Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm just Thinkin' about Possums

Correction: there are a few corrections to this blog. It was the '08 semester.

The possum is back! I thought heard strange noises a few days ago, but I didn't want to say anything. At first I thought it was cats fighting. I decided to try and turn around my schedule, so I will be up when the possum is up. The possum's thrashing and hissing won't bother me as much if I'm awake.

The ads KTLA is running for Antenna TV look very similar to the promos they had for their retro tv marathon in 2007. ThisTV is going to be bitstarved. I'm looking forward to watching blurry episodes of Mister Ed and Heathcliff (the ones I don't have on DVD) After watching all those episodes of Mister Ed I recognized Larry Keating in the Burns and Allen show. George Burns was involved in Mister Ed and even guest starred in an episode.

I can't believe my mom blabbed about me thinking about going to school. Me thinking about something is not me actually doing it. My dad can't distinguish the difference. It could be like the spring semesters '08 and '10 all over again! Doesn't matter anyway I can't do anything until next year.

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