up my tv watching and internet schedule. I'm surprised that NBC decided to carry the game on Tuesday and not give it to ESPN. I heard NBC is getting good ratings with football.

I might get a free day soon. ^0^ I'm making plans in case I do. I think I'll reenact scenes from music videos in my room. I think I'll reenact "Sex is not the Enemy" or maybe "Underneath it All".

I'm sad about the passing of Teena Marie. I'm not trying to make myself into a Teena Marie fan. I only know 2 of her songs; "Lovergirl" and "Behind the Groove". I really like "Lovergirl". I think I mentioned it in a blog once. Maybe it was one of my old myspace blogs? I'll need to look.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sticky Christmas

I got another strange text message from the same number who sent me one last year. This year the message said "Happy Christmas!" last year it said "Happy Christmas! Be careful. Keep on Keeping On."

I got a new phone and I've been busy cleaning out my old one. I want to make sure I don't erase anything important. Too bad the new one doesn't have a place to put a charm on it. Oh well. The phone was a replacement phone. I'm gonna be super careful with this phone. I'm even buying a case for it.

I got a new MP3 player too which was also a replacement. Added "Pretty Horses" and "Lighten Up" onto this one. I think it could use some 90s R&B. I'm thinking "Thank You" or "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men.

The worst part was my dad spilled grape juice all over me. Luckily it was the white one, but I was sticky all day even after I washed off. Somehow like always he brings it back to back to me. It was my fault he spilled it. That was it! I decided to drink water for the rest of the day. It's not as sticky.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Old TV Shows

Tribute to the Troops was good, but it could have used more wrestling. There were only 2 matches. There were too many musical performances. It's a good show to have.

I was watching those old Antenna TV preview shows. Watching the original version of Gidget and The Monkees made me remember back in the 80s when the "New" versions of those shows came out. The New Gidget, The New Monkees, and The Munsters Today. The Antenna TV logo looks like old one KTLA use to have a long time ago. I don't remember seeing it on tv. It was before my time. I only remember the golden 5 logo, and anything after that.

Watching Gidget also made me think about Gidget from Eureka Seven. She was the one who told Eureka to wear makeup. Which did didn't wear very well; Talho told Eureka she didn't need to wear so much because she is young. That is from my favorite episode "Fantasia".

Ne is the new villain in Survivor lore. It's a good thing they cleared up about quitters who quit around the time the jury is formed. If I ran the show this is what I would have done. Ne and Purple Kelly would not have been in the jury I would have put Yve and Jill instead they were voted out before Alina who was the first member of the jury. Fabio was the winner like I predicted. He was a sleeper. Sash didn't get any votes. Chase is still an idiot. Jane won the fan votes. Is it me or does that hair make him look like Bieber?
I noticed that KCET is also showing H.R Pufnstuf and Lidsville. This is good for the gen-xers who are nostalgic for that. I'll watch it out of curiosity. I think that KTLA is going to show the Rose Parade on all 3 of their channels. Really!?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm just Thinkin' about Possums

Correction: there are a few corrections to this blog. It was the '08 semester.

The possum is back! I thought heard strange noises a few days ago, but I didn't want to say anything. At first I thought it was cats fighting. I decided to try and turn around my schedule, so I will be up when the possum is up. The possum's thrashing and hissing won't bother me as much if I'm awake.

The ads KTLA is running for Antenna TV look very similar to the promos they had for their retro tv marathon in 2007. ThisTV is going to be bitstarved. I'm looking forward to watching blurry episodes of Mister Ed and Heathcliff (the ones I don't have on DVD) After watching all those episodes of Mister Ed I recognized Larry Keating in the Burns and Allen show. George Burns was involved in Mister Ed and even guest starred in an episode.

I can't believe my mom blabbed about me thinking about going to school. Me thinking about something is not me actually doing it. My dad can't distinguish the difference. It could be like the spring semesters '08 and '10 all over again! Doesn't matter anyway I can't do anything until next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #39

Too bad I still don't get KVCR. I wish they would have a more powerful transmitter that would really boost their viewership since KCET is gone soon. Most of what I watch on PBS is kid's shows anyway.

