Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't ask for Glass Shoes

Today is Usagi Tsukino' s birthday! I hope she doesn't want glass shoes again.
Don't cry I'm not making fun of you.

Next month is Doremi/Dorie's birthday on July 30th. Here is a picture of her for reference.I'm going to talk about some entrainment related things.

Saw Craig Killborn's show. It seems like a half hour version of his tenure hosting the Late Late show. Even the theme song sounds similar.

The funny thing is that Seacrest's name is being thrown around as Larry King's replacement. I guess he could do well. I don't know. Well anybody who regularly reads this blog knows I have a beef with Seacrest.

I realized that I haven't written about Downfall. It sort of reminds me of that segment of Letterman's show when he throws stuff off the roof. He usually throws things like fruit, super balls, and beverages. The questions on that show seem kind of easy. The contestants just have to list stuff. There are categories. Millionaire or Jeopardy this is not. (although I've heard a rumor that those 2 shows have been dumbed down to make viewers feel smarter.) The stuff falling off doesn't do much for me. Jericho is a good host though.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Story of my Life

My interview didn't go as bad as I thought it would. Usually due to lack of experience I'm promptly shown the door. But I wasn't, and that was strange in a good way. Plus I used that interview trick I learned in sales class. It's nothing shady. Perhaps I should write a thank you letter?

I wouldn't want it to be like that lyric from "Story of my Life".
"I went downtown to look for a job,
I had no training, no experience to speak of.
I looked at the holes in my jeans and turned and headed back."

A few minutes after the interview I got a call; from Career Advisor. Those fuckers don't quit. They have called me 4 times today! >:( I thought they gave up on me since the last time they called was on June 25th. Speak of the devil! I was writing about them calling me and they called again! They have called me for a 5th time!

I'm trying to get caught on my paper journaling.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Drivers License Needed

I was on a different job website, and almost all the jobs on there were for sample givers and merchandise stockers. It's not that I think I'm too good for those or something; it's just that they need their own car. They need to drive themselves, and their supplies to the different stores in the area. I can't do that; due to my lack of a drivers license. And I have to know how to read a plannogram.

Going to my interview tomorrow. Wish me luck! ^-^

Robert Byrd died. I don't want to get too much into politics, but he gets a blurb in my blog. Since it is a celebrity death.

So Steve Carell is leaving The Office.
"That's what he said!" I'll wear some fun jeans and eat some "za" from Sbarro. Too bad Michael is one of my favorite characters besides Pam and Dwight. I think I like Dwight the best. The show will probably die if it goes on for another season after he leaves. Remember what happened with Scrubs? I rest my case.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm still looking for work and I'm going to apply for another place on Tuesday. I have to do it on Tuesday because that's what the ad said. I wonder what kind of made up story my dad will use to discourage me? Let's see... aliens vaporized the building? I wouldn't put it past him.

Not much else to say besides I had a strange dream about Sanrio Puroland.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Where were You?

Anybody know what today is? The anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. Funny thing is that I associate it with some long ass interleague baseball game my dad was pretending not to follow on the computer. The blog I wrote was about other celebrity deaths that happened and not just Micheal's. And I took a nap. I really wanted to go online to find out about what was happening. I just had to get my info from tv and the radio. I saw the tv coverage after my mom told me. I was still pissed off at my dad for hogging the computer. I remember seeing the ambulance on tv. I also remember seeing all the people crying on street corners and blasting his music.

In his memory today I sung the chorus of "You are not Alone".

The funny thing is that I usually associate world events with other random things that happened that day. Except for September 11th. Let's see I associate the Gulf War and the January 16, 1991 air strike with the late birthday present I revived from my uncle in the mail that day. It was a My Little Pony! Actually I was going to write that story for my memoir class. That was one of writing exercises in one of the books we used. The exercise was to write about a major world event. One of those "Where were you?" type stories. Of course I don't remember WWII, Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Iran hostage crisis, death of John Lennon, Iranian Revolution, and the Adam Walsh murder. I wasn't born back then, silly! I barely remember the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 or much of the cold war.

My dad told me that one of the places I applied for was on fire. The funny thing is I can't find anything about it. Not online, or on the local news. He has a tendency to make up stories for attention, and to try and discourage me as much as possible. I take most of what he says with a grain of salt. But if you do come across a story about it pass it along. *yelling* I need logical research!

