Thursday, December 30, 2010

Maneki Neko/Reunion Yet?

I want a lucky charm for my phone. I'm thinking about getting a maneki neko or a beckoning cat. I need all the help/luck I can get. Western stuff hasn't been working for me. (horseshoes, 4 leaf clover, and rabbit's foot) At first I was thinking a pig since pigs are lucky and that is my Chinese zodiac animal. Then I remembered pigs aren't so lucky to me.

Here is another blog I was planning on posting before the end of the year. Plus it ties in nicely into a pig zodiac reference.

Reunion Yet?

After thinking about that elementary school reunion in 2009 and that 2011 is nearing I thought somebody would have organized a reunion already; or at least made a page for it or something. Maybe I’m the one jumping the gun, and I don’t even want to go. Maybe somebody will set something up after the holidays. I have a strong feeling that the person who organized the elementary school reunion will organize this one. They are born under the sign of the pig, and pigs are good organizers.
Check back for my end of the year thoughts blog and possibly a free day blog.

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