Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can’t Read my Skull Face

I dressed as a grim reaper this year. At first I wanted a hip and relevant costume. I really wanted to dress as the oil spill, but I decided to be the grim reaper because I had never dressed as the grim reaper before. I recycled an old graduation gown. The best part was I got to wear a mask. I hadn't worn a mask for Halloween in years. I like the anonymity. I liked that the costume was recognizable. I've had way too many ambiguous costumes over the years. I was working on a scary voice, but it sounded a lot like Triumph the Insult Comic dog.

I was hoping to scare some people in Lady Gaga costumes. I came up with some lines for them specifically.

"Your meat dress looks delicious!" and "That is a delicious meat dress!" were reserved for meat related costumes.

"Can’t read my skull face" was a generic line for people in Lady Gaga costumes.

It was disappointing I thought I would see more people dressed as Lady Gaga I only saw 2 girls. I used the "Can't read my skull face" on one of them, but she didn't get it. :(

I had some other lines for some hip and relevant costumes, but nobody else came dressed as something hip and relevant.

Now I have about a whole year to come up with a Halloween costume. I haven't decided on anything yet, but I do have some ideas..

Here are some Pumpkin Light commercial screen caps circa 1988 to enjoy! I always wanted my parents to buy me one, but they never did. :( It was marketed by Joseph Enterprises the same company who makes Chia Pets.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rejected Costume Ideas

Here are some more costume ideas I rejected this year. The ideas were either too time consuming, expensive, or just lame.
Sweet from Angel’s Friends (I didn‘t want to wear a tube top)
Kabale from Angel’s Friends (felt nobody would get it and think I was just dressed as a devil)
Gadget Hackwrench
Harley Quinn
Jolly a pixie from the Winx Club
Tickled Pink from Rainbow Brite (80s version)
Liz from Eat Pray Love (have a bandaged knee and have a sign that says “Donations for Wayan”)
Bong-Soon from Love Truly/Really Really Like You (thought the idea was kind of racist)
A candy house like the one from Hansel and Gretel
A 1990s person (I‘d wear my wide legged pants and a shirt. I’d have my dark roots which was the style at the time [I sound like Grandpa Simpson] and talk about 90s music and events incessantly)
A Pillow Pet (not sure how I would make that one)
The 1991 version of Strawberry Shortcake
Pearlie (I didn‘t have a long blond wig)
Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (I was just going to wear a hair band with a bow on it)
D.W. from Arthur
A butterfly

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wuthering Halloween

If I see anybody in a meat dress real or fake I'm going to say their costume is "delicious".

My mom thinks I take Halloween too seriously. I like to take things into consideration. Cameras are everywhere! I don't want to sound paranoid. I just don't want to end up on the "horribly bad costume" website or something.

I've been working on getting into character for my costume. What good is it if you are not "in character" for your costume? I was thinking bout doing a voice for it, but I'm not sure. Remember fully commit to your costume even if it is a bad one.

I was thinking about Halloween 11 years ago that was the year I wore that ambiguous costume. That year Halloween happened to fall on a Sunday. I liked the costume so much I wore it to school on the Friday before Halloween. I didn’t go out on that Sunday because I had to finish reading Wuthering Heights for a book report for English class. I handed out candy while I was reading the book. I dressed up my stuffed pikachu and I put it by the door. I was hoping somebody would notice it. Some of my friends came to the door trick or treating they wanted me to come with them. I had to decline because I needed to finish reading the book. I regretted not going. Another kid from school noticed my dressed up pikachu. I think he was the only person. That was the year I gave extra candy to kids dressed as pikachu. That's when my "extra for pikachu" policy kicked in.

In the book report I wrote to the teacher that I missed Halloween to finish reading the book. I don't remember what grade I got on it, but it wasn't a bad grade like an "F" or "D".

When Halloween fell on a Sunday back in 2004. It was fun to watch the football games with all the fans dressed up. Except the Raider fans because it’s always Halloween for them. LOL! :P

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feelin' Giddy

I thought I should incorporate something Halloween related into this blog. Since Halloween is in 3 days. I'll spend the next few days blogging about Halloween. Good costumes, bad costumes, ambiguous costumes, arbitrary costumes, stupid costumes, WTF costumes, and sexy/slutty costumes.

I was going to write about this yesterday, but I already wrote that blog about the Disney costumes. I want this entry to come full circle, oops wrong band! :0

Shirley confirmed Garbage is recording a new album. That would not be the best news of the year that would be me getting a job. (Sorry to sound self centered here. Bad me!) I'll get giddy and swoon over it though. I'm gonna try and look harder for volunteer work.