Something my dad has been lacking in for awhile; even though he demands I do it. >:(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puppet Hair

Still trying to work out the new direction of my blog. Well now for the summer. How about if I just post some random stories and stuff?

Why do people need 10 years experience for an entry level job? I feel like a failure! Maybe I should stop thinking like that.

Here is some fluff stuff. Does anybody think that Red from Fraggle Rock
and Abby Cadabby
have the same hair?

Heard “Special” again on the radio. How often do they play that song? Why am I questioning this? It’s a Clear Channel station.

I found a mistranslation in the Lupin III episode I saw today. It takes place in 1980, but the president mentioned in the subtitle is Obama? Wouldn’t Regan be president in 1980? According to some research I did that episode aired on June, 9, 1980. That really bothered me. Who translated that!?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fish! Eat Em' Up, Yum!

Took the day off from blogging yesterday. I decided to post something. I don't really know what to talk about until it it me. Fish. I hate eating most types of fish. For some reason my parents don't understand this, especially my father. I even tired salmon. No matter how much Teryaki sauce I tried to put on it. It just ended up tasting the same. I tried to eat tuna to help cure my dry heels, but I couldn't stomach it. The only fish I think worth eating is Halibut. So far it is the only variety of fish I will eat.

I was thinking what if I post some lame/silly stories that just come to me? I mean if I'm reaching for material. Which I think probably will happen.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Urban Juror

I almost stepped on a stillborn cat fetus in the driveway. This won't be the first feline I'd see today. It really grossed me out.

I was almost late there. It was hard to find what I needed in my backpack because there was, so much stuff crammed in there. A lot of people didn't fill out their forms, or know that you had to. As I was going through security I was hoping my gel pens would not be confiscated, and they weren't.

When I see there is internet in the courthouse. I squatted out the computer. I start looking up cat stillbirths. According to what I read it's pretty common, and the mother cat or "queen" immediately knows when her baby comes out if it's dead or not. There was a large sign up that said not to look at porn, phish, gamble, or other bad stuff. I was trying to get on twitter, but it was over capacity at that time. I didn't want to do much. I mean like logon to my accounts, and forget to logoff. The person who used the computer before me forgot to sign out of their hotmail account.

After I surrendered the computer due to being bored, and having to use the bathroom. I started reading Tokyo Mew Mew. I can read through one of those volumes in like 30-45 minutes. By volume 2 I was getting bored and antsy. (not because Tokyo Mew Mew is boring) I was hoping somebody would put the Laker parade on, but it was just a Spanish morning talk show, and then World Cup coverage. Why should I expect there to be something on in English? When it was about 10AM I decided to find some radio coverage like when I listened to the radio coverage of the 2002 Angels parade. The coverage was ok, but a parade is a visual thing. Most of it was just audio clips of the different games and old interviews. I was super bored. World Cup was still on. At about 11 somebody tried to stream the parade off the KABC website, but it wasn't streaming well. Most of the time it was a static image of somebody holding a trophy. I couldn't even make out who the person was.

This tweet was written incorrectly it was suppose to say "WCS is on but I'd rather watch the parade". "WCS" stands for World Cup Soccer.

After I was excused for lunch I really wanted to write outside. I hadn't done it in 2 years. I was going to, but I wanted to find the shopping center that the jury person talked about. As I'm making my way through the park looking around to see what was there and the ducks in the lake. Here is a picture of 2 of them.
Most of them looked like domestic white ducks. Maybe the white ones came from the Barnyard Zoo? There were a few brown ones. After I took the picture of them I was approached by some random lady in the park. She addressed me as "Juror", and asked me if I wanted a kitty. Of course I didn't want it, but how could I have taken a kitty into the courthouse anyway? Stick it in a bag and have it "meow"? The bag would get x-rayed and security would see a cat skeleton in the bag. Then the cat would have to be let out of the bag literally. Or the cat could end up being smuggled into the jury room, and do cat things like scratch furniture and meow loudly. After I thought about it the situation reminded me of Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons. At least the cat wasn't hurled at me like the character does with the cats.

