Friday, October 29, 2010

Wuthering Halloween

If I see anybody in a meat dress real or fake I'm going to say their costume is "delicious".

My mom thinks I take Halloween too seriously. I like to take things into consideration. Cameras are everywhere! I don't want to sound paranoid. I just don't want to end up on the "horribly bad costume" website or something.

I've been working on getting into character for my costume. What good is it if you are not "in character" for your costume? I was thinking bout doing a voice for it, but I'm not sure. Remember fully commit to your costume even if it is a bad one.

I was thinking about Halloween 11 years ago that was the year I wore that ambiguous costume. That year Halloween happened to fall on a Sunday. I liked the costume so much I wore it to school on the Friday before Halloween. I didn’t go out on that Sunday because I had to finish reading Wuthering Heights for a book report for English class. I handed out candy while I was reading the book. I dressed up my stuffed pikachu and I put it by the door. I was hoping somebody would notice it. Some of my friends came to the door trick or treating they wanted me to come with them. I had to decline because I needed to finish reading the book. I regretted not going. Another kid from school noticed my dressed up pikachu. I think he was the only person. That was the year I gave extra candy to kids dressed as pikachu. That's when my "extra for pikachu" policy kicked in.

In the book report I wrote to the teacher that I missed Halloween to finish reading the book. I don't remember what grade I got on it, but it wasn't a bad grade like an "F" or "D".

When Halloween fell on a Sunday back in 2004. It was fun to watch the football games with all the fans dressed up. Except the Raider fans because it’s always Halloween for them. LOL! :P

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