I'm not dressing as Shirley this year. My costume last year wasn't that good; I put it together at the last minute, but my hair looked awesome. That was the best part of my costume. Last year I really wanted to dress as the twitter bird, but I got sick and couldn't construct the costume. I'm not dressing as the twitter bird this year either. As of writing this entry I feel healthy.

I think I'll polish my nails tomorrow. Most likely black; although the color of nail polish I wear has no influence on my costume. Here are some more clues about my Halloween costume this year. I'm not dressing as a celebrity or some kind of pun.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sexy Disney

Look at these sexy Disney and Disney inspired costumes. I don’t remember  

Pinocchio or  

Peter Pan being so sexy.  

This sexy Daisy costume looks nothing like her. What’s next sexy Webby, Mrs. Beakley, Magica?
I know there are sexy knockoff Minnie Mouse costumes. They have names like
Mini Mouse or Pinup Mouse. This geisha mouse costume is too ambiguous and arbitrary for me.  
I really don’t get this sexy knockoff Nemo costume. It doesn’t even look like a fish. Who knew Nemo could be sexy?

Disney has some untapped sexy mouse costume ideas. What about Bianca from the Rescuers? All she wears is a purple fur hat and a purple fur wrap. Real sexy! Don’t wear a bottom. Or maybe some white hot pants or something. Gadget from the Rescue Rangers could be sexy too. Even though the Rangerphiles (fans of the show) don’t like to see erotic pictures of Gadget. It was a children's cartoon after all. I guess the costume could be made sexier by having somebody wear a tight purple jumpsuit. You could always be Gadget’s spy alter ego. You could always be Gadget’s Hawiian look-a-like Lawhinie. (that is the correct spelling of her name.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is about Fear

I was thinking about Halloween during my high school years I know I wrote about people not being into group costumes. I want to make a correction. When I looked over my old diaries I wrote that in 10th grade that cliques were dressed as the same thing like witches, hula girls or French maids. But that was the only instance I ever wrote about it.

I'm not very familiar with Rocky Horror, so I guess it was ok. I loved the Sue costume Becky wore. I also liked the part about Sue talking about Halloween being about fear. "You know, Halloween is fast approaching. The day when parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls and little girls to dress like whores and go door to door brow-beating hard working Americans into giving them free food. Well you know what, western Ohio? We've lost the true meaning of Halloween: fear. Halloween is that magical day of the year when a child is told their grandma is a demon who's been feeding them rat casserole with a crunch garnish of their own scabs. Children must know fear; without it they'll try Frenching a grizzly bear and will consider living in Florida" I agree with the whore part.

The only problem is that now all the Gleeks will want Rocky Horror costumes. Too bad they would only have a few days to find/make them. I heard Magenta is one of the easiest to make.
Didn't Drew Carey do a Rocky Horror episode of The Drew Carey Show?

I'm also going to promote by blujay site/store. There is not much there yet. I'll mostly be selling paper goods and toys.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Group Costume Ideas

I have a great idea for people who want a group costume and are fans of Conan O'Brien. Dress as Conan and different people from his show. Here are some suggestions:

Bernard (extra points if you have a fake recliner or talk about anime or sic fi stuff)
The Masturbating Bear (and the scientists that probe him)
La Bamba
Year 2000/3000
The "Ass" Stamp

I have another group idea; dress as Gwen Stefani. I've seen people do Madonna and Britney Spears, but I've never seen Gwen done before. The group could consist of:

Pre-"Tragic Kingdom" Gwen wear cheerleader outfits or overalls. "Trapped in a Box" would also work or even a conductor uniform.
"Tragic Kingdom" Gwen wear crop tops and bondage pants or any outfit she wore in a video from that era
"Return of Saturn" Gwen have pink hair! Skirt pants, "X" tanktops and lots of eyeliner. or any video from that era
"Rocksteady" Gwen long blond hair, "Rock" and "Steady" rings. Show your underwear band. For a sexy costume I recommend the "Underneath it All" video
"L.A.M.B." Gwen wear an Alice in Wonderland dress or a majorette uniform
"The Sweet Escape" Gwen wear something from the "Wind it Up" video
You could also dress as Gwen from their latest tour with a white shirt and black pants. Or dress as singles collection Gwen. Or even Gwen from the "It's My Life" video. Or even "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" or "Southside". (bonus points if you lick somebody's bald head.)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Costume Help!

I like going on Yahoo Answers helping people come up with costumes. Especially the really desperate ones. The people who need a costume like that day or something. I think it's funny when people say "help me make a costume with the things in my house". I don't know what is in their house anyway. I think it's more help if the person has idea of some item they want to work with like a blue wig or a red mini dress.

The people who want to dress up, but have it look like they are not wearing a costume. They say it also has to be identifiable.