After that confusing encounter with the lady offering a kitty. I started looking for the shopping center to see what was there. Then starts another story of me wandering the streets lost. For awhile I was wandering just looking for the place. I saw there wasn't really anything good there. I decided to go to a 99¢ store. There was nothing good in there. I was tempted to buy a plastic canister filled with hair rubber bands, but I realized there was no room in my backpack. There was also junk food and candy for sale there. The only good thing about going to that store was that the parade was on in there. I didn't stay to watch much since I wasn't buying anything. I wandered around some more seeing a myriad of people, and cars decorated with Laker things. I thought I smelled donuts, but it was misleading. Then I happened to walk by this sandwich shop. At first I wasn't going to buy anything. Then I see this positive review of the place in the window. It was for a pastrami sandwich, but those were too expensive, so I decided to get a cheaper sandwich. There was also a menu in the window, and I saw they sell cheese steak sandwiches there. In the description it said that the sandwich traveled 3000 miles to get there. I had to try one. I ordered one with everything on it except mushrooms. It had mayonnaise, steak, cheese, peppers and onions. As I'm waiting for my older my mom calls. I thought she was those Career Advisor people harassing me. I had to tell her about the kitty. When I got my sandwich it was good, but it needed more mayo, and it was a little spicy. I had indigestion all day. I really didn't have much to compare it to, only the Domino's one. As I was enjoying my sandwich I heard a Garbage song on 98.7 . A different Garbage song, "Only Happy When it Rains". Perhaps they received my complaint? After wandering around I made my way back.

While I was at the park I noticed there was a goose. Sorry no pictures of the goose. It had to be a goose. It was white, larger than the ducks and making a honking noise. It looked like this.
The white ducks reminded me of Scrooge and Darkwing. There were also these other birds that weren't ducks or geese. They were brown and had a pointy beak, but they were about the size of a duck, and they made a strange sound. Good thing there weren't swans there. They can be vicious. I watch enough AVF to know that. I really wanted to write outside even if it was just for a little bit. I thought I'd better get back to the jury room. Before that I went to the bathroom, and I found this funny poem. Feathers die? And who is Vince? The ShamWow! guy? Mr. McMahon? Bad bathroom poetry makes me chuckle. Do guys do this?

After I got back into the jury room I was wandering around without my belt on. I was just holding it. I eventually put it on in the bathroom. More than half of the group was called to be on a case. There were probably about 10 people there including me. Somebody changed the tv to an English station, KCAL. I caught some parade highlights on the news. Then there was a high speed chase being covered, so a lot of people were watching and discussing. I was online looking for stuff on ebay, looking for the best cheese steak in LA, and Tweeting. That is one of my new quests.

The last time I was put on a jury for a flashing case. This time I wasn't used and had to stay until about 3PM. There are some entries about the last time I had to go in the archives. After I was released I wrote outside for a while and watched the ducks. I hadn't written outside in a while. I haven't done it in about 2 years, back when my mom was taking care of my baby cousin. I should really write outside more often.

Now I'm ready to crack the book from my memoir class. I can read it all summer. LOL! @o@

Oh yeah and happy solstice for those who observe it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers and Jurors

I do have to report to jury duty on Monday. :( It sort of reminds me of when I missed the 2002 parade because of Grad Nite. I should say I was recuperating from staying up all night. I slept through the whole thing. I hope there is a tv there or something.

Also in 2002 I missed the Angels' parade because it was a long bus ride home from CSUF.

I'm still trying to figure out what is considered contraband. I won't be taking my metal pencil cases. I'll probably have to take off my grommet belt like last time.

I was going to take all 7 Tokyo Mew Mew manga, but I decided to start off with 5. I'll try to keep myself occupied with writing and stuff. If I have to go for more than one day I'll bring the rest of Tokyo Mew Mew, and my Sailor Moon manga, and probably my Mister Ed book. For the 3rd day I'll bring the thick book from my memoir class.

Got another call from Career Advisor. Those people seriously need to fall off the face of the earth. They are trying to trick me by using different phone numbers. I stupidly answered a call. Now they know this is a live one. Once they say it's them I hang up the phone.

I can't believe my dad liked the gift bag I decorated for him for Father's Day. Perplexing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

"...The Rest is Just a Whole lot of Middle"

This is going to be like a joke blog.

Captain's log,

I'm not Kirk. No, this is better.

