Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sexy Disguise

I didn't think the Transformers could be sexy. I always thought they were more "boxy". It's a good "disguise".

I wonder what is next? Sexy Voltron? Sexy Holly Hobbie (70s version)?
I was also thinking about how the "strawberry girl" type costumes could be expanded. I already mentioned "orange girl" and "lime girl". Then that got me thinking what about a "banana girl" or a "bubble gum girl"? I didn't manage to find either, but I did find Peppermint Girl and Watermelon Girl. Here are some other names I put in: "puddin' girl", "cookie girl", "cinnamon girl" (no relation to the song), "muffin girl", "cupcake girl", "peach girl" (no relation to the anime), "berry girl", "grape girl", "gumdrop girl", and "taffy girl".

Look at this "strawberry cupcake" costume I found. UGLY!

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