Monday, October 25, 2010

Group Costume Ideas

I have a great idea for people who want a group costume and are fans of Conan O'Brien. Dress as Conan and different people from his show. Here are some suggestions:

Bernard (extra points if you have a fake recliner or talk about anime or sic fi stuff)
The Masturbating Bear (and the scientists that probe him)
La Bamba
Year 2000/3000
The "Ass" Stamp

I have another group idea; dress as Gwen Stefani. I've seen people do Madonna and Britney Spears, but I've never seen Gwen done before. The group could consist of:

Pre-"Tragic Kingdom" Gwen wear cheerleader outfits or overalls. "Trapped in a Box" would also work or even a conductor uniform.
"Tragic Kingdom" Gwen wear crop tops and bondage pants or any outfit she wore in a video from that era
"Return of Saturn" Gwen have pink hair! Skirt pants, "X" tanktops and lots of eyeliner. or any video from that era
"Rocksteady" Gwen long blond hair, "Rock" and "Steady" rings. Show your underwear band. For a sexy costume I recommend the "Underneath it All" video
"L.A.M.B." Gwen wear an Alice in Wonderland dress or a majorette uniform
"The Sweet Escape" Gwen wear something from the "Wind it Up" video
You could also dress as Gwen from their latest tour with a white shirt and black pants. Or dress as singles collection Gwen. Or even Gwen from the "It's My Life" video. Or even "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" or "Southside". (bonus points if you lick somebody's bald head.)

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  1. wow, your ideas are really good! i think these will also work for family costumes, right?