Dear internet,

This summer has been boring! I'm not in any exotic locale or doing anything particularity interesting. My writing will suffer! *groan* I know it's not a contest among my former classmates, but I don't know why it feels like one. Which makes me feel impudent.

I deconstructed my name tag/plate. I was able to peel off the pictures with no damage and now they are "laminated". ^-^ I'll figure out something to do with them. I'll probably make some kind of craft.

So, Shirley is a Gleek. I don't like Glee just because she does or because she told me to like it. She likes Muse, and I don't really like them. For me Glee started out as a "forbidden fruit". The only reason I watched the preview episode was because everybody was tweeting about it. To me it lived up to the expectations. In the fall I was excited, but afraid to watch it. I'd love to see her guest star on the show. Maybe she can be related to Emma (who is also a redhead) Or she could be a teacher from Scotland. She can take over Vocal Adrenaline. Didn't Shelby leave? It would be very different from her role as Cathrine Weaver. I'd love to hear some Garbage songs featured on the show.

Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of the OJ low speed chase. I remember it well. I was 10 back then, and I wanted to watch basketball. Somebody at school told me it was going to be an exciting game 5. This was back when the Lakers sucked. I couldn't remember which teams were in it that year. I knew it wasn't the Bulls since that was one of the years Jordan was "retired". Wasn't he busy fighting aliens with cartoon characters? After I looked it up it was the Rockets and the Knicks. I thought the Spurs were in it. At least I remembered it was a team from Texas.

Speaking of sports the Lakers won the 2010 finals! There was celebratory mayhem all over the city. Including fires. The parade is Monday, but I'm not sure if I can watch it. I might have to report for jury duty. Maybe I'll write a whole jury duty blog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stick it to Me Again!

This is the sequel to Stick it to Me. I wanted to post this earlier, but it took a while to just input all the different sticker and scan them and stuff.

Here are some more old stickers I found. Sorry the quality of some of the pictures. I took the pictures of the item that the sticker was stuck on. Some of them are poor scans. The one with the glitter I added to make it look cuter for a notebook I was decorating.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play a Different Garbage song!

I want to say something to 98.7 in Los Angeles can you please play a different Garbage song at the rewind at noon? The only song I ever hear on that segment is "Special". It's not that I hate that song or anything like that. It's probably one of my favorite songs off of "Version 2.0", and one of my favorite videos. I just heard it last week on the 7th. The only reason I know this is because last week when I was trying to rock out to it while my dad was bothering me for tech support again! >.< (but that is not the subject for this blog) Please play a different Garbage song. Here are some suggestions "Only Happy When it Rains", "Androgyny", "Why do You Love Me", or "Push It".

Aside from the lack of variety of Garbage songs played on that station another idea came to me (not Garbage related). I was thinking "What if I get annoying emails in the fall telling me to sign up for other classes?" That thought didn't occur to me until today! :/

Did I mention that some of the people were having withdrawals because the class was ending?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Iz Famous!

Look! I was quoted on a website. It's the last post on the page. My screen name is "pikachulover" there.
Obviously this person does not know my father who still instates "quiet time".

I don't know why people think that Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear is a real toy. It's not, sorry. I found an anachronism in the commercial it's suppose to be like from 1983, but the lunchbox the girl has is definitely a late 80s design. I do give them props for making the commercial vintage looking and inspired by 80s toy commercials. The commercial reminds me of a mix of the Heart to Heart Bear, Care Bears, Tuggabows, and My Buddy/Kid Sister commercials.

Here is something interesting that came my way mid-blog. People are emailing the memoir class teacher messages and stuff. Everybody or most everybody was sad that the popular guy did not include his email in the list. I felt I was pressured to do it. I "cracked". :P Bad Me! ;P
Here would be my email to the teacher/my class: "Doing nothing, basketball is riveting! Actively looking for work. That will help me produce more stories."

Working on a new sticker blog. A continuation of the last one Stick it to Me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellaneous blog #32

I took the weekend off from blogging.

I have a celebrity death to report Jimmy Dean has died. So eat some sausage in his honor. Unless you hate it. If you do ignore that statement. (This was not meant to be of a sexual nature)

Ok now that I got all my bases covered with that let’s move on. How was that finals game? It was pretty intense at the end. I’ll end up having no eyebrows. I superstitiously pluck my eyebrows during the finals if the Lakers make it that far in a season.

