Thursday, October 21, 2010

Look all you Want Just Don't Touch the Hair!

Here are some shoes and a dress I got for my Stella doll. She is a spoiled doll.

I wanted the Flora shoes because I thought they would look good for a 90s look I was designing for her. I think those shoes would look good with a long skirt. The shoes really match the pink skirt she is wearing.
The green Layla boots look good with this Barbie Snap n Play skirt. It makes Stella look a little high wasted. The white soles look good with the white accents on the skirt.
The red dress and boots are a set. I think they look good on her. I thought the dress would look good on a Musa doll. But I don't have one. The gold accents go nicely with Stella's blond hair.

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