Antenna TV is going to be showing some preview programming on KTLA. I had no idea what the shows "Circus Boy", "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" and "The Iron Horse" were I had to look them up. My dad wants to watch Rin Tin Tin, but that is going to be shown on the 26th. The thing that frustrates me is that zap2it's listings for KTLA 5.2 just say"Antenna TV coming soon" they didn't even bother adding 5.3 which is now ThisTV to their listings.

I helped my mom make some pumpkin bread and cookies and they didn't come out so well. The sprinkles fell off the cookies. The cranberries and almonds stayed on the top of the loaf. At least they didn't sink to the bottom.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fabio (a Survivor realted blog )

I think Fabio will be the sleeper winner like Sandra was last season. He's not as dumb as people make him out to be. Chase is dumber. I would have figured Ne and Brenda to make it a little further. Fabio was the first one to say to vote out Ne after she hid the food. I didn't think Jane was going to make it that far. A lot of contestants said she was a threat. Especially with her story. That's why the other Kelly (not purple) was eliminated before the jury was formed. Could you imagine if Kelly and Jane had made it to the final 2.

When ever they say Fabio on the show it makes me think of this scene from the Eek the cat cartoon when he meets Fabio.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nonstop cakes

I really like that game Purble Place. Is it really for preschoolers? I like that cake making game it reminds me of Cake Mania.

When is that California Nonstop channel going to come out? I’m so sick of the same old news raw stories from like July. How many times do I have to hear some guy talk about a robot keychain? Or see that handicap parking permit violation story?

Too bad KCET isn’t showing old TVOntario shows like Today’s Special, Take a Look and Here’s How. I really wish they would have shown some old AIT shows or those Animal Families films.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Quality Item

The Dollar Tree is selling knockoff as seen on tv products. I bought a ped egg type thing (that is a picture of the real one). I hoped it would fair better than the $1 DS screen cleaner I bought from a vending machine. The DS screen cleaner screamed quality item. I felt I was not taking a chance since it was a dollar item.

When I tried it the thing seemed to work well. I wouldn't say $10 well but way more than $1. Somewhere between $2.50 and $5.

They also have knockoff Wonder Hangers, Perfect Fit Button, Aqua Globes, Bumpits, and Smooth Away that I can remember.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

MVC; Most Valuable Customer

My dad was mad when he went to the Target and there was nobody in the electronics department. He is so stupid what does he think he is? A MVC? Most Valuable Customer? Places are understaffed, and I don't expect anybody to be anywhere in the store. Maybe it added to my frustration that I had recently read an article about that. Later when we are checking out he complain to the cashier about this. Why did he complain to the cashier? What's he going to do about it? Not getting help at stores is so prevalent I figure there will be nobody to help me when I need it EVER! I figure I have to do all the legwork even though they are getting paid for it. Now if somebody comes to help me I'm shocked and tell them that I don't need help.

I told my dad I didn't want to go see what happened to where I used to live. I figured I'd just use Google earth or something like when I cheated on that map project for my memoir class. It's not like he listens to me anyway. There are apartments where I use to live. I wonder what happened to the blackberry bush? It's probably gone too like the big pine tree is. I wonder where the possums went to live?

What I want for Christmas is Brittnay Pierce caliber. I don't want anybody to walk who can't, but I want some pretty "impossible" things.

People are thinking about (American) football games that had to be moved because of something like what happened to the Vikings? Why did nobody mention the Chargers game that was moved to Arizona because of the wildfires back in 2003?

KCET's non PBS schedule looks abysmal. I give them 5 years tops on the air. I'm being generous with that number. I will miss watching Arthur at 2:30 PM. But they are showing Prime Suspect which may help me in a writing class provided I get the same teacher and he uses the same material. Spoiler: It was George. I wrote about Prime Suspect on my old blog. I'll go and post those in the archives. Prime Suspect is referred to as a "movie". The blog doesn't mention that I also complied a list of my favorite fictional penguins. For children's programming they are going to show The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. I didn't see it when it was on Nickelodeon. I remember reading an article about the show in a magazine. I thought it ran for more than 2 seasons. I wonder if KCET will keep their Orange sub-channel?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas for Sluts

The alternate title for this was Have Yourself a Slutty Little Christmas.