I don’t follow soccer/football. As to not confuse the readers. I tried to back in 1994 when the World Cup was being held in the USA. It was really close too. It was being held at the Rosebowl. Back then I collected the pogs with the different countries names on them. I bet I still have a few of them lying around somewhere…
(picture found on ebay)I still really don’t know the rules of soccer. @.@

If my writing was represented by a food it would be
donuts and cheese. Quirky yet something people think wouldn’t really go together.

Since my summer has sort of officially started. I'm not going to say it officially has until I serve my jury duty next week. What should I wear? A "costume"? I want to wear something wacky. What will I do with my time besides looking for work? Making homespun DVDs! ^0^ And probably writing in my journal.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Experience Required

Here are some things I forgot to mention in my last blog.

Before class I listened to "Run Baby Run". I thought it would be rather fitting since it was the song I listened to right before my first day of that class. The funny thing about “Run Baby Run” is that I can’t remember if I purposely listened to that song before my first day of class, or it was the next in the queue. I just want to say something else about it. I would pay good money for an official physical release of that video.

I know some people think I'm crazy because I'm worried about what other people think about me. I just want to say that if I didn't I'd end up doing a lot of crazy/bad things. Doesn't everybody lie about their life to make it sound better?

The funny thing is that a few people in the class wanted to write about relatives they didn’t really know. That just sounds shady. I wouldn’t write about my great grandma. She died in the 70s. I never met her. So excuse me if my writing sounds self centered, but I only want to write about myself. I know that person so well. Of course my family members will appear in the stories and stuff. Why would I write about somebody else? I'm not in their head. Everybody has a different point of view. My cousin and I can be at the same party and feel totally different about it.

Here is something that bothered me about my class. Some people had so much blind faith in that popular guy. They just blindly followed this guy, and put him on a pedestal. They would be prime cult property. Funny, I always thought I was, and I believe in blind faith. Hell, I'm a Cena fan. That is blind faith right there.

There was another person who didn't show up. I found out they are a Conan fan. I really wanted to write them a message that had the phrase "Go Team Coco!" in it.

When I received my book I realized that there is so much to read in there I should take it for jury duty. Maybe I should just bring my Tokyo Mew Mew manga instead.

You know like everybody wants job experience. You even need experience to bus tables. DAMN!

I went to the Hometown Buffet and you know what!? They didn't have fries! They always have fries. Potato wedges are not fries. I sound like the grandma from the show Maybe it's Me. She said "Coleslaw is not a potato."

I’m not taking educational advice from my dad ever again!

That is all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok first off if you managed to find this blog from being in my class welcome!

Now on to the blog. Did you figure out what the song was? I'll get to that later in the blog.

I stayed up late to see Jimmy Fallon wave to Ferguson.

I woke up from a strange dream about George Costanza.

I remembered I accidentally forgot my wallet. I hoped that nothing bad would happen to me. On the ride over there I kept dozing off. I really should have drunk a Mountain Dew for breakfast.
I was surprised other people brought food. I thought everybody was going to fight over the donuts I brought. I ate a lot of fruit and donuts. Donuts other people brought. Mmm donuts! *drool*. I sound like Homer. Somebody brought coffee and I don't know it sort of reminded me of a box of wine.

That popular guy didn't come to class due to health problems. In honor of his absence an empty chair was placed in the middle of the room. I thought that was kind of absurd.

Somebody asked me about basketball and which game that the Lakers were playing (game 4) and how many wins the Lakers have. This person was lucky; I know a little about sports. :P I wasn't representing in Laker colors. I was wearing something red. When I see somebody in purple and gold I think they could be a Laker fan or a Viking fan.

I was right everybody ate up that Glee quote like I knew they would. ;P Apparently there are some other Gleeks in the class besides me. Thanks Glee writers and Matthew Morrison who plays Will Schuester.

The song I recited was "Run Baby Run" ^-^ Did you find the clue? It was "fries". The funny thing was that people in the class were really into me reciting the lyrics. I didn't sing them. I wouldn't even try. Nobody was really familiar with the song though. Somebody asked me if they could find the video for the song on youtube. I was even asked which album it's on. I even wore something red. I just want to say something about the video that I never noticed about it before. There is something red in pretty much every shot.

