Sunday, December 12, 2010

MVC; Most Valuable Customer

My dad was mad when he went to the Target and there was nobody in the electronics department. He is so stupid what does he think he is? A MVC? Most Valuable Customer? Places are understaffed, and I don't expect anybody to be anywhere in the store. Maybe it added to my frustration that I had recently read an article about that. Later when we are checking out he complain to the cashier about this. Why did he complain to the cashier? What's he going to do about it? Not getting help at stores is so prevalent I figure there will be nobody to help me when I need it EVER! I figure I have to do all the legwork even though they are getting paid for it. Now if somebody comes to help me I'm shocked and tell them that I don't need help.

I told my dad I didn't want to go see what happened to where I used to live. I figured I'd just use Google earth or something like when I cheated on that map project for my memoir class. It's not like he listens to me anyway. There are apartments where I use to live. I wonder what happened to the blackberry bush? It's probably gone too like the big pine tree is. I wonder where the possums went to live?

What I want for Christmas is Brittnay Pierce caliber. I don't want anybody to walk who can't, but I want some pretty "impossible" things.

People are thinking about (American) football games that had to be moved because of something like what happened to the Vikings? Why did nobody mention the Chargers game that was moved to Arizona because of the wildfires back in 2003?

KCET's non PBS schedule looks abysmal. I give them 5 years tops on the air. I'm being generous with that number. I will miss watching Arthur at 2:30 PM. But they are showing Prime Suspect which may help me in a writing class provided I get the same teacher and he uses the same material. Spoiler: It was George. I wrote about Prime Suspect on my old blog. I'll go and post those in the archives. Prime Suspect is referred to as a "movie". The blog doesn't mention that I also complied a list of my favorite fictional penguins. For children's programming they are going to show The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. I didn't see it when it was on Nickelodeon. I remember reading an article about the show in a magazine. I thought it ran for more than 2 seasons. I wonder if KCET will keep their Orange sub-channel?

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