Monday, November 1, 2010


Here are some costume ideas I have for next Halloween:
Beef Jerky (not a bag, but an actual piece)
A McRib sandwich (perhaps I can use upholstery foam)
Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon
Tickled Pink from Rainbow Brite (80s)
Some kind of box costume
Shirley from the "Bleed Like Me" video (I'd need to find a good dress though) I can always pass it off as a nurse costume for people who don't know.

This year I wanted to have some kind of meat themed costume, but I shied away from it after Lady Gaga wore that meat dress. I didn't want people to think I was copying her or something.

After all these years I've never dressed as an object for Halloween like a cell phone, or grandfather clock. I also have not dressed as food; ever. I have only been characters, celebrities careers, or monsters.

I think I'll add having a really elaborate homemade Halloween costume to my bucket list.

Even though I didn't dress as Rachel Berry for Halloween I'm sort of glad. No disrespect to Lea Michele or the Gleeks. Then I would not have been able to scare people. I think people would not have gotten my costume. Although me singing is scary. I could have broke into spontaneous song singing "Run Joey Run".

I was also planning an oil spill costume. I was going to make it out of a brown unused trash bag. I was going to print out the BP logo and a picture of the oil cam. I was going to make my face look dirty like it was smeared with oil.

I decided to Conanize my pikachu. Doesn't it look funny? That is it's costume. I took the pic while I was just messing around in my room. I posed pikachu next to a dog. It sort of looks like Triumph. For me to poop on! I didn't submit it into the contest.

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