A lot of people were getting choked up and stuff. It's a good thing I didn't recite those Alice Cooper lyrics. Or even some "Zero" lyrics.

"intoxicated with the madness
I'm in love with my sadness

bullshit fakers enchanted kingdoms

the fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth
I never let on that I was on a sinking ship
I never let on that I was down ".

It was a good thing I didn't wear the shirt that says "I don't care" on it.

During the sharing various people were lamenting about his absence. What could we do he was in the hospital?!

When we were getting ready to leave they kept taking pictures and dawdling around. The people from the next class were getting angry, and I wouldn't blame them. They kept taking pictures, and roping me in them. Well at least I didn't have bad hair. *phew!* I really wanted to hide somewhere, but where was I gonna hide in a classroom? When nobody was looking I quickly packed up my things and ran out the room. I was there so long I didn't even go buy my fries. :( Well I didn't have much money on me anyway. After I got the book I realized how thick it was. It's pretty heavy too. At the bus stop I was flipping through it. The funny thing is that my email is printed incorrectly in the book. Hope nobody goes looking for me on facebook or anything. Maybe it's a good thing the address is wrong. Maybe I won't get bombarded with emails.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

High School Pt. 2

I thought I should post this blog early because I have an early class and I have to get to bed early. But I might just stay up to see the war between Fallon and Ferguson.

I forgot to mention this about the book cover. A lot of people in the class are really vain and submitted pictures of themselves for the book cover. I guess to be like a real author. If I ever did get a book of mine published I wouldn't put my picture on it. Maybe I'd put a drawing of myself or something. I could be like Kiss or something, and I'd have another persona and wear a disguise or something. I think putting my mug on a book would make it not sell. I don't like plastering pictures of myself everywhere. I was never into that. I never use to put pictures of myself on my binders when I was in school. The only picture I have up of myself in my room is the one of Shirley and me.

I hope the class party is not dedicated to the popular guy or even worse it gets canceled because *ack!* he doesn't show up! They can't go on without him. Oh Boy! -_- The whole idea is really high school signing a book and leaving messages to each other!? :/

I heard "Time of Your Life" today on the radio. It made me think about reciting that song to the class. I really hope the party is somewhat enjoyable (within reason). I'll just tell myself what I did before I went to Golden Apple if I don't like what's going on or it's not what I expected I’ll leave. I’ll go hang out at one of the local fast food restaurants. They are within walking distance from the school. I’ll get myself some fries.

I loved the speech Will gave to New Directions about life being a journey. I used it for the farewell speech I'm going to give my class. I'll say it's from Glee. I'm not plagiarizing it or anything. The reflections paper was an assignment! D'oh! Oh well! I did put some thought into it. I was more worried about my farewell. XD

Speaking of Glee I would read Sue's book if it was real. :P

I was thinking about using “Supervixen”, but it seemed kind of inappropriate. I was also going to use “Metal Heart”, but I thought it was too political.

Maybe the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup because they have committed to being straight edge. @.@

There is a clue about the song I'm choosing for class in this blog. See if you can find it. :P ^-^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Ain’t Glee

I was thinking about reciting the lyrics to “Tomorrow Forever” by Angelfish, but I didn’t think it would be too appropriate. I was also considering the song “Not My Idea”, but it seemed too backhanded. It would be funny if I started to recite song lyrics, and then the class spontaneously breaks into song…wait this ain’t Glee. I also rejected the song “Surrender” by Cheap Trick. I thought it was “too Conan”. :P

Yesterday after my sales final I wanted some free food. Usually they give that away at school. Usually it’s some chips or a juice pouch or something. I couldn’t find it. That’s where the $23 I paid is going.

I'm constructing my outfit for my last day of class. :P It would be funny for my last day of class there was some kind of Animal House ending with descriptions about what happened to everybody. Another rejected song was "Cult of Personality". Although I thought it was very fitting. I'd better start packing my stuff for class. I know I'll be way too tired on Thursday morning. I have to get up at like 5AM. :(

Here is something interesting I learned about Wooden; he use to write love letters to his wife after she died. I thought that was sweet. I thought I was the only one who wrote to the dead. I use to write letters to my dead friend.

