Friday, December 31, 2010

Meat, oil and COCO!/Free Day!

I’m trying to think about and reflect on the year. Note: This list was complied in about 3 days.

Anything that had to do with Jersey Shore
Garbage recording
Shirley Manson's second marriage
The housewives
The whole Conan O’Brien saga
Tiger Woods (overlap from ‘09)
The infamous meat dress
Lohan in jail
The BP oil spill (you had to be living under a rock not to know about that)
California Gurls (whipped cream bras and blue hair have never been so popular) don’t forget Elmo
World Cup
Winter Olympics
Heath care
Saints Superbowl win
John Cena getting “fired” and joining the Nexus
Giants win World Series
Double Rainbow
Disgruntled Flight attendant Steven Slater (“grab 2 beers and jump”)
Betty White
Alice in Wonderland
Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajokull
Christine O’Donnell
Chilean Miners
Antoine Dodson
David after dentist video
Angel's Friends coming to the US
TSA Groping
Justin Bieber
The Bell city council scandal
Discovery Channel guy
The elections for US Congress
Arizona immigration
Meg Whitman (California only)

I’m thinking about things a lot of people remember and not things I would remember. Not a lot of people remember the presentation I did on tootsie rolls or the story I wrote about a possum. Or my Halloween memories.

I got a free day today!

I ate my toasted cheese sandwich early in the morning. I also ate onion dip and summer sausage for breakfast. I did because I thought my dad left early, but he really went to the store. After he officially left. I got to work. I had to do chores this time since I'm on thin ice. Listened to "Why do you Love Me" aloud. I never really get to do that anymore. I also sang some other songs aloud too really loudly. (I'm not naming the songs. They weren't Garbage songs.)

After jumping on the bed to "Sex is not the Enemy" and realizing it wasn't as gratifying as I thought it would be. I didn't want to jump too high because the bed I have now is really high off the ground. I don't want to go around telling people I hit my head on the ceiling jumping on my bed to the song "Sex is not the Enemy". After I did that I quickly tweeted about it. "Jumping on the bed to 'Sex is not the Enemy' was not as gratifing as I thoght it would be :("

I was looking over something I wrote in March and my handwriting is so messy I can't even decipher it. I think I wrote something about Cameron from the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it might say "Camry". I'm not sure. Another thing I wrote was about finding my way through the school and the different hallways.

The list of banned words is out. I use a lot of them way too much! Doh! What an "Epic Fail"! @o@ Does this mean I can't say "I failed college algebra" or "If you don't write that term paper on termites for your biology class you're gonna fail"? I didn't even know what "BFF" meant until 7th grade. I thought it was the name of a local gang or something. Don't tell the Trollz about his. Where I went to junior high and high school there was a gang that had the initials S.K.A. so when ever people would have ska items (related to the music) people would think they were in that gang. I'm sad "back story" is a banned word I've been using it since the late 90s/early 2000s. :( I'd better stop saying "Google myself" it just sounds wrong. "I'm just sayin'" has been worn out since Shane Helms was overusing it on WWE programming. If "A-ha moment" is banned then why isn't the phrase "take on me"?

I got some hair clips from my grandma. At least it wasn't some small clothes. I think it better when she gives me something that doesn't have a size like some kind of trinket or knick knack. I liked the way they look. They look very 90s. I wasn't sure what to do with them until I started reading an old fashion magazine; a February issue. I thought I could wear the clips for Valentine's Day. They have hearts on them. I tweeted about my gift "Didn't get small clothes from grandma. I got some hairclips. At least they fit."

My prediction was partially correct my dad got a 17 1/2 neck size shirt. He usually gets a 17 neither size fits him. He also got a jacket, but he said it fit him.

I'll be waiting to see what KCET will be showing tomorrow.

Hello to my new follower.

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