Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can’t Read my Skull Face

I dressed as a grim reaper this year. At first I wanted a hip and relevant costume. I really wanted to dress as the oil spill, but I decided to be the grim reaper because I had never dressed as the grim reaper before. I recycled an old graduation gown. The best part was I got to wear a mask. I hadn't worn a mask for Halloween in years. I like the anonymity. I liked that the costume was recognizable. I've had way too many ambiguous costumes over the years. I was working on a scary voice, but it sounded a lot like Triumph the Insult Comic dog.

I was hoping to scare some people in Lady Gaga costumes. I came up with some lines for them specifically.

"Your meat dress looks delicious!" and "That is a delicious meat dress!" were reserved for meat related costumes.

"Can’t read my skull face" was a generic line for people in Lady Gaga costumes.

It was disappointing I thought I would see more people dressed as Lady Gaga I only saw 2 girls. I used the "Can't read my skull face" on one of them, but she didn't get it. :(

I had some other lines for some hip and relevant costumes, but nobody else came dressed as something hip and relevant.

Now I have about a whole year to come up with a Halloween costume. I haven't decided on anything yet, but I do have some ideas..

Here are some Pumpkin Light commercial screen caps circa 1988 to enjoy! I always wanted my parents to buy me one, but they never did. :( It was marketed by Joseph Enterprises the same company who makes Chia Pets.

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