They want something that matches their friend or something. I didn't realize it was so important to dress like your friends for Halloween. I don’t remember having to match my friends’ Halloween costume. I think I never did. Is this a new thing? When I was in high school 10 years ago nobody really did that. Then again I'm not into matching costumes. If you want to dress as salad and your friend wants to be Marge Simpson. I'm cool with that. Even unmatched couples. If a girl dresses as Princess Jasmine why does the guy automatically have to be Aladdin? Why can't he be a beer mug or something or not wear a costume at all?

My other favorite thing to read is "no boring things like a pumpkin, witch, pirate or a bunny". Or "something creative". That really narrows down the options.

It's really hard to help these people but I love reading the questions they ask.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look all you Want Just Don't Touch the Hair!

Here are some shoes and a dress I got for my Stella doll. She is a spoiled doll.

I wanted the Flora shoes because I thought they would look good for a 90s look I was designing for her. I think those shoes would look good with a long skirt. The shoes really match the pink skirt she is wearing.
The green Layla boots look good with this Barbie Snap n Play skirt. It makes Stella look a little high wasted. The white soles look good with the white accents on the skirt.
The red dress and boots are a set. I think they look good on her. I thought the dress would look good on a Musa doll. But I don't have one. The gold accents go nicely with Stella's blond hair.
I'm kinda disappointed since my 2nd choice for an volunteer opportunity. I think it's for the better since I think it wasn't for me anyway. I really need an opportunity. It looks great on a resume! I hope the animal shelter still has openings.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexy Disguise

I didn't think the Transformers could be sexy. I always thought they were more "boxy". It's a good "disguise".

I wonder what is next? Sexy Voltron? Sexy Holly Hobbie (70s version)?
I was also thinking about how the "strawberry girl" type costumes could be expanded. I already mentioned "orange girl" and "lime girl". Then that got me thinking what about a "banana girl" or a "bubble gum girl"? I didn't manage to find either, but I did find Peppermint Girl and Watermelon Girl. Here are some other names I put in: "puddin' girl", "cookie girl", "cinnamon girl" (no relation to the song), "muffin girl", "cupcake girl", "peach girl" (no relation to the anime), "berry girl", "grape girl", "gumdrop girl", and "taffy girl".

Look at this "strawberry cupcake" costume I found. UGLY!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicken Ad

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've had a lot on my mind.

I thought the live 30 Rock episode was ok. I saw the West coast version. It was sort of confusing. The thing I like about 30 Rock is the random flashbacks and fantasy sequences. I like the absence of a laugh track. Those went out in the 90s.

Community wasn't very good this week. It was just a KFC ad. I didn't think it was all that funny. You know what scripted show did a great product placement episode? Arrested Development. It's funny I was just thinking about that episode Sunday. It was because my dad mentioned Carl Weathers. I associate him more with AD than being a football player.

I can't believe nobody in Survivor thought to eat the rooster. It's male it doesn't produce eggs. The 2 hens will even if there is no rooster around. I learned that on Take a Look. Neonka is funny before the switch she was knocking people over for an immunity clue. Then when she switched tribes she was crying in the rain. Huh?

I have an idea for KCET now that they aren't going to be a PBS station in a few months. They are still going to show educational shows. Here is a list of some shows I think would be a good idea to show on the station.

Oceans Alive
shows produced by AIT like Fins, Feathers & Furs and Econ and Me
TV Ontario shows like Today's Special and You Can Write Anything
Word Pup
Captain Kangaroo
Zoobilee Zoo
Zebby's Zoo (not a very good show)
New Zoo Review
The Office (UK)
Coupling (UK)
Using Maps and Globes
The Big A
Math Films
Weston films
Slim Goodbody shows
Huggabug Club
Classic Arts Showcase

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Desperately Seeking Employment

Today is 10-10-10 it should be a lucky day to me. 10 is my number. Usually it's lucky for me. I had a job interview today. I think it didn't go well. I was under dressed and I feel I didn't meet the qualifications. After I submitted my quasi-resume the interviewer asked me if I had any other skills that weren't listed. If I did they would have been on the resume. The place was dirty. You would think if they were conducting job interviews at this place they would have at least cleaned the tables.

I'd better go to the animal shelter to volunteer or work with kids. Even though I don't wanna work with kids.

Aside from volunteering I'm undecided about writing a thank you letter. My former business teacher said I had to. It makes you stand out. I regret not writing one to the BBQ place I applied to earlier. Even if I did write one it would be pretty baron.

