Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Old TV Shows

Tribute to the Troops was good, but it could have used more wrestling. There were only 2 matches. There were too many musical performances. It's a good show to have.

I was watching those old Antenna TV preview shows. Watching the original version of Gidget and The Monkees made me remember back in the 80s when the "New" versions of those shows came out. The New Gidget, The New Monkees, and The Munsters Today. The Antenna TV logo looks like old one KTLA use to have a long time ago. I don't remember seeing it on tv. It was before my time. I only remember the golden 5 logo, and anything after that.

Watching Gidget also made me think about Gidget from Eureka Seven. She was the one who told Eureka to wear makeup. Which did didn't wear very well; Talho told Eureka she didn't need to wear so much because she is young. That is from my favorite episode "Fantasia".

Ne is the new villain in Survivor lore. It's a good thing they cleared up about quitters who quit around the time the jury is formed. If I ran the show this is what I would have done. Ne and Purple Kelly would not have been in the jury I would have put Yve and Jill instead they were voted out before Alina who was the first member of the jury. Fabio was the winner like I predicted. He was a sleeper. Sash didn't get any votes. Chase is still an idiot. Jane won the fan votes. Is it me or does that hair make him look like Bieber?
I noticed that KCET is also showing H.R Pufnstuf and Lidsville. This is good for the gen-xers who are nostalgic for that. I'll watch it out of curiosity. I think that KTLA is going to show the Rose Parade on all 3 of their channels. Really!?

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