Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last Year's Mattress

I calculated how much it will cost if I keep that phone. They charge me $25 per month which means 4 months = $100 and 4x3=12 which = $300! I was paying about $80 a year with my old phone. It’s still broken even with the solution they gave me didn’t work. I got a text at about 3AM telling me what to do. I’m so tempted to switch my service back to the old phone even if that one is broken, and has been since February.

It’s pretty much confirmed I’m getting a free day on Friday! Yay! Reenactment scenes here I come! What about reenacting a scene from the Glee episode “Mattress”? After I watched it I got an idea. I will reenact a Glee scene along with scenes from the videos "Sex is not the Enemy" by Garbage and "Underneath it All" by No Doubt.
I’d better plan a menu. I’m thinking strong sweet tea and a toasted cheese sandwich! I better draw inspiration from my last free day. Wagers on what kind of gift I get from my grandma. I'm going with small shoes. For my dad I'll say a tiny jacket or a shirt that is 17 in the neck size.

No Doubt was good on the Kennedy Center honors. What was Gwen wearing as a bottom? It looked like koulots or pantaloons

Does anybody think it’s too early for Valentine’s Day and Easter merchandise to be out already? I’ll accept Super Bowl. That really upsets me. I hate when you want to buy something at a store and they don’t have it, and the item is suppose to be in season. Like when it’s summer and you want a bathing suit, but you can’t get one because the store is already stocking fall clothes. I hate having to buy things before the season.
I don’t like to shop at after Christmas sales because the clothes and shoes are “last year”. I use to make that mistake when I was younger.

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