Applied for a job at Joe's Crab Shack. Wish me luck that I'll get it. What would I buy with my first pay check? Perhaps a puppet? No! LOL! :P I think I'd buy a replacement MP3 player or a new phone.

Monday, June 7, 2010

We Can't Even Think of a Word That Rhymes

I didn’t want my reflections paper to look like an Airing of Grievances from Festivus. I got the idea while I was watching basketball yesterday. I remembered how people get mad when I say something bad about a celebrity. It doesn’t need to be intentionally hurtful. Perhaps the celebrity photographed badly or something. I like to edit what I say about celebrities; especially the ones I like in case it gets misconstrued as something “bad”. I'd rather write I love (fill in celebrity‘s name here) they are the coolest! Instead of (fill in celebrity‘s name here) looks fat in this photo. Those green pants are not flattering. I’ll just pretend I took the class with a bunch of celebrities I admire.

I have written more. I've written at least a paragraph.

My sales final didn't seem as hard as I thought it would be. I wasn't stressing about it even though I should have a little. I didn't really study for it either. I was so stressed out about what I was going to write for my writing class. Out of the 3 things I attempted writing nothing is finished. I'm also thinking that people might not bring food, so I'll need to eat something before I go. I was going to anyway. Maybe if nobody eats the food I bring I'll take it back like Mr. Costanza and the marble rye. Maybe I should take a marble rye to class. All I need is a farting horse.

Huh? My dad told me that silly phrase after I take a test again. "Were you sure of all your answers?"Of course not!

I don't have another final until Thurs. I'm going to try and sleep in tomorrow.

I'm still narrowing down my writing that I'll have to share with the class. I'm leaning strongly towards a particular song, but I don't want to name it yet. Here are some other songs I'm considering: Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)", Alice Cooper "School's Out", Everclear "Everything to Everyone", Fatboy Slim "Praise You", and Green Day "Time of Your Life". I really want a song that says "Goodbye, I'm probably not coming back".

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Not Festivus

After I started writing my rough draft about reflecting on the class. I realized what I wrote wasn't very reflective. It sounded more like the Airing of Grievances from Festivus. You know how many words I've typed up for this assignment? Three. Three! One of the words is the title! @o@

Maybe I sound like Sue Sylvester. There were a lot of people in the class I didn't like/found annoying. I don't discriminate. That's how I "C" it. I really need my own segment on the news. :P

To quote Serena from the Dic Sailor Moon dub episode "Talk Radio". "Alright! Let's get it out!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflections on Reflections

I'm sick of reflecting and evaluating! This is the 3rd time I've had to write something like that for the same class. I have nothing left to say. I do, but it's kind of mean. It's not something I'd want the teacher to read. It's not a slam book or anything like that. I figured that if I looked at what I had written about the other people in class in my blog and on paper. Maybe I can piece something together. It's due on Thurs.
When I was thinking about the assignment. This funny Engrish poem came to mind. Did I post this before?

I forgot to mention that the people in class want to bring presents. In case anybody from class is reading this. Look through my blog to see what I like. What would I get somebody else? :/

Later I find out that we are supposed to share something but I'm not sure what. The instructions were vague. I think it can be something we didn't write. Perhaps I should write a joke will? Like I mentioned before. What about song lyrics? Maybe I'll just write a few things like 3, and bring all of those to class and decide which one I want to use on that day. I'm not reciting the lyrics to "Under Construction" by No Doubt I already did that before in a different class.

John Wooden died today. I thought he was 94; he was 99. That is really old. I think he was in my dead pool.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Write Shit

I was going to write about there being 2 more classes left, and reflecting, and all that good stuff. I'll get to that later in the blog. I was going to write about that or basketball.
Here is some funny graffiti I saw in the bathroom. Love the commentary. Guys wouldn't write commentary like that.

Ok now onto basketball. The Lakers and Celtics are meeting in the Finals for the 3rd consecutive time in a row. Each team has one title Celtics '08 and Lakers '09.

Speaking of basketball Wooden is in grave condition. How old is that guy?

Speaking of celebrity deaths Rue McClanahan died. Betty White (Rose) is the only Golden Girl left. Blanche was one of my favorite characters in the show.

Now onto school. When I got to class nobody was there for a long time. I thought class was canceled. I rocked out to some Garbage for like 15 minutes.