I was thinking about this other place I've been trying to apply too. It is poorly run. I can only go in on certain days. I have to call to know when you can go. This place hardly ever updates it's recordings. In August they were playing one for June. I think the place has gotten mad at me because I keep calling HR. If they updated their recordings I wouldn't have to call HR all the time! According to some "HR" person who works there nobody has any idea when to go there or when the recording will be updated because different people run it. WTF?!

Friday, October 8, 2010

That (The Price is Right) announcer Jeff Davis isn't bad. He's better than Roberto. He is also auditioning.

KCET is not going to be a PBS station anymore. Too bad they were the best of the local 3 KLCS shows too many meetings, and goes off the air from 1AM to 6AM. KOCE is littered with pledge drives. I don't get KVCR. I'll just reminisce about the shows they would show like Today's Special, Mister Rogers Neighborhood, RETAC shows, Square One, Arthur, Dinosaur Train, Martha Speaks, Keeping up Appearances, and other programs. I wonder what will replace it?

Speaking of things to reminisce about Beauty and the Beast. I can't believe it will be 20 years old in 2011. I remember when it came out and The Little Mermaid was old news. The Rescuers Down Under came out in 1990, but it was a flop. To this day I have never see that movie in it's entirety. Which is funny since The Rescuers is one of my favorite Disney movies. Since it was a flop it gave Ariel another year to be a popular princess. All the girls wanted the merchandise; the Tiger handheld game (the ad for it frequently appeared on the back of Disney Adventures magazines), the shirts, the backpacks, the lunchbox, the dolls, the puppets, the books, etc.

I forgot to mention the death of Stephen J. Cannell. He died like a week ago.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #38

I have a great idea for a relevant Halloween costume that I'm not going to use. Get a newspaper from that day and attach it to your clothes. You can even pick the section. Your costume will be front page news. (lame pun)

I have a tip about costume shoes. This is more of a tip for girls. I know a lot of people see a costume all pimped out with all the accessories and shoes. A lot of people go out and buy those cheap shoes the costume vendors sell. Just get some or use your regular black fancy dress shoes. This is one of the reasons I have many different pairs of black shoes. I don't know how many times they have made my Halloween costume look better even if it was homemade or not all pimped out.

I thought the Grilled Cheeseus episode of Glee seemed to move very slowly. Usually when I watch Glee the hour zooms by.

It's really great that the Dodgers didn't make the post season this year. My dad won't be hogging the computer at all hours following the games and such.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sexy Nostalgia 5

I know I wrote the first sexy nostalgia blogs over a year ago, but I got inspired by seeing this costume.
Is she Raphael? Or one of the original red masked turtles? I’ve seen a different home made version with tank tops and booty shorts. Why not make a Venus costume? The female turtle that everybody “forgets” about or wants to forget. What about a sexy April costume? 80s version. With a tight yellow jumpsuit, plunging neckline and white thigh high boots?

Here is an untapped sexy cartoon character costume idea. Cleo from the Catillac Cats cartoon. Or Brittany the Chipette? From the 1980s cartoon not the new movie.

This “Gem” costume isn’t too bad. I’d hate to think what a sexy version of Kimber would look like. This very cute accessory was also available. Too bad they don’t flash.

Bleh! Look at these Strawberry Shortcake like costumes. UGLY! Just because the dress is pink and has a strawberry slapped on it doesn’t make it a Strawberry Shortcake costume sexy or not. The red costume has no resemblance to Strawberry Shortcake at all not even a vague one. It just looks like a strawberry motif dress. I’d like to see somebody tackle a sexy version of the Berrykins dress or the 90s version.

The Rainbow Cutie costume is pretty cute and semi modest. I’d wear it if it was available in my size. A little off, but not bad.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I was very weary today. I thought I was going to have bad luck. The past 2 years I've had bad luck on October 3rd for some reason. I thought I needed to carry around charms with me or something.

I did get the last piece for my Halloween costume. I'm not telling what it is yet or what I'm going to be. Here are some clues: I'm not dressing as a cartoon character or an animal. Maybe I'll post a picture of myself wearing it on Halloween. Maybe... This costume is more put together and thought out than the one last year.

At the mall I saw this really cute Sailor Moon plush doll.

You know Qubo is already is She-Ra reruns. It hasn't even been a week and there are about 90 episodes in the series, and do they have to show the same 11 episodes!?

A birthday shout out to Gwen Stefani who is 41.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hot October!

I totally forgot today is the first day of October. The hot weather is really throwing me off. Now I have approximately one month to work on a costume. I hope I can make something good.

I changed the background on my twitter page to that picture of Gwen in the egg costume. I thought it took care of celebrating Gwen's birthday and Halloween at the same time.

I hope something good to me happens this month. For some reason over the past few years I've been having bad luck in October. I don't want anything bad to happen this time.