I was looking at these holiday themed outfits. I found the Gingerbread one after I posted that blog about finding the Watermelon Girl and Peppermint Girl outfits. Somebody on a website pointed out that the cookie on the apron is over the crotch. @.@

This Candy Cane costume isn’t so bad.
This Candy cane cutie costume doesn’t seem very candy striped to me. I think it should be called “Holly” something like Holly babe.
Santa’s Lil Ho Ho Ho. It’s um… I found that costume by accident. I typed in “Santa‘s ho costume” and that came up.
There is always the Naughty Elf costume.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in Brown

Shopping with my dad wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. On a pain scale I would say bike crashing into a tree, but I can walk away from it semi-limping. I wanted it to be more like a bandage getting ripped off my skin.

Why do all the headphones have to have something on them? Where are the plain ones? Why do they have to say "Rawwwr" or have a flag on the side? It's so hard for me to find something. Most of the stores stock is earbuds anyway.

There was nothing partially interesting at the mall. Hot Topic still doesn't sell the kind of junky jewelry I want. It was funny to see a Rihanna shirt for sale in there near a Glee CD. IDK those items seem a little out of place there.

The holiday Glee episode was good. It was totally in character for Rachel to wear tacky winter sweaters. The Cheerios socks were cute. I saw Santa today too; his workshop was near the Hickory Farms kiosk. I wasn't there for Santa I was looking for cheese. I thought they were going to sing more songs from Christmas specials. The misfit toys one fit well. When I was a kid I thought I needed to live on that island, and it made me think about mistreating my toys. I was singing along with them. *whispers* sometimes I like to sing along with the show softly if I know the song. But where was the roast beast? If Mr. Shue was a character from Rudolph he would be Hermy because they are noted for their hair.

It reminded me of my dead friend when I gave her a Christmas card that I drew a picture of Sailor Moon on for her. I think that year we also had to write about what we wanted for Christmas in French class. I wanted a Sakura doll. Sakura from Cardcaptors.

I'm back to being a brunette. *yawn!* I thought the dye I got was in my color family, but I don't think it is. Oh well it has gold undertones which work with my hair.

I was thinking about the banned word list. I know it won't come out until the end of the month, but I'm wondering which words I CAN'T use next year and make a note not to. My mom thinks I'm silly because I follow the list. I don't even have any predictions on which words I think will be on there.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm dreading going shopping with my dad! After the computer purchasing agony/saga.

I'm really enjoying this J-drama Bad Boy Good Girl. It's really funny. I'd recommend my former friend to watch it. This J-drama reminds me of her. I didn’t get into J-dramas until after I started college. The first one I watched was Kokoro. I use to have an early class, and I would get ready for school and watch it. I also watched Teppan Girl Akane and Chiritotechin (Life is like a Comedy).
I'd also recommend Chiritotechin to her. She is like Junko. I watched all those series with E-subs (English subtitles)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fox's (American Country Awards) ACA they are jumping on the country band wagon by introducing this award show. Is this to fill the void that the Billboard awards left?

Why don't I have a count down for KCET and Antenna TV?

I know it's holiday time and such, but I have some more slutty costume ideas:
Slutty Dot Warner
Slutty Babs Bunny
Slutty airasol can
Slutty easy cheese

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cookies and Candy

Chocolate covered Cordial blueberries
These are tarter than the cherries. After you eat a few they become an acquired taste.

Candy cane Oreos
My dad bought these to try. He thought they were just Oreos with colored frosting. They are not they have crushed up candy cane pieces in the frosting. I thought they were really gross. He couldn't taste the peppermint flavor, and it's really strong. I've said before he has no taste.