I was worried that my final would not be held in the same room. This has happened to me before I just had to ask to be sure. I've been in college for about 8 years. I'm like a seasoned veteran.

Remember that portfolio I worked so hard putting together? I turned it in like I was supposed to. Then somebody else in the class tells me they didn't do it. Why tell me? What can I do? Really? That just confused me.

That popular guy didn't come to class today. Everybody loves him and such. As a joke I wrote this in response to his absence. *ack* *heart attack* (that wasn't supposed to rhyme.) No momentum. Seriously he sets the tone and momentum for the class.

Saw the cover of the project I handed over. Not something I would make, but it wasn't in my hands anymore. So Kudos to her for doing it! I would not have been able to handle it. She did do it by hand and not with software eventually.

For the final people in the class were getting crazy. They wanted to have a party with breakfast foods. I'm like "Ok...What?!". I think there was too much rapid talking, and it got out of hand. Some people wanted to come to class in pajamas. I'm not leaving the house in those. I want my hair to look good in case pictures are taken. Somebody even wanted to play games. That's cool...I guess... As long as we don't play Heads Up 7 Up. I hate that game!

My mom convinced me to bring pastries or something like that, I'm cheap and don't want to spend a lot of money. I should really ask everybody else what they are going to bring.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Days and Conuting

My days as a student are coming to a close as of posting I only have 3 days left. I'm not including the class I went to today since that is already over.

The bus driver was in a hurry or something. He kept almost leaving people behind at the stops, and acting like he could do what he wanted. It sucks riding the bus. I am at the mercy of the driver. >:(

I forgot to post this yesterday, but I have a great idea for a title for something: "Pictures of me with Incredibly Bad Hair".

I also forgot that if you want to I can post some excerpts from some of the really purple stories I wrote.

I realized that I might not be able to sell my books back since I bought most of them online.

Here is something funny I saw on the bus. The guy sitting in front of me was reading wrestling news on his phone. I could see it because I don't know if he had bad vision or what, but he was holding the phone really close to his face.

Maybe I should write a public joke will. Like the kind people write in high school yearbooks and stuff. Something like "To my boyfriend Timmy, Lovez ya! Hope to see you in college."

Maybe I should do something expensive. I wonder how much it costs to dress up Super Saver?(the race horse)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Page 9

First blog of June!

I have another celebrity death to report. Louise Bourgeois. I can't recall if I'm familiar with her art or not. Shirley mentioned her death.

I was still fretting about my hair. I think no pictures were taken today, but I can't be 100% sure. But it needs to look good for the next 2 class sessions. The hardest part will be to make my hair look good for the final. I need to be at school before 8AM. I hate early classes. >:(

I wasn't in the mood for writing today. During class I wrote a crappy paragraph about candles. I was thinking about something else. I actually wrote in my notebook "This story is crappy I'm not reading it."

I was more worried about there being enough ink to print the rest of my stories for my portfolio. I just wanted class to end, so I could work on the assignment. I was also worried that I wouldn't meet the minimum requirement of 30 pages.

The funny thing was that 2 people did a report on the same book. It wasn't Just Kids or the Mister Ed book I read.

Here are some silly doodles I drew in class.

I want an internship with Conan. For his new show. I probably won't get it, but maybe one of Conan's people will read this or something.

When I got back I got straight to it. I didn't want to do anything else, but work. I had to fight for the computer. My dad kept trying to get me away from it though. By trying to distract me with food and other stuff. The good thing was that since the pages had to be double spaced when I formatted them I had more pages. A story I wrote about Shirley ended up being 9 double spaced pages. That was just the right amount to meet the quota of 30 pages. If I didn't have enough pages I was just going fill it up with 1-2 page vignettes to meet the quota.

After I finished my dad wanted to know if I was watching baseball tonight. What?! It's running against Glee, and I haven't watched Dodger game all season. The Dodgers and the Raiders are something for my dad and my cousin to enjoy. Not me. I'll just Gleek out over here or something.

I missed the end of Glee. Well it wasn't my fault there was another power outage in the neighborhood. I liked the "Loser" part with Finn and Puck. It reminded me of that "Better Days" video by Citizen King. I did see most of it though it cut off at the part when Rachel was getting egged by Vocal Adrenaline.